December 10th – 16th, 2012

So much could be going on this week that we may not know what’s up, what’s down but we might find ourselves spinning all around. Holidays are in full gear and we might be in full gear with them. The emphasis on the week is expansion. It may not be ‘westward ho’ as in the U.S. in the mid-1800’s with President Lincoln signing the Homestead Act in 1862. But we are certainly looking to spread our wings, broaden our scope and widen our involvements.

This week is highlighted by Sagittarius, as both Mercury and Venus enter the Mutable Fire Sign and with the Sagittarius New Moon. Whether we have engaged it or not, we are looking to embrace the holiday spirit, step away from the cares and concerns of the world at large, and forget our anxieties and leave our troubles behind.

The time is now for fun and excitement, parties and social gatherings, holiday events and sparkling lights. Yes, we may all engage ourselves in fantasyland, which is far lighter and happier than many of our daily responsibilities and routines.

Much of our attention, apart from holiday carousing, can be on situations beyond our four walls, those situations that are foreign to our daily activities but might still have an impact on us, like a pebble in a pond with its ripple effects. While we might be drawn to acknowledge foreign affairs, we can be in too much of a mist, or fog, to see what is truly going on. Holidays are great distractions, and we may all feel as though we need some significant diversions right now. Enough with hard, cold reality. We want to play, re-create and take in the pleasures of the holiday season.

The week begins with us finishing up any loose ends, stripping away the extraneous and determining how we can be the most resourceful during this time of gift-giving, holiday spending and various indulgences. We might put our diets away, neglect our financial budgets and just assume that everything will all work out in the end. It does, doesn’t it?

After making our resolutions to be adept and focused at the beginning of the week, such due diligence can fly out the window during the mid-week period. A little excess and a lot of indulgence can be our choice, as we justify our expenses for all being for a ‘right’ cause, our enjoyment and other people’s pleasures.

The latter part of the week can have us back in stride with what needs to be done, both in regard to holiday preparations and also the affairs we wish to conclude before the end of the year.

The weekend may be filled with holiday cheer as we join with others in celebration and open wide the doors to all and sundry.

This week can be a fun week, but not necessarily a week when we are minding the store or keeping track of what we are doing or how we are doing it. We may be far more impetuous and spontaneous rather than hewing to the straight and narrow. We are passionate about this holiday season and looking to enjoy it to the max, no matter the cost. Indulgence can be great, the hangover afterwards much less so.

Monday, December 10th – Getting our Bearings – Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Mercury Sagittarius. Monday has the Moon in Scorpio, which today has the Moon conjunct Saturn, and the Moon sextile both Pluto and Mars. Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, a Sign of Mercury’s Detriment where Mercury is not at all comfortable. We are still in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde, which began back on November 6th. Mercury is retracing its steps as to where it first turned retrograde. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we now have a Mutual Reception between Mercury and Jupiter, both being in the Sign ruled by the other and both in Detriment, where neither is comfortable. We may be rather serious today, concerned about the state of the economy and especially our personal finances. We may have made our shopping list for gift giving, and we might feel as though we are likely to break the bank, or at the very least put a solid dent in our credit card. This Monday is a day for us to consider our responsibilities, all the things we need to do before the year is out and strategize a best practices approach as to how we can accomplish all that we feel we need to achieve. Making a ‘to do’ list of everything that we intend to get done before the year is out would be a wise idea, for soon we are likely to be caught up in the frenzy of the holidays, if we haven’t been ensnared already by visions of sugar plums and dazzling lights.

Tuesday, December 11th – Lost in the Sauce – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Mercury. The day begins with the Scorpio Moon conjunct Venus and Mercury square Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost nine and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius, where the Moon squares Neptune and conjuncts Mercury today. On this Tuesday, we may be confused, on overload with all the input coming at us, or lacking full information to fully understand what is going on. It would be wise for us not to accept things at face value, but rather recognize the agenda of the spinmeisters and take everything said with a grain of salt and a jaded eye. The hucksters and tricksters may be out in full regalia. We may wonder which end is up, and we might need to accept the fact that we are in a world of confusion. Whatever is being presented to us, we are likely to be receiving with heavy static, unable to make out the information or to get a total read on what is really going on. This day can be a crazy-making day. People are likely to be spacey, unable to communicate coherently or understand what is being said. Holiday merrymaking can be a little much today with some people lost in the sauce, others lost in space. While the 11th in numerology is a master number of the visionary, we may have visions today, but they are more likely to be illusions and delusions rather than foresight and clarity. Let’s not base any major decisions on the information being presented, unless we do our due diligence and play the devil’s advocate before committing.

Wednesday, December 12th – Far and Away – Uranus, Jupiter. Wednesday has the Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus and opposed Jupiter. We are also on the dark side of the Moon, awaiting tomorrow’s New Moon in Sagittarius. We could be slightly anxious today, expectant but also liable to not know what is really going on. The energy may call to us to explore, investigate, try things out. We want to be free of the shackles of our daily obligations, but we might not have a clear sense of where we want to go or what we want to do. In response, we are likely to try and do it all, and then some. A sense of juggling, testing the waters and, like a butterfly, going from one thing to another, alighting briefly before heading off once again. We may not accomplish a great deal today. We may all feel as if we are suffering from attention deficit disorder. If that’s the energy, and it is likely to be so, then let’s go with it. We are on the dark side of the Moon, not a time for initiation but a time better served to contemplate and consider. So, let’s juggle away, trying this, doing that, with no expectation of completion or closure. Our interests may lie far beyond our daily experiences and in so doing we may have the opportunity of taking off the blinders that focus us on our narrow range of our routine matters. Broadening our perspective, widening our scope can allow us to consider alternatives and options that we rarely take into account. This day calls for those considerations of possibilities, even so-called impossibilities, during a season where magic and miracles are more readily accepted, though in truth they are a daily occurrence, even when we have our blinders on.

