February 13th – 19th, 2012

This week can be a little spacey and confusing. We might wonder where we are, all the while wanting to be some place else. We could easily buy into the hype and the images. We might assume that we have done our due diligence, but we may be too highly impressionable to be thinking analytically and critically.

We begin the week looking to tie up loose ends, catch up with old friends and deal with outstanding matters and clear the decks. The more we can get out of the way before we go into la-la-land and lose our clear perspective, the better it would be.

The mid-part of the week could have us buying into our hopes and wishes, many of which may have no fundamental basis in reality. We might believe that if we wish it so, even hold our breath long enough, we can make it so. Aaargh, not happening!

If we can maintain some kind of grip on reality this week, then we might find our intuitive sense to be strong. But let’s not take anything at face value. We could be dealing with the trickster, things appearing one way, the reality being quite different. In the native American tradition, the coyote is the trickster, for the coyote uses its wiles to pounce upon its prey.

While we might be visionaries during this time, we need to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground if we choose to have our head in the clouds.

Expectations not met could have severe implications and even drastic ramifications for certain relationships. Some people may draw lines in the sand and insist that another person either make amends for a perceived slight or the relationship could land on rocky shoals.

Our emotions could rule our thinking this week and we might be easily swayed more by our moods and how we feel about things than hard analytical thinking.

At the same time, we can be highly intuitive and utilize a best practices approach to get things done. We can combine the intuitive with the pragmatic and develop the right structure, format and means to move our deepest heartfelt projects forward.

Towards the latter part of the week, we could feel upbeat, inspired and divinely guided by right action. We could virtually move mountains. But the moves can be done with little effort and may bear truth to the concept of mind over matter. A sense of appreciation, support and encouragement for the individual we are and for our plans for the future can be forthcoming by a significant ally and important advocate.

The weekend may be a time to initially deal with errands and responsibilities and then shift into enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Monday, February 13th – Taking Care of Business – Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, Mercury Pisces. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Scorpio opposed Jupiter and sextile Pluto. Mercury trines Saturn just prior to Mercury exiting Aquarius, ending the Stellium of three or more planets in Aquarius, and Mercury entering Pisces. We may not want to rid ourselves of the dross, the stuff around us that is not important but a hassle to deal with, but it would be suggested we do so. We can be incredibly resourceful today, eliminating the distractions and focusing on the fundamentals. We may catch up with old friends, draw upon trusted advisors and blueprint a best practices approach to accomplish our goals in a most expeditious manner. And it would be wise that we do so, since we could be more clear-headed earlier in the day than later in the day. As the day progresses, Mercury exits Aquarius and enters Pisces, where it is not comfortable and creates a purple haze to our thinking. Our thoughts could become colored by our emotions and we might easily lose our grip on critical and analytical thinking to our moods and the way things feel to us. We become far more impressionable and easy prey to those who play on our emotions. If we prioritize and strategize early in the day and make our plans for the next two weeks, we could be less susceptible to being wishy-washy in our actions and less confused in our ideas.

Tuesday, February 14th – No Win Situations – Mars, Sun, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Neptune. If expectations are too great, the liability to disappointment and letdowns can be even stronger. This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, one of those Hallmark Holidays, which is often a setup for exaggerated hopes that can be too easily dashed. There has been more than one Valentine’s Day that was a massacre. And today’s energies could also allow for a romp through fantasyland with grand illusions, and significant delusions, that may lead us down the garden path of discouragement and rocky roads. The day begins with Mercury conjunct Neptune and the Moon in Scorpio sextile Mars. We may have great intentions today, but the realization of our plans might either fall apart or not be fully appreciated. For the Moon also squares the Sun, and whatever we do for someone else may seem to come up short, at least in their estimation. We could even find ourselves in a war of the roses, with the initial shots today escalating tomorrow. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost eight hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Scorpio and before entering Sagittarius, where it squares both Neptune and Mercury. Talk about the liability towards no-win situations. This day is certainly one of them. But what could we expect from those Hallmark holidays when expectations are raised beyond realistic possibilities? Today is a day to keep calm and carry on. Let’s not get caught up in the wave of maudlin sentimentality, the expectations of love and appreciation but instead enjoy the simple things in life. This day calls for an attitude of gratitude for those special people in our lives but without the need to prove it and prove it in abundance.

