September 3rd – 9th, 2012

This week is a week for us to take care of various matters in our everyday world. We are far more attentive to details and particulars than we have been.

In the US, the week begins with the last day of the long Labor Day holiday weekend, often considered the unofficial end to summer.

We have a tendency to use this week to get back into gear of our regular routine. This is a good week to plan and strategize our moves both on the daily basis and for our long-term goals. We can be highly effective in doing what needs to be done in the most expeditious ways possible. We are not looking at being wasteful or overextending ourselves. We would prefer to cut to the core, get to the heart of the matter and without any extraneous involvements or diversions. Distractions and diversions can wait for the weekend.

We can be productive and attuned to the waves of energy, acting when there is energy to act, straightening and tidying and releasing as the energy wanes. Let’s keep in mind that the energies nowadays are often similar to the tides, that there are high tides when we can launch our boats and move ahead swiftly, and that there are low tides when the currents may be stagnant and moving ahead could only be forcing issues.

Let’s work with the energies and we could find ourselves far more successful in all our endeavors. While Monday may have us engaged with social gatherings and encounters with those that we feel obligated to incorporate into our activities, the mid-week period can have us focused on what needs to be done and how we can accomplish things with a best practices approach.

The end of the week and the weekend could have us grabbing the last glimmers of summertime as we go from place to place, looking for adventures and seeking some fun diversions. Nothing may be too much for us, but it would be wise for us to avoid overconfidence, which might contribute to excesses and extravagance.

All in all, this week is a week of two fundamentally different themes, fun and recreation at the beginning of the week and the end of the week, and work and due diligence during the mid-week.

Monday, September 3rd – Out of My Way – Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto. Monday is the last day of the long Labor Day holiday weekend in the US, often felt to be the unofficial end to summer. This Monday has Venus square Saturn and Mars sextile Pluto. The Aries Moon sextiles Jupiter. We may feel tied down to commitments we have made or plans that we arranged aeons ago. Now that we are at this point, we might resent what we have scheduled for ourselves and would far prefer to do whatever captures our fancy. Although social obligations may be demanding of us, we have an itch to do our own thing and plow forward with our intended goals. We have a passion to move our individual projects ahead, meanwhile being pulled by other people’s needs or concerns. What’s a person to do? While we might be tempted to blow off some of our planned activities with someone else, it might be better for us to deal with our scheduled activities but to cut them short in order for us to have time to do our own thing. If we cancel our plans with someone else, they could get resentful, read us the riot act or lie in wait to trip us up some time further down the road. A balancing act between our personal desires and our relationship commitments may be necessary today. Compress time and we could create a win-win situation. Choose one over the other and resentment could ensue, either other people’s resentments or our own resentments of social obligations getting in our way.

Tuesday, September 4th – Attuned Perceptions without Needless Interruptions – Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune. Sometimes, there is no winning with certain people. Even if we went out of our way for someone yesterday, even to the point of putting our personal interests aside, we might experience the sense with them that enough is never enough. Late Monday, early Tuesday has the Aries Moon creating a T-Square, triggering yesterday’s Venus square Saturn. Today, the Aries Moon opposes Saturn and the Moon squares Venus. Needy people are… needy, and no matter how much we might do for them, they seem to need even more. There are people in our lives who can be like constantly turned-on vacuums, sucking the energy and the life force from us. If we have someone of that ilk in our midst, then we could have experienced their sucking action yesterday and into the evening and even the early morning hours of this Tuesday. While we might feel that we are in a no-win zone with them, let’s toss them a biscuit, deal with them in a swift and deliberate manner, and then get on with what we want, and feel we need, to do for ourselves. After the initial pulls of someone today, we can be freed up to focus on our planning and strategizing. We may have to shut the door, close ourselves off to any possible interruptions and concentrate on what we choose to do. Tuesday offers us Mercury trine Pluto and the Moon entering Taurus sextile Neptune. Not only are we incredibly insightful with a highly attuned perception regarding both our long-term goals and the ways to get there, but we can also employ a sense of personal destiny. We may have to take things step by step but we can focus on the specifics, deal with all the little details, all the while that we are sharpening and honing our long-term goals and intentions. A very powerful day today can be, if we are not interrupted by needless distractions or other people’s yammerings.

