March 4th -10th, 2013

We could be feeling some Spring fever this week and with it a desire to play hooky from our daily grind. We might start the week wanting to be somewhere far away from our usual world.

It is not a question of whether we focus solely on our pleasure or singularly on our responsibilities. These volatile times ask us to balance, even blend, disparate parts of our lives. Integrating work and play was something we did as children and need to perhaps re-learn as adults. We all remember the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. There are times for us to concentrate on what needs to be done, but also times when we need to step off the track in order to recharge ourselves and have a certain distance from what we are doing in order to have a clearer and more detached perspective as to what is really going on.

While we can use the mid-week period to plow through some of our obligations and attendant responsibilities, the beginning of the week asks that we not be so engrossed by the new and fascinating that we engage the aphorism ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’

But these are volatile times, and this week a volatile week. We shall have the opportunity of stepping off the track, discovering new possibilities for ourselves. Other times this week, we can put nose to grindstone and get more done in a shorter period of time than it usually takes us. By nurturing ourselves with some ‘down time’, we can also develop a best practices approach to our tasks and devise the means to achieve our goals.

The weekend can be pleasant with us getting together with friends to discuss our futures and to reflect on where we have been and where we are going.

There do not seem to be major curveballs hurtling towards our heads this week, only the usual roller coaster of high energy days and low energy days, all part of this year’s rhythm and pace.

Monday, March 4th – A World of Fantasy – Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Sagittarius, and today the Moon trines Uranus and creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Jupiter and the Moon square the Pisces-transiting planets of Venus, Mercury and the Sun. Add to this ramped-up energy profile, Venus squares Jupiter and the Sun conjuncts Mercury. We may be all over the place on this Monday, both figuratively and literally. People may have gut hunches but these so-called ‘hunches’ may be nothing more than an upset stomach. Our feelings can rule our reasoning, and like a kid in a candy shop we might want it all and then some. This Monday is a day when we could easily fall into excess and indulgence and without a great deal of reasoning or critical analysis backing up our sense of things. If we could get off the track and out of Dodge today, it would be advised since we are less likely to do much harm if we are away from our normal daily engagements. Otherwise, we could be like a tornado tearing things up around us and creating or engaging chaos at every turn. Not that this Monday can’t be especially pleasant. In actual fact, it could prove too pleasant. We might have too much of a good time. If we are looking to accomplish our projects and attend to our daily responsibilities, then we might have to put on some braking action, try and engage due diligence and not blithely skip over the specifics and the details. Let’s enjoy ourselves without creating a devastating wake in our path.

Tuesday, March 5th – The Tortoise and the Hare – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. We all know the Aesop Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. With a hangover and continuing rendition of yesterday, we may start this Tuesday like the hare, fast out of the gate. Fortunately, yesterday’s intense energy that seeps into this Tuesday dies down, and we might become more tortoise-like as the day proceeds, more plodding ahead than lurching forward. The day begins with the Sagittarius Moon square the Pisces-transiting Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost nine hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn late in the day, early Wednesday. We may still have all sorts of expansionary ideas in mind, but we might not be chasing after rainbows as the day goes along. While yesterday and the morning hours can have us putting spirit into action, but often in exciting and distracting engagements, the second half of this day may have us reflecting, contemplating and considering without much actual involvement. That may be a blessing since it might be far better for us to consider the possibilities in our mind’s eye rather than looking to put them into practice. Late in the day, the Moon moves into Capricorn preparing us for a highly effective and extremely productive Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 6th – Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Sun. When nothing seems to go wrong and everything we do seems successful, we often refer to it as ‘everything’s coming up roses.’ This Wednesday, we could have a vast bloom of roses. The Moon in Capricorn is highly active, abetted by other planetary configurations that make this day likely to be the most productive day of the week, a primo day to be assured. The Moon today sextiles many of the Pisces-transiting planets with the Moon sextile Neptune, the Moon sextile Venus, the Moon sextile Mercury and the Moon sextile the Sun. The Moon also sextiles Saturn in Scorpio and the Moon squares Uranus. Venus sextiles Pluto and Venus trines Saturn. Mercury conjuncts Venus. Not only can we be resourceful and focused on the most meaningful areas of our lives. We can present our case in a most appealing manner. Today is a day when we can win adherents to our cause, enjoy the company of those able to best assist us, and generally enjoy a highly productive day when we can get things done in a quick, streamlined and highly functional manner. We might have to put aside some of our new interests, no matter how tempting they may be. This is a day when having our nose to the grindstone can reap many rewards and bushels of blooms. Not a day to waste on being too independent. We might find our projects moving further ahead with a little help from significant people who can help us more than we can help ourselves.

