December 24th – 30th, 2012

This week is Christmas week with all the frenetic energy that this holiday entails to begin the week. So much for ‘Silent Night’. We may find ourselves dancing and prancing and blitzing our way through the first half of the week. Who needs reindeers when many of us may be acting like energizer bunny [oops, wrong holiday!] on steroids.

There is not much energy to begin the week. Part of our lack of energy may be our sense of relief that we dodged the bullet last Friday with the world not ending on the 21st.

What’s up with the Mayans? Those who interpreted the end of the Mayan calendar as the end of earthly existence have been proven to be misinterpreters.

Are we surprised? In these times there are so many misinterpretations, miscommunications, misunderstandings; some unintentionally and others used to deceive. The ways of the world during these times force us to stay on our toes, ever mindful and highly aware of what is truly going on behind the façade of reality. Of course, I could be sitting here in my turret assuming that the world keeps spinning, people keep consuming and life goes on, all the while that we have passed over from the ‘end times’.

The focus at the beginning of the week may be on last minute shopping, preparing the table for a sumptuous dinner, or making our list and checking it twice for our Christmas and New Year plans but feeling perhaps as though we are at something of a standstill.

By the time Christmas rolls around on Tuesday we may be already done with this holiday. Tuesday into Thursday may give license to a great deal of chatter. We may engage discussions with everyone we come into contact with, and reach out by phone and email to those we haven’t heard from for quite a while. This mid-week period can allow for a time of catch-up with other people, sharing our recent experiences, expressing our opinions and giving thought to some of our plans for our future. As if making our resolutions for the days ahead, we could be thinking out loud looking for approval, or at least acknowledgment, of our intentions to change how we have been doing things, what we have been doing and even who we are.

We might participate in various conversations but possibly not as receptive listeners. Our thoughts are focused more on the next step in our grand adventure of doing life. We are happy to be closing the door on this year and filing away in trace memories our recent past of the last several years. Been there, done that, and we might never want to go back to those harrowing times.

[Okay, okay, I won’t burst bubbles nor mimic the sentiments of either Dr. Nouriel Roubini, often referred to as “Dr. Doom”, or Dr. Marc Faber, often known as “Dr. Gloom Boom and Doom”. I won’t go there, not now, and not at least until the bubbles of the New Year have gone flat, and we move beyond the hyped-up celebratory occasions of these winter holidays.]

No, this week is for parties, holiday gatherings and taking time from our daily grind to enjoy ourselves. This week is for fiddling with Nero and other orchestral members.

The latter part of the week and the early part of the weekend would be ripe for straightening up around our home, taking care of outstanding matters we wish to complete before the end of the year and sitting by home fires burning to catch our breath and prepare for the New Year celebrations.

The end of the weekend can have us back up into party mode, taking a several day celebration of the forthcoming New Year, making our resolutions with the firm intention that life must get much better than it has been.

While this week and much of next week may have us stepping off the track, taking time out from our daily grind, we might also choose to tie up loose ends, bring completions to certain matters and see what baggage of the past year and years we can leave behind as we cross the threshold of the new year next week.

Monday, December 24th – In the Still of the Night. Monday is Christmas Eve and people may frantically look to finish their holiday shopping. The Moon is in Taurus today, and people could find some good deals, fantastic bargains from retailers that might have wished for more, wanting a far better holiday sales season. There is not a great deal of energy today to move things forward, so despite the frenetic activity, some people may feel as though they are merely running in place. This is a day of preparations, of readying for tomorrow. We shouldn’t have great expectations for this day. There just is not the energy. If we are trying to get from here to there, or have various items on our ‘to do’ list for today, it would be wise to allow extra time to accomplish those things we need to do. Otherwise, a time out today could help us recharge our batteries for the excitement of the next two and a half days.

Tuesday, December 25th – Happy Christmas, What’s Next – Mars, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Mars Aquarius. This is Christmas Day, and how exciting it can be, especially with the energies operating. Very early morning, late on Monday night, the Taurus Moon trines Mars. People can be off for midnight mass, or reveling with a few extra glasses of eggnog. The Moon then moves into Gemini where today the Moon squares Neptune, the Moon sextiles Uranus, and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. We may have had a little too much eggnog, or a tad too much of holiday spirits, but we could be feeling no pain as we start this day. Although tradition often impedes upon being in the moment, today we may choose to be a virtual talking machine, chatting anyone and everyone up that we come across during this day of family gatherings, social occasions and group interchanges. Late in the day, early Wednesday, the Sun squares Uranus and Mars exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius, thereby ending the Stellium of three planets in Capricorn. A desire to push ahead into new frontiers, to be free and independent and more autonomous in all our dealings can give us a sense of fresh air, but we do have to be wary not to seek change solely for the sake of change with all the liable collateral damage that could ensue. New interests and new activities may be called for and might whet our appetite to be more individualistic, more iconoclastic, more our own person. Whatever plans we have for the day, we may be far more willing to engage commitments early in the day, rather than late in the day. As the day progresses, we could be champing at the bit to do our own thing, to be free, spontaneous and impetuous.

Wednesday, December 26th – Back At It – Venus, Saturn, Pluto. Boxing Day, as this day after Christmas is known in the UK, has the Gemini Moon opposed Venus and Saturn sextile Pluto. We may have various activities scheduled with other people. We can certainly engage them as long as we keep our meetings short and sweet. We might want to cover all bases today. Not only are we looking to meet up with certain people, but we might be out shopping for those ultra-bargain sales after Christmas, looking to make returns of those gifts received that are better transposed into cash or gift cards, and yet also looking to use this day to tie up loose ends, take care of certain matters and clean up outstanding issues. We can be highly productive today, but we do need to avoid needless distractions. If we don’t jump the gun, run off without checking our direction or itinerary, then we can devise a strategy that is clean, purposeful and focused for us to advance our interests and move forward with our greatest ambitions. The key to this day is to be expeditious, swift and to the point in everything we do. No dawdling today. We can accomplish a great deal if we stay focused on the long list of items to achieve.