Wednesday, February 15th – What I Want and What I Get – Uranus, Venus, Pluto. This Wednesday could have everyone a little self-centered [a little!?]. With the Sagittarius Moon trine both Uranus and Venus, and Venus square Pluto, this day may be more about ‘what have you done for me lately?’ Perceived slights, unintended hurts taken to heart, can create a crescendo of difficulties in our relationships today. We may feel as though we are not being fully appreciated or properly recognized by someone else. Unfortunately, our expectation may by so huge that nothing less than someone prostrating before us and kissing our ring could be barely enough to satisfy what we want. This day can be dicey in our interactions with other people. We might assume that people should be able to read our mind, accommodate our wishes but with us continually raising the bar ever higher. We need to cut everyone some slack today, for the liability towards feeling that enough is never enough could create ever-increasing standards and expectations.

Thursday, February 16th – Greener Pastures – Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn. Thursday can be a fairly pleasant day, although we may be more interested in shopping, spending money, having a good time and looking to the future. Our focus on our responsibilities could be minimal and we might gloss over important details or neglect certain particulars in acting upon our decisions. This Thursday has Mercury sextile Jupiter and the Sagittarius Moon today square Mars and the Moon sextile both the Sun and Saturn. While we can be optimistic and upbeat, we may leave due diligence behind. This is one of those days when we are looking to soar, and we could fly but on only a wing and a prayer. Reality might put a damper on our ‘feel good’ optimism, so we are likely to shunt it aside. Although we might be enthusiastic and confident, we might also head out with a sense that nothing can go wrong today. Let’s curb our enthusiasm and put a damper on our spending which could be excessive and extravagant today. We are looking for good times with good friends and seeking greener pastures. Let’s remember the old refrain: ‘the best things in life are free’.

Friday, February 17th – Back in Harness – Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Venus. This Friday can be a highly productive day. Even if we stepped off the track yesterday and indulged ourselves, let’s chalk it up to a ‘mental health’ day. Whatever we did yesterday may have recharged our batteries and reinvigorated ourselves. With that thrust of energy, we can use this Friday to be highly productive and focused. This Friday allows us to combine our intuitive sense about things with an intense focus on what are the most important aspects of a situation in order for us to come up with a best practices approach. This Friday has the Moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune, square Uranus, trine Jupiter, sextile Mercury, conjunct Pluto and square Venus. Even if we wanted to go off on a lark, do our own thing, such a diversion would be a wasteful distraction and negate the power of this day. For this Friday allows us to ‘git r done’ [to borrow from Larry the Cable Guy]. We can accomplish a great deal by prioritizing, concentrating on the specific details and drawing upon our sense of how things should go.

Saturday, February 18th – Focused Intent – Mars, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto. Friday and Saturday are two days when we can accomplish more than usual. We may be at the top of our game as far as being productive and moving things quickly ahead. This Saturday has the Capricorn Moon trine Mars, the Sun trine Saturn, and Mercury sextile Pluto. We can attend to details, tie up various loose ends and strategize our plans. We might draw upon other people as a sounding board, but we are most likely to use them as a confirmation of our own feelings and our understanding about situations. Someone may prove a powerful advocate to our intended goals. With their encouragement we can then focus intently on how best to go about things. Even if we cannot empirically explain our reasoning, we may have a gut hunch about the way things should proceed. And more likely than not, we are probably going to be spot on in regard to our strategies and our course of action. Friday and Saturday are two powerful days. We can virtually move mountains, and not necessarily by the sweat of our brow or the force of our brawn but rather working smarter than harder. Why roll a boulder up a mountain when we could flip a switch and winch it up the mountain? So too for ourselves today. We can be expeditious and streamline our operations and yet accomplish more than usual.

Sunday, February 19th – Space Cadets – Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun, Neptune, Sun Pisces. We may have had pedal to the metal over the past two days, taking care of business and attending to a great deal of our responsibilities and tasks at hand. This Sunday could be a day of rest, but we might also be engaging space cadets or acting like a space cadet ourselves. This Sunday begins with the Capricorn Moon square Saturn. Other people might want to put demands on us, but we could readily slough off their needs by indicating how much we may have accomplished over the past two days. No, this Sunday is for us. We may not have a roadmap, directions or itinerary, but we are just as comfortable doing things on the spontaneous level, even if that means going around in circles. The Moon moves into Aquarius where the Moon sextiles Uranus and squares Jupiter. Whatever grabs our eye and strikes our fancy we may engage, no questions asked. Of course, our judgment today might not be the clearest. The Sun moves into Pisces, joining Mercury and Neptune to create a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Water Sign. As the Sun moves into Pisces, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. We may be incredibly sensitive to our surroundings, impressionable to the max, and feel as though we are suddenly transformed into an amorphous being. Focus and concentration can slip away and we may feel like a weathervane, swinging in whichever way the wind blows. Getting down by the water and listening to music are antidotes to prevent us from being merely dry sponges taking to water, overly impacted by our environment and surroundings.