January 14th – 20th, 2013

This week is a time for us to make our contacts, solidify our plans, take care of the details and then focus on our future intentions. The week begins with us in a moody or highly intuitive disposition. Either we can look at what is truly going on by stripping away the images presented to us in order to get to the essence of a situation, or we could play out the victim role with its attendant blame game of shifting accountability and responsibility to anyone and anything other than ourselves. It is our choice as to which we wish to engage, always our choice.

If we decide to concentrate on what we can do with the backdrop of distractions and diversions geared to grab our attention, then we can be highly successful in devising our itinerary, fine tuning our direction and being true to our inner calling.

Even despite the bombardment of stimuli that each of us faces on a daily basis, stimuli aimed at capturing our attention and determining our course of events; we can listen to our inner voice and steer ourselves in ways that are far more meaningful and offer greater purpose to our daily lives.

Let’s keep in mind the acronym of these times and its valid representation – FEAR = false evidence appearing real.

I have been surprised by the number of phone calls received this week of people complaining upon opening their initial paycheck of the year and seeing that their net income has lessened due to tax hikes that everyone should have known were coming. While some people have moaned and whined over what their loss of disposable income means to them, a more appropriate response would be to acknowledge the shifting sands and then determine how best to not only cope but to thrive under the changing circumstance of new tax bites already revealed and those yet to come. In our lives, both as individuals and as a society, we need to keep in mind mantram-like the true saying that ‘if you dance to the music, you must pay to the piper’.

While the initial part of the week could have us feeling highly emotional, as we move into the week we can get a grip and decide to initiate our projects in streamlined and highly effective ways. There may be naysayers to our intentions, and we might feel as though we are swimming upstream against the currents of rules, regulations and conditions.

It would be wise to affirm and to assert that every journey begins with a first step. In our journey these days we do not always have to have it all figured out before we take our first step. On the contrary, our intentions and our steps can be guided both by our inner wisdom and by the universal forces of synchronicity and serendipity, those circumstances that open doors we once perceived to be locked and those windows that we could not even see before we began our progression.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend allows us to deal with what needs to be done and then to segue into get-togethers with good friends useful as sounding boards regarding our plans and our goals. Other people, being detached and objective to our process, may provide both encouragement to our projects and also suggestions to hone and fine tune our course of action.

The emphasis upon the Capricorn energies highlighted with last Friday’s Capricorn New Moon continues but with increased force from the newly-acquired Aquarian energies.
We do not have to have a battle between old and new, what we have done and been in times past in contrast with what we want to do and how we want to do it in our future. Instead, we can blend the two, develop new projects and new interests based upon a core of knowledge and a well-structured approach.

Monday, January 14th – Misty, Manic Monday – Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. Monday begins the week with the Moon entering Pisces where today the Moon conjuncts Neptune, the Moon squares Jupiter and the Moon sextiles both Venus and Pluto. We can wake up slightly dazed, a little confused. We might not know which way to go as we head off to start our Monday. We could feel quite moody and impelled either by our sense of a manifest personal destiny or by our anxieties of being pawns in a larger chess game played by the powers-that-be. In either case, we might want to rein in any knee jerk reactions and engage due diligence in all we do. This is not a day for us to leap into the void, nor a day when we should try to multi-task, since our focus and concentration could get lost in the sauce of confusion and chaos. As the day progresses, we could get a more solid hold on things. We can use our intuitive sense to hone in on the most important tasks at hand and the most inventive ways to accomplish our goals. While we might feel like dry sponges taking to water and soaking up the stimuli and impressions of our environment, we do not have to be swayed by the conditions around us. Let’s take our time, allow things to unfold and then pick and choose where to put our energies in order for them to be most effective.

Tuesday, January 15th – Tinkering Away – Saturn. Tuesday contines with the Pisces Moon, which today has the Moon trine Saturn. This is a day when we can take care of outstanding matters, attend to necessary details, and sharpen our skills of cutting to the bone. We may have our nose to grindstone on this Tuesday, but this is a good day for us to fine tune, hone and focus on how we can best be expeditious in all that we do. During these times we are being asked to be resourceful, and this Tuesday could show us our strong abilities to do more with less. We may question why we have to be so attentive to being judicious, even penny-pinching, especially after years of society’s excesses, indulgences and extravagances. Can we call it one of life’s necessary lessons? — learn to be true conservationists, limit our wastefulness and be wise and good stewards of our resources and the bounty of resources that life affords us.

