September 17th – 23rd, 2012

This week, we need to keep our wits about us. Let’s not get blown away by incidents and or too upset by unexpected situations. We need to be mindful and fully aware of the conditions and circumstances in which we find ourselves, the people around us and the world at large. This could prove to be one intense week. The energy builds up and up early in the week and crescendos before we reach the weekend.

The Uranus Pluto square, which we are experiencing from 2012-2015, is exactly engaged mid-week, shortly after Pluto turns direct. In rapid succession, Mercury follows by triggering these two planets and by creating a T-Square with Mercury opposing Uranus and Mercury squaring Pluto.

People can be bombastic, sabre-rattling and reading each other the riot act. It would be wise for us to avoid any precipitous acts or belligerent discussions, since the ramifications could include the law of unintended consequences. These energies could prove problematic and disruptive to air travel, communications, computer matters, motor vehicles and most forms of machinery.

This period can be an especially explosive time, with bomb blasts, actings out, and revolutionary incidents threatening traditional institutions. We may see the birthing pangs of a new day, but the death rattle of the old and the old patterns falling away may create a traumatic sensation as we try to maintain a semblance of balance during drastic upheaval times. This would be a time when the world could shake virtually to its core, as a result of earth movements or human actions or possibly even both.

It would be wise for us to be extremely cautious in all that we do, drive defensively, take our time no matter how pressed we might feel, avoid any need to prove our point and be observant of what is happening around us.

This week is also the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. The end of summer is unlikely to go out with a whimper but rather with a boom, a blast and a bust. To borrow from the father of Rap, Gil Scott-Heron: ‘The revolution will not be televised’.

Although he initially recorded this poem in 1970 click here, Scott-Heron may have been especially prescient as our television shows now seem more intent on the comings and goings of celebrities rather than being an informational or educational forum.

Monday, September 17th – Mellow Monday and the Quiet Before – Venus, Jupiter. Monday starts the week on a pleasant and upbeat tone. The Moon in Libra sextiles Venus and trines Jupiter. We are interested in what is going on with other people, their projects and their creative endeavors. We feel optimistic, inspired and wanting to provide a little sunshine in other people’s lives. We could find ourselves in a mutual admiration society with everyone looking to walk on the sunny side of the street. Okay, maybe we are all choosing to wear rose-colored glasses today, tuning out the hard cold reality of the mundane world but sometimes it is best to see the half glass of water as half full and likely to fill up rather than half empty and draining away. We might be engaging the sentiments of the classic country-popular song that Eddy Arnold made famous in 1965 but with a far more upbeat tempo with the lyrics:
“Make the world go away
And get it off my shoulders…”

click here
This Monday is a day for us to enjoy the company of someone with whom we can share a good laugh and delightful conversation. Let’s use this day to reinvigorate ourselves for it may prove the quiet before the storm.

Tuesday, September 18th – Ka-boom, Ka-boom – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Pluto direct. While I was writing this and thinking about Monday’s truly pleasant energies and the shift on this Tuesday, another song came to mind. From the doo-wop era and recorded in 1954 by both The Chords click here and The Crew-Cuts click here the song that came to mind is Sh-boom also known as Life Could Be a Dream. While yesterday might have been dream-like, this Tuesday could throw us back into hard, cold reality. Instead of sh-boom, we might hear or witness ka-boom. Late Monday, early Tuesday, Pluto turns direct and can do so with explosive force. Like a volcano releasing its pent-up energy, there can be blasts and explosions and people acting out as Pluto turns direct. This Tuesday begins with the Libra Moon conjunct Saturn. While we may have enjoyed the dance with someone yesterday, we may be asked to pay the piper today. We may find ourselves going out of our way for someone. The Moon then moves into Scorpio where the Moon today trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. If we are not knocked off center by the Pluto turn in direction, we could use this Tuesday to concentrate on achieving our goals in a best practices approach. We do need to be cautious in our actions and our discussions since we may be walking in a minefield when one step could trigger an explosive response.

