April 9th – 15th, 2012

This week could be volatile and even explosive, as we try to get a grip on whether we are coming or going. There are directional changes of two planets that could provoke some rather nasty outbursts, knock us off center, and tenderize us to the magic of these times.

The week begins with a sense of the unanticipated entering our lives. We could hear from someone or connect serendipitously with someone who gives greater credence to our talents and makes suggestions regarding trajectories we might consider but that we had not taken into account.

Let’s be aware that these times are volatile, times of eliminations but also times of things coming about in the most unexpected ways. These times call for our letting go — letting go of old and outworn situations, letting go of rigid and fixed beliefs, letting go of the ways we have done things and letting go of our assumptions of control in order to be open to the magic and mini-miracles of these times.

Problems with traditional formats may come to light this week with implosions liable to upset the way things are. We might wonder whether we are truly on the road to economic recovery or whether we have merely swept things under the rug to be dealt with later in time. A sense of disgust with the powers-that-be can be stepped up, as we all now see with uncanny ability the reality that the emperor has no clothes.

While we might be concerned about certain difficulties still unresolved, we do not have to throw our hands up in despair or take a catatonic disposition. On the contrary, we could see the magic of these times, the serendipity and synchronicity of non-linear and asequential reality where we do not have to do it all but we do have to be open to the limitless possibilities. We may feel that no matter what is occurring in the world at large, if we take care of our own personal world, we can not only survive these times but will actually thrive within the conditions around us.

Spring is in the air and with it a sense of the magic of these times. All things are possible, and nothing should be accepted as impossible.

Monday, April 9th – Twists and Turns – Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mars. Monday could begin with a slow start to the week. We might not want to get out of bed and even as we do, we could be operating in slow motion, even distracted by some needless household chore that keeps us from running out the door. The Moon ends its transit of Scorpio with a trine to Mercury. We may have all sorts of plans in our mind, all with the intention of streamlining our operations and ridding ourselves of the extraneous. As the day proceeds, the Moon enters Sagittarius where the Moon creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and squares Mars in Virgo. We may be all over the place, trying to deal with our obligations while also engaging our fantasies of possibilities. To add to this combustible mix, Venus sextiles Uranus. Exciting but unexpected situations could arise that throw a monkeywrench into our plans. Can we do it all? Juggle not only our scheduled plans but also some wonderful new opportunities? Possibly, but probably not effectively. We know what we need to do, but we also see some thrilling scenarios opening up to us as we hear from people or bump into people who make us aware of our talents and abilities and propose enticing prospects for us to consider. After the Moon creates the T-Square, the Moon trines Uranus and opposes Venus. We may be far more interested in the new and the unique, less so in our usual routine matters, and we could wind up with so much on our plate that we have difficulty attending to it all. Let’s deal with what needs to be done and look at how we can expand our involvements without dropping the ball of our responsibilities.

Tuesday, April 10th – Boom, Bam, Bang – Sun, Pluto retrograde. Tuesday has the Sagittarius Moon trine the Sun, a very pleasant energy when we might feel that we have it all together in our lives. A nice concept, no doubt, but where things get squirrely today is the change in direction of Pluto, as Pluto turns retrograde. This shift in direction of Pluto often coincides with explosive or implosive energies, and this shift today could also see some leader showing up with egg all over their face. The energy today could have us pulling back the curtain on the wizard of oz screen to see what is really going on. We might feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under us, that some of our goals and ambitions are only images in our mind, the grand delusions of us following pipe dreams with little basis in reality. It would be wise for us today not to make definitive judgments or allow our feelings to impact our commitments. This is one of those days when we need to suspend judgment, to allow the jury to be out and for us to just ride the wave, even if we feel that we are being body slammed. Today is an intense energy, and we might feel like we are caroming and hitting the wall. We may hit the other side of the wall on Friday, but on this day we might feel that things are crashing down around us. Let’s keep in mind the image of the phoenix, that mythological bird that from its funereal pyre rose from the ashes to soar ever higher. We may feel bruised today, but if we let go of our need for control, we might also experience new doors opening to us, and new adventures for us to embark on.

