January 21st – 27th, 2013

This week seems characteristic of the classic Fats Waller lyrics: “The joint is jumpin’ It’s really jumpin’.”

Maybe it’s the strong infusion of Air Element energy with this past Saturday’s entrance into Aquarius by both Mercury and the Sun combined with this week beginning with the Moon in Gemini. But any way one explains it, we might feel as though ‘the joint is jumpin’.

While the earlier part of January and this new year of 2013 could have had us focused on our routine responsibilities and creating solid foundations for our daily tasks, we are now in a time when exploration, investigation and the future unknown intrigue us and draw us into the world of possibilities and prospects.

We may be upbeat as we start the week. Nothing might seem impossible, and we could feel as though we have gained a second wind. The storm clouds may seem to have disappeared with bright sunshine now shining down on us. It’s great to be feeling optimistic and confident, but such a disposition without due diligence could also lead us down the yellow brick road of fantasies. But who cares when we are feeling more encouraged about life and all its possibilities?

Some exciting surprises could arise in the early part of the week. We might feel as though we are on a new trajectory, leaving the past behind and sailing into open waters with a far brighter destination ahead than the territory we are leaving behind.

The sense of change can be strong, but towards the end of the week we might feel a little wobbly and question whether we have the resources, stamina and determination to march into the unknown. We might engage the Texas two-step, taking one step forward, two steps back and two steps forward, one step back. We could wish to engage changes, but our desire to move forward can be braked by our responsibilities, other people playing the role of naysayers and our own questioning of our abilities.

The weekend can be good fun. We are looking to enjoy ourselves, put on an impressive show and stepping out on to center stage. We just have to watch that in stepping out we don’t wind up stepping in it.

The end of the weekend could have us second-guessing ourselves. We might have spent a little too much on our explorations or found under closer scrutiny that some of our hopes and wishes are only pipe dreams.

Let’s keep in mind that intention is the first step in manifestation. From the abstract of concept things can evolve and develop and come into manifestation. And during these times of the paradigm shift, it is always important to remember that we do not have to do it all. We are in a phase of serendipity and synchronicity when the universe steps in and opens doors of possibilities that we could hardly imagine for ourselves, much less realize by ourselves.

Let’s note the moments of magic and miracles early in the week and not lose sight of those moments of unexpected situations arising. Those moments may give a far greater indication of our future than our daily involvements.

Monday, January 21st – Too Much is Never Enough – Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter. Monday begins the week with the Moon moving into Gemini where today the Moon squares Neptune, the Moon trines the Sun, the Moon trines Mercury, the Moon sextiles Uranus and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. This Monday is one active day. Can we all say ‘manic’? There may be a lot going on this Monday, some of it planned activities, others interesting situations coming up out of the blue. We might be enamored by all the possibilities we see today, but it would be wise for us not to get too distracted by shiny objects and sparkling situations that grab and hold our attention but could eventually lead us nowhere. By avoiding a singular focus today, we can open ourselves to a cornucopia of wondrous events. We could be invited unexpectedly to do something we had not planned for. Today is a day to be spontaneous and open to wonderful surprises. Let’s not prejudge situations, for this day could be one whereby we start in one direction and end up in a completely different area and an area that is far more appealing than whatever we might have scheduled today. It is important that we not stay too long at any one activity, for the day is far better served by sampling and alighting rather than by gorging and concentrating. Today and tomorrow are replete with interesting opportunities, moments of magic and evidence of miracles operating in our lives. The more we can let go of assuming control over situations, the more synchronicity, serendipity, magic and miracles are in play for us.

Tuesday, January 22nd – Out of the Blue – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter. Tuesday can be a day when we feel that we are in the right place at the right time. The Moon continues through Gemini and today Mercury sextiles Uranus and Mercury trines Jupiter. Similar to yesterday, the highlight of this Tuesday is the unexpected, the seemingly impossible becoming possible. We may get some startling insights, encounter marvelous opportunities and experience situations that were complex and problematic fixing themselves as if by the touch of some magic wand. We could be in awe of the ways things work out, and with very little effort on our part. Not that this is a day to sit back and observe the magic. On the contrary, the more we can be active participants in this exhilarating game of life, the more we can witness this new paradigm whereby things come about in the most extraordinary manner and where we do not have to make things happen but we do have to be open to receive and willing to engage the advantages bestowed upon us. This is a day when we might bump into various interesting people, hear about things that open the door to new directions for ourselves and a day when we are feeling confident that our greatest hopes and dreams could actually come true. Some of today’s occurrences can put a smile on our face, and it would be important for us to take on the attitude of little children and engage the awe and wonder of it all.

Wednesday, January 23rd – More, More, More – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Gemini and as it does so the Moon trines Mars. We may be intoxicated with good cheer and high hopes after two days of revelry in the realm of unexpected opportunities and mini-miracles as a daily occurrence. We may want more of the same today and even expect such energies to continue on and on. It would seem as though we might have gotten seduced into believing that all these wondrous blessings of the past two days are to be a daily occurrence, and as such, we might have taken on an attitude of entitlement. We might think that nothing can go wrong, that we are due a bounty of good tidings and that we do not have to do anything but sit and wait for our boat to come in. Nice concept, but it doesn’t play in the cycles of life and the varied phases of our living. After the Moon trines Mars in the early morning hours, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over fifteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer later in the day. After all the neat things that may have happened over the past two days, we may be waiting for more, more, more. We may even act out one of the roles in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot just waiting and hoping for Godot to arrive with the eventual realization that Godot is not coming. This day allows us to take a breather, appreciate the good times and realize that life is a kaleidoscope of different colors and varied spectacles.

