October 22nd – 28th, 2012

This week can have us looking deeper within ourselves, questioning who we are and what we have done with our lives. Ever since Saturn moved into Scorpio two and a half weeks ago, people have commented to me how alone, and lonely, they feel. Many of us have been questioning what our lives have been all about. But the questioning often takes on the focus of what we are rather than who we are. It has been said by more than one spiritual teacher that at the end of life we shall be judged not by what we have done but rather by who we have been — our character, not our achievements..

The Sun moving into Scorpio this week creates a Stellium of three planets in the Fixed Water Sign. This concentration of energy in Scorpio helps to strip away the masks and the decorative outer bodies of our costumes and wardrobe. Like nature in the northern latitudes with the trees stripped of their leaves to reveal their bare bones skeletal structure, so too for ourselves with the Scorpionic emphasis. To a large degree, we are like the emperor with no clothes, standing naked unto the world. Others may not see it, but we poignantly feel that our identities of what we do is torn away for us to get back to our bare bones — our spirit, our essence, our soul.

The beauty of this period in time is the opportunity, no matter how uncomfortable, for us to get real with ourselves. We may feel lonely like an island unto ourselves, but it would be worth remembering that on this life’s journey we have come into this process alone and we shall depart it alone. Not that there isn’t support and comfort both as we come in and as we go out and all along the way. But in deed, our journey and our path through this life is an individual one and an individualizing one. That is what life is all about.

There can be times when we feel alone, but we never have to feel lonely. The Scorpio phase highlighted this week allows us to feel deeply, to go to depths that may seem fathomless but can also allow us to fly ever closer to the sun, brilliant in the radiance of our soul and our spirit. Let’s always keep in mind that how we see things and the decisions we make are our choice, always our choice.

The intensity this week is ratcheted up, but the intensity is an inner percolation, similar to the molten core deep within the surface of the earth.

We may feel as though we have a manifest destiny. We may experience a sense of dying to the old, to eventually be reborn into the new. While we might have an impulse of a promised land somewhere beyond where we are, we may also recognize the need to do an inventory taking of our lives, where we have been, where we are and where we intend to go. In his last book, The Active Side of Infinity, Carlos Castaneda talks about the importance of recapitulation, of going back over situations and experiences in order to free ourselves from the cobwebs of the past that, whether consciously or subconsciously, could determine the actions of our present. There are times when we need to go through our old baggage and see what we need to be rid of before we move on. This latter part of October and this fourth week of October can be very much of that backdrop — a need for each of us to scrutinize our lives, see where we are and then devise a clearing out and cleaning up of past matters that serve no purpose, bear no relevance to our present, much less our future.

While the early part of the week can be a push pull between sorting out elements of our past that no longer bind us and considering the limitless possibilities of our future, the mid-part of the week can have us questioning whether we have the capability to pull off our grand ambitions and realize our hopes and wishes. We may feel thrown back upon our own resources and even consider if anyone can possibly understand our inner throes.

After much soul searching and the pulls between old and new, we can use the weekend to initiate our new interests, interests that both speak to us on a deep level and reflect a transforming sense of our selves. The weekend comes to a close with us considering all possibilities like a butterfly alighting momentarily before flying off to some other flower or landing spot.

All in all, this week can be a highly emotionally charged week. We just need to get a handle on who we are and not be tossed about by the vicissitudes of these times. Like a diamond being polished to its optimum brilliance, let’s consider the rub of events, situations and people as but part of the honing of ourselves.

