January 9th – 15th, 2012

This week can have us focusing on our creative pursuits and dealing with the specifics of our projects. We can get a great deal done, especially if our activities speak to us and allow us to put our mark and imprint on our involvements.

We begin the week with a high level of energy. While we might believe that we have a great deal on our plate to contend with, we are not shy about adding more on to our ‘to do’ list. We are looking to stand out and whatever can get us in the public spotlight we are likely to engage.

Although we may have to do a balancing act as we start the week, balancing family matters with daily responsibilities, we could feel up to the challenge. We are looking to be in charge of situations this week and not overly interested in playing second fiddle or being tripped up by someone else’s demands.

The energy this week can have some peaks and dips. At times, we could feel as though we are at the top of our game, able to bend conditions to our will. Other times, we might feel as though we are behind the eight ball, impacted by the vagaries of these times and by other people’s needs.

Let’s keep in mind the tai chi moves this week, aware of the energies operating and working in concert with them. We could take on a great deal this week, commit through a sense of omnipotence and assume that whatever we want to achieve we can easily achieve. And there is some truth to that.

The beginning of the week can have us feeling at the top of our game, and the latter part of the week can have us utilizing a best practices approach and dealing with specifics in an expeditious manner.

The weekend may have us far more concerned with other people’s interests rather than our own. Our compassion is engaged and we might go out of our way to help someone who needs our assistance.

All in all, this week has a wide variation, with us looking at our own personal goals, taking care of business and then addressing the desires of someone special to us.

Largely a pleasurable week, this week continues with a sense of volatility and wavelike motions. If we are aware of the wave and mindful as to how best to ride the wave, we can feel invigorated, confident of our abilities and win people to our side.

Monday, January 9th – Balancing the Personal and the Professional – Cancer Full Moon, Sun, Mars, Saturn. Sunday evening, early Monday morning has the Cancer Full Moon with the Moon in Cancer opposed the Sun in Capricorn. We may be very emotional as we start this week. We are being asked to find the median between our personal lives and our professional lives. We may feel as though we have so much on our plate that we cannot truly attend to our personal interests and needs. If we don’t find a happy medium between our personal and professional lives, then we could find that whatever we are neglecting becomes a sore point and will later demand attention and remedy. After the Full Moon, the Moon then goes on to sextile Mars and square Saturn today. We may feel driven to get things done, but we do have to avoid stepping on someone’s toes. We could be impelled by our emotions to deal with situations, but we have to be certain that we are addressing situations in a focused, methodical manner and not only from emotion. The potential for losing it today and feeling victimized by someone’s cavalier attitude cannot be discounted. This is a day when we need to slow things down, not react to things said or done without taking the time to evaluate and consider the factors involved. If someone does something that upsets us, let’s not react immediately but rather respond once we have considered the source and their agenda.

Tuesday, January 10th – Shifting Gears – Jupiter, Uranus. Yesterday could have had us on full tilt, especially if we were being driven by our emotions. We might have felt like either savior or martyr yesterday. This Tuesday is a different story. The Moon is in Leo where it squares Jupiter and trines Uranus. We might be a little too self-focused today, looking to be a law unto ourselves and not terribly interested in how our decisions and our actions are impacting other people. The day begins with a thrust of energy and a liability towards excess and extravagance. As though to make ourselves feel good, we could go on a shopping spree, a buying binge. Although we might get a momentary exhilaration from our indulgences, our exuberance might be short-lived, our incurred financial debt long-term. We may be champing at the bit today to do something different, to engage fun activities and even shirk some of our daily responsibilities. It would seem important that we participate in some new interest or activity in order to get our energy out and feel as though we were in control of our own lives. If we do not have a diversion to vent our desire for freedom and self-actualization, we could wind up spinning our wheels and not accomplishing a great deal. This Tuesday is a day for us to feel like we are important, that we are able to express our talents and that we are appreciated for the efforts we make. After an initial pop of energy to begin this day, and probably the last unwinding of yesterday’s intensity, the energy today drops off and continues in a less energetic manner through tomorrow. We may want to just enjoy ourselves and not feel pushed or pulled by either our demands on our self or the expectations of other people. We are shifting gears and looking for some fun activities without having to prove ourselves.

