July 9th – 15th, 2012

This week seems a great deal calmer than last week and a nice respite prior to next week’s intensity, which is liable to be one of the most intense periods of this Summer.

The week starts off with us in high gear, launching ahead with various plans, some of which might not have the support of those close to us and could even rattle a few cages. We may not be concerned about how our actions are impacting other people. How people perceive our actions and if our actions seem impetuous are of small concern to us. We want to incorporate changes, explore possibilities and carve a path for ourselves that may be different and exciting compared to where we have been or what we have been doing.

It is important for us to recognize the extremes of energy during this summertime. There are times when the energy is truly spiked, when we seem to have an adrenaline rush and can virtually move mountains, or at least attempt to. There are other times when the energy drops off, when there is very little energy, and when the time feels like the Sargasso Sea, the currents being stagnant despite the intense energies that border it, intense energies in our lives that both precede the immobility and also follow it. Our Sargasso Sea-like times are those times of the Moon going Void-of-Course for long periods of time when the Moon makes no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of one Sign and before entering the succeeding Sign. During this Summer, we have long periods of the Moon being Void-of-Course.

While the energy is strong to initiate and start up new adventures and new projects at the beginning of the week, the mid-week period seems somewhat listless, although we can proceed slowly and in an orderly manner, putting one foot in front of the other. The latter part of the week and over the weekend, we have some dramatic shifts taking place. On Friday, the 13th, Uranus turns retrograde for a five month cycle. On Saturday – Sunday, Mercury turns retrograde for its three-week plus cycle, and we all know what that means. Murphy’s Law is engaged, whereby ‘whatever can go wrong could’.

All in all, this week may be a time for us to get off the track, get away, and yet tie up any loose ends that we would prefer not to have to deal with during the Mercury retrograde.

Monday, July 9th – Up and at ‘Em –Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Pluto. Monday has the Moon moving into Aries where today it sextiles Jupiter and creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Aries Moon opposed Mars and the Moon square Pluto. We may be ready to launch forward as we start the day, full speed ahead and all guns blazing. We may be ready to take on the world, but we might not be fully aware of world conditions. Although our impetus might be tempered, even restrained, by someone else or outstanding obligations, we may feel that we can do it all and then some. There may be no stopping us today, as we seek to plow ahead no matter the circumstances. Whatever impediments come up today, and there are liable to be some, it would be wise for us to notate the areas of impact, since these areas could be far more accentuated, more challenging and vexing next week. It’s always good to have a heads-up regarding what’s going on and what’s likely to be coming down the pike. We may stub our toe today, but we could trip over ourselves next week. Let’s remember the tai chi moves, work with the energies as they present themselves and not assume that we have to prove ourselves by meeting adversarial situations head on when we could easily sidestep them and keep merrily along our way.

Tuesday, July 10th – Verbal Houdini, aka Spinmeister – Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Sun. Tuesday has us operating on all eight cylinders. The Aries Moon today conjuncts Uranus, sextiles Venus, trines Mercury and squares the Sun. We can be incredibly innovative in regard to how we meet this day. Not only do we have a thrust of energy, and an adventuresome streak. We also have a power of persuasion combined with an impeccable way to present ourselves. We have it all going on today, and we can give a masterful performance. Even if we question our own integrity, we are showcasing our talents and charming the birds out of the trees. We might consider a form of personal makeover today. We want to present ourselves at the top of our game, and we might seek to add a little spice to our image. Let’s keep in mind that variety is the spice of life, and we are certainly looking to spice things up today.

Wednesday, July 11th – Wind Knocked Out of Our Sails – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Monday and Tuesday may have been two highly active days. Wednesday is often referred to as ‘hump day’ coming as it does in the middle of the work week. This Wednesday is anything but active. The day begins with the Aries Moon opposed Saturn. Someone might read us the riot act or just let the air out of our tires. How deflating we might feel. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over fourteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus. We could feel lethargic today or else we might procrastinate and just not get a great deal done. But this Wednesday is that sort of day. We may feel like we’re spinning our wheels, with all sorts of good intentions but not really getting anywhere. We might consider ‘airing’ out, going for a drive, or getting out into unfamiliar terrain. We might have to stretch, and the stretch could range from a good physical stretch to a lengthy stretch of a journey out of Dodge.

