June 4th – 10th, 2012

Fats Waller’s classic 1937 tune “The Joint is Jumpin’” is indicative of the start to this week. Yes, in deed, we may feel as though: ‘The joint is jumpin’, 
It’s really jumpin’,”

The week begins with the Sagittarius Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse and Neptune turning retrograde. We could feel ourselves as if on a carousel, whirling around, picking up speed to the point of losing our balance.

People could be hypercritical. As if they have an itch under their skin that they are unable to relieve, people could feel that something is wrong, even if they cannot put their finger exactly on the culprit. Instead, there could be a general sense of dissatisfaction, a liability to critique and criticize, all with the sense that none of it is our personal fault but rather someone else’s fault to blame. We might feel as though we have walked onto the mean streets, with everyone having a chip on their shoulder and all ready to excuse their own actions and shift responsibility to someone else.

Around the time of the Full Moon, situations extraneous to our personal life conditions, those situations foreign to our daily existence, could become aggravated, demand our attention, but with a certain attitude of futility that such events are beyond our influence or our ability to make bad things right.

If we can focus our energy at the beginning of the week, and that will be a tall order, then we could accomplish a great deal. We may be pulled in various directions, expected to juggle our responsibilities, address other people’s demands and deal with unexpected situations too. We just need to pick up the pace and not lose our rhythm. We may gloss over details, neglect certain specifics, but we can have so much going on that due diligence could be lost in the sauce. Yeah, the joint is jumpin’.

The latter part of the week could have us focused on social occasions, fun times and thoughts for our future. We may want to be anywhere other than where we are. While we could participate in various social interactions, the backdrop of this week is an intense moody feeling. People can be belligerent and even engage sabre-rattling or worse. The sense of irritation, frustration and aggravation can hang heavy in the air.

If the going gets tough, we might choose to withdraw into our homes for a spiritual retreat or just a retreat from the mean streets in order to catch our breath, regroup and seek solace from the cares, and extremes, of the world at large. Having some alone time, and also time spent with good, solid, reliable friends, could be a panacea to the extreme emotions being expressed.

Our intuitive sense can be heightened, and our thoughts revolve around the ‘what could be’, the possibilities of an idyllic future, all diametrically opposed to a feeling of present days’ hard cold reality. Let’s trust our instincts, pay heed to our inner voice, especially since much of the information being presented to us might be disinformation, people distorting facts and figures for their own benefit and to sway the general consensus.

The weekend could be pleasant, and even more so for walks by the seashore, for listening to inspiring music and reading uplifting literature, or just by tuning out the craziness occurring in the world. If we don’t take responsibility for our moods and emotions, then the weekend could be another round of the blame game and feeling victimized by the vagaries of these times.

The joint may be jumpin’ but we need to get a grip, maintain our balance and walk through the cacophony without engaging the dissonance.

Monday, June 4th – Not My Fault – Sagittarius Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune retrograde. Monday could be one intense day. Not only do we have the Sagittarius Full Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse. The Moon in Sagittarius creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed both the Sun and Venus and the Moon square Mars. The Moon sextiles Saturn, and Venus squares Mars, and Neptune turns retrograde. To borrow from the 1986 hit song written by Prince and performed by The Bangles, the week starts with another Manic Monday. We could be all over the place today, and not wanting to be anywhere near where we are. People could have an edge on, be belligerent and all too willing to play the blame game. There may be so much going on that a lot just doesn’t get done. Even if done, things completed may skip over important details, forget significant specifics and done just to be done. This is a day to slow things down, get back into our bodies and be centered. Such a disposition might not be happening today so the less damage we can do, the better it would be. As the saying goes about life itself, especially appropriate for this day: ‘no one gets out of it unscathed’.

Tuesday, June 5th – Nice and Easy Does It – Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Venus, Uranus, Pluto. Late Monday, early Tuesday, the Sagittarius Moon opposes Mercury. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where the Moon today sextiles Neptune, squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto. The Sun today conjuncts Venus. We may have much on our ‘to do’ list, a schedule of all sorts of plans. If we feel overwhelmed by how much we seem to have on our plate, then we could continue yesterday’s tendency to skip over things without evaluating or fully determining how best to proceed with our actions. We need to slow things down, draw upon our intuitive sense and recognize that our inner voice often has the right answer and often more so than the empirical so-called ‘truths’. We can make ‘nice’ with people today, be incredibly gracious and even charming, and we could make amends for any perceived slights or ill will generated over the past few days. It is important that we try and focus on what needs to be done and a best practices approach by which to do it. We might have the gift of gab, but it would be important that we back up our promises with effective actions. The questions for all of us today will be whether we can walk our talk. Nice and easy does it every time. [Yes, for you music buffs, you may remember this sentence from the 1960 Frank Sinatra Album with the title song ‘Nice ‘n’ Easy’]

