June 25th – July 1st, 2012

There is a great deal of movement this week. We may be far more expressive and interested in communicating our feelings to other people. If there have been unintended slights or misunderstandings over the past few weeks, this week allows us to resolve situations.

Not only are we feeling better about ourselves, but summer is in full swing as well. And who should have any dampeners to the good times that summer promises? We are far more interested in recreational and fun activities, and we want to do so with loved ones and with friends. This is a week when we may either get together for social occasions or make our plans for meeting up with friends during the summer. We don’t want confrontations or adversarial incidents. On the contrary, we are likely to be fully engaged and looking to walk on the sunny side of the street.

Let’s be aware that the energy can ratchet up this week. We have two planets changing direction from retrograde to direct motion — Saturn and Venus. Delays we might have experienced can suddenly become unblocked and forward movement more easily made. Our communications and interactions with other people can be a great deal clearer and far more friendly.

We might make more commitments than we can possibly handle this week. Things may look wonderful and intriguing, but it would be wise for us not to assume that all the problems have gone away. No, it’s summertime and we tend to sweep issues under the rug and avoid hard, cold reality for the joys of the warm summer sun and pleasurable recreational events.

While the early part of the week can have us focusing on our contacts and connections, plans for get-togethers and forthcoming events, the latter part of the week can increase the intensity. Maybe we have overcommitted ourselves and just cannot deal with everything we have scheduled. Concentrating on the truly important and eliminating the merely diversionary would be one way for us to pare down our engagements.

The weekend can be pleasant, and we might get away or make our get-away plans. Although we might have intended to keep our vacation to staycations and cut back on our proposed expenses, we could be easily seduced into spending more and going further than we originally intended.

A highly active week, this week we may have a great deal going on. We might have to pick up the pace, but we can also look and see what we really want to do, or need to do, and consider how best to discard those involvements that could prove only a waste of our time.

Monday, June 25th – Hell Bent for Glory – Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn direct, Mercury Leo. Monday starts the week with an incredible thrust of energy. Jupiter squares Neptune today, and the liability of overdoing and buying into illusions can be plentiful with glorious assumptions made that have little basis in reality. Saturn, retrograde since early February, turns direct on this Monday. Delays and blockages that we might have experienced, and experienced especially in some of our relationships, can finally be loosened and released. Things could move more smoothly, with a great deal of focus on those special people in our lives. Also on this Monday, Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo. We are certainly looking to engage the summertime fun and looking to make a strong personal splash on center stage. A sense of irrational exuberance and overdoing things would seem strong today. It would be wise for us to temper our enthusiasm and put some braking action on our movements, for otherwise we could go hell bent for glory.

Tuesday, June 26th – Reverence and Obeisance – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun. Tuesday begins with the Virgo Moon conjunct Mars. We may have various plans today as to how we can best accomplish our desires. We might be interested in making purchases to advance our interests but all with a strategy in mind. We may want what we want and are willing to do virtually anything to win our way. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost six and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra where the Moon sextiles Mercury, trines Jupiter and squares the Sun. We can be very diplomatic, charming, and able to virtually win our way through reverence and obeisance. We could be so accommodating to other people’s needs that they have no recourse but to accede to our wishes. We can talk up quite a storm today, sugar coat and present things in a winning and favorable manner. We might be more engaging of other people than those nearest and dearest to us, who might be better able to see through the guise of our overly sweetness. Monday and Tuesday are days when we might need to put the brakes on our enthusiasm and our desires. While things can proceed smoothly and quickly on these first two days of the week, let’s keep in mind that we might be cruising towards some speed bumps along the way.

Wednesday, June 27th – A Day in the Maze – Venus, Lunar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Venus direct. This Wednesday has the Moon in Libra trine Venus, ruler of Libra. Venus turns direct today, ending its six-week retrograde cycle. The Moon also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Pluto and the Moon opposes Uranus. Our relationships with other people might have been a little dicey recently. We may have felt as if we were walking on eggshells around certain people, or perhaps more appropriately, like walking through a minefield with a few explosions along the way. If that has been our experience, then we could start to make things right or things could start to turn right in our relationships. It is important that we find the balance between our own personal needs and the interests of other people. Either extreme self-absorption or extreme accommodation would not be good for anyone involved. There might be some banging and crashing today, but let’s acknowledge that we are trying to find our way. If people need to vent and release any pent-up frustrations, let’s avoid reacting in a defensive or knee-jerk manner. The times are tough. People are stressed. And it is essential that we cut everyone, including ourselves, some slack. The blame game is a childish attempt at self-justification and a bizarre form of venting. We all have a pebble or two in our shoe, but let’s not turn that pebble, or those pebbles, into boulders. Things may not go smoothly and, if that’s the case, then we could see the hustle and bustle, the banging and crashing, as honing our abilities at being flexible and adaptable. Things taken personally can fester and swell. Who has time to hold on to unintended slights or misunderstandings? Today, we can set things right, even if we have to go through twists and turns to do so.

