October 8th – 14th, 2012

This week seems a largely pleasant one. A sense of greater optimism combined with due diligence seems strong. Our confidence can be increased thanks to encouragement from good friends. We may feel upbeat, enthusiastic and exuberant, but our exuberance is not an irrational exuberance but rather well-grounded and well-focused. The sense of having our feet on the ground and an ability to zero in on a best practices approach all the while looking at those projects and activities that have the greatest meaning for us are highlighted this week.

This is also the first full week of Saturn in Scorpio, which Saturn will be transiting into 2015. For many of us, there may be a stripping away of the extraneous and superfluous. We may question what we have done with our lives. We might even go through a certain grieving process, seeing our lives as more unfulfilled than self-fulfilling. Already with this initial entry of Saturn into Scorpio, I have heard from several clients disparaging what they have done with their lives. I would like to emphasize that these times do not ask us to focus on WHAT we are but rather WHO we are. At the end of the day and at the end of our present life cycle, we shall consider more who we have been rather than what we have done. Character over Matter.

The week starts without a great deal of energy. Perhaps we are doing too much on the weekends, and Monday has us wiped out or slow out of the starting gate. We may be a little reticent as we begin, but we could also be marshaling our energy for a grand thrust as we proceed further into the week.

We do not have to wait too long for that grand thrust, for Tuesday and Wednesday could have us using our upbeat good feelings in winning other people to our side. Not only can we be ingratiating, but we are likely to be zeroing in on those people who can do the most for us.

As though we have an incisive perception and an intense concentration, we can streamline our operations, deal with the fundamental issues, address every detail in the most expeditious manner and present ourselves in a pleasant and competent way. A great deal can be accomplished around mid-week if we will only engage the energies and embrace our talents, our abilities and the help from the greased wheels of the universe.

While the mid-week and latter part of the week can have us focusing on our responsibilities and what needs to be done, the weekend is an enjoyable time when we can spend time with that special someone in our lives, rest, relax and not feel pressured to be on the front lines or ready to be on call. We do have to avoid taking on too much. Let’s recognize that our society has moved into a hyper-activity period where we are pushed to take on more and more and are impelled to cut back on our relaxation and rest times. It’s always wise to remember that it is essential for us to take time to step off the fast track in order to recharge our batteries, regroup and re-evaluate where we are going and why we are intending to go there.

Monday, October 8th – Slow Mo – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday in the US is Columbus Day, for many the last day of a three-day holiday weekend. Whether we have time off or are working, this day begins in a very slow motion type of attitude. The day begins early in the day with the Cancer Moon square the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty-eight and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo tomorrow. If we can stay home, attend to household errands and just regroup our energy, it would be a good way to use today’s energy, which may prove minimal at best. We can prepare for a highly active next few days when we may be moving at turbo-thrust speed. Today, not so much, for we just don’t have the energy, so let’s not push ourselves to get a great deal done.

Tuesday, October 9th – Nothing Could be Finer – Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto Saturn, Mercury, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Uranus. This Tuesday can be a primo day, just as long as we don’t go overboard with our expenditures and act from a level of overconfidence whereby we can buy into a belief that nothing can go wrong. The Sun trines Jupiter and Venus trines Pluto. The Moon squares both Saturn and Mercury and the Moon creates a Grand Trine in the Fire Element as the Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon trines Uranus in Aries. While we could be feeling at the top of our game, we could also be over the top in our dramatic and extravagant presentations. We are looking at appearing in the best possible way and with such an attitude we might spare no expense. Let’s watch out for those credit card swipes, whereby we impulse buy without much regard for the cost to be eventually paid. If we can budget and work with a best practices approach, then we could virtually work miracles today with the work being more like greased wheels than anything arduous. This Tuesday is a special day. Not only are we confident and showing ourselves in a creative and innovative manner. We also have the ability of cutting to the core, focusing on the specifics and advancing our interests and projects by virtual quantum leaps without dropping a stitch or glossing over necessary particulars. This Tuesday can be a glorious day and we might be acknowledging to ourselves that nothing can be finer.

Wednesday, October 10th – Still At Our Optimum – Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Neptune. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week are hard to beat. Yesterday, we might have felt that the wind was to our back and that we were sailing along, providing a showcase of our talents and abilities and winning the necessary support personnel to our side. Today continues this primo period. Mercury sextiles Pluto and Saturn trines Neptune. The Leo Moon sextiles Jupiter and the Moon sextiles the Sun before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty-two hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo tomorrow. This day provides us with an incisive concentration, an ability to see what is truly going on. We are unlikely to be hoodwinked today, for we can cut through the mirage and get to the heart of any matter. While we can be charming and upbeat in our social interactions, this is one of those days when we certainly will not suffer fools gladly. On the contrary, we are interested in what we can glean from other people — their information, their insights, their intuitive sense of things. This is a great day for us to plan and strategize. We can concentrate on our goals, devise the most effective and expeditious ways to realize our plans and do so with a smile on our face and people patting us on the back. Tuesday and Wednesday can be highly productive days when we could virtually move mountains.