Wednesday, June 6th – Moving Forward, Braking Now and Then – Mars, Saturn. Wednesday continues with the Capricorn Moon, which today trines Mars and squares Saturn. While the last few days could have been a little nuts, this Wednesday allows us to get back into harness, deal with matters in an effective and expeditious manner. We can move our projects forward and not drop a beat as we do so. Where a problem might arise would be in association with someone else’s plans or needs. Although we can proceed ahead with our own projects, we could be distracted, even diverted, by someone else’s issues. If we allow other people’s input today, we might have so much chatter going on in our mind that we lose our focus and our passion. Let’s take whatever is said to us today with a grain of salt, and always [always] check the source and check their agenda. If people get in our way, or question our intentions, we do not have to stop what we are doing and move into an adversarial or justification position. We can notate what they say, evaluate their input and either temper our own actions or just negate what they have to say. Braking now and then is not a bad practice, especially if it slows us down so we can re-evaluate our purpose and hone our actions. But braking to a screeching halt would just create havoc and stop our forward movement. Let’s focus on our own responsibilities today without getting sidetracked by someone else.

Thursday, June 7th – On a Roll – Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Mercury Cancer. Thursday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Capricorn and, as it does so, the Moon trines Jupiter. The Moon then exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius. The Sun today squares Mars, and Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer. There may be a great deal of chopping and changing going on today. We may be looking at juggling various interests, which is all well and good, just as long as we do not lose our focus. We can feel quite expansive, wanting to put the finishing touches on certain projects, but we do need to avoid acting in haste and merely glossing over things just to finish them. Our sensitivity can also be ratcheted up today and our interests might lie more in our future plans and goals and less with our routine responsibilities. Our thoughts may turn to family matters — plans for summer vacations or staycations, reunions and get-togethers, home projects and feathering the family nest. We may feel slightly reticent about pursuing some of our greatest desires. Perhaps we have felt somewhat beaten up by the volatility of these times and would like to step off the track and comfort ourselves in the pleasures of home and family. Whatever our driving force today might be, we can pursue it at breakneck speed, but our goal might be more to get things done and out of our way rather than perfecting the matters at hand.

Friday, June 8th – Inner Knowing Without Proving – Uranus, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Neptune. Friday could be one of the nicer days of this week. We might feel less conflicted, less like our back is against the wall and no longer feeling that we are under the gun to prove ourselves. This Friday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus and the Moon trine both Venus and the Sun. Mercury trines Neptune. We may be tuning out the world at large and living in our own perfect, idyllic, personal world today. Our focus could revolve more around ‘what could be’ rather than ‘what is’. If we will quiet the noise of the outside world and close ourselves off from the extraneous, we could discover that we have an inner knowing that gives us sustenance and provides us with right information. Things can happen in a most surprising manner today. Someone could say something that ignites a spark in us. We could find ourselves in a magical moment when everything seems to come together perfectly. This Friday can be a lovely day, especially if we are willing to trust ourselves, listen to our inner voice and appreciate that serendipity is in the air. Casual connections could become meaningful and we might find ourselves being in the right place at the right time. We may not be compelled to do anything but everything may seem to be going our way.

Saturday, June 9th – Touching Base, then Lost in Space – Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune. Saturday begins with the Moon still in Aquarius and today the Moon trines Saturn and squares Jupiter. We may want to make connection with someone we have not heard from in a while. This day could start as a catch-up with old friends. We are interested in what is going on with other folk. We could even be generous to a fault, looking to shower gifts and expressions of gratitude on that special someone in our lives. Through the suggestions of a trusted confidant, we may choose to broaden our reach into new projects, the development of new interests. It would be wise for us to maintain a strict budget, for otherwise we could be quite extravagant and spend more than might be appropriate to our financial situation. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. We can get quite moody, even somewhat spacey as our feelings become dominant and our emotions swing between extremes. We may be highly responsive, even reactive, to things that are going on around us, and it would be wise for us to get off the track and find a sanctuary for ourselves. Getting down by the water, listening to inspiring music can uplift our soul and feed our spirit.

Sunday, June 10th – Bright Ideas – Mercury, Pluto, Venus. Sunday continues with the Pisces Moon, and today the Moon trines Mercury, sextiles Pluto and squares Venus. We may feel quite inspired today and get some of those ‘ah-ha’ moments when we just know about certain things. We can have a sense of our personal destiny, where to place our energy and what our trajectory might be. It would be wise for us to hold our cards pretty close to our chest since other people might not understand or see what we understand and perceive. This is a day when various thoughts can be percolating internally. Like a garden seeded, we might want to allow our ideas to gestate and germinate before we give voice of our intentions to other people. This is a day when naysayers could dampen our spirits. So, why let them? We might be in our own reveries, enjoying the sanctity of our lives and not wanting to be overly impacted by other people’s input, biases or opinions. This Sunday can be a pleasant day, a day when we might choose to plan, blueprint and consider, all without feeling the need to take action. Even in the quiet of rest, we can gain knowledge and understanding about how best to proceed. We do not always have to be active. Insights can come in the stillness of repose.