August 13th – 19th, 2012

This week has bursts of energy, deflation of energy, intense energy and no energy, all in this one week. This is the last full week of the Sun’s transit through Leo and also the last full week of Mars transiting Libra before it enters its own very intense Sign of Scorpio next week.

We may feel as though this is the week for a summer crescendo. Whether we have been able to get off the track this summer or not, we might try to compress some summer fun into this week, all the while that our daily responsibilities are beckoning us. For some, this is the last week of summer vacation before returning to school and hitting the books next week or shortly thereafter.

The week begins with our attention focused on home and family matters. We may be straightening things up, spending time with those near and dear to us, and looking to create a warm and nourishing space for ourselves and for all those who come into our domain. Although we are looking to create sanctuary in our home base, we might have to field some curveballs of unexpected events and unanticipated demands that intrude on our well-considered plans. Once again, we may be asked to roll with the punches, be nimble on our feet and capable of adapting to swiftly changing conditions.

While there can be a flurry of activity that interferes with our desire for solace and our wish for serenity, the energy quickly dies down. We may feel that a thrust of activity gives way to a stagnant, even lethargic, energy. Such a respite could prove momentary as the energy ratchets up mid-week, and we are off in search of good times with good friends. We might be in contact with those we owe some form of allegiance to or need to pay back some grand gesture on their part. We could find ourselves entertaining other people, putting on a grand show, but let’s try to avoid it feeling forced and without true sentiment.

This mid-week period could prove dicey, especially in regard to our relationships. We might choose to walk softly, not ruffle any feathers, yet still with recognition that even our best efforts of diplomacy could go for naught. People may have an edge on, feel overtired and sense that the summer is fast drawing to a close. As if everyone is walking around with a chip on their shoulder, pleasantries can be lost to intensities and well thought out moves could give way to knee-jerk reactions. The idolization of someone the week before might become tarnished as everyone is seen with feet of clay. We could be a little jaded and that energy might continue on through much of the rest of the month.

The Leo New Moon on Friday can prove the last gasp of summertime, as we straddle recreational activities with the getting back to work impulse. We may be energized for late summer parties and get-togethers. Romance might be in the air and we are looking to put our best foot forward to all those with whom we come into contact. Fun may be foremost on our mind and especially with our loved ones and that special person, or those special people, in our lives.

Over the weekend, we may be open for exciting adventures and extolling our virtues to any receptive audience. Insights and revelations might flood our mind and make us aware of options and alternatives we had yet to consider.

Although we are looking toward the last gasps of summer before we have to get back on the track of our regular routine, plans may go awry. We may enjoy some of our interactions, but others might seem just too much work with people chopping and changing their plans, possibly hanging us up and certainly creating a minefield of irritation.

Social gatherings committed to long before can seem more an obligation than something we are looking forward to. We would far prefer to be footloose and fancy free and engage whatever captures our attention. We could even justify blowing off some long planned engagement with the idea that we are being very zen-like and ‘in the moment’.

While the weekend begins with a bang, with the energy fast and furious, with scintillating experiences and awe-inspiring events, the energy tapers off and we end the weekend more with a whimper than a burst.

Monday, August 13th – Heaven or Hell – Neptune, Venus, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus. Monday begins the week with us in a rather idyllic spot. The Moon moves into Cancer where it trines Neptune and conjuncts Venus. Some of the enjoyment and leisure of the past two days lingers on in these morning hours. Things may be slow, and we may just take our time getting the day going. It’s summertime, and we can convince ourselves that there is time to luxuriate, engage reveries and stop to smell the flowers. Such a peaceful and comforting energy can be pleasant and enjoyable, but as we are becoming ever more aware, things can change without notice in a nanosecond of time. And so it might seem on this Monday, as the pleasantries of the day give way to a banging and crashing later on this Monday, as the Moon creates a T-Square with the Moon opposed Pluto and the Moon square Uranus. No matter how hard we might have avoided our obligations and responsibilities earlier in the day and over recent days, we could experience tasks come a knocking. Pressing demands, some of them unexpected situations that seem to arise out of nowhere, force us to take a different tack and take care of pressing issues. We might feel that our personal interests are placed on the back burner as sudden disruptive incidents call us to the front lines. Let’s use the recharging of our energies to give us the impetus to be flexible, adaptable and able to deal with whatever steps into our way.

Tuesday, August 14th – The Calm Before the Storm. The interesting part of this week is how storms seem to come up out of nowhere, shake us up and then once done, the energy seems to go to stillness. After yesterday’s shakeup where pleasant reveries might have gone to forced and quick action, this Tuesday seems almost stagnant. There is not a great deal of energy on this Tuesday. The Moon continues its transit of its own Sign of Cancer but makes no connections to the planets. We might feel as though we are back in those hot, sultry days of summer when everything is supposed to slow down and there is not much going on, not even a breeze, as the sounds of nature hum quietly like some rhythmic, meditative ‘Om’. If we can hang around our home today, read a book or contemplate our small slice of the world, so much the better. We might not feel compelled to do anything, and that might be all right, since the energy of this week can be spiked. Like a surfer sitting on their board letting the small waves roll by, eager for that ‘big wave’ to ride, we might be quietly catching our breath and readying ourselves for the next big wave. And we will not have to wait too long.

