July 30th – August 5th, 2012

No matter what our plans might be for this week, we want to enjoy ourselves and engage recreational activities. We may be feeling the itch to get back to work, attend to our responsibilities and address pressing matters, but any focus on our routine matters will be outweighed by our desire to have a good time and participate in social gatherings. It’s summertime and the summer Olympics are in play.

We may be at the end of July and the beginning of August, and the print and media ads may be hawking back to school gear, but we are adamant about not allowing summer to slip away without our getting a boost, a recharge and our embracing the ‘lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer’.

The week begins with us wanting to take care of business and any pressing demands in an expeditious and streamlined manner. Obligations may be calling, but we are unwilling, and unlikely, to pay them any more heed than is completely necessary. If we can draw upon someone more experienced than us in regard to a particular task we need to perform, we would not be shy in asking for assistance. We do not want to be hamstrung by our responsibilities. We shall deal with them if they are of the utmost importance, but we would far prefer to postpone pressing demands, cut the ties that bind and enlist our free spirit energy to do whatever catches our fancy at the moment. We might be getting a sense of the new reality, the synchronistic and serendipitous ways of asequential reality, whereby we do not have to make things happen but we do have to be mindful and aware of opportunities that seem to arise from out of the blue.

Change, even solely for the sake of change, could be our new mantram during this week and over the past week. The adventure and excitement for us lie beyond the parameters of our routine. The new, the different, the unique and the innovative beckon us and we may answer the call by testing the waters, even if in just mental meanderings, of possibilities foreign to our experience and even to our understanding.

The mid-part of the week has the Aquarius Full Moon. We could find ourselves in a balancing act between our personal will, our creative selves and the greater good or what is best for the community at large. The question arises whether people are so narcissistic that they put on blinders in regard to how their actions impact anyone other than themselves or, on the flip side, whether we discount our own personal interests and creative will to the desires of the collective, with a liability towards situations devolving down to the lowest common denominator and the celebration of mere mediocrity.

We may give deep thought to where we want to go and what we want to do in our days ahead. No matter our chronological age, we might wonder what to do when we grow up.

If we can step off the track of our regular routine, we could also have a fresh perspective untainted by habit, which would allow us to view our prospects from a broad palette rather than a limited viewpoint based upon our present realities.

This is a week when our thoughts can be many and our discussions brainstorming of potentials with all and sundry.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend can have us in a reverie. Our sensitivity and our emotions are ratcheted up and we could find ourselves in a quandary as to whether we see the half glass of water as half empty or half full. While such a perspective could be based upon our disposition, during this week our perspective may shift repeatedly from the two extremes — our seeing the world as our oyster and other times seeing the world as only the pits.

However we choose to see reality and future possibilities, let’s keep in mind that how we see things is always our choice. It would be wise for us, no matter what is going on in our lives, to embrace an attitude of gratitude with the recognition that while things can always be better, they could always be worse. To borrow advice from the 1930 classic song ‘On the Sunny Side of the Street’:

“Grab your coat and get your hat,
Leave your worry on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet
To the sunny side of the street.”

Monday, July 30th – Nose to Grindstone – Neptune, Pluto, Uranus. Monday starts the week with the Moon entering Capricorn where today the Moon sextiles Neptune, conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus. This is a day when we could easily blend the intuitive with the pragmatic. We can come up with a best practices approach and concentrate on the most meaningful aspects of our lives in the most highly expeditious manner. While we might prefer doing something else and would enjoy acting spontaneously, impulsively and on-the-spur of the moment, this Monday can be too productive in wasting it on our kvetching about what we want to do instead of how much we can do in a relatively short period of time. If we would concentrate on the fundamentals of the situations at hand, then we could be highly productive, clear the decks and create the time for us to do whatever we might choose to do on a whim. First, it would be wise for us to address pressing matters. After we deal with the most significant issues, then we can hang out the sign ‘gone fishing’ and engage playtime for ourselves.

Tuesday, July 31st – I Am Who I Am, Whomever that Might Be – Sun, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Mars. Tuesday can be a truly interesting day, with various twists and turns, not all of it of our own making but certainly welcomed by us as a reflection of change happening around us and happening in our lives. This Tuesday has the Sun trine Uranus, Venus trine Saturn and the Moon square both Mars and Saturn. Change is in the air, in the water, on the ground and subterranean. Did I mention that change is burgeoning within us? We may not know where we are going or who we are becoming, but we like the free spirit quality engendered by today’s energies. We may touch base with a trusted confidante just to get a heads-up or quite possibly to serve us as a grounding rod. Our heads can be in the clouds and our feet nary touching the ground. We are more interested in soaring, flying, floating and doing our own things today. Such an attitude could get a pushback from other people who may have great expectations for what we should do and how we should be doing it. If we diverge from the definition of who we are that other people have of us, we could be read the riot act. The curious thing is that everybody wants to be free, free to do their own thing and free to explore new terrain. Of course, the self-generation is far easier to accept in our selves than in other people changing the rules, changing themselves and changing the conditions in which we find ourselves. If we will hew to our usual habits, meanwhile stepping off the regular track every now and then, we are less likely to shake people up and we could proceed without everyone picking on us. Today is a day to explore and journey on the path of self-discovery. Any naysayers should be left to their own devices.

