September 24th – 30th, 2012

This week our thoughts and our interests may expand far beyond our normal, daily matters into a world of greater possibilities and a sense of finding right balance for our lives. This week is the first full week of autumn and the last week of September.

We may start the week attentive to our responsibilities and our routine affairs, but as the week progresses so too does our focus expand far beyond our mundane, everyday existence. As if searching for how we can create the best in our lives, we could engage our idealistic and spiritual nature to take off our blinders, work with peripheral vision and even activate our intuition. Often we see only what is strictly right in front of us, but this week allows us to look up and gaze to the far horizons and beyond.

There may be a great deal of talk and chatter this week, and it would be wise for us to reflect on what is being told us. People may try to persuade us to their viewpoint and present all sorts of glimmering and shimmering objects for us to feast our eyes upon. Not being entranced or seduced by tantalizing images or fascinating slogans could be one of our great challenges this week.

While the early part of the week can be chock full of ideas, conversations and potentials, the latter part of the week might be far more emotional, moody and sensitive. Activity may slow down. We may be less impulsive and more reflective, wanting time to consider and contemplate all that’s operating around us. Before the weekend it would be wise for us to catch our breath, for the weekend could ratchet up the energy exponentially.

The Full Moon over the weekend can be a truly intense time. Eruptions and explosions could occur, for the energy can be like a seething volcano that needs to find some steam vent or is likely to blow. Not only is the tidal action greater as a result of the Full Moon but is aggravated even more so by the energy configurations at this time. This is a time to avoid rash action and impetuous decisions. On the contrary, it would be wise for us to keep our antennae up, work with peripheral vision and be fully aware of what is going on around us. Now is a time for us to do the tai chi moves by being mindful of the energies operating and sidestepping any adversarial or confrontational situations.

An interesting week this one is likely to be, but what weeks aren’t interesting? Similar to the Chinese proverb, some would call a curse: ‘May you live in interesting times’.

We do, and this week could prove true to the proverb.

Monday, September 24th – Getting By Without Much Help From Our Friends – Mars, Saturn, Sun. Monday begins the week with the Capricorn Moon sextile Mars. We may jump out of bed, ready to slay the world or at least deal with what needs to be done in a determined and streamlined manner. We can accomplish a great deal today, attend to routine matters in an effective and swift way. If we have readied our ‘to do’ list, then we can be checking off the various items quickly and diligently. This is a highly productive day, but we might also find that there is always more to do. As the day progresses, the Capricorn Moon squares Saturn. Someone might need our assistance or just get in the way of our forward movement. We could also be subject to a lack of gratitude on someone’s part as if verifying the saying that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. Even if someone trips us up, we may not let them deter us. Later in the day, the Moon exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius, where the Moon today trines the Sun. After a hard day’s work made light by our focus and persistence, we may use Monday’s later hours to enjoy fun repartee with that special someone in our lives. Ideas of what might be, prospects for our future, could be topics of conversation as we enjoy the company of the special person[s] in our lives.

Tuesday, September 25th – Nothing Is Beyond the Realm of Possibility – Uranus, Mercury. Tuesday can be one fun day, if we like the kaleidoscope of surprising incidents and unexpected events. Tuesday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus and trine Mercury. We may feel impulsive, wanting to act spontaneously, and that disposition today could be where the treasure lies. We are not so interested in our daily affairs and, if we accomplished a great deal yesterday as we could have done, then today could afford us the opportunity to fill in the blanks with some exciting adventures and serendipitous contacts. The magic of these times is the fact that we do not have to do it all. Even if we were conditioned into a belief that we had to make things happen and that we were the master of our domain, these volatile times and asequential reality show us that things can come about in a most unanticipated way. We DO NOT have to make things happen, but we do need to be open to receive the magic and mini-miracles of these times. Today is a day to take off our blinders, unshackle ourselves from our scheduled plans and be receptive to things coming out of the blue. All things are possible and today we could see certain things we might have assumed to be impossible come to be possibilities. Today, we may want to embrace the slogan of the New York Mets baseball team: ‘Ya gotta believe!’

Wednesday, September 26th – Nothing Could Be Finer? – Jupiter, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Venus, Mars, Saturn. We may be operating on all cylinders firing as we start this Wednesday. It may be the ‘hump’ day of the workweek, but we could be flying high, to start the day. Wednesday begins with the Aquarius Moon trine Jupiter and Mercury trine Jupiter. We could be feeling our oats, upbeat, optimistic, confident, exuberant. Our good feelings could prove contagious and people may feel inspired by our conversations and our presentations. We do have to be careful not to get overconfident or allow ourselves to fall into the trap of irrational exuberance. If we were to do so, then we could overreach, do too much, be extravagant and generous to a fault. We then might find the world falling down around us, since the Moon then triggers a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Aquarius Moon opposed Venus in Leo and the Moon square Mars in Scorpio. Either we could be the culprit of our own downfall or someone else could stick monkey wrenches in the spokes of our wheels. Either way, we have to be careful that we do not present ourselves in a bellicose manner, overshoot our goals and make promises we just can’t keep. While this day can be a day of extremes, going from nothing could be finer to getting scrapes and bruises, the day ends with a sense of accord and reconciliation. Either we get back on track or someone proves supportive and a good sounding board to tone down any overachiever quality we may have engaged earlier in the day.

