February 27th – March 4th, 2012

This week we could have a number of irons in the fire. We might be feeling the end of Winter and the coming of Spring. Although we may still be doing some inadvertent sighing, we can keep ourselves busy attending to what needs to be done and planning for future Springtime projects.

The week begins with us looking to be productive, not rushing the river and not trying to do things hastily but instead taking things step by step. We can be highly effective and expeditious in all that we do in the early part of the week. We may feel driven to get things done and to focus on the most meaningful areas of our lives.

If we tie up loose ends and attend to matters at the beginning of the week, the middle of the week could have us engaging new interests and considering new possibilities. In our considerations, it would be wise for us to adhere to a sampling modality, trying this, testing that, all without making definitive or long-term commitment to anything. We might be far more interested in the broad palette, taking into account all options, rather than narrowing our focus.

The end of the week and over the weekend, we may want to focus on the home fires burning. Fixing things up around our home, doing a late Winter cleanout and preparing for Spring could all be part of our weekend activities. We may also want to discuss family matters and just enjoy a relaxing time around home.

Although our focus is becoming very much oriented to our own personal interests, we have to be careful that we don’t aggravate or irritate other people by our being too self-involved, which they might interpret as our being self-centered.

Balance in life is always important. If we do not choose to engage balance, we might experience the universe giving us one of those lateral lobotomies, those whacks on the side of the head, indicating that we have gone too far, gotten too self-absorbed to the detriment not only of other people but to our relationships as well.

All in all, this can be a highly effective and productive week with some boisterous times with family and friends.

Monday, February 27th – Productive and Effective – Sun, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Mars. Monday starts the week with us looking to get things done, accomplish a great deal and attend to various mundane matters. The Taurus Moon today sextiles the Sun and creates an Earth Grand Trine with the Taurus Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars in Virgo. We may feel divinely guided as we go from one thing to another, taking care of the specifics, addressing the particulars and achieving much. This Monday is a primo day for us to take things slow, yet to get more done than we might fully realize. This is a highly productive day. We can focus on the truly meaningful. We may have our nose to the grindstone, be oblivious to the ‘noise’ of distractions and diversions around us, as we concentrate on what we want and need to do. Our determination is strong and our willingness to do things right may seem to take longer than we might like. But at the end of the day, we could surprise ourselves by how much we have successfully dealt with. This Monday is a day for focus and concentration. Our fun will come from the appreciation we have for our being so productive and effective.

Tuesday, February 28th – Feeling Empowered – Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. Much of the energy from Monday seeps into the early part of Tuesday. If in deed we were able to deal with some of the details of our daily responsibilities yesterday, then this day allows us to strategize and plan our next moves. We may feel at the top of our game. The Sun sextiles Pluto and the Moon sextiles Mercury in the early part of the day. Any loose ends from yesterday can be adroitly tied up early on. We may be more aware of where we want to go and what we want to do. This is a great day to strategize and blueprint our next steps, all with an awareness that our intentions may have to shift and change according to undetermined variables and changing circumstances. Flexibility is key, but that need not stop us from making our plans and determining our choice of course of action. Our intuitive sense may be highly attuned and combined with both a focused intent and a desire to present things in their best appearance. Although we may be feeling empowered, it would also be important for us to bear in mind that not all of our options have necessarily been revealed. Let’s move forward with confidence and determination but fully aware of the ability to do the tai chi moves and adapt to unanticipated possibilities. As the day progresses the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over seven and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Taurus and before entering Gemini late in the day.

Wednesday, February 29th – Leaping Lizards – Neptune, Uranus, Sun. This day, the 29th of February, occurs but once every four years. And the energy today could have us slightly confused, unfamiliar with the 29th of February. The confusion is not only our unfamiliarity with this particular day of this month but is aggravated by the Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune, sextiling Uranus and squaring the Sun. We may feel somewhat disoriented today, wondering whether we are coming or going, and what our next moves might be. Our preference is likely to be a sideways trajectory, since we may want to step off the track in order to explore, sample, investigate and try something different. Although we could be bombarded by all sorts of input and might feel that we need to deflect incoming, the more we can be open without judgment, the more we can receive some startling information and become aware of variables we might not have otherwise considered. What we do with the new variables is another matter, but today is not so much a day to figure out what to do with new scenarios but rather to be aware of options and alternatives that we have not accounted for. We do need to watch for an element of overload, whereby we are juggling so many things that we get swamped or overwhelmed by the quantity and the variety.

