May 7th – 13th, 2012

This week we can effectively strategize and move our projects ever closer to realization and completion. This is a highly productive week, so long as we do not get distracted or diverted by unexpected events and surprising situations.

We start the week with our energy ramped up, ready to go, but we may be out of the starting gate before considering our schedule, checking our itinerary or even focusing on right direction. We may be full of ourselves as we look for exciting new forays and search for thrilling grand adventures. We just have to be careful not to trip over our fantasies or stumble over our daily responsibilities. More so early this week than ever before, we could easily buy into the sense of the grass being greener… somewhere other than where we are. We may be confident and optimistic and solely focused on expanding our interests and exploring new realms. The routine, usual and habitual will hold little appeal for us, for we are set to sail to new worlds and unwilling to heed advice. We are far more likely to throw caution to the wind. This wild exuberance could take us through Monday and Tuesday with our feet unlikely to touch the ground.

As we come into the mid-week, we hit the ground with a soft landing and a strong focus on a best practices approach to achieve our goals. The Earth Grand Trine is reinforced and we can combine our strategic plans with a spot-on intuitive understanding. This is a time for us to strategize and focus on what we want to accomplish and how best to go about doing so in the most expeditious manner possible. Although we might be tempted by distractions and sudden surprises which could be tantalizing, it would be wise for us to concentrate on the most meaningful projects and use the energy to get a great deal done. This Grand Trine that we have been enjoying since mid-November is good for another month, ending in mid-June, so let’s take advantage of the productive energies to manifest and use it to get things done.

The end of the week and over the weekend can be a time for us to step off the track, put aside our usual obligations and concentrate on social get-togethers and enthralling discussions. Reunions and reconnections this weekend could be both heart-warming and revelatory. Like a scavenger hunt, the weekend could provide us clues in regard to our next step and might offer a sense of uplift to build up our confidence. We end the weekend with enthusiasm and determination and a readiness to move ahead with optimism and a sense of invincibility combined with inevitability.

Monday, May 7th – Much To Do, Little Time To Do So – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mars, Uranus. We start the week with us fast out of the gate, ready to take on the world and then some, and a fervent desire to expand our activities and broaden our reach. The enthusiasm may be great in the abstract, a little harder to achieve in reality. While the week begins with the Moon in Sagittarius, this Sagittarius Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and squares Mars in Virgo. We may have the exuberance but possibly not the due diligence. We could race out the door with good intentions, but our strategic planning could be more a belief in our confidence than a pragmatic approach to the day’s activities. We could find ourselves a little helter-skelter as we buy into ill-conceived notions and bounce from one thing to another without doing anything effectively. We could easily skip over details, make some off-the-wall assumptions and accept a belief that our confidence will make all things right. Although we could feel as though we have found ourselves in a blender, whirring around and even feeling pulverized, if we can avoid total exhaustion and a feeling of defeat, then we might also discover that confusion is in deed the starting point of wisdom. The day may begin with us stumbling and stubbing our toes, it might also allow us to let go of our sense of control over matters and become more open to doing things in a different way. We may start the day with a T-Square, but the Moon then trines Uranus. Like a Houdini getting out of chains and strait jackets, we could free ourselves of the conundrum at the beginning of the day or be freed by circumstance. No matter what our plans might be, our schedule may go askew and we could discover that the opportunity of the day lies beyond our periphery, just out of sight, but able to engage if we are open to receive the unusual and the unexpected.

Tuesday, May 8th – Cutting Through the Chatter – Venus, Saturn, Mercury. Tuesday continues with the Sagittarius Moon with the Moon today opposed Venus, sextile Saturn and trine Mercury. If we will tune our sensibilities to what we understand clearly and tune out the cacophony of input that is neither lucid nor on-target, this day could prove to be a day when we can devise our plans and present our ideas in a confident and winning manner. We may need to draw upon someone for a solid sounding board, someone who can critique and shape our ideas and focus our intentions. The problem with the beginning of this week is too much information and an inability to filter out the extraneous and the wrong information. We may need to draw upon advice from people who are objective and detached in order to hone our thoughts, ideas and our plans. We can cut through the chatter with a little help from our friend[s]. Our enthusiasm could create a greater picture and a bolder ambition for us than we could possibly manage effectively or bring to successful completion. These two days, Monday and Tuesday, could prove the saying of ‘our eyes bigger than our stomach’, although in this case our desires and our ambitions being larger than our capabilities or that circumstances warrant. ‘Less is more’ is a mantram we might want to keep in mind for Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 9th – Focusing Our Goals – Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Pluto, Mercury Taurus. Although the past two days could have had us going from here to there and possibly making a heap of trouble for ourselves, this Wednesday allows us to get back on track with due diligence and the right approach to attend to our plans and move our goals ahead. Wednesday has the Moon in Capricorn and the Moon today sextiles Neptune, squares Uranus, trines Mars and conjuncts Pluto. Mercury exits Aries to enter Taurus. With such an emphasis upon the Earth Element, this mid-week period allows us to get our feet back on the ground, to be more realistic about our goals and the means to achieve our goals, and provides the opportunity for us to address the truly meaningful in the most expeditious of ways. While our spontaneous nature might be dampened, we can be far more focused and willing to take care of what needs to be done. We do have to watch for tempting distractions that might appeal to our sense of autonomy and freedom of movement. If we divert our attention, we might do so as but a brief respite from our intensity of concentrating on a practical application of our energies and our resources. This Wednesday is a day when we can accomplish a great deal. We might draw upon our experience and our usual methodology, both of which would allow us to streamline our operations. This Wednesday might not be the most exciting of days, but it can be highly productive.