Wednesday, September 19th – Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead – Uranus, Pluto, Venus, Mars. Yesterday may have been the prelude. Today and tomorrow, the crescendo. This Wednesday can be one intense day. The Uranus Pluto square, which has been impacting us this year and will continue to impact us into 2015, is exact today. We may not be as excited as the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz click here, but today could see some unexpected upsets and even some form of death rattle. Perhaps we have grown used to the crash and burn scenarios, and maybe by now we have become somewhat jaded to the collapse, concerns and anxieties of old institutions, traditional ways and outdated structures. Although we might wonder what other shoe could possibly drop after all the shoes that have fallen by the wayside, we may yet see another incident of implosion or explosion. We have had banking scandals and collapses, countries on the brink of defaults and bankruptcy, Arab springs turning into autumn nightmares, the standard and quality of living dropping precipitously, so we might question: is there more? There can always be more and today and tomorrow could give us a heads-up regarding what and where. On a personal level, we just have to keep in mind that we are all going through some major transformations. We may feel like the mythological bird the phoenix on its funereal pyre, but let’s keep in mind that out of the eliminations, releases and riddings we can eventually soar ever higher. We just have to clean up and clear out a lot of the old dross. And today would be a good day to do so. While Uranus squares Pluto today, we also have the Moon in Scorpio square Venus and conjunct Mars. Today might be better served by our doing our inventory taking, thinking of what to keep and what to be rid of and starting the process of letting go. We may feel somewhat pressured today, so it would be wise for us to take momentary respites, breathe and not feel attached to the process. It’s all good, even if we have difficulty seeing the good in the clearings.

Thursday, September 20th – Watch Your Tongue – Sun, Neptune, Mercury T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter. Thursday begins with the Scorpio Moon sextile the Sun. The Moon then goes into Sagittarius where it squares Neptune. This day also has Venus sextile Jupiter. But the biggest energy configuration of the day is the Mercury T-Square as Mercury triggers the Uranus Pluto square by the Mercury opposed Uranus and Mercury square Pluto. Discussions today could turn heated, leading into arguments. The curious thing is that the arguments may be more over someone talking about apples, the other person talking about oranges. The potential for misunderstandings and miscommunications is strong today and with the liability that neither party is on the same page. Can we consider Keystone Kops at play? Yes, this day can have people being belligerent and can be replete with all sorts of difficulties — car trouble, traffic problems, travel issues, computer glitches and Internet crashes. This energy configuration is my least favorite for air travel but there can be a number of difficulties. Let’s not get frustrated by any foul-ups but rather take a bemused attitude towards life in the 21st century.

Friday, September 21st – We Got To Have Peace – Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter. One of the great musicians of the late twentieth century, and one of the most underrated, was Curtis Mayfield. One of Mayfield’s compositions We Got To Have Peace click here seems appropriate for the energies of this Friday, which also happens to be International Day of Peace. The lyrics to his song go:

We got have peace
To keep the world alive
And war to cease.

We got to have joy,
True in our hearts
With strength we can’t destroy.

The Moon is in Sagittarius today and the Moon today sextiles Mercury, opposes Jupiter and creates a Grand Trine in the Fire Element as the Moon trines Uranus in Aries and trines Venus in Leo. We may be feeling confident, optimistic, enthusiastic and exuberant. We could be looking to stretch beyond our usual parameters, try to understand things that are foreign to us, and interested in the new, unique and innovative. We could be flying high and some of the high flight might also be a sense of our having dodged a bullet over the past three days. The energy is like the dawning of a new day. This is also the last full day of summer and we may choose to enjoy ourselves with the company of fascinating characters, people who march to their own drummer and allow us to be who we are without pretense, without concern, without putting on the social masks. We are philosophical and may even stretch beyond our normal parameters. Oh, Happy Day, with appreciation of The Edwin Hawkins Singers click here .

Saturday, September 22nd – Into the Fall – Autumn Equinox, Sun Libra, Saturn, Sun, Neptune – Summer’s over and on this Saturday we enter the season of Autumn at the Autumnal Equinox as the Sun moves out of Virgo and enters Libra. The day begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Sagittarius and sextiling Saturn as it does so. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where the Moon today squares the Sun and sextiles Neptune. This can be a very pleasant day, although we may feel slightly conflicted. The conflict arises between enjoying the autumn fairs and festivals with someone special or attending to errands and dealing with projects to advance our ambitions. While we might be pulled in these two different directions today, we could also accomplish both by proper time management. We just need to schedule our time and make our plans in order for us to carve out some time for specific fun activities and then time to address any pressing matters. Some relaxation can clear our minds and provide a re-invigoration for us to look at our goals in an intuitive and foresightful manner.

Sunday, September 23rd – No Half Measures – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury. The Capricorn Moon today triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon conjunct Pluto and the Moon square Uranus in Aries and the Moon square Mercury in Libra. We may be determined to focus on our goals, take care of what needs to be done and in the process squash both our own personal interests in new developments and also step on toes of other people’s sensibilities. We may be like a steamroller today, all business with little social decorum engaged. Our responsibilities may beckon us and we might be more attentive to the tasks at hand with the need to postpone spontaneous participation in fun events and even cancel plans made with someone. We may be stubborn today, unwilling to be flexible and adaptable, but we could have a fire in our belly and heed what is calling us, even demanding of our time and energy. It could feel as though we have blinders on, looking only at what we feel we have to do and blocking out all extraneous matter. This Sunday can be an all or nothing kind of day, but certainly with no half measures.