May 28th – June 3rd, 2012

This week demands due diligence and a willingness to slow things down in order to see what is really going on. A frenetic quality hangs over the week, and we could be so involved with juggling various activities that we no longer keep our eye on the ball.

In the US, the week begins with the end of the long holiday weekend commemorating Memorial Day and launching the unofficial start to summer. Our interests might be more on the superfluous, the distractions and our summer plans than taking care of business in an organized and responsible manner. Whatever we have to do, we may gloss over in order to just get it done and return our attention to good times with good friends.

This is a week when we could easily step in it, all because we are not looking at where we are going. We are so entranced by possibilities, by unexpected situations and by the thrill of doing our own thing that we may not be paying enough attention to the most important aspects of our lives. Can we recognize that the energies this week could prove a prescription for disaster?

Whatever is said this week, we might want to take with a grain of salt. People may be more concerned with pleasing people than presenting the facts, only the facts. Things can be sugarcoated to be more palatable and we could find ourselves being seduced by the hype, the appearance and the promises, all of which might turn out to be specious.

Although the early part of the week would allow us to buckle down and deal with necessary details, we may all have in the back of our mind the lyrics from the 1972 song ‘School’s Out’ by Alice Cooper: ‘School’s out for summer, School’s out forever’.

We might tune out the hard, cold reality of our lives and the conditions around us and turn our attention to having a good time, being spontaneous and impulsive, without much regard for the consequences of our actions. We may want to do what we want to do and we might have no regard for the ramifications or the implications.

The mid-part of the week has out attention on our social interactions. We might look to get together with friends, be planning a reunion with people we have not seen for a while, or reconnect with family members for a celebration of sorts. Although we can get caught up in conversations and discussions, our routine responsibilities could be put on pause.

The latter part of the week and early part of the weekend could make us aware of what we don’t have, rather than what we do have. And that could be quite a switch from the mid-part of the week when things may have seemed far more grandiose.

Mantram-like, we might want to continually remind ourselves that ‘less is more’. While we have all been conditioned into the consumer society theorem that more is better and never enough, these times ask, may even demand, that we be increasingly resourceful with our expenditures, whether those expenditures be our time, our energy, our involvements or our monies.

We could consider doing a late spring clean-up and clear-out, prepare ourselves for summer activities and summer fun. The weekend ends on something of a high note, as we feel more expansive, consider our summer plans and engage other people in our projected intentions.

All in all, this week could be a bit of a headspinner. We just need to keep a grip on what is going on, not wander too far off the reservation of our routine lives and realize that we can step off the track now and again but not to get lost in the myriad of possibilities or the mirage of illustrated potentials.

Monday, May 28th – Paying Deference Without Soul – Sun, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury. Monday in the US is Memorial Day, a day to observe and commemorate the sacrifices of the armed services men and women. For many, however, this day is more importantly the last day of a long holiday weekend and the weekend that inaugurates the unofficial start of summer. We may be far less concerned with taking time to appreciate sacrifices made and more interested in having a good time. This is a day when we might look to get together with family and friends, have a picnic or a barbecue, and enjoy the warmth of camaraderie and of temperatures indicating summer is upon us. Today, the Sun sextiles Uranus and the Virgo Moon trines Pluto but also triggers the Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Neptune and the Moon square both the Sun and Mercury in Gemini. We are looking for change, wanting to engage the thrilling and exciting and to discover new attributes about ourselves. We could be all over the place today in our quest for fun. While we could streamline operations and focus on the most meaningful, our tendency today is more like a kid in a candy shop, awed and overwhelmed by the prospects of so many goodies with which to indulge ourselves. If we feel the need to focus on our work and our responsibilities, we have the liability of glossing over things, doing things in a half-ass manner just to get it done so we can get back to the good times with good friends. Why even try to accomplish much when our heart and soul and our mind are more up for playtime than our obligations?

Tuesday, May 29th – Catch-up – Mars, Venus. Tuesday continues with the Moon in Virgo, and today the Moon conjuncts Mars and squares Venus. Whether yesterday was a workday or a holiday for us, we might have been so distracted by fascinating diversions that we might not have accomplished much. And so today we may be looking at doing catch-up, dealing with things that piled up while we were away, whether our sojourn was physically or mentally. We may put nose to grindstone today, focus on the particulars and concentrate on the details. Our interactions with other people might be dicey at best. We are not interested in gabfests today. We may have done enough of that yesterday and over the weekend. We want to focus on what needs to be done, and we could become quite critical of other people if we feel that they are not keeping up with our pace or unable to do things effectively and quickly. We may be on a tear today, trying to get as much done in the shortest time possible. We may be full speed ahead but leave some broken spirits of people in our wake.