Thursday, October 11th – Happy, Happy Birthday – Moon Void-of-Course, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mars. Today is my birthday and I guess I officially become a senior. I don’t know if that is anything to cheer about, but it is ratcheting another notch on the belt. Fortunately, my Solar Return, when the Sun returns to its natal position and consequently the real birthday, was yesterday. Today starts off with the Moon Void-of-Course, which began yesterday as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo without making any further connections to the planets before entering Virgo later on this Thursday. As the Moon moves into Virgo, the Moon sextiles Saturn and the Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon square Mars. This day may start off slowly. We might be basking in the glory of everything that has gone on the past two days. We could be feeling upbeat but also kicking back and enjoying some downtime or pleasurable situations. As the day progresses, we might become more focused on putting spirit into action. Much of the bravado and the feel good sensations of the past two days may hit some speed bumps today. We might have to hone, fine tune, even cut away some of our grand projections and great intentions that swelled up on Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s not such a bad thing. We may have decided to take on too much, buying into the superachiever impulse of our society and assuming that everything we want will occur the way we want it and also easily and quickly. We do live in a time of magic and miracles but also a time that asks us, even demands, a modicum of humility from each of us. We are in times when we are being asked to drop the concept of total control over our environment and our involvements. We are being asked to get out of our own way, embrace the asequential reality of these times and recognize that we can work with the energies but we cannot always dictate the results. This Thursday can give us a good heads-up about some of our engagements. If we do not prune the extraneous and the superfluous concepts that seemed so perfect initially but could prove a walk around a maze, any such projects that are not truly in accord with our trajectory could only prove toxic and taint our more worthwhile involvements. We cannot do it all, so we might have to pick and choose those situations that truly have meaning rather than those that are shiny and seducing but without much merit.

Friday, October 12th – Right Place, Right Time – Pluto, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday continues with the Virgo Moon. Today, the Moon trines Pluto, sextiles Mercury, conjuncts Venus and squares Jupiter. Later in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty-four hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late on Saturday. This Friday allows us to put finishing touches on much of this week’s activities and projects. We can be very discerning regarding specifics and the particulars. We could be doing a serious inventory taking, seeing what really works for us and recognizing those involvements that are needless distractions and wastes of our time. We may have to be very surgical, however, for we could have the tendency to cut some things away but then assume in our superachieving mode that we can still do more than should be reasonably expected of any human being, even a superhuman being. The more we can deal with and address on this Friday, the more time we shall have over the weekend to enjoy doing things on the spur of the moment and spending quality time with that special someone in our lives. We can be in the right place at the right time if we would be discerning regarding where to go and what to pursue. We can take care of our responsibilities, clear the decks and provide some space for the unexpected and interesting events over the weekend.

Saturday, October 13th – Lazy Bones and Autumnal Cleanup. There is not much energy to this Saturday. The Moon is Void-of-Course for much of this day, as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo without making any further connections to the planets and before entering Libra late in the day. We may want to just laze around today, reflect on the accomplishments we carried off during the week with a little help from our friends and possibly much assistance from the universe that might have provided greased wheels. We could also use this day for an autumnal cleanup, raking leaves, changing our wardrobe for the changing seasons, and attending to any personal makeovers we want to do. It would be wise for us not to push ourselves. We can make plans for get-togethers tomorrow, but let’s not make the plans ironclad since unexpected situations could arise that divert our attention. Today is a good day for us to rest and regroup. Often, we try to do too much and overschedule ourselves. We all need to catch up on our rest and sleep deprivation tendencies. Today is a good day for rest, relaxation and not overly taxing ourselves. The Moon moves into Libra later in the day and we may be looking at some fun times with a good friend.

Sunday, October 14th – Bumps in the Road – Mars, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter. Sunday has the Libra Moon sextile Mars. The Moon then triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Uranus and the Moon squares Pluto. Later, the Moon trines Jupiter. We may start the day full speed ahead. Nothing is too much as we seek to connect with that special someone, or good friends, for some fun activities. Everything may run smoothly in concept but the practical application might not be as functional. If we are relying on other people today and looking to engage with others in certain events, we might need to be incredibly flexible with a forewarning that everyone may not be on the same page of functionality. Things can come up that disrupt our plans or our schedule. This is one of those days when we need to be both flexible and adaptable. As the old saying goes: ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans’. Even if we have to change our plans, we might actually find that new scenarios are far more engaging and enjoyable. We are not looking to do ‘same old, same old’ today, so let’s be open to receive a little bit of magic and mini-miracles today even if they come with bumps in the road.