February 20th – 26th, 2012

This week can be highly emotional with our moods likely to be determining our decisions and our actions. Not a great recipe for due diligence or clear-headedness. We may feel like saviors and martyrs and switch between the two in a nanosecond of time.

With the Sun having just entered Pisces, we now have a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun joins Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. The Piscean energy is highlighted even more so by the Pisces Lunation, the Pisces New Moon on Tuesday. We need to be aware and mindful that this fortnight between Tuesday and the 8th of March can be a time of tricksters extraordinaire.

Whatever is presented to us at this time can be a mirage or an illusion or certainly not the truth, the whole truth. Our sensitivity is likely to be turned up severalfold. At times, we may feel like the spiritual warrior, other times like the inexplicable victim to circumstance. The liability towards escapism can be strong, as we seek more pleasant surroundings, our safe happy place where we can go to avoid the hard cold realities of these changing times.

People may be drinking a little more, possibly taking antidepressants. A lot of sighing can go on as we all do a walk down Memory Lane, reflecting on what has been and wondering when it all might change.

We may feel like sponges soaking up the energies of our surroundings. It might be important for us now and then to step off the track, take time to recharge our batteries and reflect on what is going on. It would also be wise for us to recognize that we are coming to the end of the zodiac year with the Vernal Equinox and the Sun moving into Aries later in March initiating the new astrological year.

The mid-part of the week we may feel as though we have received an energy transfusion. We may want to be off and running, but the question remains as to where and how. We can either get incredibly spacey, forget details and skip over specifics, or we could develop the ability to combine our intuitive sense with a detailed approach and focus on how best to approach our tasks and effectively deal with our obligations. We do have to watch for any tendency towards being either hypercritical of everyone, including ourselves, or overly sensitive, assuming that the world is against us. It may be a tough balancing act but one necessary to develop an essential skill set for these changing times.

Over the weekend, we could be looking at making certain purchases to fix up our home, to have a personal makeover or to merely salve our feeling of discontent. As the saying goes: ‘when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’. Let’s avoid being too indulgent over the weekend. But some treat would certainly be in order.

Monday, February 20th – Hail to the Chiefs – Venus. Monday in the US is Presidents Day, often part of a long holiday weekend. The Moon in Aquarius sextiles Venus, and we may look to do something fun and exciting with a good friend. Even if we can’t step off the track today, we are still likely to make contact and devise plans for some fun event in the near future. Today is the dark side of the Moon, a day before tomorrow’s New Moon. Although we may have various plans in mind, we are more likely to act spontaneously, doing things in the moment rather than hewing to our scheduled commitments. This may be Presidents Day in the US, but we are feeling that it should be a ‘mental health’ day for ourselves and we are likely to play a little hooky and forego some of our routine obligations and usual tasks.

Tuesday, February 21st – Wishing and Hoping – Saturn, Neptune, Pisces Lunation, Sun, Jupiter. Tuesday starts with the Aquarius Moon trine Saturn. Advice from someone close to us can put a spring in our step and help us to see the far horizon of possibilities and prospects. Although we may assume that we know what our next move might be, we could be operating more on blind faith than due diligence. The Moon exits Aquarius, enters Pisces and creates the Pisces New Moon with the Moon conjunct both the Sun and Neptune and sextile Jupiter. We could be very impressionable, looking to walk on the sunny side of the street and possibly negating any storm clouds that may be overhead. Our emotions are ratcheted up severalfold and our moods might easily determine our decisions and our actions. We could be quite indulgent and extravagant today. We might be looking to do some good deeds but without considering the consequences of our actions, much less the unintended consequences of our actions. This is a day for us to draw upon the sage advice of someone who is detached and objective and can call it like it truly is. Will we listen to their advice? Possibly not, but it might help to damper our tendency towards going overboard. There is a great deal of wishing and hoping today, too little due diligence and critical analysis. This New Moon sets up the energies for the next two weeks, puts its imprint on the next fortnight, and we need to keep in mind that we are overly sensitive and could be easily swayed by any plays on our emotions. The tricksters can be out in full force and we need to engage the two key words of these times: awareness and mindfulness. If we let go of either, we could find ourselves going down the yellow brick road, following the pied piper, and like lemmings heading for the cliffs.

