May 20th – 26th, 2013

We may want to head for the hills or hide under the covers during what could prove to be one intense week.

The week begins with various unexpected twists and turns. Even if things seem to be placid and serene on the surface, much is percolating below the surface ready to let loose with an explosive blast or a dramatic burst without a moment’s notice. More than ever we may need to draw upon our skills of awareness and mindfulness, be nimble and quick to the shifting sands of these times and act with flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstance.

The classic rock group Spirit in their song Nature’s Way phrased these times well: “It’s nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong.”

This week has several significant sign posts and turning points: the Sun moving into Gemini further empowering the Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Air Sign; the Uranus Pluto square exact; the Lunar Eclipse at the time of the Sagittarius Full Moon with a square to Neptune.

We may not know whether we are coming or going this week, but we might feel the semblance of security shifting under our feet. Clarity can be missing, although we could garner moments of insight. We just have to be prepared to shift and change as circumstances warrant. We don’t want to jump the gun or act precipitously. But whatever decisions we make and actions we take, we may not have full information and might have to go on a wing and a prayer.

This is a week for us to remove our blinders and look beyond the four square walls of our daily lives. What we see might not be fully representational, more likely an abstract in impressionistic tones and hues.

Whatever plans we make this week, it would be wise to do so in pencil with a large eraser at hand.

Due diligence may go by the boards. We are far more interested in the myriad of activities, too involved with the kaleidoscope of many things to pay much heed or great attention to the specifics, the particulars, the details of any matter. We are more likely to gloss over and provide a superficial rendering of whatever we assume to be going on. And we still might not get it right.

Let’s slow things down, take things one leap at a time, with the recognition that we could either be dodging curveballs or sliding into situations we might not fully comprehend as we go through this week.

Monday, May 20th – Looking Through the Peep Hole – Sun, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Sun Gemini. Monday begins the week with the Virgo Moon trine the Sun, just before the Moon enters Libra and the Sun exits Taurus to enter Gemini. Uranus squares Pluto today, bringing to crescendo the Uranus Pluto square that has been operating since June of 2012 and the beat goes on into 2015. Mercury sextiles Uranus. This is a day for us to thread the needle, to realize that old ways are falling apart, unexpected moves can trigger dramatic actions and that we are not where we have been. Lost in space? Possibly, but we do not have to throw our hands up in despair. We do need to recognize that the old format, the old programs no longer work. As if by instinct or knee-jerk reaction, the powers-that-be may seek to enforce greater control, enlist greater surveillance on the individual movements and individual expression. The irony, however, lies in the fact that the technology and the information age are leapfrogging attempts by the traditionalists to hold things back as if trying to dam the raging currents of these times. If we are willing to let go of habit patterns and assumptions of reality based upon what has been and to take off our blinders, then we could see the potentials and the possibilities of a new day dawning. The false prophets will be seen as the emperor with no clothes, powerless except in their own mind. And while people are freaking and acting out with guns a’blazing, even attempts to control guns and violence not only fall upon deaf ears but the technology mocks the rules and regulations with technology such as 3D printing now able to compute and manufacture a handgun?! While we might feel as though we are kicking and screaming in getting to the next phase, we also can get the insights and even glimmers of what could be. Today is a day when we could get remarkable insights, gain important understanding of what might be occurring and not feel threatened or fearful as old systems, institutions and control mechanisms fall further apart.

Tuesday, May 21st – Conversing with the Future – Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Venus. Tuesday continues with the Libra Moon and the Uranus Pluto square as the Moon creates a Lunar T-Square with the Moon square Pluto and the Moon opposed Uranus. Indications of old ways and old patterns falling apart yesterday may gain greater credence today. We do have to recognize that our anxiety can often be taken out on other people. Various people may choose to avoid their accountability and their responsibility in their own personal dramas by playing the blame game and finding someone to play the role of donkey in the pin the tail on the donkey game. Such self-avoidance can operate for a while but eventually, ultimately we have to look at our own stuff and our role in the drama we have engaged for ourselves. The times they are a’changing, and not easy times for us to navigate, ever less so if we are seeking the security of the familiar, a semblance of normalcy to which we had been accustomed. As the day progresses, the Libra Moon trines both Mercury and Venus in Gemini. Talking out our thoughts, our concerns and our anxieties with a trusted friend can not only make us aware that we are not crazy, but rather that our concerns are shared by other people too. We might also discover that in our talking out our thoughts and ideas, we are encouraged by others to pursue our hopes and wishes and to fully engage our dreams.

