April 23rd – 29th, 2012

This is a week when we could literally move mountains. With the influence of this past Saturday’s New Moon in Taurus and with the Sun reinforcing the Earth Grand Trine to bookend this week by the Sun trining Mars on Monday and the Sun trining Pluto on Sunday, we can be highly productive, get a great deal done and concentrate on a best practices approach and on the most meaningful projects we have on hand. If we take things step by step, we could make remarkable headway towards fulfilling our plans and realizing our goals.

Not that this week will be a mere walk in the park. We have a few clunkers along the way. We shall need to maintain our focus and not get distracted by fascinating diversions. We should keep our tongue in check, even tongue in cheek, and avoid lashing out at any objections to our intentions. And we need to keep from being overly emotional or getting reticent about our decisions and actions, or the flip side of becoming too belligerent or fixed with an attitude of ‘my way or the highway’.

We have some caveats for this week, but all in all this is a week not to let go by without accomplishing a great deal and moving forward with our deepest desires and our greatest objectives.

We could start the week a little flustered. We may be in high gear, ready to put the pedal to the metal, but we could dither around by questioning where to go, what to do first and eventually only spinning our wheels. Why go there when we could easily strategize and prioritize before throwing ourselves into fast forward. A little bit of patience and a modicum of planning can put us in the right direction whereby we start the week full speed ahead in right direction without engaging a dithering around or caroming from one interest to another without getting much done.

If we would start the week with our objective in sight and our means of engagement well-considered, then we might proceed smoothly and quickly. As we do so, it would be wise to keep our eye on the ball but also to evaluate and re-evaluate both our progress and our process. These times ask, really demand, that we be fast on our toes and able to swiftly adapt and change as shifting circumstances call for a tweaking or total realignment of our ways forward.

The mid-part of the week could prove dicey. We may question our motives and our goals and even falter at the first sign of impediments to our way. We have to be careful not to be blinded by our emotions or by our reticence about whether we can pull off things we wish to achieve. We might start second guessing ourselves and therein lies a major problem, and an obstacle of our own making. If we don’t get in our own way or allow our faith to falter, then this mid-week period could prove a hiccup to our week, a speed bump to our drive that might only serve us to evaluate and re-evaluate how we are coming and whether we need to shift and change our means of approach.

The latter part of the week and the weekend might see us regain our confidence, even to the point of overconfidence. The flip between self-consciousness and complete arrogance may be extreme so it would be important for us to find a balance to that metronome of reticence and belligerence. The weekend can be a time for fun activities but to not let down our guard.

This week and this fortnight from this past Taurus lunation can prove to be one of the most productive periods of the year, a time when we can harness our passion and our strength to make even the impossible probable.

Monday, April 23rd – In Turbo Drive but Getting Nowhere? – Sun, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Neptune. The day could be a little slow starting. Not that we don’t have the drive or the passion today. We just might not have a focus, a direction or an itinerary. This Monday has the Sun triggering the Earth Grand Trine that we have been experiencing since last November. Today, the Sun trines Mars. The Moon is transiting Gemini and today creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and the Moon squares Mars in Virgo. We may have all sorts of projects, interests and intentions in mind as we start the day. But we could also be playing pachinko, with various ideas and concepts bouncing around in our mind. The possibilities seem endless, our appetite insatiable. We may want it all and that could prove a problem. For we might even feel on overwhelm with the wide range of prospects to engage. If we would focus, concentrate on what we want to accomplish first, then we can get into gear, avoid spinning our wheels, and be highly effective in a short period of time. The day could be slow starting due to our dithering around but we have a lot going on in our mind. We just may have difficulty getting into motion. Once in motion, however, we can get more done in a shorter period of time than usual. Our passion will be our drive.

Tuesday, April 24th – The Magic Wand – Uranus, Mercury, Venus. Tuesday is a day to think outside the box, have our antennae up and note the signals along the way. The Gemini Moon today sextiles Uranus, sextiles Mercury and conjuncts Venus. This day might seem as though we have been handed a magic wand. Things can come remarkably easily. We just have to be open to doing things differently and taking advantage of opportunities that might arise suddenly and unexpectedly. Magic is afoot and we may have the wand to engage some incredible situations. Our mind is insightful with a sprinkling of revelatory ah-has now and again. If we would combine a pragmatic concentration and a willingness to be open to streamlined methods, then this day could have us sitting on cloud nine, all the while our feet are firmly planted on the ground. Not only can we be incredibly insightful, but our communications can be sparkling and enticing. This is one of those days when everything may seem to be going our way. People are delighted by what we have to say and the way we say it. We can make people aware of possibilities that they might never have considered, and people can act that way for us as well. This is a day to be open to acting on the spur of the moment, engaging surprises spontaneously and allowing ourselves to be impulsive.

