November 26th – December 2nd, 2012

This week brings an end to November and the beginning of December, and with it a thrust into holiday preparations. There is a great deal of energy this week.

The week begins with Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle and turning direct. We shall still be in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde until mid-December when Mercury moves beyond the point where it first turned retrograde. Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever could go wrong can go wrong’ seems mitigated but still can influence situations and conditions around us with their impact upon us.

It would be nice if we could slow things down during the early part of the week, but the energy continues to ramp up into the mid-week. Like a runaway train hurtling down a mountainside, we might feel as though the energy is ratcheting up exponentially with our having little control over the course of actions.

The early part of the week might be explosive, and we might learn of another major crash and burn of some traditional institution or worn-out format.

Change is in the air, but the change may be solely for change’s sake. We may feel as though we have an itch under our skin with a desire to relieve the itch no matter how we choose to do so, with some actions being extreme and liable to put us in harm’s way.

Everyone needs to take a breather, avoid needless reactions that could be over the top. The liability to acting out, blasts of hot air and explosive temperaments cannot be discounted at this time.

We may feel like we have so much going on that we have to peddle faster, juggle even more and keep everything going while adding ever more to our activities list. Don’t you just love what the holidays have become?

After the mid-week period, the energy slows down, seems more tranquil and far more pleasant. We may still have a great deal on our plate but we might also be far less frantic, less frenetic than the earlier part of the week. Attending to decorations around our home, baking holiday sweets and enjoying family and friends in a more relaxed state of mind can be highly enjoyable. We may feel as though we have stepped off the track, gotten out of the hurly-burly of holiday times and found the sanctuary within our home accompanied by family and good friends.

The end of the week and the weekend allow us to regroup. We may still be doing our shopping, our holiday preparations, but there is far less of a sprint in how we are doing things compared to earlier in the week. Maybe we have just exhausted ourselves, but the latter part of the week and the weekend allow for a slower, more even-paced movement.

Monday, November 26th – Spare No Expense – Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mercury direct. Monday may begin the week with us being insistent on what we want to do and how we want to do it. The Sun trines Uranus today, and we are looking to broaden our scope into new terrain, investigate various possibilities and seek a personal makeover, whether literally or figuratively. We want to make changes to our lives, adapt new approaches and engage a greater sense of autonomy and freedom in our affairs. We may be laws unto ourselves today, which could prove costly. The Taurus Moon opposes Mercury, and Venus conjuncts Saturn. On the one hand, our desires for all the good things in life are ratcheted up, and with credit cards in hand we may spare no expense to make our greatest desires come true. And why not? It’s holiday gift purchasing and gift giving time. On the other hand, we could dig ourselves a fairly large whole of debt encumbrance if we are not careful. Unfortunately, we might not be thinking clearly today, for this is also the day when the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle comes to an end with Mercury turning direct. While we might be appreciative of the shift in Mercury’s direction, whenever Mercury shifts from direct to retrograde, or retrograde to direct motion, there is often mass confusion, travel difficulties and miscommunications and misunderstandings. We may want to be fast out of the starting gate today, but it would be wise for us to pay heed to the circumstances around us and apply braking action when necessary.

Tuesday, November 27th – Going for the… Gold, Silver, Bronze, Whatever – Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Mars, Pluto. Tuesday begins with the Moon Void-of-Course. The Moon went Void-of-Course last evening and is Void-of-Course for twenty-four hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini late today, early Wednesday morning. As the Moon enters Gemini, the Moon squares Neptune. The main event, or main energy pattern of this day, is the Mars conjunct Pluto. Wherever we put our focus and our attention we are likely to be determined, moving like a bulldozer, pushing aside anything in our way. We have to be careful regarding where we put our concentration, for once focused we shall move ahead without any regard for whatever might stand in our way or without evaluating and re-evaluating along the way. Once set into motion, we can push ahead without any further consideration except the end goal. This is a day of likely extremes. Nothing may be done in half measure and so it would be wise for us to consider our plans, strategize our means and be certain of our intentions. We are also a day before the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse tomorrow. Our passions are turned up severalfold, and there could be the liability towards throwing down the gauntlet and proving that ‘might makes right’. Where a problem could arise is our acceptance of misinformation or disinformation and our heading off with tremendous gusto on a quixotic quest, even to the point of tilting at windmills.

