August 27th – September 2nd, 2012

This week brings an end to August and the beginning of September, with the weekend being the Labor Day holiday weekend in the US, often considered the unofficial end of summer. This week is a week when we can better focus on what needs to be done and the most expeditious means by which to do it. This is the first full week of the Sun transiting Virgo and Mars transiting Scorpio. We have the Pisces Full Moon, a Blue Moon, on Friday and Mercury entering its own Sign of Virgo on Friday – Saturday.

This is a week when we can look towards our future — whether we take an immediate viewpoint of the coming weeks with a return to our normal routine, or we take a longer view with plans for our long-term goals. We may feel driven to take care of what needs to be done and deal with pressing matters in order for us to then concentrate on our ambitions and future goals.

Waves of action – reaction can be strong this week. We may be convinced of right action, whether right or not, and then launch forward with little regard to the conditions or circumstances but solely with regard to our intentions. It would be wise for us to be wary, take braking action, for otherwise we could be so singularly focused that we engage the sentiment ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’.

At the time of the Blue Moon, the Pisces Full Moon on Friday, Mercury exits Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo. Although our analytical and reasoning abilities would be strong with Mercury in Virgo, they are dulled over the weekend by Mercury opposed Neptune.

This week may ratchet up the energy, engage our passion, stirrup our determination, but the energy could easily get ahead of us and then away from us. We might proceed forward with great intent but with no direction and a modest itinerary. We may be so wrapped up in movement that we forget where we are going. Excessive confidence and exuberant optimism can create a folly’s journey where we expend a great deal of energy but with few positive results.

Let’s make our plans, evaluate our methods and be willing to shift and change as circumstances warrant. We can be mindful of the shifting conditions since we have had an extensive training period to be aware of sudden and unexpected changes occurring around us and in the world at large. We can be adept at the tai chi moves, working with the energies, if we are willing to be nimble and quick and conscious of the parameters in which we are operating.

We do not have to fall victim to circumstance nor fall into an emotional morass about what appears to be going on. Now is a time for each of us to be resolute and determined in creating for ourselves brighter days through better ways. We have the tools, have developed the skill set and we can be successful at whatever speaks to us on a truly deep level.

This is a week for us to get back on the track, whether we lunge forward or step hesitantly. Let’s just be certain to breathe, maintain an attitude of bemusement at human foibles and cut ourselves and everyone around us a great deal of slack.

Monday, August 27th – No Manic Monday Today – Venus. Not that we are stuck in molasses, but this Monday begins the week in a slow, even lethargic, manner. The only energy operating today is a late day Capricorn Moon opposed Venus in Cancer. We may feel torn between our responsibilities and our personal interests. We might feel as though we would prefer just to stay home, kick back and enjoy our family and friends. But nagging obligations can demand action, and we might find ourselves having to deal with various issues, some of which may be home projects and family matters. There may not be a great deal of energy today, but let’s do what needs to be done without feeling taken advantage of.

Tuesday, August 28th – Shot Through the Heart –Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars. In 1986, Jon Bon Jovi had his first # 1 hit with You Give Love a Bad Name, the lyrics of which begin with: ‘Shot through the heart’. If we didn’t feel put upon by someone yesterday, then today could have demands being placed upon us by someone. The day begins with the Capricorn Moon square Saturn. We could feel a little down as we begin the day. We might feel as though whatever we do goes unappreciated and that someone expects us to do more. We could have a sense that we’re in a no-win situation, but that no matter how much we do it’s never enough. And someone could put more demands on us than what we are accustomed to. Let’s not get resentful but grin and bear it, for any resentment would only tire us out and we would still have to attend to someone else’s messes. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius where the Moon squares Mars. Not only has someone rained on our parade earlier in the day, but later in the day we might discover that we don’t have the resources — whether time, energy or monies — to accomplish some of our deep-seated ambitions. Our viewpoint could be a little jaded by our experiences earlier in the day, and it would be wise for us not to fold our tent as much as putting some of our plans in abeyance for better days, such as tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29th – Here Comes the Sun – Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn. ‘What a Difference a Day Made!’ is the classic 1959 hit song by Dinah Washington. And we might just be humming this song today with the realization of the truth to the song’s lyrics:

“What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain”

While Monday and Tuesday could have been difficult, and especially difficult with some of our relationships, this Wednesday is a brand new day, a bright new day. The Aquarius Moon sextiles Uranus, and the Moon trines Jupiter. The Sun trines Pluto and Mercury sextiles Saturn. Whatever hiccups we experienced the past two days, they can be a shadow of a memory today. We are feeling far more upbeat, able to think outside the box and take into account options and alternatives we might not have seen for ourselves. We are feeling confident and energized, able to communicate our thoughts and our intentions in a dramatic and passionate manner, even to the point of winning to our side those people who may have been our naysayers before. This Wednesday is often called the ‘hump’ day of the workweek, falling as it does in the middle of the workweek. This Wednesday is more like a peak than a hump, and a primo day to get accomplished whatever we want to get done.