Thursday, March 1st – Falling Between the Cracks – Mars. We may have pushed ourselves into fast forward yesterday, even to the point of exhaustion. The Gemini Moon often has us racing around, going from one thing to another, but never stopping too long in any one place. With the Gemini Moon, we can be constantly on the move. Whether we overwhelmed, exhausted or only confused ourselves yesterday, we may find that we are running around on adrenaline today. The only configuration today is the Gemini Moon square Mars. While we may be pushing ourselves to continue at a hectic pace, our due diligence can be less than adequate. Things could fall between the cracks today. Our work could be a little sloppy. We might gloss over details, negate particulars and disregard specifics. We may have an idea as to what to do but the actual execution could fall far short. Although we might be in overdrive, let’s try to slow things down, take a respite, catch our breath and not get caught up in a whirlwind of frenzied activity.

Friday, March 2nd – The Way We Were – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury Aries. Friday can have us betwixt and between. And this conundrum is both in regard to whom we have been and the way we wish to be and also in regard to the season moving from Winter into Spring. The day begins with the Gemini Moon sextile Venus and trine Saturn. We may have some grand plans for the day and the weekend. While our plans might include other people, we are certainly looking out for number one — ourselves. We may feel as though we are considerate of other people’s interests and needs but only as long as they are in synch with our own wishes and desires. Mercury moves into Aries ending the Stellium of three or more planets in Pisces and creating a Stellium of three or more planets in Aries as Mercury joins Venus and Uranus in the Cardinal Fire Sign, and the Sign indicative of Spring. Our thoughts and our focus revolve strongly around what we want and how we want it. We may be aware of other people but we are far more interested in how other people fit into our world rather than either how we fit into their world or even a balanced mid-point of give and take between our interests and someone else’s interests. The Moon exits Gemini to enter Cancer where it squares Mercury, trines Neptune and squares Uranus. Our nurture and sensitivity can ratchet up severalfold. We may want to be helpful and of assistance but if we feel that we have stepped across boundaries into co-dependency and being taken advantage of, we could certainly resent our position. Engagements with other people might also have them interacting based upon whom we have been, their definition of us based upon past experience, rather than who we are at the moment. And a problem could arise, since we could get easily upset if people are not seeing us for who we are rather than the way we have been.

Saturday, March 3rd – Too Much or Not Enough – Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Mars. Saturday continues with the Cancer Moon, which today sextiles Jupiter, opposes Pluto, trines the Sun and sextiles Mars. The Sun opposes Mars. While we might prefer to stay around home today, we might be involved with errands and house projects. The sense of responsibilities could hang over us, all the while that we might just want to curl up with a good book or turn on the tv and take a day to catch our breath. This is a day when we may wish for the world to go away. It would seem important to watch our diet, not pile on the spices or become indulgent. Otherwise, we could have stomach and intestinal problems. Our energy might be edgy and we can feel torn between what we feel we need to do and taking time for us to relax, rest and recharge. If we can’t take time out from what needs to be done, let’s at least be certain to give ourselves a treat. Nothing excessive or overly indulgent, but we all need a treat now and then. Without some form of enjoyment today, either we could grow resentful, feel victimized by our obligations, or we could become hypercritical, seeing everything and everyone in a negative light. Today is not a day for us to hold people’s feet to the fire, draw lines in the sand or hold out higher standards for other people and even for ourselves.

Sunday, March 4th – My Way or the Highway – Lunar T-Square, Venus, Saturn, Mercury. Alrighty then! I often say that the universe taps us on the shoulder to get our attention. If we don’t heed the tap, then the universe taps a little harder. If we still don’t get it, then the universe gives us a lateral lobotomy, one of those whacks on the side of the head. This Sunday might provide us with one of those whacks on the side of the head. Yesterday, people could have been kind of grumbly, curmudgeon-like and having an edge on, sometimes referred to as having a chip on their shoulder. This Sunday could continue with a downbeat type of attitude and a negative disposition. Venus opposes Saturn and the Cancer Moon creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Saturn in Libra and the Moon squares Venus in Aries. Oh, joy! Not really! Relationships may need a great deal of pampering today. Unintentional slights can be taken to heart. We might feel taken advantage of, resent other people’s demands and make mountains out of mole hills. People may feel imposed upon and there could be people from the past popping up, making their presence known. It would be wise to try and maintain social decorum since we could have the tendency of being short with other people and laying the groundwork for discord. Later in the day, the Moon exits Cancer and enters Leo where it trines Mercury. Our attitude becomes more upbeat and our conversations more scintillating. This Saturday and Sunday asks for us to be on our best behavior, no matter how trying that might seem to be.