Wednesday, August 15th – Wipe Out – Mars, Saturn, Venus T-Square, Pluto, Mercury. What a difference a day makes! The relative placidity and quiet of yesterday gives way to a banging and crashing today and early tomorrow. Wednesday begins with the Cancer Moon square both Mars and Saturn. We may have done something, or not done something, that irritates and aggravates someone else. We could be in a no-win spin zone, as someone vents their frustration on their safe harbor — us. People may have an edge on this week, unable to get the rhythm and adjust their pace to the spiked energy where there is a great deal of energy and then, other times, when there is no energy. Such a pattern can be crazy-making and there can be the crazies out in full force to prove it. This day starts off on the wrong foot and can intensify from there. The Moon square both Mars and Saturn today is only just the first indication. We also have Mars conjunct Saturn and Venus creating a T-Square with Venus opposed Pluto today and Venus square Uranus early tomorrow morning. Relationships and interactions with other people can be fraught with intense emotions. We might feel that the benefit of the doubt we gave to someone last week has backfired on us. We could even experience the mask taken off and our perception of someone else having been a delusion with an agreeable and enticing appearance now seen for the reality of a difficult, narcissistic and demanding individual. Our relationships can be dicey today and tomorrow, and we could either read or be read the riot act. The energy of this day could prove exhausting. While we might have felt that we were prepared for anything and could ride the ‘big wave’, we might lose our patience, lose our balance and find ourselves in a wipe out. If there is a saving grace, it is in the shift of the Moon’s energy. The Moon does go Void-of-Course for almost ten hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo where the Moon conjuncts Mercury today. Similar to the Peggy Lee classic song with the lyrics ‘if that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing’, we too could decide to lick our wounds, step away from the intensity of our relationships and the disruption of our plans and just focus on having a good time and keep dancing.

Thursday, August 16th – Changes, Alterations, New Directions – Venus T-Square, Uranus, Jupiter. Thursday continues with yesterday’s Venus T-Square as Venus yesterday opposed Pluto and today Venus squares Uranus. The Leo Moon trines Uranus and the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Although we might have had a wake-up call in regard to someone, their character and their actions, we may alter our interest in them and focus on someone else and other people. If people are looking to trip us up, we are likely to sidestep them or just step out of the way. While interactions with someone yesterday and today could be fraught with issues, difficulties and no-win scenarios, we may just look another way and head off in new directions. We are not interested in being the piñata for someone to repeatedly hit us. No, to borrow the classic line from Homey D. Clown in the television show ‘In Living Color’: ‘I don’t think so… Homey don’t play dat.’ On the contrary, we are far more intrigued by the exciting, the new and the different than dealing with people who bring their dirty linen of emotional issues and insoluble problems for us to deal with. We may feel more upbeat, more exuberant and willing to consider options and alternatives that are outside the mainstream.

Friday, August 17th – Embers of Summer Burning Brightly – Leo New Moon, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune. Friday continues with the Leo Moon and today’s New Moon in Leo. The Moon Sun conjunction sextiles Saturn, and the Moon sextiles Mars. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before entering Virgo where the Moon opposes Neptune. This is a day of new beginnings and impacts the next fortnight, up to the Blue Moon, the Full Moon on the 31st. We may feel betwixt and between on this Friday. It’s the weekend and we want to enjoy a great summertime bash before summer comes to a close, but we are feeling the insistence of our normal everyday lives calling us back to deal with our responsibilities. We may feel as though there are certain things that we need to do, but we would far prefer taking time for ourselves in recreational activities and fun pursuits. For some, school starts this next week, and we might find ourselves having to forego some pleasurable activities to deal with the preparations for our Fall. We could have one foot in and one foot out, doing the Texas two-step, as we try to cover all bases of both enjoyable activities and pressing errands. We can do the dance, but it would also be essential that we not resent what we assume lies ahead of us. We may be able to do it all, have good times and address our responsibilities, if we would do it differently and do it with a sentiment of just getting it done.

Saturday, August 18th – Streamlined and Highly Effective – Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course. There is an old saying that we all grew up with: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’. That could never be more true than on this Saturday. We may have errands to attend to, things to be done. We might have schoolchildren that need to prepare for their school year starting next week or shortly thereafter. While we would prefer to engage summer activities today, we can accomplish a great deal in an expedited manner, if we stay focused. This Saturday has the Virgo Moon trine Pluto, sextile Venus and square Jupiter. Mercury trines Uranus. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course late in the day, early Sunday, for over twenty-nine hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra late on Sunday, early Monday. We can be highly effective today and get some remarkable insights, but we do have to avoid getting overly taken with ourselves and assume that everything can occur easily and magically. Yes, there is magic in the air, but we should be careful not to take on too much and thereby dissipate our energy on trivialities.

Sunday, August 19th – Getting Things in Order. Sunday has the Void-of-Course Moon in Virgo. The Moon makes no aspects to any of the planets today and continues the Void-of-Course Moon that began yesterday. The Void-of-Course is a long one, over twenty-nine hours, and ends early tomorrow morning or late this Sunday evening [depending on where we are on the planet]. With autumn fast approaching, and some school children starting school or shortly beginning the school year, we may feel called upon to do some preparations today to get back on the track of our regular routine. This Sunday is a good day for us to tie up loose ends, close out things associated with the summer that we do not intend to bring into the autumn and just generally straighten things, tidy things up and get things in order. This day may seem more like a day of errands and dealing with pressing responsibilities than a day of fun and relaxation. Whatever we do today, let’s keep in mind that there is not a great deal of energy to accomplish a lot. In these volatile times, we have moments of great intensity, other moments when there is virtually no energy. We might want to rest up on this Sunday in order to recharge our batteries and be ready for the week ahead.