January 28th – February 3rd, 2013

This week could be slow starting. We may feel as if we are rolling a boulder up a mountain. What we want to do and what we need to do can be in sharp conflict. If we would avoid grousing about circumstances and just deal with what needs to get done, then we could be highly productive, focused on the most meaningful situations of our daily affairs and clear the decks for a further broadening of our activities as we come into the mid-week period. Similar to an accordion, we might feel squeezed early in the week, only to have our interests and our exchanges expanding later in the week.

Due diligence and attentive concentration can prevent us from wandering off into fantasyland of prospects that are hardly more than pipe dreams and enticing illusions.

Despite a slow start on Monday morning, the early part of the week can have us taking care of our daily obligations, strategizing a best practices approach and seeing how we can be resourceful.

The mid-part of the week could have us catching up with people, discussing our projects and our intentions, and looking to how we can augment our operations. It would be wise for us to utilize other people as a sounding board, for we could get caught up in our own enthusiasm and not consider the costs involved with our plans. We might prefer ‘yes’ people, but this mid-week period is a time for us to be open to constructive criticism. If we do not draw upon detached and objective perspectives to our decisions and our plans, we could expend too much energy at too great a cost for effectively carrying out our projects.

The weekend would be a time for us to step back, do a serious inventory taking of the stuff we have — both in regard to the material stuff of our belongings and the stuff of our projects and proposed activities. Although much of the past few weeks could have had an emphasis upon the future, the innovative and the avant garde, we are about to move into a far more highly sensitive time when we would have to watch for maudlin spirituality and a liability to playing the game of savior / martyr. Let’s spend some time over the weekend contemplating what we can be rid of in order for us to be concentrating on those involvements that have true purpose and promise fulfilling results.

Monday, January 28th – Out of Steam – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. Monday begins with the Moon in Leo and the Moon opposed Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo where today the Moon opposes Neptune. We may start the day with a thrust of energy. We might want to push ahead with various creative projects, and we could do so but perhaps with more brawn than brain engaged. We can feel as though we need to be on center stage, directing and steering the spotlight on ourselves. That may be all well and good, but the energy dies down as we move forward in this day and the lights might be dimmed. We could find ourselves playing to an audience of one — ourselves. One of the caveats of today and yesterday would be to avoid running off in a direction based upon our impulses rather than due diligence. If we do not consider our itinerary, we could find our direction to be one of going around in circles, which could lead us nowhere and only exhaust us and deplete our energies. While we could start this day with a burst of energy, we might end the day trying to go back over things, determining the right approach but with various mixed signals involved. Our emotions can ratchet up and we could even fall into the trap of the blame game, blaming everyone and everything except ourselves for any messes we might find ourselves in. If we would slow down at the beginning of the day, strategize our methods and our schedule, then we could avoid the pitfalls of impulsive moving ahead only to find ourselves winding up somewhere that we would not want to be.

Tuesday, January 29th – Back to Square One – Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn. Although these times speak to synchronicity and serendipity, whereby we do not have to do it all but rather the universe steps up to provide unexpected ways and means to advance our interests, there can be moments when we have a feeling of invincibility and just assume that everything will work out willy-nilly as to our participation or lack thereof. Yesterday might have had us relying too much on the idea that what we want we can have. We could have foregone planning and considering the ramifications of our decisions and neglected the law of unintended consequences. This Tuesday allows us to step back and take the preliminary steps of planning, strategizing and devising a best practices approach. We start the day with the Virgo Moon square Jupiter. Our ‘to do’ list for the day could be extensive, and we might be relying on luck or a little magic to accomplish our many goals for the day. Although we could be glossing over things, as we might have done yesterday, the universe does come to our rescue in the form of the Virgo Moon trining Pluto and sextiling Saturn. The energy shifts and we can be far more attuned to what the core of any matter might be. We can also be resourceful, focusing on the most significant issues and utilizing the most expeditious means to accomplish our ends. Even if we have to go back over certain situations, we can rework them and refine them and hone them close to perfection.

Wednesday, January 30th – Fast Forward with Braking Action – Sun, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter direct. Wednesday continues with the Virgo Moon, which today has the Moon trine Venus. The Sun squares Saturn, and Jupiter turns direct. This day can be a day when we might feel squeezed by costs and expenses. We might even admit that we may have to rein in some of our intended projects. We could question whether we have the wherewithal to move ahead in future directions or whether we are hampered by our past actions and present responsibilities. If we would draw upon other people as a support, both for encouragement and to aid assistance, then we could push ahead with some of our dreams and wishes. We do get a tremendous burst of energy with Jupiter turning direct today. While this burst can also instill greater enthusiasm in possibilities, we need to avoid seeing our prospects as a smorgasbord of delicious delights, wanting to sample each and every one. Being selective would allow us to focus on the truly meaningful and not be diverted by silly distractions. This day can be paradoxical, and like a metronome we could go through wild swings of extreme abstinence and boundless optimism. Finding the balance is key today. Either extreme could prove self-defeating. Let’s move ahead with confidence but apply the brakes now and again to evaluate and re-evaluate our moves and constantly question whether we are in deed heading in the right direction.

