April 16th – 22nd, 2012

This is another highly active week. We may start the week a little confused and discombobulated. We might not know in what direction to turn, but we are likely to feel impelled towards some form of movement. We do need to keep from feeling victimized and immediately reacting to every situation. We could have the sense that we need to do something, anything, in order to get moving and get things accomplished. It would be wise for us to avoid a rush to action. Impulsiveness could create a helter skelter approach that might lead us only into harm’s way.

As the week progresses, we are likely to feel energized but also more grounded and practical. We may no longer rush to judgment but on the contrary could be looking at working with a best practices approach and taking things in an orderly, focused and streamlined manner.

The highlights of the week are two Sign changes, with Mercury moving into Aries and the Sun moving into Taurus, and then the Taurus New Moon over the weekend with significant altered reality awareness to end the weekend.

Mercury moves out of Pisces and back into Aries at the beginning of the week. Our moodiness can drop away and we might feel less impacted by the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. Misunderstandings can lessen and we may be less sensitive to possible, unintended slights. We are still in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde, possibly retracing steps we had taken back in March.

The Sun moves into Taurus towards the end of the week. The Sun in Taurus gives greater weight to the Earth Grand Trine that we have experienced since mid-November of this past year. We can plant the seeds of our intended projects in fertile ground and have slightly more patience to allow the seeds to gestate and germinate.

A pragmatic, focused direction can be accentuated thanks to the Taurus Lunation over the weekend, with the New Moon creating a signature for the next fortnight up to the Full Moon on May 5th.

With the New Moon giving greater force to the Earth Grand Trine and the Sun Moon conjunction sextile Neptune, with the Sun exactly sextile Neptune to end the weekend, the same day that Mercury is conjunct Uranus, we may feel divinely inspired and guided in regard to making manifest those things that will support us and provide venues by which we can thrive.

Now more than ever before we could fully believe that all things are possible. And all things are possible.

This week is a mixture of energies, a kaleidoscope of different temperaments, feelings and intentions. To some degree, this week is akin to a saying attributed to Mark Twain about the weather in New England: ‘If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes’.

Monday, April 16th – Off and Running? – Neptune, Pluto, Lunar T-Square, Mars, Venus, Mercury Aries. This Monday starts the week with us a little dazed, possibly unsure of our schedule but ready to get into fast gear as soon as we wake up. It’s a nice concept to see a fast start to the week, but we have to avoid that we don’t engage a race to nowhere. The Moon in Pisces today conjuncts Neptune, sextiles Pluto and creates a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Mars and square Venus. Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries. We may be on the fast track today but we have to avoid merely reacting to other people’s quandaries or getting involved in needless distractions, which then force us to cut corners and gloss over significant details. We might need to focus our drive and concentrate on fewer situations without getting diverted by the broad range of diverse interests beckoning to us. Today is a day for us not to get caught up in the whirlwind of activity but rather to see what needs to be done, consider how we can best accomplish the priorities and not get diverted from our trajectory.

Tuesday, April 17th – Kid in a Candy Shop – Jupiter. We may be feeling like a kid in a candy shop on this Tuesday. If living in the US, we have had a brief reprieve from filing our taxes, since the 15th fell on a Sunday. But more than that, we might be looking for a little indulgence today. The Pisces Moon sextiles Jupiter. The liability towards excess and extravagance cannot be discounted. Our emotions can easily overrule our practical sense, and we could spend more on our whims and desires than might be practically realistic. This is a day when we might believe that whatever we want we should have. No cutting the corners for us today. If we feel like an enchilada, we may want the entire enchilada. We might not do anything in half measure today and that’s where the problem could arise. We could have a tendency to overdo today, no matter what arena we are involved with. We could spend too much, eat and drink too much, play the savior / martyr to other people’s conditions and circumstance and virtually wear a sign on our back indicating that we will do whatever anyone, including ourselves, wants us to do. This day is a day when things can go over the top. Our emotions can be strong, with wild mood swings. We may all be feeling the pain, whether our own, someone else’s or the world at large. We can also be ecstatic and exuberant, all with no true basis in reality.

Wednesday, April 18th – All About Me – Mercury, Uranus. With the Moon moving into Aries on this Wednesday and conjuncting both Mercury and Uranus, we can be totally self-focused, self-absorbed, even self-centered. This day is an ‘all about me’ kind of day, a day when we want to explore and investigate situations that truly resonate with us and also allow us to step out of our normal routine and consider conditions that are exciting and new to our frame of reference. We may be looking to be islands unto ourselves with little consideration for other people’s interests or their needs. We may have some startling insights, unexpected situations arising and look to change some aspect of ourselves. Whether we do a personal makeover, spice up our wardrobe or engage activities unfamiliar to us, this Wednesday is a day when we may not be content with the familiar or routine but rather a day when we take machete in hand and cut our own path, all the while in exploration of anything that captures our fancy.