Wednesday, November 28th – Too Much Information – Uranus, Gemini Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. It may have all started yesterday when we might have gotten a bug in our head about something that we wanted to accomplish, some intense desire we wanted to achieve. That focus and concentration continues on this Wednesday, and it could be ramped up severalfold. The day begins with the Gemini Moon sextile Uranus, followed by the Gemini Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse with the Gemini Moon opposed the Sagittarius Sun. The Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Venus sextiles Pluto. Talk is cheap, and today talk is plentiful. Promises made may not be promises kept. Although people can present themselves in the most awe-inspiring ways, the appearance might not be matched by the substance. This day calls for due diligence and emphasizes the importance of pulling back the wizard of oz screen to see who is really pulling the strings. We may be too oblivious by the sense of good times or we might be overwhelmed by the bombardment of information, talk and images that seem non-stop on this Wednesday. It would be wise for us to slow things down, although that could prove quite a challenge. Let’s stop, look and listen before we proceed in any enticing direction. If we would focus on what truly speaks to us today and not get distracted by the bla-bla-bla of scintillating appearances, then we could save ourselves a great deal of trouble. No matter what we intend today, it would be smart for us to continually evaluate and re-evaluate along the way. Towards the end of the day, early Thursday, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over thirty-six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer on Friday.

Thursday, November 29th – In the Still of the Night and the Day – Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Mars. After a frenetic couple of days, the energy is fairly still on this Thursday. The Moon is Void-of-Course this entire day making no connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Gemini and before entering Cancer tomorrow. The one major aspect of this Thursday is the Venus sextile Mars. After a whirlwind couple of days, this day might best serve us as a cleanup and clear out sort of day. We may be looking at how we can best implement a best practices approach, streamline our operations and not get overly caught up in the hurly-burly of these holiday times. We might want to consider how we can be resourceful, be more aware of next year’s tax implications and keep our ear to the railroad track to hear what is truly going on. There can still be a great deal of newspeak [to borrow from George Orwell]. Our ability to cut through the mirage of words and impressions might assist us in figuring out what is real and what is merely hype. There are times when we need to step away from the crowd in order to reflect, consider and determine our most productive trajectory. Today is one of those days.

Friday, November 30th – No Place Like Home – Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Neptune, Saturn. Friday has the Moon moving into Cancer, ending its thirty-six hour Moon Void-of-Course cycle. The Moon today squares Uranus and the Moon creates a Water Grand Trine with the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and the Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio. We may feel certain restrictions to what we want to do, limitations to a free-wheeling, ‘devil may care’ attitude. Sometimes we need the solace of home and family, and today we can feel comforted and nurtured by the familiar and familial. We may seek out those people we love and care for and gather together in quiet celebration. It may seem to hamper our spontaneity and freedom of movement, but we can gain far more from the pleasures of quiet and home fire burning. This Friday we may find ourselves entertaining or entertained in homes rather than out and about clubbing. The sense of camaraderie and the feeling of us all being in this together can be warming. It does not have to engage the sentiment of ‘misery loves company’ but rather embrace the appreciation for the simpler things in life. Getting off the track provides a respite from the hurly-burly, and this Friday we may choose to step away and gather with friends and loved ones.

Saturday, December 1st – Push, Pulls – Pluto, Mars, Venus. Saturday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today opposed both Pluto and Mars and the Moon trine Venus. We may have various obligations to attend to on this Saturday. Errands, preparations for the holidays and shopping for gift giving can all be part of this Saturday. It’s the 1st of December and whether we get overly involved in the holidays or not, we may be swept up in the sense of the looming festivities and make our necessary plans to engage. While we might be leery of stepping out of our homes and entering the holiday crush of shopping and frenetic activity, once involved, we might find that we are actually enjoying ourselves. Despite the Hallmark Holiday quality of these times and the emphasis on consumerism, this Saturday can also be replete with some of the traditional, simple enjoyments of these times — the lighting, the shop windows, the carols and other facets of a less-consumeristic time. Holiday parties can be fun events today as we gather with those people we enjoy, who add so much to our lives, even if our times with them during the year are brief get-togethers. This is a time for us to reach out and touch those people who mean so much to us, even if we are only able to connect with them infrequently, even but once a year.

Sunday, December 2nd – Lights Ablazing – Mercury, Sun, Jupiter. Sunday has the Cancer Moon trine Mercury today. The Sun opposes Jupiter. We may look to reach out and touch someone or many people on this Sunday. We are feeling upbeat and engaged and wanting to add on more and more to our activities list. Our optimism and confidence can know no bounds on this Sunday, and we may be welcoming all and sundry on this Sunday. While these volatile times create frictions, they are a dynamic time when things can change in a nanosecond. Our hopes and wishes for better days ahead can be fired up by our confidence and optimism. We may look to our home base for support, but like an eagle creating its nest, with the support of our nest we can fly and soar, expand our interests and broaden our perspective. This is a day for us to give thought to how we can widen our scope in the days ahead. We can be resourceful and virtually move mountains. With the recognition of mind over matter, we may feel as though whatever we can conceive we can also achieve. This is an uplifting day when we might be operating on all cylinders and ignite our spirit for all to see our light ablazing.