Thursday, September 27th – Moody or Contemplative – Thursday has the Moon in Pisces, which today conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto. Venus squares Mars. If we didn’t tone things down yesterday from some of the uproar we might have generated, then today is a day for us to watch our back. Inadvertently, we might have antagonized someone, and possibly without our even realizing it. Our emotions are highly strung today, could be raw, but we can soar with the eagles or plummet to depths we could hardly fathom. The either or is our choice. Neither savior nor martyr is appreciated on the long term. Both get a little boring after a while. Today would be a good day for us to strategize and consider our plans and how to achieve our goals in a best practices approach. We may have to be resourceful, using our time, energy and monies in a prudent and skillful manner. We might have to cut away some of the dross and focus on the basics but we can cut to the core and still present an intriguing display.

Friday, September 28th – The Goldilocks Syndrome – Jupiter, Mars. Friday has the Pisces Moon square Jupiter and the Moon trine Mars. This day could be indicative of the Goldilocks Syndrome as we seek to find the right balance and carom from the extremes of too much, too little until we get to just right. Our emotions can lead us by the nose, getting us involved in all kinds of wild mood swings. We could be indulgent today, and we might buy into the hype and the images without due diligence. We could be enamored by something we hear or by gratuitous compliments. It would be wise for us to always keep in mind the advice to ‘check the source and check their agenda’. If we are too accommodating today, we could be swept off our feet by some salesperson who could paint beautiful pictures that have little backing in reality. Let’s watch for excess and indulgence today. While we might start the day with an overreach, as the day progresses we can be a great deal sharper, more focused and looking to get the most bang for our buck. Even if we overstep today, we shall have the opportunity of stepping back before the day is over. Instead of caroming between extremes today, it would be best if we could maintain a sense of balance. But like the scales representative of the Sign of Libra, there are times when the scales must swing before finding the balance point. The less extreme the swing points are today, the better to find a semblance of balance.

Saturday, September 29th – Starting Gates with a Bang, Crash and Kablooie – Aries Full Moon, Solar T-Square, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Uranus, Pluto. Alrighty! This Saturday could be one INTENSE DAY. The Uranus Pluto square that has been challenging at best, downright destructive at its worst and providing mayhem throughout is turned up severalfold today. This Saturday is one of those days when we might choose not to go out into the world, or, if we do so, to have on our knee pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads or why not the Michelin man’s coveralls? The energy configurations today are ratcheted up exponentially. The Uranus Pluto square is triggered by both the Sun and the Moon at the time of the Aries Full Moon. The Libra Sun opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. The Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus, squares Pluto and opposes the Sun. This could prove an explosive day with people acting out, things occurring in a most bizarre and unexpected manner and even feeling like the earth moving under our feet. There can be bomb blasts, explosions, and earthquake / volcanic activity. Any storms, whether literal or figurative, could wreak havoc and prove quite disastrous. If we can surf the wave of this day, we have to be highly adept and conscious of the wave patterns, and make sure that we do not wipe out. Although I would suggest taking this day slowly, slow is not part of the vortex of this day’s whirlwind. Let’s just not get caught up in any craziness that could be occurring. It would be wise to avoid rash judgments, impulsive decisions but rather to take the time to slow down, breathe and avoid the hurly-burly of this day.

Sunday, September 30th – After the Rain [or Rein or Reign?] – Jupiter. It is often said that on the seventh day there was a time to rest. That could not be any truer than this Sunday. No matter what the whirlwind of activity might have unleashed upon us yesterday, this Sunday is a day to regroup and recharge. The Aries Moon today sextiles Jupiter. We may have felt that we dodged a bullet and that we can now talk about the experience or what went on in a philosophical, even lighthearted, way. Sunday is a day for us to engage with friends and loved ones, in conversation and in get-togethers. Even if yesterday’s intensity exhausted us, today we may feel as though the clouds have parted and the sun is shining brightly. We are likely to feel upbeat and wanting to express ourselves and engage the world again. This Sunday can be a fun day, whether we choose to sit around and watch sports events or we go out and about and do something out of the norm. A fun day and one well deserved after what could have been a harrowing Saturday.