Wednesday, May 22nd – Dream a Little Dream – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. After a rough and tumble couple of days, Wednesday may offer something of a breather or, at the least, allows the energy to die down. Wednesday begins with the Libra Moon trine Jupiter. We may feel more uplifted today. Perhaps our conversations late on Tuesday assuaged our fears, enhanced our sense that everything does in deed work out in the end. The more we can appreciate the perfection of imperfection and let go of our need to control situations and make things happen, the more we shall be in sync with the natural unfolding of these times, even when the natural unfolding seems to be like the carnival whirl-a-gig ride spinning around in circles, making us sick to our stomach and forcing us to hold tight while we spin about. We would do better by letting go and accepting changes occurring in our lives and around us. Heart to heart conversations with that special someone in our lives can not only encourage each other but shows the depth of appreciation and the promise of better days ahead. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over thirteen hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio later in the day. The energy dies down but we can bask in the glow of our friendships and our special connections.

Thursday, May 23rd – What Can Be, Whether It Is Or Not – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. We may feel slightly mystical as we start this Thursday. Our sense that life can be idyllic may run counter to the reality of mundane conditions, but we are willing to believe and put our determination towards those ends. Today, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune, the Moon conjuncts Saturn, and the Moon sextiles Pluto. This is a day when we can be of two minds. On the one hand, we know how we wish things could be. On the other hand, we may feel that our resources are being stretched by bills we need to pay, by increased costs of our basic necessities and by our wondering whether the highs of the equity markets truly reflect what’s going on in the economy or if we are living in a world of confusion. No matter what mental gymnastics we might perform, we are also willing to be resourceful and focus on the expeditious means by which to accomplish our tasks. Even if we fall down in the dumps of despair, we are not likely to stay there too long. We might recall, and remind ourselves of, the truth to the statement that we never get more than we can handle. We may be looking at clearing away debris, getting rid of things that stand in our way and focus on a best practices approach to attain our goals and realize our dreams.

Friday, May 24th – Waiting It Out – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Venus. Friday continues with the Scorpio Moon with the Moon opposed Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eight hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius. Mercury conjuncts Venus today. We may have a thrust of energy as we start the day. We might feel as though engaged with a tug-of-war either with someone else or with our own conflicting desires. A stalemate could occur, and this day could prove to be one of waiting things out. We might shuffle papers, straighten up around our home and deal with long-neglected matters, but any movement forward could seem delayed by blocks, impediments and indecision. Our focus could be more on what we have and don’t have rather than on advancing our plans. A liability towards stuck energy can be released late in the day. We might choose to be out and about, put aside our mundane concerns and enjoy ourselves in light repartee and airy discussions. We can certainly avoid significant conversations in preference of living for the weekend.

Saturday, May 25th – Land of Confusion – Sagittarius Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Neptune, Uranus. Late Friday night, early Saturday morning has the Sagittarius Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. The Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Sun, and the Moon square Neptune, with the Sun exactly square Neptune tomorrow. Nervous energy can be ratcheted up, as our focus shifts from the immediate to the long-term, from the near to the far, but always with astigmatism where we are not seeing clearly or fully understanding what is going on. To borrow from the lyrics of the 1986 rock song Land of Confusion by Genesis:

“There’s too many men, too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Can’t you see this is a land of confusion?”

While we might question what’s up, what’s down and what’s going all around, we can find a way out thanks to the Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus. It is important that we step off the track of our ordinary reality and seek out diversions, alternate trajectories and get a fresh perspective in order to gain a fresh approach. We may get some startling insights, all of which may be slightly fuzzy or a radically alternate way of seeing things from our usual viewpoint. The opportunity today lies in believing and engaging the magic of the moment and not getting bogged down in a land of confusion.

Sunday, May 26th – Too Much Information, Too Many Inputs – Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun, Neptune. Sunday has the Sagittarius Moon opposing the other three Gemini-transiting planets of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. A state of confusion that we might have encountered and engaged yesterday can continue on into this Sunday. Not only do we have the Sagittarius Gemini axis engaged creating a flurry of ideas, thoughts, discussions, none of which add clarity or insight but only too much information with too many inputs. We also have the Sun square Neptune today. We may not know who we are or what we are doing, only knowing that we have triggered a flurry of activity, much of which may seem to have no rhyme or reason. After hitting off the various Gemini planets, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn. This Sunday can be a day when we are going from one thing to another, yet always feeling a little out of sorts and lost in space. Sunday may often be a day of rest. This Sunday might not be restful but could be better played with fun events and silly activities rather than trying to do anything important and meaningful.