March 5th – 11th, 2012

This week is a highly productive week and also the last week before Mercury turns retrograde next week. The more we can accomplish this week, the better it is. To repeat: Mercury turns retrograde next week and we all know what that means. Murphy’s Law is back in action with ‘whatever can go wrong could’.

We do have the energy to get a great deal done this week, although we have to be careful not to get distracted or diverted by mindless, yet pleasurable, interests.

We start the week in overdrive. We are focused on what we want. We could have some startling insights as to how we can streamline our operations and engage a best practices approach to be highly effective and incredibly productive. Not that we are arrogantly stepping on toes. No, we may have a smile on our face, be very gracious to everyone, but still with our concentration on our own agenda of doing our thing and being independent and autonomous as we do so.

While we have a head of steam to start the week, we do need to avoid biting off more than we can chew. We could easily assume that we can do it all, but such an assumption might have us juggling various activities without taking full account of the specifics involved. Juggling is all well and good just as long as we can keep all the balls in the air. With so much to attend to, we could get lost, lose sight of the details and wind up dropping one ball after another.

If we could slow things down, focus our attention on the details, then we could virtually move mountains. The key to all this is for us not to buy into a sense of being legends in our own mind and taking on more than we can effectively handle.

We may be putting on the Ritz this week, looking good, feeling that we are putting our best foot forward. But in putting our foot forward, let’s avoid putting foot in mouth.

Narcissism could be going on for each and every one of us this week. We may be rather enamored with ourselves. Not that we are totally oblivious to other people’s interests and needs. We are just looking out for number one — our individual selves.

Any rush to judgment and precipitous action could fly back in our face. While things can go smoothly, we do need to have nose to grindstone in the early part of the week and concentrate on taking things step by step. Such a plan of action is a nice concept but one that we might negate during the mid-part of the week. We could be going great guns, moving at a rapid pace, but we might lose our itinerary and even our direction by allowing haste to make waste.

The Full Moon on Thursday might trigger the engagement of tricksters, whereby what we see is not necessarily what we get. While we can think outside the box and entertain alternatives we might not have taken into account earlier, we do have to be careful not to be led by our impressions, our desires and our beliefs rather than our critical, analytical reasoning and a discerning attitude. We could easily get hoodwinked. An enticing mystique could cast a pall over due diligence, and we might find ourselves engaging activities that might seem all so together but like a Hollywood set is strong in the image and the façade but with no real depth or substance.

The end of the week and early part of the weekend could be a sociable time, and might allow us to make amends for any self-focused and inappropriate behavior we might have exhibited to other people earlier in the week. We could charm the birds out of the trees but the question of sincerity could be raised. We might wonder whether people are being honest and coming from their integrity or just acting out a role.

The weekend comes to a close with us sorting through stuff, making returns of items we bought but have never used and getting rid of things that have only been taking up space. We want to be functional, free of the dross that weighs us down and focus on the most important and the meaningful.

Monday, March 5th – Revelations or Unexpected Encounters – Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Taurus. Whatever we have planned for this Monday might have to go by the boards as unexpected situations are likely to arise that grab our interest or demand our attention. There is certainly a great deal of energy today. The Moon in Leo trines Uranus and squares Jupiter. Mercury conjuncts Uranus. And Venus exits Aries to enter its own Sign of Taurus. A lot is going on today and much of it not on the radar. We can get some extraordinary insights today, encounter people in a most serendipitous way and be diverted to enjoy ourselves in activities that are new and different from our normal routine. This is an exciting day, but it could prove expensive. We want to enjoy ourselves and we might give little thought at what cost. Since the energy is such a high frequency, we do have to try and bring it down to an energy we can handle. Otherwise, we could be whipsawed by unexpected situations. Our Internet connections could be dicey and our computers prone to problems. Since much of our attention is on the unique and the innovative today, we could even give thought to a personal makeover — changing hairstyles, buying trendy clothes and upgrading our computer systems. Announcements today can be quite surprising and might open up doors to possibilities of which we were totally unaware. Let’s enjoy ourselves but recognize that this is but a brief spurt of energy. The more we can use the energy today in a productive manner without putting blinders on to unexpected possibilities, the more we can accomplish in an expeditious manner and cross the threshold into new and exciting terrain.

Tuesday, March 6th – Looking Good, Feeling Good – Venus, Neptune, Saturn. Tuesday can be one of those magical days when everything appears in a fascinating and enticing way. Venus sextiles Neptune and the Leo Moon sextiles Saturn. Our presentations today can be seductive and could win people to our side. Interactions with other people can be fun encounters and supportive to our interests. There can be an enigmatic quality today but also a very magnetic feel whereby people are drawn to one another and are influenced by the image being offered. This Tuesday can have us feeling like we are at the top of our game, that our presence is noticed and deeply appreciated. We could be virtually all things to all people. Although there can be a chameleon quality to this day, it can be close to idyllic, seductive with the ability for us to win our way and not by force or intimidation but rather by our appearance and our radiance. This is a special day. We could hear comments of gratitude for something that we have done or discussions of the great qualities of our character. This is a day to shine and to sparkle and enjoy the camaraderie of those special people in our lives.