Wednesday, September 5th – At the Top of our Game – Mercury, Mars, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday and much of Wednesday can have us operating at our very optimum. We are incisive, productive and focused on what needs to be done in the most streamlined manner possible. Yes, we are operating at the top of our game. The tides are high, and we might want to ride the currents with our ears and eyes wide open to the full range of possibilities. This Wednesday has Mercury sextile Mars and the Taurus Moon creating a Lunar Earth Grand Trine, as the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon trines both Mercury and the Sun in Virgo. This is a day when we can make things happen. We have the passion, the determination and the ability to accomplish our tasks in a quick and concentrated manner. The only wrinkle to the day would be the Moon opposed Mars. We might question whether we have the resources — the finances, the energy, the talents — to accomplish what we have in our mind and have set for ourselves. If our confidence wavers, then we might repeat mantram-like the phrase from our childhood’s story book The Little Engine that Could: ‘I think I can. I think I can.’ For in truth, we can and we could. These two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, can be highly productive. We might choose to have our nose to the grindstone, but we could accomplish more on these two days than virtually any other time. We can be highly attuned to a best practices approach, have the determination and passion to achieve our goals, and with our intention and our perspiration the universe might step in and grease the wheels for an easy and quick forward movement. As Wednesday progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for thirty-four hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini late Thursday night, early Friday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday could be a period of high tides, but the tides turn and the tide goes out. As the wise old saying goes: ‘make hay while the sun shines.’

Thursday, September 6th – All About Me – Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Leo. There is not a great deal of energy on this Thursday. The Void-of-Course Moon, which began yesterday, continues through the day and ends with the Moon exiting Taurus to enter Gemini late today, early Friday morning. The one energy configuration of the day of note is Venus exiting Cancer to enter Leo. We have come off two days when we might have even impressed ourselves by how much we have done and how effectively we have done it. It would not be surprising if we feel a little self-congratulatory. Certainly, with Venus coming into Leo, we are looking to be putting on the Ritz, showing ourselves off at our optimum and easily justifying a shopping spree for a wardrobe and a personal makeover that will present us in our autumn best. Our relationships can become all about ‘me’, as we choose to stand on center stage with everyone else revolving around us. A sense of narcissism can be in the air, as we reflect upon our image and how good we are looking. Yes, we are looking good as we stare appreciatively at ourselves in the mirror.

Friday, September 7th – La-De-Da – Venus, Neptune, Sun, Jupiter, Uranus. It may have started yesterday, but today and the weekend can have us feeling upbeat, confident and very much in love with… ourselves. Self-absorption and narcissism can be highlighted on this Friday. The Moon in Gemini sextiles Venus, sextiles Uranus and squares Neptune. The Sun squares Jupiter, and tomorrow Mercury squares Jupiter. We may have blinders on or just looking through rose-colored glasses, but what we see is a lovely panorama and one that we might feel we richly deserve. Today and tomorrow, the liability to overconfidence cannot be discounted. We could easily make errors in judgment and mistakes in our actions due to a sense of self-importance, self-confidence and irrational exuberance. We might feel as though nothing can go wrong, that we are playing at the top of our game and that all are impressed by us. A little humility would be nice, but could also be sorely lacking. As long as we keep it to a mutual admiration society, everyone will be pleased. On these two days, we do need to watch for extravagance and indulgences. Our communications can be extensive, but it would be wise for us to take things with a grain of salt. Promises made may not turn out to be promises kept. But why should I rain on our parade when these days are shining brightly? And it is rightfully so after all the damp and dank weather and turns of events.

Saturday, September 8th – Sliding By On High – Mercury, Jupiter, Sun. It may not get better than this, even though it all might turn out to be La Grande Illusion [with respects to the 1937 classic film by Jean Renoir]. Saturday has Mercury square Jupiter and the Gemini Moon conjunct Jupiter and the Moon square both Mercury and the Sun. We may be enamored by the kaleidoscope of possibilities that present themselves today. This Saturday can be a cornucopia of fun events, uplifting interactions and a grand old time, or is that a grand illusion? While everything looks rosy and appealing, we might too easily buy into the appearance without considering the specifics. Today is a day when we can easily gloss over details, avoid the fine print and assume that because we want it so, so it shall be. That may occur in various legends and fictional accounts but these times demand due diligence and, at times, even a jaded eye. But this day we may neglect both and just slide on by, high on life. Not that enjoyment and pleasures are to take a back seat to frustrations and anxieties. On the contrary, it is important for us to find joy, inspiration, encouragement and pleasure in life as we find it. We just need to be aware and mindful and conscious of what is truly going on.

Sunday, September 9th – Heart and Hearth – Saturn, Neptune. Sunday begins with the Gemini Moon trine Saturn. We could have a good heart-to-heart with that special someone in our lives. We can discuss our future prospects, give voice to our hopes and our dreams and find encouragement and a true sounding board in someone we are close to. While we live in volatile times, these times provide a dynamic for change that allows us to create the best of our times no matter what the societal or economic backdrops might be. We may realize how important those special people in our lives are and how our lives are made all so much better by the connections we have with certain people. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Gemini to enter Cancer where the Moon today trines Neptune. The latter part of the day might find us enjoying the comforts of home, embracing the serenity of our sanctuary and sharing with loved ones our good feelings of love and joy. Sunday is often considered a day of rest, and this Sunday allows us to recharge our batteries, reinvigorate ourselves and in quieter moments truly appreciate all the gifts and benefits that our lives hold.