Decemmber 3rd – 9th, 2012

This is the first full week of December and we should not be surprised if we feel very much in party mode. The week is bookended with fun events, social occasions and enjoying ourselves. In the middle, we can attend to what needs to be done.

We may feel at the top of our game as we start the week. New and exciting interests can grab our attention and engage our participation. We may give ourselves a pass when it comes to our responsibilities during the first part of the week. We are far more involved in holiday spirits than due diligence. What we do have to avoid, however, is losing sight of our resources and overextending ourselves. We could take on too much, spend too much, even enjoy ourselves too much. Who ever heard of such a thing?

While surprising developments can be intriguing and enticing, they could also come with a large cost that leaves us with something of a nasty hangover. We may ‘live for today’ but let’s avoid paying through the nose tomorrow and for a long time thereafter. Budgeting our time, our monies and our energy would be wise to begin the week, but possibly not heeded.

The mid-part of the week could have us more attentive to our routine obligations. We can streamline our methods and be very adept at dealing with tasks at hand in an efficient and incisive manner. While we might want to do a little here and a little there with the understanding that multi-tasking can be highly functional, the one caveat is the liability to confusion and the possibility of mixing things up and then messing things up. We may rush to do what needs to be done in the mid-week period with the idea that we can free ourselves up for the weekend. That’s all well and good, but let’s be certain that we are taking care of things in a specific and focused manner. Otherwise, we might just find ourselves spinning our wheels, feeling that we have accomplished certain functions, all the while that we are ‘completing’ them in a haphazard and mistake-prone manner.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend can have us out and about, either engaging in social gatherings or meeting new people. There can be some pleasurable encounters. It would be wise for us to accept an element of grandstanding, whereby we or someone else can be projecting a larger than life image. We can be enamored with nice appearances, but let’s not accept first impressions without questioning what is truly going on. Remember: we are in holiday mode and much of true reality can be suspended for the beguiling fantasies of the season.

The week begins with our concentration on parties, social gatherings and holiday pleasures, and ends that way as well. In the middle, we can get our work done and address our responsibilities. Astrology is a study of cycles and energy patterns. How we work with the energies determines the likely outcome.

Monday, December 3rd – Up and At ‘Em and Out the Door – Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn. We may be all fired up as we start the week. This Monday has the Leo Moon creating a Fire Grand Trine with the Moon trine Uranus in Aries and the Moon trine the Sun in Sagittarius. The Moon sextiles Jupiter and squares Saturn. We may feel at the top of our game, able to master any situation and willing to take on more and more. While the liability to being ‘legends in our own mind’ can be strong with us and with everyone around us, a liability to narcissism could also close ourselves off to the expenses involved in our grand appearances and masterful handling of situations. The talk the talk can be a great deal stronger than the walk of the talk. Either the resources are just not available or the abstract concept is a great deal clearer and easier than the reality of practical manifestation. This is a day for us to enjoy ourselves, to put our best foot forward. We can be convincing, dramatic in our presentation and appealing in our intentions. What we have to be aware of is the fact that our plans and our enjoyments may come with a heavy cost. We may be at the top of our game, but it would be wise for us to keep our eye on the ball of expenses involved. Promises made today can be made under the guise of everything working perfectly. Promises made may also be promises that just cannot realistically be kept. Let’s enjoy ourselves but not bet the house. If we could maintain due diligence and be extraordinarily resourceful in everything we do, then today could have us moving mountains and accomplishing more by reason of our sunny disposition and our sense of infallibility. We may seize the day, but the primary focus will be enjoying ourselves today.