Wednesday, March 7th – Taking Care of Business – Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars. Wednesday can be a highly productive day when we can accomplish a great deal. Although we might want to continue to luxuriate in the glow of other people’s appreciation of us and may prefer just to laze around heaven all day, this day is far better served to put our nose to the grindstone and attend to our responsibilities and mundane matters. We might not want to but taking care of business can be done expeditiously today and prove highly productive. The day begins with the Virgo Moon opposed Neptune and then quickly shifts into the Moon triggering the Earth Element Grand Trine with the Virgo Moon trine Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, the Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon conjunct Mars. We may be in high gear, focusing on the details, concentrating on the most important and getting more done than we can usually do. Not only are we getting things done, but we are also likely to be presenting things in an elegant manner. There is a great deal of energy today, energy to deal with what needs to be done, and we are moving towards tomorrow’s Full Moon. The emotions can start ratcheting up, so let’s keep focused and concentrate on the mundane factors of our lives and not get swayed by our moods or our emotions.

Thursday, March 8th – What’s It All About? – Virgo Full Moon, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday has the Virgo Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun. The Virgo Moon is still triggering the Earth Element Grand Trine that has been going on since mid-November and was triggered yesterday with the Moon coming into Virgo. But we also have the Moon opposed the Sun. Although we can accomplish a great deal, we might have people, and especially family members, pulling numbers for what we can do for them. The sense of ‘what have you done for me lately’ could trip us up. We might feel duty-bound to take care of other people’s needs or issues, but we had better be clear as to whether these same people want to deal with and resolve their issues or if they just prefer kvetching about their issues. There is no time for emotional drama, but this Thursday could have drama up the ying yang. We might wonder whether we need to divert our attention away from our own personal needs to deal with someone else’s stuff. We can certainly help other people out, but the key aspect is not whether we help them out but rather how we help them out. Counsel and advice are one thing, rescuing and getting entangled are something else. I would suggest the former over the latter. While the day begins with the dilemma of what we should do or shouldn’t do, our dance with the guilt complex and all the mishegas that goes with it; we can be thankful that after the Full Moon, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eighteen hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Virgo and before entering Libra. After a crescendo of emotion, drama, guilt and other craziness, the energy dies down. Maybe we need to just take a breather and forget the age-old ruminations of life and the key question of: what’s it all about?

Friday, March 9th – Dueling Banjos – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto. The Moon in Libra often focuses on the interest of someone other than our self. It is a placement where we can be accommodating, interested in what is going on with the other person and drawn to someone as a complement to ourselves. Of course, such a scenario is true if nothing else were going on in the heavens, or in the celestial realm. But that’s not happening on this Friday. Instead, the Libra Moon today creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed both Mercury and Uranus in Aries and the Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Someone could read us the riot act, try to enforce their rules and regulations on us and we might feel as though they were stepping on our toes. Perhaps not comfortable, but any resistance from other people can get us into gear whereby no matter what the restrictions might be we are looking to do our own thing even if that means people are getting somewhat aggravated and annoyed with us. Relationships could be a little dicey today. People might assume that they have the right to enforce divine intervention [at least divine the way they see it]. And then the fun would start. While there could be dueling banjos, other forms of adversarial interaction could be arm wrestling or jousting or just getting irritated by someone else’s words and actions. This is a day when we need to avoid confrontations which might lead only to lose-lose situations. It would be far wiser for us to do the tai chi moves, work ourselves around any irritating situations and go merrily along our way. We do not have to prove ourselves to anyone nor get their seal of approval on what we might intend or choose to do. But let’s try and avoid confrontation. There’s enough of that in the world already.

Saturday, March 10th – Old Friends – Saturn. If we kept any dust-ups with people yesterday to a minimum, we could find ourselves engaged with people from our past or dealing with the needs of someone today. The Moon finishes its transit of Libra and as it does so the Moon conjuncts Saturn. If people wanted something from us yesterday or made demands on our time, we could have had our backs up, resistant and looking to get out of obligations to someone else. This Saturday we could willingly step in it and take care of what someone wants us to do. We may feel hampered by the needs of another, but we might acquiesce and do what needs to be done. We might also look to reconnect with old friends, people with whom we have been out of touch, and play catch-up with their lives and tell them about our lives. We do have to keep a positive attitude today, since the tendency could be towards feeling a little down and on overwhelm. Let’s be certain to get some rest, enjoy the lightheartedness of funny movies or television comedies and not get too serious today about anything.

Sunday, March 11th – Feeling the Impulse of Spring, Cleaning Out – Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars. Sunday has the Moon in Scorpio with the Moon trine Neptune, opposed both Venus and Jupiter, and sextile Pluto and sextile Mars. With Spring soon approaching, we might use this day to start putting away some of our Winter stuff, pull out some of our Spring stuff and during the process see what we can get rid of and what we can return. If we have certain unused items that we have decided to be of no value to us, we could be looking at going to stores and making returns. Today is a good day for inventory taking, seeing what we really need and the stuff only taking up space. It is always a good thing to periodically go through our closets, our drawers, our cupboards and our storage sheds and do a culling, getting rid of the broken, outworn and no longer needed items in our lives. This is one of those days. We may feel driven to pare down to the bone, to be more resourceful and to focus on the truly important and be rid of the non-essentials. We could be intense today, driven, looking to clean up and clear out. Yes, the impulse of Spring may be upon us and this day is a good pre-Spring cleaning day. Let’s remember the old and wise saying that ‘the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled’.