February 18th – 24th, 2013

This week has various switches in energies occurring with liabilities towards slowdowns, delays, miscommunications, misunderstandings and a general feeling of unease. Welcome to the depths of winter. Let’s just not make it the depths of hell.

The week begins with the Sun exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces and with Saturn turning retrograde. The week ends with Mercury turning retrograde. The Saturn retrograde continues through the Spring and into early Summer with Saturn turning direct in early July. The Mercury retrograde is a three-week cycle with Mercury turning direct on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th.

Saturn retrograde has us taking a more internal turn or inner focus. Things begun before the Saturn retrograde may have to be reworked, reconsidered or forward movement slowing due to delays, impediments and other restrictions getting in the way.

Mercury retrograde is an energy configuration we are all fully aware of. It occurs three times a year and is related to Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever can go wrong, could go wrong’. Under Mercury retrograde there are liabilities towards miscommunications, misunderstandings, work done that is incomplete and nagging delays.

Add the Saturn retrograde with the Mercury retrograde and we might have quite a conundrum especially over the next three to four weeks.

If we have significant decisions to make or important items to purchase, it would be wise to do so either before the Mercury retrograde or after Mercury turns back direct in mid-March.

This week can be a little of this and a little of that with various things thrown in the mix.

With the Sun entering Pisces on Monday, we may find ourselves sloshing around thanks to all the Water operating. Not only do we have Saturn in Scorpio. We now have a Stellium with four planets in Pisces with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. When it rains, it pours. When it snows, it is likely to do so in blizzards. And we can’t rule out the possibility of flash floods. These may not be solely atmospheric conditions. They could also be emotional conditions with people wringing their hands, gnashing their teeth and just a moody mess.

Do not be alarmed if you hear a lot of people sighing during this week. We might even surprise ourselves with some unconscious sighing on our part too.

While we might start the week with a burst of energy, we could also find ourselves running in place. For some people, the week begins with the ending of the long holiday weekend with Monday being Presidents Day in the US. At the beginning of the week, we might be looking at doing all sorts of things. We could discover, however, that the planning and doing in our mind’s eyes are far easier than the actual performance.

During the mid-part of the week, we could be feeling a little spacey, perhaps unclear about right direction and whether we are on target with what we plan to do. We might prefer the familiar and choose to maintain close ties to our comfort zone more so than stretching our wings. Some time spent around the home fires can be pleasant and a nice time to reinvigorate ourselves with all the comforts of home.

The end of the week and the weekend are geared towards some fun events. We might want to take in a movie, a concert or some other enjoyable entertainment. We are looking for some good times, but with Mercury turning retrograde on Saturday we should be aware that things could get a little convoluted, both in our discussions and in our movements.

Whatever we do over the weekend, we may want to add on some time to get from here to there and we might also want to reconfirm any plans we have made with other people.

Monday, February 18th – Slow Down You Move Too Fast – Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Sun Pisces, Saturn retrograde. The week begins with the Moon in Gemini and the Moon sextile Uranus, the Moon conjunct Jupiter and the Moon square Mars. The Sun exits Aquarius and enters Pisces. Saturn turns retrograde. Although we might want to be off in various directions as we start this Monday, we could feel pulled up short by delays or a certain lassitude that we are feeling. We have more energy in the concepts that we have in mind than our actual physical energy. Even if we move fast ahead, there can be various delays or slowdowns during the day. Things may take longer than we like and we might also question whether we have the resources to advance our interests. Although we could be considering all sorts of projects and activities to engage, we could also realize the need to budget our time and conserve our resources. We may become more aware that our costs of living have amped up while our disposable income has either stayed the same or diminished to some small degree. Debts and outstanding matters may force us to address issues we thought we had once resolved.

Tuesday, February 19th – What’s It All About – Mercury, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues with the Moon transiting through Gemini. Today, the Moon squares Mercury and the Moon trines Venus. We may not be thinking clearly today. Although various thoughts may be going on in our heads, they may be more of a jumble than clear comprehension. Since we might not be thinking straight, it would be wise for us not to draw conclusions or make definitive decisions without checking and re-evaluating our ideas and our plans. Contacts with other people can be fun discourses and could also serve as an important objective sounding board to some of our plans. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost sixteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer tomorrow. The energy may seem to die down, although our energy could still be spiked. We might want to get on with things but find ourselves running in place.