Wednesday, May 30th – Mad as a Hatter – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. Late Tuesday, early Wednesday has the Taurus Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon then moves into Libra where it trines the Sun but also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Libra Moon opposed Uranus in Aries and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury squares Mars today. We may have great plans, majestic goals, in mind as we start the day. We might want to expand our activities, assume that we have things well planned, yet the train could fall off the track as the day goes along. Although we can believe in our ability to juggle any number of things today, there may be some curve balls that come out of left field to slow us down, impede our progress or knock us off track. Even if things get in our way, we have to be careful not to go full steam ahead without considering the obstacles in our way or assuming that we can push things forward by might alone. We may not be happy campers if we encounter blockages to our intentions. And we can certainly let people know about our displeasure caused either by their dysfunctionality or by their getting in our way. There may be no stopping us now, but our trajectory based upon brawn rather than brain could be heading us for the cliffs and an inevitable fall. Today is a day not to lose our cool but to recognize that anything hampering us might prove to be of benefit in the need to slow things down, re-evaluate and possibly recalibrate our actions and our decisions. We could be mad as a hatter today wanting what we want without engaging due diligence or without considering whether we are on the road to nowhere. Patience is called for. Let’s avoid a sharp tongue and a tendency to enforce the misinformed belief that might makes right.

Thursday, May 31st – Due Consideration – Mercury, Venus, Saturn. After the past few days when we might have bulldozed ahead without taking into account the conditions of our playing field, this Thursday on through the weekend seems a great deal more placid, serene and enjoyable. We may have felt that we had places to go, things to do, all with a sense that what we want we should get without much consideration of either the consequences of our actions or the ramifications on other people. Finally, today, we may seem far more considerate, a little more reasonable and not quite as self-centered as we might have seemed earlier in the week. This Thursday has the Moon in Libra trine both Mercury and Venus and the Moon conjunct Saturn. Our interaction with a special someone in our lives can be enlivening and instrumental. If we would take the time to engage other people’s perspectives and objective opinion, we might get some solid advice. We could come to realize that we have been somewhat pig-headed, trying to achieve our goals but never questioning the how and why of reaching for our presumed dreams. This is a day when conversations can be insightful and our discussions can show true appreciation for those significant people in our lives. Let’s enjoy this day by reaching out and touching someone, or many someones, and expressing our gratitude for what they have done for us and how they have made our lives worth living. While we might have tried to push things ahead by our indomitable will over the past few days, we are far more considerate today and far less narrow-minded. We can see beyond our own beliefs and take into account what other people can offer us in the way of their objective opinion, their sage advice, their enduring friendship and their unwavering support.

Friday, June 1st – Intuitive and Focused – Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Pluto. Friday can be a day when we can engage a strong intuitive sense with a laser-like focus. The Moon in Scorpio today trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. Mercury conjuncts Venus. This Friday can be a highly productive day. We may feel rather intense, but our intensity is based upon a feeling that we are on target with our plans and utilizing a best practices approach to realize our plans. Although we could feel driven, we can also present our ideas in a manner that gains advocates and wins over even the naysayers. We have a visionary quality combined with a streamlined methodology and yet with an ability to charm and persuade other people to the right cause of our decisions and our intended actions. This Friday can be a winning day, for we step out of our own way, which could have been a problem earlier in the week. In the early part of the week, we might have tried to force issues no matter the circumstances or conditions in which we found ourselves. Perhaps we have gained a little bit of patience as the week wore on. For today, we seem to be firing on all cylinders, aware of what is truly meaningful regarding our plans, and how we can go about realizing our goals in the most expeditious manner possible, all the while that we are less adversarial and far more interested in gaining support for our ideas and our goals by persuasive charm than by bellicose force.

Saturday, June 2nd – Errands and Details – Mars. Although much of this week could have been quite hectic, even frenetic, this Saturday seems to slow things down, thereby allowing us to concentrate on the specifics and particulars. The Scorpio Moon today sextiles Mars. We may have various errands to attend to and we might be far more interested in the details and the specifics than in the big picture. We might have our nose to the grindstone as we look to clear away our messes and concentrate on what needs to be done. We may have the sense that we have tried to juggle too much recently, that we have had too many irons in the fire. And this Saturday could allow us to pare down, tie up loose ends and consider what is truly important and what is merely dissonance, noise of busy work that only gets in our way. We may not feel overly social today. Any planned social engagements could seem an annoyance with our intention of making our presence known but keeping our time involvement to a minimum. There will be other times to engage social interactions and new interests, and we may already have such plans for tomorrow. But today we are more interested in cleaning the stables of our stuff, bringing completion to various projects and just tying up situations that have been outstanding and nagging at us.

Sunday, June 3rd – Not What it Seems – Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, Saturn. Sunday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Scorpio, and as it does so, the Moon opposes Jupiter. We may be looking over our bills and considering how we can pare down our expenses. These times demand that we be resourceful, that we be more effective with less expenditure of energy and that we get more bang for our buck. The Moon then moves into Sagittarius, where the Moon today squares Neptune and trines Uranus. Mercury also trines Saturn today. No matter what our plans for this day might be we are looking at spreading our wings, having time to act spontaneously, even impulsively, and enjoying the serendipity of the day. We could find ourselves bumping into someone we haven’t seen in a while. There is an element of magic in the air, if only we would let go of pre-conceived notions and a rigid schedule for the day. We may become aware of options and alternatives that we hadn’t even considered. This is a day when we might experience being in the right place at the right time, even though that place may not have been where we planned to be. This Sunday is a day to have our antennae up, be open to the unexpected and draw upon the wisdom of those people who are detached from our situations but can make us aware of prospects we were unable to take into account. This is a day when appearances may be deceiving so let’s not draw upon first impressions. If something intrigues us today, let’s explore and investigate the possibilities.