March 26th – April 1st, 2012

Spring is in full flavor this week, as we explore and test the waters of new interests, all the while that we are looking to rid ourselves of past restrictions and strip away non-essentials.

We start the week looking to put our best foot forward. We are looking good and able to present ourselves in the best possible light. We may want to buy accoutrements to our wardrobe, our home, our workspace — any area of our lives that we want to embellish and perform a makeover.

The mid-part of this week could have us all over the place, some times focused, other times feeling as though we were running in place. Part of our searching, exploring and testing the waters can be attributed to a sense of being uncomfortable in our own skin. We may all be feeling a certain sense of discontent. On the one hand, we would like to get rid of the extraneous and time-consuming matters that hold little relevance for us. On the other hand, we want to be able to explore a wide range of possibilities, trying things out but with no real desire for commitment.

This week can have us all over the place and our energies may be a ratcheted-up version of start and stop. Although we want to disengage from elements of our past, we are also leery of engaging any involvement with a full embrace.

The end of the week and over the weekend could have us attending to home projects and family obligations. The more we can accomplish our errands and our dutiful tasks at the beginning of the weekend, the more we can enjoy lighter moments and social engagements as we come towards the end of the weekend, also the beginning of April.

Monday, March 26th – Stylish and All Together – Venus. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus. We are looking good on this Monday. Not only are we putting our best foot forward in our appearance and our presentation, but we are also well aware that first impressions and our image can go a long way towards getting what we want. This is a day when we can move towards realizing our goals by being socially adept and by the right impression we give to others. Not only are we showing ourselves off to the best of our ability. We are also engaging other people, showing interest in their projects and their concerns, but with a desire to win their support for our own ambitions. This Monday is a ‘pretty’ day, a day when no one is craving confrontations but rather looking to charm and to entice and even seduce other people to their cause and advocate for their interests.

Tuesday, March 27th – Too Smart for our Own Good – Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Sun. Tuesday begins with the Taurus Moon sextile Mercury. We may be strategizing and considering a best practices approach to achieve our intentions and win the day for ourselves. While we might start the day with our plans in hand and our methods well worked out, the energy shifts early in the day as the Moon exits Taurus and enters Gemini, where the Moon creates a Mutable T-Square with the Moon square Neptune in Pisces and the Moon square Mars in Virgo. The Moon also sextiles both Uranus and the Sun. Although we might feel as though we have started the day sure-footed, we might also have to be quick on our feet. If we can think outside the box, consider options and alternatives, and adapt to shifting conditions and unexpected situations arising, then we might be able to juggle the various matters thrown at us. But the keys to this day are being adaptable and flexible and coming up with an optimum way of dealing with changing circumstance. We might be intrigued by all the different possibilities, but the wide range of possibilities could also leave us skimming over details and making assumptions not based on reality but rather on our wish fulfillment. This is a day when the energy ramps up. We need to keep a cool head and a brake on our actions. If we get caught up in a whirlwind of frenetic energy, then we could be stepping in it here, there and everywhere. If we do anything significant and important today, it would be wise for us to check and re-evaluate the issues when saner minds prevail and quieter conditions are upon us. Those are not the circumstances of this Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 28th – Running in Place. Wednesday continues with the Gemini Moon, but the Moon today makes no connections to the planets. Today is one of those paradoxical days when we might feel amped up to do a lot, yet with no focus as to where to place our energies. This is a day when we could be shuffling through various interests, doing a quick take on anything that captures our eye. But there is no desire or will to concentrate on any one thing or to engage anything. We may feel as if we are spinning our wheels, running in place. That’s not such a bad position since it allows us to scan the entire horizon, see what’s out there without feeling any need to commit or to engage. This Wednesday might seem like a superficial day when we are only scanning and looking at things in a perfunctory manner. Far better that we take that route than trying to get a great deal done today.

Thursday, March 29th – Uncomfortable in Our Own Skin – Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Pluto, Neptune. Thursday has Mercury sextile Venus and the Sun square Pluto. The day begins with the Gemini Moon square Mercury and trine Saturn. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Cancer where it trines Neptune. This is a day when we could be smiling on the outside and feeling all sorts of turmoil internally. We can be very gracious and charming. We might rely upon old friends for solace and support. But inside ourselves we might be feeling blocked, constricted and restrained. We may feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Our routine obligations could aggravate us and we might sense that our routine matters are like warders at a jail, keeping us in a tight small space with little room to spread our wings, grow or be autonomous. We may want to do what we want to do but feel unable to carry out our desires. Like a volcano, this is a day when we could be seething below the surface, ready to explode at any time. We could also be feeling disempowered or even powerless. Let’s recognize that today’s energy is all part of the alchemical process, burning away the base mettle in order for us to realize our gold.

Friday, March 30th – Punching Our Way Out of a Brown Paper Bag – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Sun, Mars, Jupiter. Friday continues with some of the irritation and aggravation we might have felt yesterday. The Cancer Moon today creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon square both Uranus and the Sun in Aries and the Moon opposed Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon also sextiles Mars and sextiles Jupiter. Although we want to initiate new projects and get our Springtime activities under way, we might be slightly complacent or unwilling to carry the heavy loads. Our sensitivity can be high and we may wish to avoid making waves. If we turn our focus on mundane tasks, we could accomplish a great deal. This is also a good day to tidy up around our home and take care of matters that need attending to. Let’s be aware that unexpected situations might arise, some of which could be of our own initiation. But whatever we start today may take longer than we like and could hit some snags along the way. We might be more comfortable taking things step by step, focusing on the specifics and not rushing the river. We may be champing at the bit today but not enthused enough to launch forward with a great deal of hoopla.

Saturday, March 31st – Familial Obligations – Mercury, Saturn. Saturday may have us wanting to lounge around, enjoying the comforts of home and not feeling obligated to do anything. It’s Saturday, and this day has the Cancer Moon in a quiet mode for much of the day before the Moon trines Mercury and then squares Saturn. We may have loving discussions with those near and dear to us. Conversations can be from the heart with a great depth of feeling. People may be almost lyrical in their expressions, creating moods and impressions with their words and their sensitivity. As the day progresses, we may choose to engage in social activities with other people. The concept might be great but the practical reality anything but. Suddenly, our sense of being put upon, even if we are the ones who engaged the involvement, could be strong. We might regret our commitments to activities scheduled for the evening. We might prefer the comfort of home, but we could also be willing to go out of our way for someone else, even if they carry a great deal of baggage with them.

Sunday, April 1st – The Day of the Fool – Venus, Uranus. Sunday is April Fool’s Day and in the Tarot the Fool is representative of infinite possibilities but also a sense of not being totally clear, nor concerned, about the direction in which he is headed. Options and alternatives are always available. And so it for us — options and alternatives are always available. And more so on this day, the first day of April, with the Moon sextiling Venus as it finishes its transit of Cancer and then the Moon trining Uranus as it enters Leo. We may be looking for adventure, for good times with good friends. We may feel as though we have gotten a second wind and that our ears and eyes are attuned to the exciting and the different. The latter part of the day we may want to spread our wings, try something new and just engage the variety that is life. Yes, we are likely to be considering our options for this Sunday and taking into account a wide range of alternatives.