Wednesday, January 16th – The Buddhic Approach – Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. This Wednesday is a day when we can put spirit into action. The day begins with the Pisces Moon sextile both Mercury and the Sun. Venus conjuncts Pluto. The Moon exits Pisces to enter Aries where today the Moon conjuncts Uranus and the Moon sextiles Jupiter. We begin the day continuing yesterday’s attention to detail. We can hone and fine tune, focusing on the specifics and the particulars, all the while that we keep the big picture in mind. Aware of the gestalt, we have the ability of dealing with the parts that make up the whole. As though driven by instinct or our intuitive nature, we can arrange things in perfect order. As the day proceeds, we may find that interesting surprises await us. Being in the right place at the right time, we might discover various opportunities coming forward. This is a day for peripheral vision and to engage those unexpected situations that call to us. We might have to be spontaneous, adaptable and change our planned schedule to get the greatest benefit from the serendipity of this day. Contacts today could prove significant aids in achieving our long-term goals. We should take nothing for granted but also not lose our awareness to people, events and incidents we encounter along our way. It would be wise for us to be open to the gifts from the universe.

Thursday, January 17th – Twists and Turns – Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Mars. In elementary school we learned that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Reality showed us the falsehood of that statement. For while that axiom is true in a two-dimensional world, we live in three, four and soon five dimensional worlds. In the Jewish mystical system of the kabbalah, we become aware of the tree of life and the tendency for energy to zig zag between opposite polarities before finding the middle pillar and the sephiroth of tiphareth, a.k.a. the christed consciousness. Life is never a straight line but rather a journey of twists and turns, and so it is on this Thursday. The day begins with the Aries Moon square both Pluto and Venus. Venus sextiles Saturn and the Moon later sextiles Mars. We may find ourselves starting the day banging our head against the wall. Either our routine responsibilities can get in the way or we could run afoul of standard formats and legitimate ways by which to pursue our goals. In either case, we might find a braking action to our desired course of action. This day calls for us to contemplate how best to approach our goals with the recognition that there can be times when we might feel as though we are going around in circles. If we would restrain our impulses and even draw upon other people’s objective suggestions, we might devise ways around the impediments blocking us, all the while that the extenuated process allows us to fine tune our method and hone our direction. Once we have dealt with encumbrances, we can move forward with some alacrity confident in the pursuit of our goals.

Friday, January 18th – Tried But no Longer True – Sun, Mercury, Neptune. Friday is the last day of both the Sun and Mercury transits of Capricorn. Tomorrow, they enter Aquarius ending the Stellium of three or more planets in Capricorn and creating a Stellium of three or more planets in Aquarius as they join Mars in the Fixed Air Sign. Before changing Signs, the Sun conjuncts Mercury and both are squared by the Aries Moon. Late in the day, the Moon exits Aries and enters Taurus where today the Moon sextiles Neptune. We may want to tie up loose ends, address outstanding matters and bring various issues to conclusion today. Although we would prefer to be stretching our wings and doing our own thing today, it would be wise for us to finish up what needs to be done in order to clear our plate both for the forthcoming weekend and for the days ahead when our focus may shift from an organizational concentration to a view of our future prospects. The more we can accomplish today, the less entangled we shall be as we look to develop future projects and consider prospects that are appealing and allow a greater sense of autonomy.

Saturday, January 19th – Today and Tomorrow – Pluto, Saturn, Mercury Aquarius, Sun Aquarius. Saturday is a significant day, as two planets change Signs and in so doing bring closure to one Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign and create a different Sign Stellium. The Moon continues its transit of Taurus on Saturday, and today the Moon trines Pluto and the Moon opposes Saturn. Both Mercury and the Sun exit Capricorn, ending the Capricorn Stellium of three or more planets in one Sign. Both Mercury and the Sun enter Aquarius, creating an Aquarius Stellium of three or more planets as Mercury and the Sun join Mars in the Fixed Air Sign. We can be most astute as to where to place our energies today. We can cut to the core, focus on the most meaningful and develop a best practices approach to our schedule and to our plans. We might question whether we have the resources to achieve what we wish to achieve. We may not be able to be extravagant, but we can be highly effective by being resourceful and streamlining our operations. We may also find that our interests are focusing more on our future plans and on get-togethers with good friends. Hillary Clinton popularized the phrase ‘It takes a village’, and this Saturday we can benefit from the input of other people who may have a different perspective and consequently important suggestions regarding our plans. Other people can provide unique sounding boards to our intentions and to our methods.

Sunday, January 20th – Meeting, Greeting and Down Time – Venus, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Sunday has the Taurus Moon trine Venus and the Moon squares Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini tomorrow. Some of the contacts made yesterday could have created commitments for today. We may be looking at various social interactions today, many of which may be for the precise purpose of advancing our plans. We need to be careful how we approach people today. We want to maintain a social decorum even if we have self-serving intentions in mind. We could be moving at a frenetic pace today as we try to cover so many bases. Although it would be wise to keep our exchanges with other people brief, we could also tucker ourselves out by the various activities we wish to engage. The latter part of the day the energy switches dramatically going from a hurly-burly quality of a fast-paced rhythm to almost a stillness. The latter part of this Sunday may be a time for us to catch our breath, recharge our batteries and prepare for the onslaught of the coming week, the early part likely to be quite a whirlwind.