Wednesday, April 25th – Oops, Mashing Toes, Sparks Flying – Mercury, Pluto, Saturn. Wednesday is not a day when we necessarily have to regroup, but it is a day where we might find that we have to rework some things that we launched with great enthusiasm. There could be obstacles in our way today. Mercury squares Pluto and the Gemini Moon trines Saturn. Although we might have had all flags flying over the past few days, this Wednesday could have us hitting the wall against certain standards, restrictions and situations just getting in our way. Everyone may be a little full of themselves and could try to win their point more by force and what they want rather than by reason and agreement between the parties involved. Perhaps we were too enthusiastic yesterday or bought into our ability to bring everyone to the table. Today, we may have to regroup, draw upon the tried and true and ask for the advice of someone we trust as to whether we are on the right track or have gotten off onto the highway to nowhere. Discussions can become heated, but it would be wise not to get so attached to our viewpoint that we lose sight of the ability to hone, fine tune and even change our thoughts and our processes. Flexibility is called for and a willingness to let go of our belief regarding how things should work. Let’s keep in mind that these times are times of volatility and radical change. What was true yesterday might in fact be totally false today. The need for flexibility and adaptability and not holding too hard on what we want the way we want it are keys to making this day work. If we become rigid in our opinions, we could either be drawing lines in the sand or someone else could draw them for us.

Thursday, April 26th – The Maze or the Labyrinth – Neptune, Mars, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. Some of yesterday’s frustrations could seep into this Thursday. The Moon enters Cancer where today it trines Neptune in Pisces and sextiles both Mars in Virgo and the Sun in Taurus. The Moon also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. Today is not a day to try and force issues or make great leaps forward. On the contrary, this day is better served by focusing on the details and by taking things step by step. We can keep the big picture in mind, but it would be wise to concentrate on the specifics and the particulars. Thursday is a day to do stealth maneuvers, to move our interests ahead in a quiet, methodical manner without bombast or dramatic approaches. We can either be in a maze or a labyrinth today, the difference being that the maze will only be confusing, leading us one way, then another and possibly getting lost in the process. Such an approach would only prove self-defeating and exhausting, possibly having us banging our head against walls and even questioning our capabilities and diminishing our self-confidence. If instead we see this day as a labyrinth whereby we take things step by step with the recognition that we will eventually get to the center, to the core issues and able to achieve the big picture by resolving the little details along the way, then we can move forward step by step without raising concerns in other people and without creating adversarial relationships along the way.

Friday, April 27th – Broadening the Focus – Mercury, Jupiter. Friday continues with the Cancer Moon, which today squares Mercury and sextiles Jupiter. Similar to yesterday, this Friday is a day for us to have nose to grindstone, take care of what needs to be done and not be overly dramatic in the ways that we are doing things. If we try to rush the river, advance our interests quickly with passion but without strategy, we could find ourselves like a deflated balloon, once full and robust, now flat and empty. We might consider this day as a day when we need to put much of our personal interests on the back burner, take care of family needs and fix things up around our home. The latter part of the day we might feel as though we have gained a second wind. We do need to be certain not to become extravagant or overspend today, for we might have the tendency to seek some indulgence to offset any emotional upset. The weekend is upon us and we may be looking to step off the track and focus on pleasurable activities and enjoyable events. We do have to avoid going from one extreme to the other, for while we might want to concentrate on fun, we can still accomplish a great deal and advance our interests before the weekend is over.

Saturday, April 28th – Looking for the Good Times – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. Late Friday, early Saturday, we might have a tete-a-tete with someone, discussing past matters, dealing with any unintended slights or hurts. The Cancer Moon squares Saturn. A walk down Memory Lane in discussion with someone could clear the air but also be emotionally jarring. Once we have dealt with any issues in our significant relationship, we might take time just to catch our breath. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for nine hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo. Although the day may be slow starting with us even considering pulling the bed sheet up over our heads, as the day progresses, we get a second wind. We are looking for fun activities, getting involved in recreational pursuits and interested in enjoying ourselves. This day is paradoxical for it could be slow starting with a great deal of emotion to begin with, followed by an energized spark that has us blowing our horns.

Sunday, April 29th – Sharp Focus – Sun, Pluto, Uranus, Mercury. Sunday is the bookend to Monday, for on Monday the Sun reinforced the Earth Grand Trine with the Taurus Sun trine Mars in Virgo. Today, the Sun reinforces the Earth Grand Trine with the other point to the Grand Trine, as the Taurus Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn. The Leo Moon today trines both Uranus and Mercury and the Moon squares the Sun. Today is a day when we can feel empowered, at the top of our game, and able to work things to our will. We are willing to consider alternatives, engage streamlined methods and work smarter rather than harder. We can be operating on all eight cylinders but we also have to avoid being excessive. We can accomplish a great amount today and more so if we concentrate on projects that are the most important to us and we consider a best practices approach to achieve our goals. If we are engaging recreational activities, we could prove to be a fierce competitor. We are not looking to waste this day but to use it to our best abilities, whether we focus on our work or on our play. Nothing is done in half measure today. It’s all or nothing at all.