May 21st – 27th, 2012

Under the influence of this past Sunday’s Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse, this week and next week could prove a little bonkers. We may try to cover all bases but cover none well. While we might have a lot on our plate and look to take on evermore, we could easily gloss over the specifics and particulars in our race to… nowhere. We can easily prove the sentiment in the well-known phrase: ‘the devil is in the details’.

The impact we are feeling is the Mutable Sign T-Square with its influence of us juggling so many things that it is hard to concentrate on any one thing, much less take things step by step in a sequential progress. That is also our lesson for these times — to play the xylophone rather than the one note samba, to work with time in a subjective, qualitative manner whereby we become aware of our productive time cycle and work effectively in that time cycle. We may not complete things from a singular focus from start to finish, but we might discover that our projects and activities are like a quilt whereby we work on the various patches, different involvements, and eventually weave them all together.

If we do not work with our productive time cycle, we could find ourselves getting flummoxed by all that we have to do and doing none of it effectively, much less expeditiously.

The beginning of the week has us rushing around, taking on more than we can successfully accomplish but enjoying the rush of activity and the sense of self-importance we might engage. We can be confident and personable, win people to our cause, but we have to ask ourselves whether we are walking our talk or just talking our talk. People may be optimistic and sharp salespeople of their pet projects, but getting from the presentation through the initiation, execution and manifestation could be fraught with various pitfalls and distractions along the way.

The mid-week period could have us scrambling for the safety of our home. We might be a little dazed from all the commotion earlier in the week and seek the quiet sanctity of our home base. We may feel a little uncomfortable in our own skin, a little confused about what we are doing or what we should be doing and even questioning our identity of who and what we really are. Getting off the track mid-week and regrouping might not be such a bad idea. We may just not be able to keep up the frantic pace of early in the week and could need some ‘time outs’ to get a grip, rethink and regroup.

The weekend holds the promise of fun events and recreational activities. In the US, it is the long Memorial Day weekend, often seen as the unofficial kickoff of summer fun. While children may not yet be out of school, the sense of the forthcoming summer is upon us and we may be looking to participate in fun activities with family and friends.

This week seems to have a flurry of activity with an occasional breakaway to catch our breath. But the pace is fast, the rhythm intense, and we might find ourselves breathless but excited and somewhat anxious at the dizzying array of possibilities and prospects.

Monday, May 21st – You Can’t Sit Down – Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mars, Uranus. Monday starts the week with the Gemini Moon triggering the Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and the Moon squares Mars in Virgo. The Moon also sextiles Uranus. This day reinforces the Solar Eclipse and Gemini New Moon of Sunday evening, early Monday morning. This Monday begins the week in a frenetic, possibly even frantic, way. It could feel reminiscent of the refrain from the 1963 classic pop song by the Dovells, You Can’t Sit Down. A Philadelphia group (and the Philly sound was big in pop music in the early 1960’s), the Dovells had this pop hit with the refrain:
“You gotta move, move, move, a round and round
You can’t sit down, you can’t sit down.”

We may be feeling that way on this Monday, that we are in constant motion, unable to take a breath but continually on the go, taking on more and more but possibly without addressing any thing in the specifics. This Monday, we could feel on overwhelm and we might easily rush through things, all the while keeping up a rapid pace but letting due diligence go by the wayside. We may be on an adrenaline rush, assuming that we are dealing with what needs to be done but also engaging all exciting situations that crop up unexpectedly. Where a problem arises is the fact that we are so caught up in the frenzy that we might not be doing our best work. Whatever we do today, let’s evaluate our efforts in a couple of day’s time.

Tuesday, May 22nd – Humpty Dumpty – Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. There’s no slowing down on this Tuesday. The thrust of energy we might have felt from the Gemini New Moon carries us on a wave during this Tuesday. We may feel confident, optimistic and with a sense that we can do no wrong but that everything works out in the end. In deed, it does, but the process can have some twists and turns, re-workings along the way, before we get to that perceived ‘end’. This Tuesday is the 22nd, indicative in numerology of the master builder. And master building is what we might assume that we are doing today. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and the Moon transiting through Mercury-ruled Gemini conjuncts Venus and trines Saturn. Just by our enthusiasm and gracious charm we can win adherents to our cause. Yes, we can talk the talk today, draw pictures in the sky and convince ourselves and others of the invincibility and inevitability of our plans and intentions. Nice concept, but today we need to be wary that we are not building castles in the sky. A little humility would be called for on this Tuesday, but can be lacking. People can engage in a mutual admiration society, encouraging each other in the most specious of possibilities. Let’s try and get a grip on our exuberance, not rush the river but take our time to consider whether our plans that are great in concept have practical application in true reality. We don’t want to wind up like the nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty and have a great fall.

