December 31, 2012 – January 6, 2013

This week closes out 2012 and rings in 2013 with an energetic thrust and various twists and turns.

While the week begins with us making various preparations, trying to complete certain tasks, we might not have a firm footing in regard to our direction. We may feel pulled in different directions, trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy and adhering to our scheduled plans, all the while that we are looking to be spontaneous, even impulsive, in regard to our decisions and our actions. Crossing the threshold from 2012 into 2013 could be a quick sprint and one that starts the year off with good intentions [hmmm, how is that pathway paved?]

If the beginning of the year is an indication of the year of 2013 in its entirety, then this year could be an exciting one with various push pulls between the traditional familiar and the thrilling unexpected. And this week can be a brief snapshot of different emotions, incidents and situations we might encounter along the way.

As we come into the New Year this week, we may have grand ideas in mind, all with the hope that such thoughts are truly predetermined unfoldings likely to occur for us. We may have our resolutions for 2013 made and all with the intention of greater autonomy, more freedom in our movements and a lightening [or is that lightning?] of our load.

Although this week allows us to get our house in order, we may encounter indications of the truth to the statement that ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans’. The beauty to that statement, and the beauty in our week, is that even if we attempt to be fixed and rigid in our plans, unanticipated variables could force us to alter course, change our schedule and demand that we be ever vigilant and constantly evaluate and re-evaluate what we are doing, where we are going and how we are doing it.

Similar to the ways that things have been operating in recent months, we may feel that the tides of these times are at their extremes — times when the tide is high and we can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time, other times when the tides are low and it seems as though moving things forward is like rolling a boulder up a mountain, slow going with the liability to things rolling back on top of us. Stagnant times can suddenly shift into hyper-acceleration and vice versa.

The latter part of the week and early part of the weekend have us interested in social occasions and fun gatherings with other people.

The end of the weekend may have us concentrating on what we need to be rid of in order to fully engage this new year without the baggage of our past. We may be determined, as we enter 2013, to run the sprint, far less interested in the slower pace of a marathon.

This is a new year, this year of 2013. It speaks to transitions and transformations, and for all of us I hope we can truly say that this is a happy new year.

Monday, December 31st – Out With the Old, In With the New – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Uranus, Mercury Capricorn. Today is New Year’s Eve and, if there were any appropriate energies to end a year and begin a new year, this Monday’s energies play to them. The day begins with the Moon in Leo, and the Moon trines Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo tomorrow. Mercury moves into Capricorn creating a Stellium of three or more planets in Capricorn as Mercury joins the Sun and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign. The most significant energy configuration of the day seems the Mars sextile Uranus late on Monday, early Tuesday morning. We are in party mode today, looking to get together with friends and also touching base with friends at a distance to wish them well. Auld Lang Syne will celebrate the new year. Although we are interested in connecting with friends far and wide, we may also be on the verge of trying out new things, spreading our wings, and far more interested in the new and unique rather than bring much of our old baggage into the new year. What we do need to keep in mind is the fact that the energies today can play to surprising developments and unexpected situations. Even if we have plans for this day and tomorrow, unanticipated variables could step in that force us to alter our plans and adapt to changing circumstance. This can be a fun day, but we do have to be careful to avoid impetuousness and rash actions. Out with the old, in with the new. Happy New Year.

Tuesday, January 1st – Illusions or Intuitive Insights – Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Mercury. The new year of 2013 starts with the Moon Void-of-Course in Leo, which began yesterday and continues into the mid-day of this Tuesday. The Moon then moves into Virgo, where today the Moon opposes Neptune and the Moon trines Mercury. Mercury sextiles Neptune. We may bring our partying into the new year and into the early morning hours with breakfast, brunch or other social occasions to ring out the old and ring in the new. Some people may be nursing a hangover and may choose a Bloody Mary or two to adhere to the concept of the hair of the dog. Although we entered this new year with a thrust of energy, thanks to the Mars sextile Uranus yesterday, we could be stumbling on this first day of 2013. Either we are highly intuitive and focused on starting the new year on the right note of planning our moves for the days ahead, or we could be engaging our illusions and think that all things are possible without taking into account either the conditions or the law of unintended consequences. The best case scenario for this day is to enter the new year not blitzed out of our mind but open to the wondrous possibilities that these times offer each of us. We can think outside the box, listen to the inner voice of our intuition and recognize that we do not have to do it all but, instead, be open to the unexpected, those unanticipated variables that can arise out of the blue and provide both clues as to our next best step and even surprising opportunities for us to pursue.

Wednesday, January 2nd – All Before Focused Intent – Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Sun. Wednesday continues with the Virgo Moon, which today has the Moon square Jupiter, the Moon trine both Pluto and the Sun, and the Moon sextile Saturn. We may start the day with our eyes bigger than our stomach. We might want to engage any number of activities today. We could even begin doing so by juggling, multitasking, taking on more and more, until we finally realize that we are glossing over details, skipping important factors, and tying ourselves up in knots. We can easily see how the thrust of new beginnings that we often feel with a new year could have opened up a Pandora’s Box. Fortunately, after an initial burst of invincibility and over-confidence, we are able to step back and become far more focused. We may then devise an action list, focusing on the most meaningful projects and actions to take and determining a best practices approach by which to accomplish our intended goals. This Wednesday is a good day to plan our next steps, all with the recognition that during these volatile times we have to lose our attachment to any one thing, take a detached attitude and be open to possibilities being impracticalities and certain impossibilities turning into probabilities. These are fascinating times, times when we need to keep on our toes, to be ever flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance. We can move forward with our best practices approach, always willing to shift and change as conditions warrant.