Thursday, December 13th – Breaking Loose – Sagittarius New Moon, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Uranus direct. The Sagittarius New Moon today with the Sun Moon conjunction occurs just before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for thirteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn, where the Moon today sextiles Neptune. This New Moon also occurs just prior to Uranus turning direct. With the New Moon impacting the next two weeks, we may find ourselves focused largely on holiday celebrations, concentrating on having fun and turning a blind eye to what may be going on in the world and all around us. Instead, we could be far more engaged in good times with good friends with little concern for mundane realities and impending situations. Things may shift and change, and certainly the energy today gives impetus to a shift in our focus. On the one hand, we want to enjoy the holiday spirit and in so doing explore new facets of ourselves. As though in a fantasyland, we want to feel free of our responsibilities, able to engage personal makeovers, whether those makeovers incorporate personal appearance, our wardrobe or our behavior. On the other hand, we want to visualize the means by which we can make our dreams come true. We would like to combine our desire for greater independence, greater autonomy, and a stronger ability to be our unique selves with a pragmatic and practical approach by which we can realize our glorious intentions. It is somewhat akin to the understanding that in our sleep state when we move beyond our physical body and our physical realm into the astral plane, our spirit body is still connected to our physical body by an umbilical-like silver cord. No matter how much we might try to wander off into netherland, we are still attached to the earth plane. This Thursday is a good day for us to commit to keeping our feet on the ground, no matter how high in the clouds we might get our head. While we might be off investigating new realms and having a grand old time, the bump in the night we might hear could be us coming back down to the ground.

Friday, December 14th – Back on the Track With a New Appreciation – Uranus, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto. This Friday has the Moon in Capricorn, and today the Moon squares Uranus, sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Pluto. Mercury trines Uranus. We may feel as though we have to stifle our free spirit, rein in our desire to do whatever we want whenever we please and restrain any inclination towards a Peter Pan attitude of not wanting to grow up. And we can justify such an attitude because it’s the holidays, a time when we can all be kids, no matter how old we are. The inner child may want to come out and play, and this holiday period is a good time for it to do so. Just not on this day, as there could be too much to do. On this Friday we can be resourceful and do what needs to be done in a most expeditious manner. We can get some startling insights, be inspired and gain some amazing revelations today. This is a day when we could engage within ourselves either the genius or the mad one. No matter what is being presented to us, clarity can come in moments of insightful inspiration. We may stretch beyond our normal parameters to investigate realms of new possibilities and develop a new sense of ourselves. In our minds, we can learn to be free, liberated from old ways and from old patterns and be open to the magic and the mini-miracles that these volatile times evidence. We just have to be open to receive. Serendipity and synchronicity are in the air. Unexpected phone calls, interesting connections and bumping into people can all be part of our day. We might not to have to go out and look for it. We can take care of what needs to be done but also be open to thrilling surprises. A fun combination — whistling while we work and intriguing encounters along the way.

Saturday, December 15th – Making our List, Checking it Twice – Mars, Venus, Venus Sagittarius. Saturday continues with the Moon in Capricorn with the Moon today conjunct Mars and the Moon sextile Venus. Late in the day, early Sunday, Venus exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign as Venus joins Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius. This day is a good day to take care of any outstanding details and errands that need to be done. We may look at the specifics and the particulars today. We could be doing some holiday shopping and quite possibly searching out those holiday sale bargains. We can be resourceful, but we are not willing to sacrifice quality. If we can buy something that has appeal but some practical use as well, all the better. We may stretch beyond our typical conditions, intrigued by those things foreign to us. We may open our eyes to expanding our interests, engaging a new sense of ourselves and adopting an optimistic view to our future. Like little children, we may be in awe and wonder of natural unfolding and the opportunities available once we move beyond the rigidity of the familiar.

Sunday, December 16th – Friends and Neighbors and Infatuations and Tricksters – Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune. Sunday is a highly active and largely social day. We may be reaching out and touching someone, then contacting someone else, then going somewhere further for a social engagement. Sunday could have us running from one great adventure to the next. The Moon in Aquarius today sextiles Uranus, sextiles Mercury, squares Saturn and trines Jupiter. Venus squares Neptune. We may be all over the place, enjoying ourselves and engaging in the holiday spirits with friends, neighbors and the enigmatic. While we are likely to be feeling upbeat and energized, we also have to be leery of first impressions. Some people we encounter may not be the way they appear. We could be infatuated and tantalized by how someone presents themself, but it would be wise for us to keep in mind that the holidays also allow for traipsing through fantasyland. The opportunity to step out of ourselves and engage a new persona is strong during this time and that could be evident on this Sunday. People may appear one way, the reality being quite different. Although we are feeling upbeat and optimistic, it would be wise for us not to be seduced by promises given or a resume expressed that might not hold the truth. What we see may not be what we get, so let’s maintain a certain detachment and not get entangled in other people’s dramas or personal issues. This Sunday can be a fun day so long as we keep it light and airy.