Thursday, April 19th – Banging our Head Before Finding the Way – Pluto, Venus, Sun Taurus. Thursday could begin with us getting one of those lateral lobotomies, those whacks on the side of the head, which could prove a wakeup call to our personal whims and the standards of our responsibilities. The day begins with the Aries Moon square Pluto. Yesterday had us merely going along, doing our thing with little concern for its impact on other people or the unintended consequences of some of our yesterday decisions and actions. Today could have us being reined in, our impetuous nature and our desires being restricted, restrained and even quashed. We may have felt there was a new day dawning but we might not have dealt with issues unresolved. This Thursday allows us, could even force us, to deal with those incomplete tasks that we might have put aside or even assumed that we wouldn’t have to deal with. This Thursday may have us tying up loose ends and also honing some of our projects that have proven mere distractions and idle interests. We can concentrate on those situations that are the most meaningful. Whether we do the honing or the fine tuning comes from outside of ourselves, once we have determined the truly significant we could provide an honest and appealing presentation as to what we want and how we want it done. Through due diligence and concentrated attention we can win advocates to our side. The Sun exits Aries and enters Taurus today, reinforcing the Earth Grand Trine. We might have greater patience and a willingness to take things step by step, even if during that process some of the steps are baby steps and others are giant leaps. We can find our way if we are willing to let go of control over situations and embrace the concept that ‘god and the universe have far greater plans for us than we could ever have imagined for ourselves.’ Such a letting go is all part of the magical mystery tour of these times of paradigm shift.

Friday, April 20th – Do Unto Others – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course. The Moon continues its transit of Aries and opposes Saturn today. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for eight and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Aries and before entering Taurus. This is a day when we may need to balance our personal interests with those of someone else. We might feel compelled to take care of someone’s needs, engage someone’s drama or address someone’s personal matters. The balance between ‘me and thee’ can be like a teeter-totter whereby we want to do our own thing, expand our activities and have wide-ranging interests. But our responsibilities and obligations to someone could get in the way of our free-wheeling desires to do whatever we might choose to do. We could find the balance point between our personal wishes and the desires of someone else, if we would be receptive listeners, utilize time management and realize that we are not islands unto ourselves but rather engaged in a social community with our interactions with other people often asking us to put our focus on the back burner in order to engage the interests of others. As the day progresses, the energy dies down. We are less enthusiastic about expanding our reach and more attentive to a slower, even plodding, pace whereby we concentrate on taking things one step at a time and certain that we have covered the necessary particulars of each step.

Saturday, April 21st – Productive, Effective and Highly Attuned – Taurus Lunation, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Pluto. Although there can be a sense of new starts and new beginnings with today’s New Moon, which creates an imprint and influence over the next two weeks, we might not be rushing out the door. On the contrary, we are likely to be far more focused, attentive to a best practices approach and both effective and productive in whatever we might do. This Saturday’s New Moon conjuncts the Sun, sextiles Neptune and triggers the Earth Grand Trine as the Moon in Taurus trines Mars in Virgo and trines Pluto in Capricorn. Starting with this Saturday, we have crossed the threshold into one of the most highly attuned periods of the year when we can virtually move mountains and do so in a concentrated manner. This is a day and a period of time when we can be far more effective with less expenditure of energy. Not only can we advance our interests. We can do so in a charming and non-intimidating manner. We seem to have it all going on now. We have a visionary sense of what could be. We know where we might want to go but we are also considering the specifics and the details regarding how we can get there. While this time promises a highly successful period, we also have to recognize the challenge of not falling into our old societal mindset of our ability to control and make things happen. We might assume while everything is going our way that we have created the parameters by which to succeed. If we buy into such an egocentric perspective, we might be putting on blinders, closing ourselves off to the magic of these times. But, if we can recognize that the energies have shifted and then work with the energies, we can become both co-creators of our future and be open to the magic of serendipity and synchronicity, things coming to us in the most unexpected ways.

Sunday, April 22nd – Vision Keeper with a Little Help from the Universe – Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus. This Sunday can offer us gifts from the universe. We just have to be open to the magic. This day is a high frequency day when our higher faculties are fully attuned. The Sun sextiles Neptune, Mercury conjuncts Uranus and the Taurus Moon conjuncts Jupiter. If we do not close ourselves off to the world of possibilities and so-called impossibilities, then this day can be a day when various gifts from the universe are presented to us. The main thing for us is to get out of our own way and let the universe provide. Our intuitive nature and our inspired self can be truly on target today. Our feelings, our senses, our openness to receive and our willingness to acknowledge something beyond the usual, the routine and our own belief system could be the key to entering a wonderland of understandings, new realizations, different directions and a myriad of prospects. This is a primo day for wonder and surprises to abound. Since it is such a high frequency day, we also need to accept the liability that some of our mechanisms may have glitches to them. It is all a question as to whether our equipment can keep up as a conduit of the high frequencies coming through. If they cannot, then we could experience problems with computers and the internet, difficulties in our travel and communications, and errant situations arising that keep us on our toes. I would also suggest that we take moments to reflect on what is occurring, time to allow the nickels to drop in regard to how things could be. We might see and witness how we no longer have to do it all but rather the natural unfolding of the universe, even if that unfolding occurs in an asequential, non-linear manner that many of us may not be accustomed to. Yes, in deed, we are on the magical, mystery tour. Let’s embrace the fact that a new paradigm is operational.