Thursday, June 28th – Just When Things Seemed So Clear – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Mercury. Yesterday offered us the opportunity to make things right in some of our interactions with other people. If we took advantage of the opportunities to do so, then we might be more on an even keel in our relationships. Still, there can be a sense of obligation or responsibility to someone, as if they were holding a chit of an IOU. Early Thursday has the Libra Moon conjunct Saturn. We may have to go back to some past encounter, even far distant, and go through a recapitulation of the incident in order to finally have resolution. While there could be the liability to someone pulling us back into our personal history, which could be merely a faint trace memory to us, tying up loose ends can present further stumbling blocks with that particular situation or individual in the future. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for twelve hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Libra and before entering Scorpio. The Moon in Scorpio today then trines Neptune and squares Mercury. We may feel in a trance-like state, seeing the wonder and perfection of the world as it could be and, in our minds, how it should be. People may feel highly intuitive and might choose to share their sudden understandings with other people in a way that is heard as divine pronouncements and interpreted as ‘my way or the highway’. Although we might have the best intentions, let’s bear in mind the old saying that ‘the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions’. People may seem belligerent in their opinions and their beliefs. If someone gets too insistent on their new-found understandings, let’s do the tai chi moves and cleverly slip away by stepping away.

Friday, June 29th – Ferdinand the Bull in a China Shop – Sun, Solar T-Square, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter. We probably all remember that great 1936 Munro Leaf childhood classic, The Story of Ferdinand. In the story, Ferdinand the bull was unlike all the other bulls who liked to run, jump and butt heads. Ferdinand preferred to sit under the shade of a cork tree and smell the flowers. One day, when several men were out to pick the fiercest bull for a bullfight in Madrid, Ferdinand went to his cork tree and sat down on a bee, which caused Ferdinand to leap up, snort and run around, so very unlike his usual temperament. Like Ferdinand, this Friday could start pleasantly enough. We may want to stop and smell the flowers. We might focus on what truly has meaning for us. The Scorpio Moon trines the Sun and the Moon sextiles Pluto. We can find ourselves tidying up, straightening things and generally enjoying our time without any sense of having to make waves. Mercury also sextiles Jupiter today, and we could be feeling upbeat, looking at the pleasantries of life and not all that interested in whatever is going on around us. We might be chatty, talking up our accomplishments and our plans to all who would listen or who even seem attentive to our monologue. We can go on, and on, and on, especially about our wonderful selves. Suddenly, like Ferdinand, we could be stung, for the Sun creates the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Cancer Sun opposed Pluto and the Sun square Uranus. With a sudden shift in energy, we could find ourselves snorting and running around. We might be trying to do so many things, juggle our personal lives and our professional lives and still dealing with unexpected situations that are likely to arise. We may even wonder who we are, since our actions and reactions to situations might be quite unlike our usual behavior. Even if the energy is ratcheted up, let’s not feel overwhelmed but rather recognize that we never get more than we can handle. We might want to slow things down, get a grip on the circumstances in front of us, and deal with each and every one of them in a focused, incisive manner.

Saturday, June 30th – Sublime to Ridiculous – Mars, Neptune. Saturday begins with the Moon in Scorpio, which today sextiles Mars. We may be concentrating on errands and dealing with various loose ends that need to be tied up. We can take care of any number of things early in the day in a streamlined, cut-to-the-core manner. Even if we felt we were in a rough and tumble scenario yesterday with various things flying at us, some of which may have hit us in the head, today we may have more of a grip on how to deal with the extraneous matters in our lives. Today is a great day to strategize and blueprint a best practices approach of addressing the various details and the specifics of the different facets of our lives. We have it going on early in the day. The Moon then exits Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius, where today the Moon squares Neptune. From being highly effective and at the top of our game in the morning hours, things can easily unravel. It may seem as though we are locked in a Jekyll and Hyde situation today with two totally different personalities of ourselves. The morning hours have us being incredibly effective and productive and later in the day we become spaced out, unable to focus but rather interested in any thing and every thing that catches our fancy. We become enamored with all sorts of possibilities and even many various impossibilities. This Saturday can have us going from the sublime to the ridiculous, where early in the day we are tight and strong and productive. Later in the day, we seem to get sloppy and confused and liable to spinning our wheels. Let’s address what we need to get done early in the day, and then allow ourselves to meander about later in the day. We may be looking to get out of town or expand our interests later in the day, but let’s just avoid too much indulgence or excess. We do not want to create more messes for ourselves to clean up some time down the road.

Sunday, July 1st – Good Times – Jupiter, Venus, Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Uranus. This Sunday is carved out for fun. We are feeling upbeat and interested in having it all. The Sagittarius Moon today opposes both Jupiter and Venus in Gemini. We may be enraptured by anything and everything today. Nothing is too much, but rather we want more, more, more. That’s how we like it. While the sense of abundance and over abundance could be a core issue today, we are enjoying life and looking to take our enjoyments to the max. We may go from one thing to another, sampling this, trying that, but we are on the roller coaster of life and engaging every moment of it. The Moon also creates a Fire Grand Trine with the Sagittarius Moon trine Mercury in Leo and the Moon trine Uranus in Aries. This is a fun day when we can spread our wings and like a butterfly fly from one flower to another, alighting here momentarily before flying off to draw the nectar from our next flower. We are looking for the exciting and the different today and enjoying the variety and the vastness of it all. This is a day when we engage the French sentiment of joie de vivre — the joy of living. En joy!