Thursday, January 24th – Trusting and Bumping Along – Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Sun. Thursday can be a real push pull. The Sun sextiles Uranus and the Moon in Cancer creates both a Water Sign Grand Trine and a Cardinal Sign T-Square. We are looking for new directions today, new interests, new friends, anything new and exciting that appeals to us. We want to feel that we are free to be, independent and autonomous in our actions. Our emotions are strong, thanks to the Cancer Moon’s Grand Trine as the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces and the Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio. This is a day for us to trust our instincts. Our intuitive nature may be sharp, and we can astutely figure out ways to be most effective with the least expenditure of energy. Where a problem arises, however, is the Lunar T-Square as the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries and the Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Some of our new found interests can bump up against our responsibilities, other people’s expectations and even a hesitancy on our part born from a reticence or shyness to boldly claim the new characteristics of our ourselves. Today may be a day for us to launch new activities but to do so in short, brief strokes, or baby steps, rather than long, extenuated actions, or giant leaps across chasms. If we feel things out, get a sense of the circumstances around us and gauge other people’s possible reactions to our new developments, then we can go smartly forward without causing major waves that could knock us over, drag us down and virtually drown us. We may have to attend to routine responsibilities, but we do not have to put a kibosh on any exciting new interests that we wish to pursue. If we keep in mind the image of creating a suspension bridge and putting slat by slat down, we can get to the other side before cutting away ties that bind.

Friday, January 25th – Don’t Rain on My Parade – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Jupiter. Friday has some convoluted energies and is also the day before tomorrow’s Full Moon. The Moon is in Cancer today and the Moon opposes Venus before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eighteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo tomorrow. This Friday also has Mercury square Saturn and the Sun trine Jupiter. There may be times on this Friday when we feel as though Sisyphus-like we are rolling a boulder up a mountain. Things might take longer than we like. Our thoughts could be serious, even depressive, with a tendency to have blinders on and see only what we are likely to see through narrowed vision. Our perspective can be one where we see the half glass of water as half empty rather than half full. Even our interactions with other people could be a little jaded, with our feeling misunderstood or being forced to play a victim role. Ah, yes, the proverbial ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ could rain down on us this Friday. At the same time, we can be feeling fairly confident about ourselves and talk a great line. We may feel out of synch with other people but more likely to see other people out of synch with ourselves. This day has the energy makeup of extremes and can even be a manic-depressive whipsaw whereby we plummet to emotional depths that other people just don’t understand or we soar in our confidence with the liability, like Icarus in Greek mythology, of flying too close to the sun only to plummet again to the ground. These extreme whipsaws may not only create difficulties with our interpersonal relationships, our decisions and our actions. These whipsaws can be emotionally exhausting and lead us nowhere except on a wild roller coaster ride of highs and lows.

Saturday, January 26th – Brand New Me, Brand New You – Uranus, Jupiter, Leo Full Moon, Sun. Saturday can have us feeling our oats. The Moon moves out of Cancer to enter Leo, where the Moon today trines Uranus, the Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon opposes the Sun with the Leo Full Moon. We may feel at the top of our game but with a sense of a different sense about ourselves. We may have shed an old skin, less restricted by the old definitions of ourselves and freer to explore and investigate alternatives and options for our lives that we have not previously taken into account. If we had any difficulty in our connections with other people yesterday, we may be judging those issues today as far more the other person’s problem rather than our own. And if we self-judged ourselves harshly about our interchanges with someone else, today we have all but forgotten our self-accusations, laughed it off and even possibly excised that person from our significant contact list. We are far more dramatic on this Saturday, more willing to express our voice and caring less about how our message and our stance fit with other people. This is a standout day. There can be new doors opening to us, or things we hear about which we wish to develop. While the old children’s nursery rhyme had “Saturdays child works hard for his living”, this Saturday is a day for excitement, fun and spreading our wings.

Sunday, January 27th – Pushing and Pulling – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Mercury. Old ways die hard, and this Sunday could put a damper on some of our new ideas, new interests and new senses of our selves. Today, the Moon in Leo creates a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Saturn and the Moon opposes Mercury. While we might want to bust out, express our creativity and engage in any number of pleasurable pursuits, we could feel hampered by the costs of our planned activities or other people standing in our way. Things may take longer than we like. There can be delays, blockages and disagreements that may frustrate and irritate us. Today is not a day to draw lines in the sand, for adversarial and confrontational stances can only wreak havoc. Today is a day for us to do the tai chi moves, be observant of the energies operating and how other people are acting, be aware of things taking longer than we like, and then stepping around any of the impediments that stand in our way. While we might want to plow forward full steam ahead, this is a day that requires finesse, being mindful of the conditions and then moving smoothly forward. We do not always have to bang the drum loudly but can advance effectively by sidestepping landmines and avoiding needless hold-ups caused by egocentric frailties. There are times when we may have to put up with frustrating situations but they never have to get the better of us. Patience, mindfulness and adaptability can go a long way in our achieving our desired results.