April 22nd – 28th, 2013

This week can provide tests regarding our semblance of security and normalcy.

Whether we choose to admit it or not, there is a new “normal” operating, one where we have to be nimble and quick and adaptable to changing conditions which might arise without forewarning or notice. The times they are a’changing, and this week can give us further indications of some of the changes that are occurring and could prove prescient of some of the changes that will be coming down the line.

The week is highlighted by this first full week of the Taurus Stellium of three planets in the Fixed Earth Sign and also begins the Taurus-transiting planets opposed to Saturn. Old issues, outstanding matters may force resolution. We might feel as though we do not have the same resources we once had to deal with the shifts and changes occurring around us and in our own personal lives. This week is highlighted by the Lunar Eclipse on Thursday at the time of the Full Moon with the Moon in Scorpio.

The week begins with us being asked to be resourceful, doing more with less and finding the expeditious means to accomplish our goals. People may be a little on edge as we begin the week. Perhaps this past week and the weekend ratcheted up our anxieties, gave us greater credence that life is no longer the way it once was.

This week is volatile, like life itself, with times of intense energy, other times when we might feel there is no energy. This year and this week have some long Void-of-Course Moons when the Moon finishes transiting a Sign with no connections to the planets. We have three Void-of-Course Moons this week that last almost twenty-four hours or longer.

The week begins with us intending to take care of business, but our attention and focus might be diverted by news we hear or just a sense of overload. We may dither about, take time to celebrate Earth Day in less than earth-appreciative ways and try to avoid cold, hard reality. Our avoidance might work awhile, but then we will have to attend to what needs to be done. Let’s just not gloss over situations. If we want to take some ‘time out’ to regroup and recharge, so be it. But if we try to accomplish a great deal without much attentive concentration, we could create more of a mess for ourselves that would prove difficult to clean up later on.

The mid-part of the week can have us socializing, spreading good cheer and putting a happy face on whatever is happening in our lives. We may feel upbeat on the outside, somewhat concerned about resources on the inside.

Even if we have stepped off the track, gotten out of town, or tuned out the realities of these times, the latter part of the week needs us to be resourceful and figure out the best ways to deal with whatever needs to be done. This latter part of the week is a good time for us to consider our finances, budget our times and our monies, and devise a strategy by which we can do more with less. We might also be surprised how things can come together neatly, especially when we step out of our own way.

The weekend can be especially pleasant with us looking to get outside to enjoy springtime activities, plant our seeds and even with us flying far from home.

Like life, this week can be a roller coaster. The key to navigating the currents of these times is for us to maintain awareness and keep mindful of the signals shown to us and work with the energies as they unfold.

Monday, April 22nd – Building on What, with Whom – Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Saturn. The 22nd in numerology is a master number, indicative of the master builder. Either we work with the mastery or we bring the number down to its lowest common denominator, which in this case would be the four, indicative of work and sometimes drudgery work. Monday begins with the Virgo Moon square Jupiter before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty-five and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra tomorrow. Venus opposes Saturn today. We may have great intentions for this Monday, but moving from the abstract to execution just might be too much for us today. Mastery may be far from where we are today, much less doing the grudge work. If we don’t have to lift a finger and do anything on this Monday, that would be our choice. We might have issues with other people and especially their expectations. This is a day when people might have an edge on, a chip on their shoulder and spoiling for a disagreement. If we could lower our expectations today, both on ourselves and on other people, the better it would be. Everybody might be like a tinderbox just waiting for a spark to set them off. If we have something we need to do today, let’s focus on our task, do it, and then not overly judge how we did it. Since we might be feeling a little grumbly on this Monday, we might seek some relieve by ‘shop ‘til we drop’. But everything in moderation today is suggested without too much critique or criticism.

Tuesday, April 23rd – Put on a Happy Face – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter. The Moon moves into Libra today and triggers the Uranus Pluto square with the Moon opposed Uranus and the Moon square Pluto. We may feel that other people and our goals are getting in our way, overwhelming us. This is an energy we deal with a few times a month so we should be used to some of the blockages and impediments that repeatedly arise. How are we at slaloming the downward slope? We should be used to it by now and should have developed our nimble and quick ability to step out of the way of runaway trains and impenetrable obstacles. This day is made far more pleasant thanks to the Mercury sextile Jupiter. We can have the gift of gab today, be upbeat and inspiring. We can make our case and win approval no matter the forces aligned against us. We all know the story of David and Goliath. Well, today we might be roleplaying David with the same skill and success he realized against Goliath, only without the slingshot or the kill factor. Believe it or not, but the NY Mets would say ‘you gotta believe’.