Thursday, May 10th – Trusting Our Instincts – Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune. There are times when we need to go against the general consensus and buck someone else’s opinion. This Thursday can be one of those days. If we were productive yesterday, then this Thursday could have us building upon such effectiveness and be even more successful in accomplishing our projects and advancing our interests. The Earth Grand Trine is emphasized today, thanks to the Capricorn Moon trine both the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus and Mercury sextile Neptune. The Moon does square Saturn and therein lies the rub. Other people might not agree with our plans or our approach. They may critique our efforts, find them wanting, but today is a day for us to trust our instincts. Although we could be a little too generous or excessive today, our intuitive sense is ratcheted up severalfold. Even if we cannot persuade other people to the rightness of our actions, it would be wise for us not to fold our tent if we do not win universal approval of our plans. Let’s keep in mind that someone may know us by definition, based upon past experience, but they may not be totally aware of our skill set and our desire to develop our talents. Our gut feeling of what is appropriate might be far more accurate than past experience or other people’s critique. There are times when we have to have trust, engage blind faith and go against the currents of public opinion and general consensus. Today could be one of those times. Let’s take things step by step with a recognition that we might not be walking in a straight line but may need to take a sideways step every now and then to get to where we are going. In a two-dimensional world a straight line might be the shortest distance between two points, but in a three-dimensional world such a theorem just does not work. Let’s engage the three-dimensional, even fourth and fifth dimensional world, and realize that this straight line theorem may work in a two-dimensional world and in the abstract but would be completely wrong in true reality. Let’s trust our instincts today but with a willingness to evaluate and re-evaluate as we go along.

Friday, May 11th – A World of Possibilities – Mercury, Uranus. Friday has the Moon in Aquarius with the Moon square Mercury and sextile Uranus. We are far more interested in making future plans today than with focusing on our routine obligations. We may have had to thread the needle over the past two days, but if we have concentrated on what needs to be done in taking care of our plans, addressing pressing issues and dealing effectively with routine matters; then this Friday could start off with our engaging the weekend early. We may want to jump off the track, put aside our routine obligations and engage surprising developments. This is a day for us to raise our gaze from putting one foot in front of the other and embrace a world of possibilities. This is the 11th and in numerology the eleven is representative of the visionary, the dreamer, that person who can see possibilities within the abstract of materials. We could easily go on a bender today, engage possibilities that are seemingly impossible. And why not? We are moving into a paradigm where sequential progression gives way to asequential reality, where B may not follow A, and P might not be followed by Q. Our world of possibilities is limitless, even the seemingly impossible being possible. The more we can step off the track today, not limit ourselves by either our expectations or a sense of containment, the more likely we are to experience surprising developments and a wonder of things occurring without our making them happen, a world of serendipity and synchronicity with things arising out of the blue.

Saturday, May 12th – Good Times But At What Expense – Sun, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Saturn. Friday and Saturday we need to keep a firm grip on our expenditures. We might have a tendency to be extravagant and overly generous. The Aquarius Moon squares the planets in Taurus: yesterday Mercury, today the Moon squares both the Sun and Jupiter. Although we might easily overspend and step off into extravagance and excess, we could justify our expenses as necessary investments into our future goals. Justifications might ease our consciousness but they could also ease our resources, lightening our checkbook and depleting our asset base. As the day progresses, our tendency to indulgence and overdoing could drop away. We might attend instead to get-togethers with good friends, reconnections and reunions with people we have not seen for a while. The Aquarius Moon creates a Grand Trine with the Moon trine Venus in Gemini and the Moon trine Saturn in Libra. This day could have us stepping off the track of our usual scenario and reacquainting ourselves with people from our past and engaging in fun events with others. Although this Saturday seems replete with gatherings and social occasions, we might want to put a cap on how we present ourselves and to what expense we are willing to go to impress others. We can have a great time with friends today, but let’s avoid grandstanding or showcasing our extravagance.

Sunday, May 13th – Feeling Good and Expressing It – Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Mars. Sunday could have us feeling optimistic, confident and enthusiastic about… ourselves. The Sun conjuncts the Sun, and Mercury trines Mars. The Moon moves into Pisces where it conjuncts Neptune and opposes Mars. We may be feeling good about ourselves and intent on having other people show us some respect. Not that we need people to fall down at our feet in worshipful reverence, although we might not mind that and even sinfully expect it. We want to put on the Ritz today, show ourselves off to the best of our ability and possibly impress other people with our allure and our success. But are people presenting a Hollywood set, whereby the appearance presents a together and luxurious image, all the while that the façade is held up by two by fours with no real content behind the scene? Possibly so. This is a day when the image can be enticing and seductive, but the reality might not match the appearance. We need to take everything with a grain of salt today. We could easily buy into how things are presented to us without our taking the time for due diligence and seeing if truly the reality matches the appearance. We may be excessive and extravagant today, expecting nothing less than the best for ourselves. This day could border on the shallow and the superficial. If we go there or buy into it from other people’s display, then we could find ourselves engaging the old saying that ‘if we dance to the music, we pay to the piper’. Forget taking things with a grain of salt today. We might need a boulder of salt instead in order to cut through the display and to get to the heart of the matter.