Wednesday, February 22nd – Determined but on the Wrong Track? – Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Wednesday continues with the liability of having the wool pulled over our eyes. Today and tomorrow could allow for extreme boneheadedness, whereby we disregard all evidence to the contrary and buy into our assumptions based on how we want things to be. Today, the Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto, conjuncts Mercury and opposes Mars. We are determined, passionate about what we want to occur and how it should magically manifest. Unfortunately, no matter how much we believe something to be true doesn’t guarantee that it is true. Our emotions are running us today and we may have the pedal to the metal with the idea that if we try hard enough, push our projects forward, that everything will fall into place. And it well could, if we take our enthusiasm and combine it with a concentration on the specifics and attend to the necessary details. That could prove a tall order, for our tendency might be to assume that from our intentions the particulars will take care of themselves. It would be wise for us today and tomorrow to continually check, recheck, evaluate and re-evaluate as we go along to be certain that we are not veering off onto a trajectory into la-la-land. If we proceed without regularly noting the coordinates, we could take ourselves far off course, lost in space but with expenses to address. Late in the day, early Thursday, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for over twenty-four hours. The energy dies down, but it may not completely disarm our liability to going on our merry way oblivious to fact checks, empirical evidence and true reality.

Thursday, February 23rd – Dithering Around – Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Mars. The Moon goes Void-of-Course late on Wednesday and early today, depending on where we are on the planet. The Moon is finishing its transit of Pisces but makes no further connections to the planets. This Void-of-Course Moon continues for most of this day, and consequently there is not a great deal of energy operating. That’s not to say that we have lifted the veil of maya, lost our confusion and gained clarity. No, that might be hoping for a little too much. Mercury opposes Mars today, and we could easily gloss over details, lose our focus and be swayed by our emotions. Haste makes waste, and this day could prove it, if we don’t rein in our tendency to jump from one thing to another and our liability to building mountains out of molehills. If we can keep our moods from whipsawing, suspend our critical judgments and not feel martyred by circumstance; then we could use this day to blueprint a best practices approach. Our intuition can be strong and we could not only see the big picture but all the little pixels that make up the larger scene. To keep our emotions focused and not feel as though we are caroming between hypercriticism and victimization may be a tall order, but the effort would be well worth it. We could then fit all the pieces together in a productive and expeditious manner. Towards the latter part of the day or early Friday, the Moon moves into Aries. We can dry our tears, take a deep sigh [as if we weren’t sighing a lot over the past three days!] and decide to move ahead with our personal interests no matter the impediments in our way.

Friday, February 24th – Bull in a China Shop – Uranus, Pluto. Friday could have us plunging ahead. We may go on pure adrenaline, or total self-interest, but we are certainly not looking at being restrained or restricted. The Aries Moon today conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. We may feel like a law unto ourselves and we are willing to prove it to anyone who might try and stand in our way. This is a day when people could cut corners, step over boundaries and be something of a nuisance. Each of us may seem like a bull in a china shop, banging and crashing around and not overly concerned about the damage or collateral damage that we are causing. We want to do what we want to do and we might even choose to put aside our obligations and pressing tasks. This is a ME day, capitalized and emboldened. We might want to stretch our wings, explore wide possibilities and even go on a bender. People may be pushing the envelope today so it would be wise to keep our eyes and ears wide open and stand out of the way of anyone hell bent on coming through. We might have had too much hoping and moping over the past few days. We are now ready to take the lead, force our agenda and push our interests ahead.

Saturday, February 25th – Too Much May Never Be Enough – Sun, Jupiter, Venus. Saturday continues with self-involvement, although today we could be doing a great deal of self-aggrandizement. The Sun sextiles Jupiter and the Aries Moon conjuncts Venus. Not only are we feeling optimistic and confident, as though the heavens had opened up and made us the anointed one, but we may also be tending towards the narcissistic [as if the heavens opening up and making us the chosen one isn’t narcissistic?]. We may be looking to spend on ourselves, whether we want a personal makeover or we just want to indulge ourselves. And indulge ourselves we are likely to do, and to the max. Whatever pleasures we can find today, we are likely to engage. It can range from shopping to eating to drinking. And not merely sampling! Oh, no. This is a day of extravagance and indulgence. But it’s the weekend and we can find all forms of justification for us to engage with the feeling that enough is never enough, although in this case we may be feeling that too much may never be enough.

Sunday, February 26th – Shop ‘Til We Drop – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter. Late Saturday, early Sunday finishes the Moon’s transit of Aries and in so doing it opposes Saturn. Our sense of entitlement may not stand well with someone else. There could be a tug-of-war between us and someone else. We want what we want, and somebody may feel as if we are not only neglecting them but not willing to land on the same page as they’re on. That doesn’t mean that we’ll hear or heed, even if we do hear, someone else’s complaints about us. No, on the contrary. This period of self-involvement may not be completed, even as the Moon moves into Taurus where it sextiles Neptune and conjuncts Jupiter. We could easily go on a spending spree, letting our feelings guide our buying decisions. We could easily overspend today, but we may have been doing a great deal of ‘overs’ the past three days anyway. It’s still the weekend. We can still justify our expenditures and our indulgences. We might embrace the concept of carpe diem [seize the day], although we might translate it into ‘live for today’. Excess, extravagance, indulgences are one thing but we should bear in mind one of my favorite sayings: ‘if you dance to the music, you pay to the piper’. Eventually, the piper will be paid.