Thursday, January 31st – Twist and Shout – Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. The sense of Jupiter having turned direct and its exuberance unleashed can be felt on this Thursday as the Moon enters Libra and the Moon today trines Jupiter. The Moon also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Uranus and the Moon square Pluto. We may be full of beans today as the saying goes, but we have to be careful of the consequent gas. We could move ahead in various directions with great enthusiasm only to find ourselves banging up against other people’s interests and our own personal responsibilities. Even if we intend to move mountains today, our confidence could prove far greater than our ability to knock down certain blockages and impediments in our way. This Thursday is a day for us to utilize the tai chi moves of understanding the energy and shifting our methods in accord with the circumstances around us. The support of other people can be like a cheerleader encouraging us on. We just need to be exceptionally clear about where we are going and why we intend to go there. No quixotic journeys today, for we could wind up with our optimism and sense of invincibility merely tilting at windmills. Let’s put our upbeat attitude to good use and focus on where we can make improvements in our lives and not engage those matters that could be daunting.

Friday, February 1st – Change of Month, Shift in Energies – Sun, Mercury, Mars Pisces, Venus Aquarius. Friday continues with the Moon in Libra, and today the Moon trines both the Sun and Mercury. This is a good day for us to get together with friends and colleagues. We are interested in what is going on in other people’s lives. Their plans for the future might serve as a good reflection of some of the changes we have either incorporated or looking to incorporate into our lives. The sense of our connection with other people can be especially strong today and we could find that the blinders are being taken off for both us and other people to see the options and alternatives that are all around us. This is a day for us to let our minds wander, our conversations to digress into possibilities, and our perspective to think outside the box. There is quite a shift in energy today as Mars exits Aquarius to enter Pisces and Venus exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. While we might have put a great deal of effort to engaging the new, the iconoclastic and the unknown, the shift in energy could have us feeling as though our footsteps are guided, that we are divinely inspired and that we have a remarkable mission to embrace. And we do! It is our life’s journey, our own unique pathway, with all the twists and turns that living often encounters. Our interactions with other people can be geared less to our goals and ambitions. We might be far more interested in participating with quirky types, those people marching to their own drummer and doing their own thing. A caveat to this shift in energy is the likelihood that there can be an increase is religious zeal, self-righteousness and the false prophets coming forward making promises they cannot keep.

Saturday, February 2nd – Marching on for the Lord – Mars, Venus, Neptune. Saturday has the Moon moving into Scorpio where today the Moon trines both Mars and Neptune and squares Venus. We may be impassioned and determined and set off in a direction feeling divinely inspired. This is a day when we may focus on what truly moves us. We may be marching on for the lord, whatever we consider our lord to be — god, financial aspirations, feudal kings, or any thing we hold out as our ideal. Our intensity and our attitude of ‘taking no prisoners’ in regard to our determination could put people off. We might engage the sentiment of ‘my way or the highway’, and we could care less whether people understand us or not. Although we could be brash and unstoppable in our pursuits today, we might not be open to considering whether our actions and our decisions make the most sense. Once our passions are engaged, we are likely to move forward without looking back and without even looking ahead. Once we start off today, there may be no stopping us. Our emotions could easily sway our logic. There may be pitfalls in our path, but we are determined to advance our interests come hell or high water. Let’s just hope we don’t sacrifice ourselves on the altar of illusions and delusions.

Sunday, February 3rd – Regrouping – Pluto, Saturn, Sun. The volatility of these times seems to concentrate on extremes — feelings of omnipotence vs. feelings of victimization, senses of being in control vs. recognition of having to be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions. There can be times when we start off with a project in mind, strategies devised and determination engaged. We may feel totally confident in our abilities and our planning so that we feel nothing can go wrong. Then, suddenly, the universe steps in, drastic changes to conditions occur, and we might experience the sense of the rug being pulled out from under us. Welcome to life in the twenty-first century. During the paradigm shift, we may carom between feeling in control of situations to a feeling that life is going through major spin cycles where we have no clue what has happened or what is occurring except realizing that our well-devised plans just are not working. Yesterday could have had us marching off passionate and determined, but we might have wound up nowhere. This Sunday allows us to regroup, refocus and re-evaluate based both upon our recent experiences and a better awareness as to the parameters in which we are presently operating. The Scorpio Moon today sextiles Pluto, the Moon conjuncts Saturn, and the Moon squares the Sun. Although we might not be as far along as we would like with our intentions but may have to put on the brakes, we also can use this day to recalibrate, become more fully aware of what is going on around us, and then focus on the core of a situation to then rework and hone how we go about achieving our goals. While we might not enjoy the process and might be more focused on the eventual outcome, it is important for us to appreciate the fact that part of the paradigm shift is no longer a concentration on the results but rather an emphasis upon process. In this asequential reality in which we are entering, there are no beginnings, middles or ends. It is all process. And the process for us is to continually hone and fine tune our intentions, our efforts, all the while that we are looking at the bigger picture of our own growth, self-development and evolution. We may not always enjoy process, but it is the alchemical process through which the base mettle can be turned into gold.