Thursday, March 7th – Finishing Touches – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto. Wednesday and Thursday can have us getting more done than at our normal pace. We may feel as though we’re operating on greased wheels with everything running smoothly and quickly and productively. Whichever of our various projects we were working on yesterday we were unable to complete, this Thursday is a day for us to do so. The Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn with the Moon sextile Mars. Later in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius. Mercury today trines Saturn and Mercury sextiles Pluto. Not only can we put finishing touches on some of the matters we engaged yesterday. We can also strategize and devise the most appropriate means to advance our goals in the days ahead. We have a strong intuitive sense and are able to focus laser-like on what is truly important without getting distracted by the fluff. We can be resourceful and we might choose to use this day to budget and to develop a stream-lined methodology to accomplish our plans.

Friday, March 8th – Chatting Up People – Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. After two days when we might have had blinders on, focused straight ahead and concentrated on taking care of business, this Friday provides the energy to reach out, make our connections and look towards some of our future intentions. Friday has the Moon in Aquarius, and today the Moon sextiles Uranus, the Moon trines Jupiter and the Moon squares Saturn. Saturn sextiles Pluto. Other people may provide a good sounding board, both in regard to how we have done with our recent activities but also in regard to our future prospects. Someone can provide us with interesting insights, new areas for us to investigate and encourage us to strike out in new directions. With the volatility of these times, we do have to be wary of extremes. The last two days could have had us micro-focused, concentrating on exactly what was at hand in specifics and in detail. Today, our scope can widen, but we have to be careful not to go from one extreme to the other with us today looking at all possibilities as things we can easily handle and successfully accomplish. Let’s not stretch ourselves too thin. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over thirty-two hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces late tomorrow, early Sunday morning.

Saturday, March 9th – Reveries of Limitless Possibilities – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Jupiter. Saturday has the Moon Void-of-Course making no connections to the planets. That may well be a good thing, for there may not be enough energy for us to get into too much trouble on this Saturday. Mercury squares Jupiter. Certainly our thoughts and our discussions can be wide-ranging, far-reaching, even to the point of incorporating pie-in-the-sky ideas. We can have high hopes, but today our high hopes may merely be mental meanderings through the most idyllic of possibilities. We may not be thinking clearly today, and it would be wise for us to take whatever anyone promises today with a grain of salt. Make that a boulder. People could be pontificating today, wrapped up in their beliefs but with little credence or validity to back them up. This is a good day to step off the track, or even the planet, and enjoy the fantasies and illusions. But let’s keep in mind that whatever we say and hear may be embellished severalfold. We may engage the dance but let’s not sign up for the chorus line.

Sunday, March 10th – Better Than Ever – Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. Sunday begins daylight savings time in the US, the time of year when we spring ahead and lose an hour’s sleep. We could wake up a little groggy, even confused. Some of it may be attributed to the change in time with its impact of feeling out of synch with things. But some of it could be the energies to begin the day. The Moon today is in Pisces and the Moon conjuncts both Neptune and Mercury. The Moon also squares Jupiter, the Moon trines Saturn, and the Moon sextiles Pluto. Although we may be slow starting on this Sunday morning, we can use this day to run errands, tidy up around our home, and straighten ourselves out. We just have to avoid creating too great a ‘to do’ list that could be exhausting just to look at. Our moods can be like quicksilver today, shifting and changing at any slight trigger. We can be very spiritual today. Taking time to reflect and count our blessings would be a good way for us to nurture our soul and comfort our spirit. We may far prefer to be in altered reality, but we could also adjust our perspective on our present reality and see all the wonderful gifts and opportunities that our lives are filled with. The attitude of gratitude opens the way for a greater flow of blessings.