Monday, October 22nd – New Day Dawning – Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Sun Scorpio. The week begins with the 22nd of the month. In numerology, the 22 is a master number, indicative of the master builder. Either we work with the mastery element or we bring the 22 down to its lowest common denominator, the 4, indicative of the worker bee. And so for ourselves on this Monday, we can either be the master builder or the worker bee. This day has the Moon in Aquarius with the Moon today square Saturn, sextile Uranus and sextile Mars. This is the last day of the Sun’s transit through Libra as the Sun moves into Scorpio later today, early tomorrow. We may have various debts to pay, outstanding issues to contend with and a sense of limitations as we start the day. If we can deal with what needs to be done early in the day, then later in the day we could open the door to exploring prospects for our future, testing the waters of new interests some of which are self-animated, others coming virtually out of the blue. This is a day when we may need to keep our eye on the ball but also look up now and again to see what might occur in the far distant horizon. Interactions with other people can be fun and lively and we may find that they make us aware of situations we could hardly imagine for ourselves. We can take into account new foundation stones for our future, even if we cannot lay the foundation stones down quite yet. Let’s always keep in mind that intention is a major part of realization and that things begin in the abstract before they take real form.

Tuesday, October 23rd – Manifest Destiny or – Jupiter, Sun, Neptune, Mercury. Tuesday has the Aquarius Moon trine Jupiter and the Moon square Mercury. The Sun trines Neptune. This Tuesday can be an expansive day, a day when we feel that we are being guided by something larger than our egocentric selves. We could feel as though we have a manifest destiny, that there is some one thing that is our purpose and our true goal in life. We may follow our bliss, and we could begin our journey in the realization of some new goal, some new intended purpose. We shall have to watch the naysayers though. Even those people who have our best interests at heart might suggest that we tiptoe towards any new projects. They may raise the issue of the economy and the safety of the tried and true. They might suggest we stay within the parameters of our comfort zone. Either we capitulate to our fears and other people’s concerns, or we move forward in uncharted waters as we explore new interests. Our choice. No matter what choice we make, it would be wise to always remember that we are no longer living in a world of straight line progression but rather a zig-zag world where asequential reality is in place and things can occur in the most unexpected manner. Even if we step off in a certain direction, that direction may merely be the impetus to some sideways trajectory further down the road. We must also keep in mind that even if we start in a new direction we do not have to commit to that itinerary but can always turn back. This Tuesday is a day for us to consider all possibilities, even the seemingly impossible, with the recognition that in so doing we have the opportunity of taking off our blinders and seeing all around, seeing from peripheral vision and seeing like little children the awe and wonder of it all.

Wednesday, October 24th – Deep Reflections – Neptune, Sun, Saturn, Pluto. In recent dreams, I have had the opportunity of seeing various water bodies, where the water was so clear one could see the bottom no matter how deep the water might be. This Wednesday is somewhat similar, for it allows us in our deep reflections to see clearly our lives and who we are. This Wednesday has the Moon moving into Pisces where the Moon today conjuncts Neptune, trines the Sun, trines Saturn and sextiles Pluto. This is a day to reflect and contemplate, to consider and to strategize. People can be incredibly moody today. They can feel victim to life’s circumstances with a sense that they have no free will to make choices but rather are confined to the limitations of powers-that-be. Or they can go on a deeply spiritual level, become one with the source through contemplation, prayer and meditation. The latter would be preferable for in so doing we could gain greater clarity regarding where we are with the backdrop of these increasingly volatile times in society. We might also feel our ‘calling’, what we have intended to do during this life process, and then consider a best practices approach to realize our manifest destiny. It would be wise for us to keep in mind the wise saying that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. During these times of asequential reality, when things can change in a nanosecond and where the universe can be of great assist to our natural unfolding, we have to remember that we do not have to do it all. If we are on the right track as far as our soul’s intentions, then the universe is likely to step in and make even the seemingly impossible possible.