Wednesday, August 1st – A World of Possibilities – Mercury, Sun, Aquarius Full Moon, Sun, Jupiter. Wednesday – Thursday has the Aquarius Full Moon. The Aquarius Moon opposes both Mercury and the Sun in Leo, sextiles Uranus in Aries and trines Jupiter in Gemini. Although we could be off on a grand adventure, whether physically or in our mind’s eye, we have to find a balance point between the conceptual and the manifestation. Talk is cheap and today it could prove plentiful. People who are truly legends in their own minds may be pontificating about prospects and possibilities as though they are not only feasible but in process of being realized. That’s all well and good but let’s be fully aware that hype could precede action. Today is a day to take everything said with a grain of salt. It would be wise for us to keep in mind the admonition: ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’. People can be grandiose and showboating today. Enthusiasm and confidence can be high but the question remains as to whether due diligence and solid planning are also incorporated in the world of possibilities that we see for ourselves. This is a day when people may be looking out for number one. They may express an interest in the greater good but we should not be fooled, for the liability is towards a narcissistic tendency to focus solely upon one’s own personal interests with the assumption that what is good for one is good for all.

Thursday, August 2nd – Winning Friends, Winning Ways – Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn. This sense of bounce in our step that we might have felt over the past two days continues on into this Thursday. The Leo Sun sextiles Jupiter and the Aquarius Moon trines both Mars and Saturn in Libra. We have a great deal of Air today, thanks to each of the three Air Signs being transited. Feeling confident and upbeat, we can gain adherents and advocates to our position and to our cause. Other people may step forward to provide us support and encouragement. Not that we may need any, mind you. We are feeling good about things, focused on our creative presentations and able to show ourselves off in the best light. We may have a great deal on our plate today but looking to take on more, more, more. If we need to persuade someone of our good intentions or win their support, today is a good day to do so. We have the gift of gab today and our enthusiasm is contagious, and our plans enlivening. We may feel at the top of our game, so let’s be sure to advance our interests, all the while having a good time in doing so.

Friday, August 3rd – Letting the River Flow – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Pluto. Friday begins with the Aquarius Moon trine Venus. We are continuing the upbeat thrust of the past few days. If we have something to say, now is a time to say it for we can address that special someone as if our concerns are not so much about our personal interests but what could prove best for them. While we have basked in the sun of our own exuberance, the past two days and today have also allowed us to engage other people in a fun and uplifting manner. We enjoy the company of those special people in our lives, and we may feel grateful that our lives are peppered with some very interesting and enlivening people. This early part of August can give us a sense that it’s all good. No matter what is going on in the world at large, we are enjoying our world, our moments of stepping off the track to participate in some great social occasions with a recognition that no matter what comes our way we can handle it. Our affirmation could prove to be now the idea that, despite the economic turmoil and societal roils, we are not going to solely survive these times but rather thrive through these times. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and then enters Pisces, where today the Moon conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto. Our weekend is under the influence of the Pisces Moon, and we may find ourselves looking to escape our daily parameters, head for the seashore, get down by a lake or find some natural sanctuary where we can bliss out in our reveries. Even though we can be feeling moody, we might also have a greater connection to the etheric, the ephemeral and the cosmic connection.

Saturday, August 4th – Too Much of a Good Thing – Jupiter. Saturday has the Pisces Moon square Jupiter. While the last two weeks may have had us hopping, going from one thing to another, dealing with surprising situations yet seeking to incorporate change, this weekend we may have planned for some down time, for recreational activities and taking things down a notch. It’s a nice concept but may not prove to be the reality of our experience. This Saturday could have us looking to take on more, and a liability towards excess and indulgence cannot be discounted. Our options for today can be huge, but our discernment regarding what to take on could be limited. We could be easily fascinated by the images and the appearances without considering the implications or the ramifications. Today is a day for us to utilize braking actions. Otherwise, we could go full speed ahead in whatever captures our fancy and that could prove a prescription for a possible disaster. With all the possibilities in front of us today, it would be wise for us to take things down a notch or two and consider what we might really want to do. We don’t have to engage everything that is presented to us, so let’s pick and choose those activities that could really speak to us. Any tendency to accept things at face value today could open a Pandora’s box, where what is presented to us sounds good, looks good but where the reality might not fully match the appearance or the hype.

Sunday, August 5th – A Horse of a Different Color – Venus, Mercury. Sunday ends the week with the Moon ending its transit of Pisces, the last Sign on the zodiac wheel, and entering its transit of Aries, the first Sign on the zodiac wheel. The early part of the day has the Moon square Venus. We may be receptive to other people’s suggestions, but it would be wise for us not to merely get the tease line of what someone is saying but rather a comprehensive understanding of what is being said. We could find ourselves at the beck and call of someone else today. What we have to be wary of is not getting involved with someone who has difficulty showing up on time or is largely dysfunctional and liable to get us on a crazy-making journey akin to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. While this weekend would have been best engaged as a weekend of reveries and escape from our daily, regular routines, we might have found ourselves facing any number of options and situations that were not of our own making. As the weekend winds down, the energy ratchets up. The Moon exits Pisces to enter Aries where today the Moon trines Mercury. Whether we have gained a second wind from some reverie time or not, we may feel recharged and ready to enter the week with full sail, determined to initiate and launch new projects that allow us to put our mark on things and provide us full creative self-expression. We are ready to go, prepared to steam forward, but let’s keep in mind that we are still dealing with the Mercury retrograde and Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever can go wrong could’.