Wednesday, April 24th – Looking Good, Feeling Good – Jupiter, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Pluto, Sun, Neptune. This Wednesday has the Libra Moon trine Jupiter and the Moon opposed Mercury. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-two hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio tomorrow. While there may not be a great deal of energy to get a lot done, we can certainly have some pleasant interactions with other people. We are likely to be feeling good about ourselves, putting on the Ritz, as we present ourselves in a stunning and appealing manner. This is a good day for a personal makeover, whether cosmetically or wardrobe purchases or items to feather our nest. Any discord with other people over recent weeks can be smoothed over. We can get to core issues, address the significant disagreements with someone and come to an accord whereby we recognize and appreciate their characteristics and they do the same with ours. We may feel a little spacey today, but some of that may be ‘Spring fever’, the sense of warmth and ‘feelgood’ attitudes. Our problems may not melt away, but we are less likely to give them much focus.

Thursday, April 25th – Letting Go, Ripped Away – Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mars, Neptune, Sun, Saturn. Have we enjoyed the past two days? I do hope so, since it might have provided a healthy respite and the calm before the storm. This Thursday could prove one intense day. We have a Full Moon today, although it often seems as though every day is a Full Moon. And when a day doesn’t feel like a Full Moon, it could feel like a Mercury retrograde day, Mercury retrograde or not. Not only do we have a Full Moon today. This one is a Scorpio Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. Can we say ‘ouch’? Today’s Scorpio Moon opposes both the Sun and Mars, the Moon trines Neptune and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. After a couple of days of pleasant camaraderie, this Thursday could ratchet up the intensity with people being belligerent, aggressive and acting as though a ‘strong offense is a good defense’. We may feel slightly down in the dumps. We might sense that our financial condition is being negatively impacted from increased costs and a slowing of our revenue stream. We may feel as though the things that we want are beyond our reach. But let’s keep in mind that living simply is not simply living. The more we can be resourceful and focus on what truly has meaning for us, even to the point of engaging the sentiment that ‘the best things in life are free’, then the less stressed out we may get by what is occurring in the world around us. Questions of global economic issues could rise up again. Which trigger point will it be this time? Let’s bear in mind that the transiting Taurus planets are opposing Saturn as they go through Taurus. Old issues unresolved may demand our attention, and certainly one area to note will be financial issues, our own and various institutions, governments and the global economic situation.

Friday, April 26th – Making Things Nice – Pluto, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Neptune. Friday begins with the Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto and the Moon opposed Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius tomorrow. Mars sextiles Neptune today. Much of our activity today may be straightening things up, making things look nice and creating something of a sanctuary for ourselves. We do have to watch our expenses today, for we could be attracted to some particular item or suggestion without fully taking into account the cost involved. This is a day for us to draw upon our intuition and to express our creative feelings with the idea of putting a shine on our life’s various activities and doing more with less. It is important that we be resourceful both in regard to what we might purchase today and also in regard to what we might throw away. Once engaged, we could go to either extreme of buying too much or ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’. Let’s have a plan of action for the day with the recognition that our energy may wane, and we might prefer spending the day in our thoughts, reveries and take a trip to la-la-land. We might be passionate about some of our projects. By rushing without thinking, we could tangle ourselves up in a mess of pleasurable delights and excesses.

Saturday, April 27th – Slow Going – Neptune. The Moon moves into Sagittarius today and squares Neptune. There is not much energy on this Saturday, or on Sunday. We may be taking a lead from yesterday, feeling spacey, moody, without a great deal of focus but rather all over the place. We might find that we want to hang in bed on this Saturday morning. We are not looking at being overly active today, but once we get going we might look to get outside, enjoy the burgeoning of Spring in nature and take a step off the track. Getting out of Dodge today, spreading our wings and engaging activities foreign to our experience may call us. We are not interested in our routine maneuvers. Even if we have a great deal scheduled for this Saturday, we might be looking at taking circuitous routes or doing things differently than the ways we normally do them. This is a day when we would like to loll around heaven all day. We could be feeling upbeat, exuberant but our mental energy may be a great deal stronger than our physical energy. Let’s not push ourselves or be overly aggressive in expending our energies. This is a day to enjoy without pressure.

Sunday, April 28th – Wiped Out – Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn. Sunday is considered a day of rest and we might feel the need for rest today. The Moon continues through Sagittarius, and today the Moon trines Uranus and the Moon opposes Jupiter. The Sun opposes Saturn today. We might want a day of adventure today, have the desire to get out of our ordinary life circumstances, but we might just not have the energy to do so. This weekend, yesterday and today, the wind could be knocked out of us as we have been riding the roller coaster of highs and lows, intense energies and no energies. This is a day when we may cry out ‘enough already’, cancel whatever plans we are committed to and just do whatever meets our fancy. We do have to avoid running on adrenaline. We have been so programmed to be busy, busy, always busy that we still feel the need to do something, anything. But today might be a day just to let go of our plans, our expectations and take a day for rest and recuperation. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Thursday could have thrown many of us for a loop. We don’t have to always be ‘on’. There can be times when we put everything on hold, act spontaneously, even impulsively to enjoy ourselves. This weekend and this Sunday could be one of those times.