Thursday, October 25th – Helter, Skelter, All Fall Down – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus. In Astrology, timing is everything. There are times for us to move forward, other times for us to step back and even other times when non-action or standing still is the best course of action. Call it life! Yesterday, we had the opportunity of doing some intense soul-searching about our lives and where we are choosing to go with them. This Thursday could be a sense of reining in or levels of disappointment if our good intentions aren’t immediately realized. Patience may be called for on this Thursday. We could lose our faith today and be blinded not by the light, but rather by the darkness of our fears, anxieties and the perceived reality all around us. I did write ‘perceived’, for we are in times when true reality and the appearance of reality may not always jibe. Today the Pisces Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon square Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon square Jupiter in Gemini. The Sun conjuncts Saturn and Mercury sextiles Venus. We could be disheartened today, feel the energy draining from our pores and be so caught up in the whirlwind of information and activity that we lose sight of the bigger picture and become exhausted by the assault of sights, sounds and sensations. If we can avoid momentary disappointments, not get caught up in impulse and the immediate; then we could truly figure things out. The key aspect today is to stand our ground, feel our feet firmly planted on the ground and be bemused by the kaleidoscope of things swirling all around us. In 1982 a film with music by Philip Glass came out and was entitled Koyaanisqatsi, which in the Hopi language means ‘unbalanced life’. We may feel as though our life is out of balance. While such a sense can be discouraging, the antidote would be to remember that in volatile times life is like a metronome going back and forth, even between extremes, until a point of balance is reached. Those points of balance are not an infinite stasis but a momentary balance before time, space and variables get the movement going again. We may be helter skelter today but we do not have to all fall down.

Friday, October 26th – Waiting it Out – Mercury, Venus, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday begins with the Moon still in Pisces and the Moon trine Mercury and the Moon opposed Venus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost four and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries. There may not be a great deal of energy on this Friday, especially when compared to the past two days. We may want to clear the decks of outstanding matters, tie up loose ends before the weekend. Exchanges with other people could prove dicey. We would like to slink away and into the weekend without much furor. And we certainly won’t stand for anyone getting in our face. Although this day is a more introverted kind of day when we are dealing with what needs to be done, people can be moody and hypercritical. This Friday is a day to leave well enough alone, attend to our own matters and just wait the day out. We may be living for the weekend today, watching the clock and looking forward to the evening and the next two days.

Saturday, October 27th – Out and Beyond – Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course. Today continues with the Aries Moon, and today the Moon conjuncts Uranus, squares Pluto, trines Mars and sextiles Jupiter. We may be champing at the bit to get out of Dodge, expand our interests and do anything and everything except for errands and that which we have planned for. We would far prefer to be spontaneous, act on impulse and be free to do whatever we want whenever we want to do it. Even if we are reluctant to do so, let’s try and take care of necessary chores in the morning hours. If we assume that we can put them off until tomorrow, tomorrow is not a day when we are focused on what needs to be done. So, let’s take care of errands and tasks at hand without too much grumbling. Later in the day and in the evening hours and into tomorrow, we may want to be a little extravagant, stretch beyond our usual parameters and just fully enjoy ourselves. We are far less interested in those things close to home and more enamored by those things that are foreign to us and even beyond our reach. Late in the day, early Sunday morning, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost twenty-nine hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus late on Sunday, early Monday.

Sunday, October 28th – Ground Control to Major Tom – Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Jupiter, Venus Libra. The Aries Moon continues Void-of-Course today making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus late today, early Monday. Mars opposes Jupiter today and Venus enters its own Sign of Libra. Continuing yesterday’s tendency to be out of town, whether literally or figuratively, we may be far more interested in moving beyond our usual conditions, stretching beyond our normal parameters and expanding our interests into territories unfamiliar to ourselves. This is a day of exploration and if we could have a companion in our explorations, so much the better. We are interested in considering all possibilities and broadening our vistas. We may be far more upbeat than we have been. Perhaps we have shaken off the self-critiquing, self-critical jag that some of us have been on. We may be far more receptive to what is not in our lives rather than the inventory taking and ridding ourselves of certain situations that have been in our lives. We do need to avoid going so far out in the nether worlds that we lose connections with our daily world. If we do not maintain that sense of connection with our every day life, we could get lost in space until someone calls out to us David Bowie-like: “Ground control to Major Tom”. Our sense of connection to a special someone in our lives can make all things better and provide a good sounding board regarding concepts and considerations we may have been mulling over.