Thursday, December 27th – Waiting for Godot – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. Thursday begins with the Gemini Moon opposed Mercury. There can be some miscommunications or mixed messages going on late on Wednesday, early Thursday. If we have made plans with other people, it would be wise to reconfirm before we start off to meet with them. This is a day when we might feel on overload, or somewhat worn down by all the excitement and engagements of the past two days. We may want to ‘shop ‘til we drop’, but we could be dropping as this day wears on. And we might feel it wearing us down. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for slightly over thirteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer, where today the Cancer Moon trines Neptune. After a highly active two and a half days we might be looking forward to a warm cup of herbal tea by the home fires burning in our favorite easy chair at home. Despite all the fun activities we might have enjoyed during this part of the holiday season, we might want to take a ’time out’ at home, catch our breath and enjoy the sanctuary and comfort of our nest.

Friday, December 28th – No Rest for the Weary – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Cancer Full Moon, Sun, Pluto, Saturn. If we didn’t catch our breath yesterday, then we could find ourselves out of breath on this Friday. We may have a great deal going on today, with us dealing with unexpected situations, juggling our normal responsibilities with our holiday plans, trying to complete certain year-end matters, feeling on overwhelm and wishing for some quiet time in the sanctity of our home. While the day begins with us pulled in various directions and stretched beyond our limits, suddenly things may grind to a halt. Late on Thursday, early Friday the Cancer Moon squares Uranus as part of a Lunar T-Square, reinforced by the Cancer Full Moon with the Cancer Moon square Uranus and the Moon opposed both the Sun and Pluto. The Moon trines Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for forty-one hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo late on Saturday, early Sunday morning. While this day may ask us to blend our personal interests with our communal responsibilities, our intentions can be disrupted by limitations to our actions and restrictions to our decisions. This is a day when we might have to be far more reactive to what is going on than proactive and setting the agenda. This end of December and the end of 2012 could also see certain endings, partings and people leaving the stage. The sense of loss, release and elimination can be strong before we enter the new year of 2013. Although the instigation to throw baby out with bath water, to drop everything and begin anew, may be strong, we can draw upon our past experiences, our lessons learned and the skill set we have developed to proceed in new directions with confidence, optimism and resolute determination. But let’s bear in mind that we are being asked, even forced, to leave some of our old baggage behind as we come into 2013.

Saturday, December 29th – Quiet Amidst the Hubbub. Saturday has very little energy going on. The Moon is in Cancer but Void-of-Course making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo late tonight, early tomorrow morning. We may want to take some quiet time at home, reflect on what has gone on in the year coming to closure and consider our life’s journey over the past twelve months. No matter what has gone on, it would be wise for us not to get morose or question what we have accomplished or not accomplished during this passing year. 2012 has seen various curveballs, even knuckleballs, thrown at us. If we are still standing, then it’s a credit to our stamina and perseverance. We have gotten through the night, even if we have difficulty seeing the light of dawn. Today is a good day for us to consider our blessings, all the wondrous events, situations and people that have sprinkled our lives over recent times. Although we may be reflecting on what has gone on, we may also seek the comfort and solace of family and friends. Our emotions today can be raw, and we might have a tendency to see the half glass of water as being half empty rather than half full. I would suggest that we try and maintain a certain detachment as we think back about what has gone on for us over the recent past. In the spiritual teachings, it is often recommended that before we go to sleep at night we reflect on the day’s proceedings in an objective manner, without emotion, without censor, without judgment. We can do the same thing as we give thought to our year closing. Let’s reflect on what has been, what we have been and done over the past few months with the visualization of us being under a waterfall with the various incidents, people and situations like droplets washing over our back. For us to be aware but to let go. Although we live in a world of stepped-up activity, multiple distractions, it is essential for us now and again to step away from the hubbub, seek some quiet time, and ruminate on what has been and where we are. Saturday could be one of those days for us.

Sunday, December 30th – Out With the Old – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto. Sunday has the Moon in Leo creating a T-Square with the Leo Moon opposed Mars and the Moon square Saturn. The Moon also trines Uranus and sextiles Jupiter. This Sunday also has the Sun conjunct Pluto and the Sun sextile Saturn. This day can prove highly paradoxical. We may feel pressure on our resources and a sense of limitation to our future goals due to situations beyond our control. While we might have to make do with less, we could bear in mind the old saying that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ We do not have to feel blocked or impeded in our plans or our goals or our dreams. We may just have to find another way. Today is a good day for us to clean out and clear up matters that we do not want to bring into the new year. It is also a good time for us to consider what is truly important to us and what are merely mindless distractions. Although we may feel as though we are often in a vise tightening, we can also see the press as distilling only the essence, the truly meaningful and focusing our intent on those areas that have real purpose for us. The beauty of these times is that options and alternatives will always open to us just so long as we do not get stuck in our sense of control and wanting things the way we want them, how we want them and the timeframe in which we want them. This is a magical time, and it would be important for us to see any matters falling away and being eliminated from our lives as situations that may have served a purpose but no longer old merit for our future journey. Today is a good day for inventory taking, for letting go, and getting rid of old matters that are now only the baggage of our past. There is a universal truth that we must readily acknowledge at some point and that is that the universe does not accept a vacuum. Or, as a wise saying goes: ‘the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled.’ We are on the threshold of a new year, a powerful year of transition and transformation, a master year the 2013 being in numerology the master number of 33, reminiscent in Christian theology of Jesus becoming the Christ, the human personality giving way to the Christos, the ascension into the christed consciousness.