Thursday, January 3rd – Horrible Noise in Transmission and Reception – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Uranus. Thursday can be a bonker type of day. While Wednesday was a great day to get some important things underway and to tie up loose ends of outstanding matters, this Thursday can be all over the place but possibly nowhere we want to be. The day begins with the Virgo Moon square Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for close to thirteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late in the day, early Friday. While our interactions with other people could be somewhat critical, with people either sniping at us or criticizing us behind our back, the sense of things being really screwed up can be accentuated by Mercury square Uranus today. This energy configuration is my least favorite for air travel and for clear communications. This is a day when edicts can be handed down, restrictive and individually limiting measures that are presented as candy and sweetness. It would be wise for us to stay highly attuned, read between the lines and get a sense of the sentiments behind statements and decisions. The liability to miscommunications and misunderstandings is strong. We might neither understand nor even receive in totality the messages being signaled to us. People may choose to see the half glass of water as half empty rather than half full. A highly critical day, the critical aspect is not so much due diligence and reasoned analysis as it is hypercriticism with various people having a chip on their shoulder. It would be wise to go gently not only into the night but throughout this day. There is just too much static today for clear reception.

Friday, January 4th – Talking the Talk – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Mars. Friday is a highly paradoxical day. It is a tale of two sentiments — talking the talk while encountering roadblocks in trying to walk the walk. There is a great deal of energy and especially in our ideas, thoughts and mind’s eye. Accomplishments may be harder to come by. Today has Mars trine Jupiter, and we may choose to be fast out of the gate with a wide array of events and matters to address. The Libra Moon creates both a Cardinal Sign T-Square and an Air Grand Trine. The Moon today opposes Uranus in Aries and squares the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Mercury, Pluto and the Sun. The Libra Moon also creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element as the Moon trines Jupiter in Gemini and the Moon trines Mars in Aquarius. We may have great concepts to initiate and put into place. The actual manifestation may be a great deal more difficult. Some of our plans may be like castles in the sky, easy to conceive and easier still to manifest but solely in thought. If we try to implement some of our plans today, we could run into various roadblocks, impediments and delays getting in our way and frustrating our plans. This is a day for us to use the gift of gab to win adherents to our cause. Once we gain approval and acceptance, then we can move forward in practical application, all the while realizing that we have to do the tai chi moves of twisting and turning to get things done. Today is not a day when the distance between two points is a straight line. On the contrary, our movements may need to be zig zags to effectively get things done.

Saturday, January 5th – After the Rush – Venus. There is not a great deal of energy on this Saturday, but what energy there is can prove quite pleasant. After yesterday’s intensity of going from pillar to post [and hopefully without getting pilloried], we may be looking for some ‘down time’ and this day may provide the right temperament. The Moon is in Libra and late in the day the Moon sextiles Venus. If there have been any hiccups in our relationships with other people recently, this day allows us to smooth things over. We may choose to take in a movie, concert, art museum or a walk in the park — anything that is relaxing, refreshing and re-creating. The last two days may have been whirlwinds of frenzied activity, with some things working in our favor but with various curveballs and knuckleballs thrown at us too. We may have had to have been on our toes, always ‘on’, and a continuous alertness which can be exhausting and depleting. We all need a day of rest and regrouping, and this Saturday allows things to quiet down in order for us to catch our breath and not overly personalize anything that has gone down, or brought us down. A ‘time out’ kind of day, let’s enjoy ourselves today, share our time with a special someone in our lives and not feel pushed to do anything strenuous or that we would feel compelled to do.

Sunday, January 6th – More than One Way – Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn. Sunday can prove the truth to the affirmation to ‘work smarter rather than harder’. Sunday can be one intense day, a day when we hold our cards close to our chest and focus intently on what we want to do and how we want to do it. If we have been thrown for a loop during the week, this Sunday is a day for us to strategize and devise a best practices approach. There is a gritty but truthful idiom that states ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’. And on this Sunday we can come up with the right approach that is streamlined, focused and gets us going in the exact direction we want and by the most expeditious means. The Moon is in Scorpio, and today the Moon trines Neptune, the Moon squares Mars, the Moon sextiles both Pluto and Mercury, and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and Mercury sextiles Saturn. Although we may have gained a second wind, and some of it perhaps thanks to taking some time yesterday to step off the track and regain our energy, this Sunday asks for finesse and due diligence rather than brawn and just pushing through. Oscar Wilde had one of my favorite sayings: ‘To those with good taste, vengeance is best served cold.’ Not that vengeance is our driving force on this Sunday. Instead, we are looking towards those areas that truly serve our purpose and have the greatest meaning to us. Another saying states that ‘success is the best revenge’. We may be driven today, but let’s be certain that we put our brain before our brawn. While we have goals to realize, our goals can be more readily achieved by our dissecting our intentions, devising a best practices approach and using our resources effectively and expeditiously. We could have an acutely sharp tongue today, but it might be far better to use our laser-like vision in the strategizing than either the commentary or justification. More goes on than meets the eye, and it would be wise for us to restrain any impulses towards proving ourselves to other people. If we are more focused on proving ourselves right and other people wrong, then many of our plans could come crashing down. Let’s move ahead surreptitiously by lining all our ducks up in a row and keeping mum to other people what our goals might be. A very powerful day this Sunday happens to be, but not one to blow due to our egocentric hurts or a desire to one-up someone else.