Wednesday, April 11th – Reining In – Mercury, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Neptune, Mars, Uranus. Wednesday begins with the Moon in Sagittarius square to Mercury and sextile Saturn. We may not be thinking clearly as we start this day. Drawing upon someone we trust as a sounding board could prevent us from going off the deep end and getting ourselves in trouble. We may have to rein in some of our desires and our expectations. If we slow things down and not be seduced by promises or by illusions, this day can be a productive and effective one. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before entering Capricorn where the Moon becomes more focused, more grounded and sextiles Neptune, trines Mars and squares Uranus. Many of the illusions earlier in the day seem to drop away and we can concentrate on the truly meaningful. We may be far more productive. We can use a visionary perspective to see the big picture and a detailed approach to address the specifics. We might feel constricted and not able to fully embrace our personal desires, but this is a day not to make waves or act rebellious but rather to recognize that by addressing pressing matters first we then have the time and space to create new adventures for ourselves. With the Moon in Capricorn, the Moon also triggers the Earth Grand Trine that we have had as an influence since last November. This triggering of the Earth Grand Trine occurs today and tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12th – Expanding in a Focused Manner – Pluto, Jupiter. The Capricorn Moon today finishes its trigger to the Earth Grand Trine that it started yesterday. Today, the Moon conjuncts Pluto and trines Jupiter. We can move ahead with our projects and expand our involvements, all the while that we are concentrating on the most important and meaningful activities. Much can be accomplished on this day. We could virtually move mountains. We have the determination and the focus and also the confidence. We are likely to take things step by step, streamline our operations and be attentive to what needs to be done, and done in a best practices manner. Wednesday and Thursday are powerful days. We may be primarily concerned with our responsibilities, our goals and our ambitions, but just as long as we are not distracted by the superfluous and we keep our eye on the ball, we can get more done than usual and move ever closer to the realization of our dreams. Wednesday and Thursday would be best served by our having our nose to the grindstone.

Friday, April 13th – Forget the Fear, We’re in High Gear – Lunar T-Square, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars direct. Friday continues with the Moon in Capricorn. Whereas yesterday and the day before, the Moon in Capricorn was triggering the Earth Grand Trine, on this Friday the Moon creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square the Sun in Aries and square Saturn in Libra. The Moon sextiles Mercury before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost six hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius. Friday also has Mars ending its retrograde cycle and turning direct. Today is Friday the 13th, but our fears can dissipate, as we become more engaged in launching new interests and new activities. We may have greater responsibilities today, more to do, both as a result of Springtime projects we have already initiated and also from someone else’s needs or demands. We do have to be careful not to switch into high gear without fully taking into account our itinerary, much less our direction. If we go off with great intentions but without checking the conditions, we might end up only spinning our wheels. This Friday is a day NOT to get caught up in the whirlwind of activity and lose our sense of direction. On the contrary, we may have a great deal on our plate but utilizing a well-considered strategy could also allow us to get most things done. We seem to get a second wind but like Spring itself this second wind could be gusts and, at times, tornado-like. Let’s harness the energy to take care of our responsibilities and meet any challenges other people might present us.

Saturday, April 14th – Enjoyable Camaraderie – Uranus, Venus. Saturday can be an especially pleasant day. The Moon is in Aquarius and sextiles Uranus and trines Venus today. We may feel that this Saturday is like a scavenger hunt. Unless we have scheduled ourselves to the hilt, we might engage activities in a spontaneous way. Clues can be presented and thrilling opportunities could arise. Getting together with friends and doing things we don’t normally engage can be part of a fun Saturday. We might feel almost child-like with the awe and wonder of surprising and exciting possibilities. The less committed to plans for this day, the more we might get out of this Saturday. This day can be a day of magic and mini-miracles, those serendipitous happenings that are far more enjoyable than anything we might have planned for ourselves. Whatever captures our attention today can be one of those clues in the scavenger hunt that leads us down a fun and highly enjoyable trajectory. With synchronicity afoot, we can bump into interesting people, be made aware of possibilities we could hardly imagine, and find ourselves highly entertained by the unexpected situations that might arise.

Sunday, April 15th – Taking it Down a Notch – Jupiter, Sun, Saturn. Sunday is often portrayed as a day of rest and this Sunday could prove its characteristic. If we are taking a day to rest on this Sunday, it might not be due to the general characteristic as much as our being at the point of exhaustion. Yesterday might have been a thrilling and exciting day, but we might have also engaged so many activities as to wear ourselves out. This Sunday has the Moon in Aquarius square Jupiter, trine Saturn and sextile the Sun. The Sun opposes Saturn. Yesterday might also have been a ‘me’ day, one of those days when we concentrate on what we want to do, even to the point of creating consternation for other people. Like the saying goes: ‘if you dance to the music, you pay to the piper’. We might have fully enjoyed the dance on Saturday, but Sunday could have us dealing with the errands and needs of other people that we put on the back burner yesterday. We can take care of what needs to be done today, concentrate on the specifics and engage the interests of other people. We do have to avoid being extravagant today, for we might have a tendency to absolve any guilt placed upon us for yesterday’s ‘fun times’ by throwing money or gifts at the offended parties. The balance between self-interest and relationship needs could be a balancing act, but let’s avoid caroming from one extreme to another. We may have been a little too self-focused recently but that doesn’t mean that we have to overdo it on the penance with the sentiment of mea culpa enforced upon us by other people. Blame games are just too old and overdone to engage.