Wednesday, May 23rd – Sort of Out of Sorts – Neptune, Sun, Uranus. Like a falling star hurtling across the night sky and burning itself out, have we too burned ourselves out after the frenetic, possibly frantic, past two days? Are we feeling like a crispy critter on this Wednesday? We could be, for the energy today is not as vibrant, or volatile, as we might have been experiencing. This Wednesday has the Moon moving into Cancer, where it trines Neptune and squares Uranus. The Sun today squares Neptune. We may feel a little dazed, more interested in lazing around than putting the pedal to the metal. But some of our ‘go slow’ disposition today could be a result of our being confused, not sure what to do next, much less aware of what we may want to do. Even if we get ourselves into motion, we can be grasping at straws, doing this, doing that, but all with a sense of the opening lyric of one of The Rolling Stones’ greatest hits: ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’. No matter how much we try, we might feel as though there is no satisfaction for us today. It would be wise for us to go slow, not make any major commitments or decisions, and acknowledge that whatever we do today is tentative and subject to recall. While we may have a strong lack of clarity, we could also feel sort of out of sorts. We might prefer staying home today, dealing with chores and taking care of inconsequential but outstanding matters. If we try to do too much, we might get blocked and feel deflated by not being able to bend things to our will. Let’s avoid trying to rush the river today.

Thursday, May 24th – Busy Work – Pluto, Mars, Mercury Gemini. Thursday continues with the Cancer Moon, which today opposes Pluto and sextiles Mars. Mercury moves into its own Sign of Gemini. Much of the energy today is early in the day. We may be interested in cleaning things up, clearing things out and taking time to sort through things. This is not the most exciting of days, but could prove to be a catch-up day when we address outstanding matters and deal with pressing obligations. Some people might refer to the energy of this day as a day for busy work, whereby we are active and attentive but not so much moving mountains as dealing with the pebbles in our shoes. Although the energy today is not earth-shaking [except for a possible quake or two], there are times when we need to halt our quick advances and address the busy work of filing, writing long overdue emails and calling up those people we have intended to connect with but have yet to do so. We may put nose to grindstone and deal with routine matters, but we might also feel as though this is a wasted day. Not so, for we all have those necessary details and particulars to take care of. Like the old proverb states: ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’

Friday, May 25th – Where to Begin? – Saturn, Jupiter, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Neptune. This Friday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer, and as it does so, the Moon squares Saturn and sextiles Jupiter. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo for a fun-filled weekend. Mercury today squares Neptune. We might start the day feeling somewhat encumbered by someone else’s needs or requests. We could even get out of bed on the wrong side and feel slightly irritable as we start the day. We can feel as though there is so much to do and so little time to do it in. Not that we are likely to get focused today. On the contrary, our mind may be awhirl with all sorts of possibilities and wondering what to do, where to begin and how to do what we decide to do. Yes, this Friday can be somewhat confusing with various push pulls between our routine tasks and the activities we wish to engage. While clarity might not be the strongest today with the kaleidoscope of all sorts of possibilities, we are looking to tie up loose ends before the weekend, a long weekend in the US that often signals the unofficial start to the summer. No matter how much we do on this Friday, we are likely to be clock watching, waiting for the weekend to come. We might even choose to leave our obligations early in order to fully engage our intended weekend fun.

Saturday, May 26th – Party All the Time – Mercury, Sun, Uranus. Late Friday, early Saturday kicks off a weekend in pursuit of good times with good friends. Excitement is the keyword for this weekend and this Saturday. The Leo Moon today sextiles Mercury, sextiles the Sun and trines Uranus. We start the day ready to ‘bop ‘til we drop’. Nothing is too much for us today and the more we can fit into this day the better it is. We could even find ourselves pushing the envelope, looking for one grand adventure after another, not content being on the sidelines but wanting to be in the thick of things. We are not interested in the run-of-the-mill weekend activities. We want adventure, excitement and FUN. There is a great deal of talk, uplifting conversations with a tendency for people to grab center stage and go on and on about their exploits. People may run on at the mouth, but we are not feeling any time constraints so we are willing for people to expound just so long as everyone gets a chance at the microphone. A fun day, let’s not take anything too seriously. We may need to watch our expenses over the weekend, since we could be extravagant and generous to a fault. While we might want people to tone it down this weekend, that’s hardly likely but rather with everyone ratcheting it up instead.

Sunday, May 27th – More, More, More – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter. This FUN weekend continues on. And how do we like it? ‘More, more, more’ may be our rallying cry as we look to embrace the abbondanza of life and living. Sunday continues with the Leo Moon. Today, the Leo Moon sextiles Venus, sextiles Saturn and squares Jupiter. The Sun conjuncts Mercury today and Mercury sextiles Uranus. The more interactions with family and friends, neighbors and strangers, the better it is and the more we are liking it. This is a day of surprises, of exciting treats we can hardly anticipate. Magic is in the air. We may hear about or connect with people in a serendipitous manner of being in the right place at the right time. Yes, this day can affirm the concept of six degrees of separation. We might realize how interconnected we all are. The euphoria of the day could blind us to the expense involved and it would be wise for us to keep track of our expenditures and our promises made on this exciting and enlivening day. This is a weekend when we can heartily agree that it is good to be alive. While we may step off the track of our daily existence, this weekend can recharge our batteries and give us a sense of how wonder-filled life can be. Good friends, right attitude and an uplifted spirit go a long way to making our lives worth living. And this weekend is a testament to how good it can get.