Tuesday, December 4th – I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing – Venus, Mercury. We all know the old refrain: ‘If you dance to the music, then you pay to the piper.’ This Tuesday could be very much along that sentiment, for today the Leo Moon squares both Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. We may have overdone it yesterday in engaging pleasures and having a good time and being larger than life, or at least larger than our resource would logically allow. This Tuesday might give us a hangover and have us face the overs of yesterday — over-spending, over-indulging, over-having a good time. Suddenly, we might have to cut back on some of our plans, pare down our expenses and recognize that we may have been adding to our debt load. Not many of us want to restrain our pleasures or restrict ourselves in any way, especially after the last few years when we might have felt, at times, as though our back was against the wall. This is a season, and a time, for fully enjoying ourselves, no matter the costs involved. Unfortunately, the costs could be ratcheting up, and it would be wise for us to look at budgeting our time and our monies so that we don’t wake up in the new year with a heavy bill to pay. Although we might have had a great time yesterday, we might find today that we have some party poppers or naysayers in our midst. Even those with the best intentions could be reading us the riot act today, informing us of how we overstepped our bounds and how we are going for the gold which might inevitably turn out to be fool’s gold. Let’s watch the metronome tendencies with yesterday being an all out push for excitement and putting ourselves on center stage, and today being a time when we feel, or others suggest, that we should crawl back inside our shell. Balance is important, but in finding balance we can often swing between the two extremes. The extreme yesterday was utter delight, today it may be some form of self-abnegation. Neither might be the right mix but eventually allows us to come to balance.

Wednesday, December 5th – Due Diligence – Neptune, Saturn, Pluto. Wednesday has the Moon entering Virgo, and today the Moon opposes Neptune, sextiles Saturn and trines Pluto. Whether we guilt ourselves or other people guilt us in regard to our actions the past two days, we may find that we have our tail between our legs and looking to pay penance. And what would be the best way for us to pay penance on this Wednesday? Putting aside our toys, our distractions into holiday pleasures and focusing insetad on what needs to be done and doing it in the most expeditious manner without dropping a stitch or allowing significant factors to fall between the cracks. This Wednesday can be a highly productive day. We can devise a best practices approach, take into account the larger picture of what needs to be done in a visionary manner and deal with the micro focus of attending to the particular details that will make up the bigger picture. People could be a little critical today, but let’s keep in mind the metronome quality of energy. If you have done any study of the Jewish mystical system of the Kabbalah, then similar to the metronome, there is the recognition that energy zig zags between two opposites in order to reach the middle pillar, or in Buddhism the middle path. So too for ourselves, we may go from one extreme to another in order to find our balance. The last two days, and especially Monday, we might have had our focus on enjoying ourselves. Today and tomorrow, our focus might shift to our responsibilities, our tasks at hand and what we need to attend to. Let’s do what needs to be done without guilt or being guilted by someone for the fun times we might have enjoyed over the past two days. Let’s keep in mind that in Christian theology there is the recognition that there needs to be a day of relaxation, rest and re-creation in the week. God worked six days and on the seventh day rested. Are we far different? We all need some fun and re-creation and we shouldn’t feel guilted wanting it to be so. After fun and parties, we can get back on track and take care of our tasks. Today and tomorrow provide us the energy to deal with all the necessary details of our lives.

Thursday, December 6th – Racing for the Door – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Venus. This Thursday we may have our eye on the clock, not so much for today but rather with almost an insistence that we get as much done as possible in order to clear the decks for the approaching weekend when we might be back in full party regalia of holiday fun events, celebrations and social occasions. The Virgo Moon today creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Jupiter in Gemini and the Moon square the Sun in Sagittarius. The Moon also trines Mars and the Moon sextiles Venus. We may be in overdrive today and the due diligence we might have exercised yesterday could be hard to come by. We want to take care of what needs to be done, but we are also considering other projects and activities where we might want to expend our energy. We may have our plate full today but we are also more than willing to take on more and more. In so doing, we could also engage the concept of ‘haste makes waste’ as we try to do too much but doing the various things in ways whereby we get it done without fine-tuning or re-evaluating or being certain that what we have done we have done right. If we could slow things down and take things step by step, then we might get less done but more done effectively. Although we begin the day with a flurry of activity and trying to do everything all at once, we may end the day being far more selective as to what we decide to take on and what we might choose to hold off on.