Thursday, July 12th – Practical Visionary – Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Thursday has the Moon in Taurus. Today, the Moon sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto and squares Mercury. This is a day when we can blend our ‘sense’ of things, our visionary and intuitive characteristics, with an incisive focus to get things done in a best practices approach and expeditiously. This would be a day to strategize, make our plans and embrace our dreams. We can put spirit into action. We are not looking to get things done quickly. We would rather do things effectively. We are unlikely to waste our time on the superfluous and inconsequential today. We want to sink our teeth into something that has real meaning for us, those things that stir our soul and give us a good feeling about ourselves and about our purpose in life. We may take things step by step, but we are looking at streamlining the steps and making no missteps, or mistakes, along the way. We may want to hold our cards close to our chest today. Some people may resent how things can proceed so quickly and productively for us. They have not walked a mile in our moccasins, nor do they realize what it has taken for us to get to where we are. On the contrary, they may see us as highly functional with things easily developing for us. It is hard being functional in a dysfunctional world. People rarely appreciate the efforts made and the successes garnered, for they tend to forget what it took to get from inception to manifestation. They tend to see only the end result and assume that such results were solely a result of incredible luck and then harbor envy for the successful. No worries, for the prophet in their own land is rarely appreciated.

Friday, July 13th – Friggatriskaidekaphobia, or Not – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus retrograde. Many people in the western world suffer from triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. High buildings often eliminate naming the 13th floor of the building thirteen due to this superstition. And all of us have heard about the fear of Friday the 13th. It has even made it into a popular classic movie franchise with the Friday the 13th series. In truth, the number 13 is representative of the realized individual, that individual who has gone through the various tests and challenges of the ego personality and risen above the ego to come back to essence, the god self, the realized self. We see this in legend and analogy with the 13th being the realized individual. We have it with the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve apostles of Jesus the Christ, the twelve labors of Hercules, and the twelve knights of King Arthur’s round table. Thirteen represents the alchemical process of transforming base mettle into gold, the shapeshifting of the caterpillar into the butterfly, the transformation of the individual personality self, the small i, focused on mundane, earthly experience, into the realized being, the large I, the burning off of the egocentric personality into a focus on the spiritual, soulful self, with a cosmic consciousness. This Friday the 13th has Uranus turning retrograde, a day before Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow. Many of the changes we might have initiated over the past twelve months may suddenly grind to a halt or have to be put on the back burner. This is a day when the unexpected certainly is at the forefront. The Moon in Taurus sextiles the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for sixteen and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini tomorrow. This is a day when we might want to be on high alert ready for any possible curveballs to come flying out of the blue. No matter what our plans might be for this day, unanticipated variables could come up that throw us for a loop. Except for the turning of direction of Uranus today and Mercury tomorrow, there is not a great deal of energy. Let’s give ourselves plenty of time to do whatever we need to get done, all with the recognition that things may not go according to plan. Bemusement at the twists and turns of life and living would be a good antidote to any sense of frustration with the unfolding going on today into Sunday.

Saturday, July 14th – Finding the Right Gear – Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury retrograde. Following yesterday’s turn of Uranus from direct to retrograde motion, today has Mercury turning from direct to retrograde motion. The day begins with the Gemini Moon square Neptune. Mercury sextiles Venus before Mercury turns retrograde. And the Gemini Moon trines Mars and conjuncts Jupiter. We may have a number of plans today, some of which seem like pipedreams, others a shade more realistic. Whatever our dreams or our plans might be for this day, let’s keep in mind that we are entering the Mercury retrograde zone for the next three weeks, a time when Murphy’s Law is engaged, whereby ‘whatever can go wrong could’. We may be feeling upbeat and inspired today, but our exuberance and enthusiasm might not be based upon solid ground or hard core facts. On the contrary, we may find ourselves in a state of idyllic confusion. We could be feeling great, all the while that things around us seem so convoluted. This is a day for us to temper our enthusiasm and our self-confidence. Even if we still buy into the old belief system that we, and we alone, can make things happen, the universe is likely to throw us a curveball or two in order for us to get a little humility. With Mercury retrograding through Leo, various people may offset their self-doubts by trying to be larger than life and engaging the sense of being a legend in their own mind. Situations that are foreign to us and unfamiliar to our daily lives, whether in the world-at-large or in our own personal world, could draw our attention and demand that we make alterations to our plans. Awareness and flexibility is key today, with the recognition that no one right now is playing with a full deck.

Sunday, July 15th – On the Carousel – Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Venus. After being buffeted the past two days with unexpected twists and turns that might have kept us on our toes, we could feel exhausted by Saturday night, early Sunday. Sunday has the Sun square Saturn. We might feel wiped out by all the switching and changing that could have occurred recently. We may have opened our home to someone from the past and instead of it being a welcome addition, we might have experienced a sense of irritating intrusion. Although we might not have a great deal of energy today, we are certainly looking for a prescription of humor and enjoyment. The Gemini Moon today sextiles both Uranus and Mercury, and the Moon conjuncts Venus. This Sunday can be a smorgasbord of fun events with interesting, quirky characters. We may not want to spend too much time on any one thing today but rather step onto the carousel and enjoy the whirr and spin of different activities and varied encounters. This Sunday can be a fun day, if we can get ourselves out of bed and off the couch. Let’s enjoy ourselves, use this day to regroup and recharge, for there are some quite intense energies this coming week.