Wednesday, February 20th – The Comforts of Home – Sun, Neptune, Uranus. Wednesday has the Moon entering Cancer where today the Moon trines the Sun, the Moon trines Neptune and the Moon squares Uranus. The sense of nurture and emotional support can be strong today. We may feel nurturing and compassionate to the cares of other people and the wounds of the world. While we might prefer the comforts of home, snuggling by the fire or just enjoying the safety of our comfort zone, we are also concerned about the greater good. We may feel a manifest destiny as to how we can help other people, provide solace and make the world a better place than the way we found it. Our spiritual nature can be enhanced today, and we might find our egocentric interests dissolving into our sense of connection with something far beyond our daily confines. Of course, such sentiments may be far easier in the quiet of our homes than out in the hurly-burly of external reality. Although there might be a feeling of insistence to put our mark upon things, we might not have the energy to tilt against windmills or take a proactive approach with our intentions. Today is a day when we might far prefer to ruminate, consider and embrace the wonder of it all.

Thursday, February 21st – Water, Water, Everywhere – Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Neptune. The moodiness of yesterday could be ratcheted up severalfold on this Thursday. The Moon continues its transit of Cancer, and today the Moon opposes Pluto and the Moon also creates a Water Element Grand Trine as the Cancer Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio and the Moon trines Mars and the Moon trines Mercury, both in Pisces. To add to this watery mix, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. We may be incredibly diffuse on this Thursday. Our sense of self can dissolve into a highly emotional oneness with the All. This is not a day when we might choose to advance our interests aggressively. We may be far more passive today. Even if we try to project a strong sense of self, we may seem enigmatic to others and far more in a receptive mode than an active participant. Our spiritual nature can be increased today, but we have to avoid playing the role of either savior or martyr. We can offer comfort and sympathy to those who suffer, for we are also far more connected to our soul and spirit today. There can be a very nice, peaceful and passive quality to this day and it can be enhanced by uplifting literature, pleasant music and by walks down by the water’s edge. With so much water, we do have to recognize water’s qualities with its variations of rapid currents, meandering movements and even apparent stagnation at times. Today is a day to feel things out, engage our intuitive sense and listen to the inner voice of knowing. We may not move mountains today, but we can provide solace to ourselves and to other people.

Friday, February 22nd – To Sit and Wait – Moon Void-of-Course. Late on Thursday, early Friday, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo later on this Friday. There is not a great deal of energy today, although it is the day before Mercury turns retrograde. As Mercury is stationary today and there is no added energy from Moon aspects, this Friday may be a day for us to sit and wait for an infusion of energy. Things may seem somewhat convoluted today. And the irony, and there is so much irony these days, is the fact that this day is the 22nd, which in numerology represents the master builder whereby we can put spirit into action. This day’s energies do not provide either the impetus or the thrust for us to move much ahead. On the contrary, this day might best be served by tying up loose ends and by preparing for the impending three-week cycle of the Mercury retrograde. Whatever issues we have outstanding, today might be a day for us to take care of them. In our fast-paced, active lifestyle it is often hard for us to slow down and take time to wait, to contemplate and to consider our actions before engaging action. But such a disposition might be the best course of action for this Friday.

Saturday, February 23td – Doing Much, Doing More – Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury retrograde. Saturday has the Leo Moon with the Moon today trine Uranus, the Moon sextile Jupiter, and the Moon square Saturn. Mercury turns retrograde. Not loud enough? MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE. We may be looking for fun events, and the more the merrier. We may want to be spontaneous, ‘in the moment’ and acting on impulse. We do need to watch our finances, since fun today could come with a heavy price tag. We may be far more interested in sampling, trying things out and just putting our toes in the water rather than any heavy duty commitment or engaging for a long period of time. We might go from one thing to another to another today, racking up credit card expenses as we go. One trouble of this day is getting from here to there to wherever. With Mercury retrograde, traffic delays could hold us up and miscommunications could have us going off in different directions or wrong directions. This Mercury retrograde over the next three weeks, turning direct on St. Patrick’s Day next month, could be a doozey. Not only do we have Mercury retrograde, often a trial and tribulation in itself. But this Mercury retrograde has Mercury retrograding through Pisces, a Sign of Mercury’s Detriment. Confusion, lack of clarity and misunderstandings could be at a peak during this three-week period and ratcheted up especially on this Saturday.

Sunday, February 24th – R.I.P., Resting in Pleasure – Venus. Sunday has the Moon continuing its transit through Leo. There is not a great deal of energy today just the Leo Moon opposed Venus late in the day, early Monday morning. Although we are interested in pleasurable activities today, we might seek the easiest way out. We are not looking at over exerting ourselves, only interested in sheer pleasure and enjoyment. Anybody willing to peel some grapes? This is a day for us to take in a movie or sit like couch potatoes with TV remote in hand and watch other people performing, exerting, participating. For ourselves, not so much. We want to have a good time but not at too great an expenditure. Other people may have some grand ideas for us to get involved, but we might wish our involvement to be by phoning it in rather than too much exercise. This Sunday is a day for us to catch our breath and rest in pleasure. The week coming up will have us fast back on the track, so today is a good for leisure.