Friday, December 7th – The Importance of You – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. Early Friday morning, the Virgo Moon sextiles Mercury. Following our realization late yesterday, we may start this day focusing on specific projects and taking care of selective situations rather than trying to do it all and cover all bases, as we might have started yesterday. Although we have good intentions to clean up the clutter and some of the loose threads we left dangling, our energy shifts today. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for eight hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra, where the Moon today opposes Uranus. We may be far more interested in what is going on with other people and even putting our interests on the back burner. Although we are looking forward to a weekend of get-togethers and enjoyable encounters with other people in sharing the holiday festivities, we also have to watch for a tug-of-war between what we might want to do and what someone else might want to do. Everyone may be feeling slightly rebellious, accentuating their uniqueness and their individuality and in so doing seeking to be as iconoclastic as possible. This Friday evening can be a good time to explore new haunts, engage in events that are unfamiliar to us, and enjoy the spectacles of the season. But it would be wise for us to decide what to do with someone else in a win-win scenario where each of us determines some aspect of the evening’s activities. Otherwise, we might be feeling like the sentiments in the Toby Keith song I Wanna Talk About Me with the lyrics synopsized into the refrain:
“You know talking about you makes me smile
But every once in a while
I wanna talk about me…”

Saturday, December 8th – All or Nothing at All – Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday has the Moon in Libra, with the Moon today square both Pluto and Mars, the Moon trine Jupiter and the Moon sextile Sun. As mentioned above, this week is bookended with fun events on either side and a focus on holiday spectacles and gatherings and with a brief productive cycle in the middle when we might be scrambling to do much of what we would have taken several days to do now compressed in a brief spurt of attentiveness to our responsibilities and tasks at hand. Today, due diligence may go out the window. We might act like Dug the dog in the movie Up where his concentration and logical thinking is totally distracted by hearing the word ‘squirrel’ and his instinctual behavior totally takes over as Dug focuses solely on ‘squirrel’. We too could be distracted by various diversions. Whatever our plans for the day might be, we could be drawn to the exciting and the impetuous today. We might want to be accommodating to other people’s needs or interests, but it would be wise for us not to lose sight of our long-term goals. Immediacy and ‘being in the moment’ are all well and good, but we might also want to keep in mind implications of our actions, unintended consequences and what stepping off our trajectory could entail both on the short-term but also on the long-term. Fun might be our key focus today and whatever fun event comes up, we could mimic Dug the dog with his attention dramatically changed to ‘squirrel’. This day would best be served by making our ‘to do’ list before we start the day and adding some blocks of unscheduled time so that we can take advantage of any awe-inspiring diversions that might arise. By doing so, we can maintain a balance of taking care of what needs to be done without feeling restricted by our ‘to do’ list and still engage some wondrous distractions. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-one hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio late on Sunday. The energy dies down. Maybe we have exhausted ourselves with the frenetic and frantic energy of the day, but hopefully well synchronized, and can engage the concept of a day of rest for tomorrow.

Sunday, December 9th – The Spirit Enhanced – Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. Much of this past week could have had us in overdrive — balancing, blending, and juggling both new fun activities associated with the holiday season and also our daily tasks and obligations. We may have had more going on than usual, although the new ‘normalcy’ seems to keep us at an accelerated pace as we run from one thing to another to still another. This running often seems more concentrated on our external lives and our mundane affairs than our spiritual connection, our contemplation and our reflection. This Sunday begins with the Moon Void-of-Course for much of the day as the Moon finishes its transit of Libra without making any further connections to the planets. We could call this a day of rest, but last night was also the beginning of Hanukkah, the lighting of the lights, commemorating and celebrating a miracle in Jewish history. No matter what our philosophical or religious belief system might be, the celebration of light also gives credence to the recognition that the light dispels the darkness. While these times in which we live often seem dark, it is important for each of us to step back now and again, reacquaint ourselves with our spiritual aspects and stoke the fires of our internal light, our soul and spiritual self. With the Moon Void-of-Course today and later with the Moon moving into Scorpio where the Moon trines Neptune today, we can take moments to contemplate and reflect on all that which has significant meaning for us. Not the stuff that we often distract ourselves with but rather the essence of our being, the true reflection of our soul. These holidays [holy days], and all the trappings of different philosophical and religious beliefs, allow us to take moments in the hurly-burly of consumer spending to recognize and to realize the true depth of our individual path and our life’s true journey. This Sunday stokes the fires of spirituality and is shown today in the symbology of Judaism as the menorah is lit.