Thursday, August 30th – High Tides – Saturn, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. Thursday begins with the Aquarius Moon, which today trines Saturn and opposes Mercury. Although we might have gained a second wind yesterday, the importance of balance and walking the fine line between despair and exuberance is key during these times. With the volatility of these times being what it is, we have to be aware that moods, thoughts and feelings can shift dramatically and suddenly. Yesterday was a primo day. We might have felt that we were at the top of our game. Today, we have to be careful not to overreach or overstep ourselves. We could be feeling that we have rectified any unintended slights or bad moves and can now go full force with the assumption that there is no stopping us now. Nice concept but one that could land us in situations where we have leaped before we looked and landed us in hot water with us over our heads in confused and delusional predicaments. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost five hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aquarius and before entering Pisces where it conjuncts Neptune. Things may not be as they seem, but we might go ahead nonetheless without checking the coordinates or taking into account the conditions. We could engage a savior or martyr scenario, and scenarios in which we could be entangled through the next few days. Some people might even look to get away for an even longer holiday weekend and the tendency towards indulgence and escapism cannot be ruled out.

Friday, August 31st – Blue Moon – Mars, Pluto, Pisces Full Moon, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury Virgo. Friday could continue a romp through fantasyland, and we would have to be very much aware as to whether we are playing the role of victim or provocateur. We may not know which role we have engaged, and our roles between the two could shift suddenly and dramatically. Certainly our emotions are likely to be ratcheted up severalfold. Today has the Pisces Full Moon, with the Moon trine Mars, sextile Pluto and the Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed the Sun and the Moon square Jupiter. Late in the day, early Saturday, Mercury exits Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo. We could be all over the place on this Friday, and whatever we do we are doing with great passion and determination. Unfortunately, what we are doing and where we are going are fraught with missteps and mistakes since our clarity is minimal and our due diligence negligible. If we step in it today, we are not treading lightly but jumping in with both feet. This is a day when we might want to keep a rein on our emotions, for otherwise we are likely to be led by our feelings which can range from irrational exuberance to desperate depression. We can be hypercritical today, finding fault in everyone and everything, even ourselves. We may also engage any number of activities, seeking some salve to our sense of discontent. Let’s just be careful not to be extravagant or excessive, for any tendency towards either could eventually leave us with a nasty hangover and collateral damage.

Saturday, September 1st – Up or Down, Turned Around – Venus, Mercury, Neptune. Saturday continues with the Pisces Moon, which today trines Venus. Mercury opposes Neptune. This Saturday could have us spending time with family and friends. We may be staying at home enjoying the company of others, or if we have traveled on this weekend, we might try to create the comforts of home wherever we are staying. This day could have us doing some home projects, preparing for the autumn, closing up summer involvements and preparing to get back on the track of our regular routines. Unfortunately, we can either be incredibly clear or phenomenally confused. We could blueprint and strategize with the ability to see both the big picture and the salient details to realize the big picture. If we are feeling under the gun, scrutinized and having self-esteem issues, the energy could switch to a highly judgmental, hypercritical attitude. If we go there, then we can get mixed messages, misunderstand what is being told us and instead of being adept at making our plans, we could be helter-skelter in whatever we are doing or intending. Since we are feeling the approach of autumn and the impetus to get back in harness of our regular routine, we could also be looking at this weekend as something of a blowout, a time to party to the max. As the day progresses, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for nine and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries late in the day or early Sunday morning.

Sunday, September 2nd – Waking Up to Messes – Pluto, Uranus. Sunday has the Moon in Aries and after two and a half days of the Moon’s transit through Pisces, including the Pisces Full Moon, we might awaken with a nasty hangover. Whether our hangover is from too much drink, too much partying, too much emotional releases or too much confusion, we may shake our head and wonder where we have been, how we got there and what we have done. We might feel that we are playing out scenes from the recent movies The Hangover and its sequel The Hangover Part II. The Aries Moon today squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. Our consideration of what has gone on may create momentary blockages to our plans, but we have gained a second wind and may use the second half of the day to do whatever captures our fancy. Even if we have certain tasks to perform, we might put them aside for another day and entertain whatever comes up. We are far more interested in being footloose and fancy free today rather than restricted by our responsibilities or other people’s plans. We want to be spontaneous, act impulsively and do whatever we damn well please. As if a veil has been lifted, an emotional wet blanket that has been hanging over us the past two days, we want to break free and fully enjoy ourselves. We do have to watch that we don’t go hellbent for glory, doing whatever we want without considering the parameters or the likely consequences of our actions. Let’s bear in mind the law of unintended consequences, enjoy ourselves but not to the extent of being oblivious to the conditions around us.