Wednesday, January 11th – Reveries and Visions. The Moon in Leo makes no connections to the planets today. There is not a great deal of energy, so we might as well take this day as a ‘mental health’ day. No matter what our schedule is for the day, this day is best served by our reflecting on where we are and by our considering where we want to go. We might even feel as though we are contemplating James Thurber’s character in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, seeing our lives as being possibly far more adventuresome than they actually are. This day is the 11th, a master number in numerology, indicative of the visionary. If we embrace the master number concept, then we can give thought to how we can engage our creativity, stand out by the expression of our own unique talents, and develop a game plan to get from where we are to where we might prefer to be. If we don’t engage the 11 but bring the day down to the 2, then like Mitty we might feel that our true reality world is one of being dominated and impinged upon by things beyond our self — other people, our responsibilities, the definition of ourselves based upon conditioning and experience. This Wednesday is a day to clearly differentiate between who we are and what we do. Let’s look for the joy, the pleasurable and the entertaining today, and not only as observers but also engaged as participants.

Thursday, January 12th – Pulling Rabbits Out of Hats – Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Lunar Grand Trine, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Mars. Thursday begins the day with the Leo Moon opposed Venus, sextile Saturn and opposed Neptune. We may have to pick and choose those areas that we wish to develop more fully and disregard other areas that are only illusions and would take us down the garden path to nowhere. Our selections could be assisted by the input of someone we trust, someone with a detached and objective viewpoint who can make us see what is truly fulfilling for ourselves and at the same time what is within practical realization. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Virgo and triggers the Earth Grand Trine, which has been operational since mid-November. The Moon trines Jupiter in Taurus and the Moon trines both Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. Adding to the earthiness and practicality of this day, the Sun in Capricorn trines Mars in Virgo. This day can be highly productive. We can get a great deal done. We might have to spend a little but we are also likely to be resourceful, get the best deal and streamline our operations. No fluff or distractions for us today as we focus our intent on accomplishing both our tasks at hand and laying down the foundation stones for some of the goals we have thought about yesterday. This is a primo day. We are operating on all eight cylinders, can put the pedal to the medal and can be effective and expeditious in all that we do. If we shirked some of our responsibilities earlier this week, this Thursday and Friday allow us to get more done than our normal pace.

Friday, January 13th – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Sun. Although many people quake and suffer from triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the 13th, in numerology thirteen is considered the number of transformation, the realized individual. And this Friday the 13th could actually spell some very interesting, focused, yet otherworldly feelings and sensations. On this Friday, Mercury conjuncts Pluto with both in Capricorn and provides a laser-like vision to cut to the core and to be aware of the basic fundamentals of any situation. Our discussions may be to the point and exceptionally incisive. Today, Venus in Aquarius also conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius and trines Saturn in Libra, just before Venus moves into Pisces tomorrow. Our interactions with other people can be close to idyllic and we may find that we have an ardent supporter of not only what we are doing but also, and more importantly, who we are. Adding to all this good stuff, the Virgo Moon also contributes to greased wheels and fast-paced energy, while never missing a beat, with the Virgo Moon conjunct Mars and the Moon trine the Sun. Thursday and Friday are primo days of incredible effectiveness and high productivity. We can be attentive to the most important aspects of our lives and virtually able to move mountains today. Let’s not let this energy of these two days pass us by without us making some significant advances in our projects, both intended plans of new projects and our daily responsibilities. Instead of wondering ‘who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?’, we could be saying ‘how could it get any better than this?’

Saturday, January 14th – The Push Pulls of Other People’s Interests – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Venus Pisces, Venus, Jupiter. Saturday has Venus moving into Pisces and the Moon moving into Libra. The Moon in Libra today creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Moon opposed Uranus in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Taurus. We may be far more compassionate and interested in other people’s needs instead of our own needs and desires. Nice concept, right? Well, it could be, if the balance isn’t lost. If we have felt that we have been a little too self-focused, the pendulum could swing and we could become incredibly generous, accommodating and even capitulating to other people’s wishes. If we give a little, someone might want a lot. Although today we might engage the thought ‘there but for the grace of god go I’, it is also important that we keep in mind that each of us has their own individual pathway to walk and along that individual pathway we all, each of us, at some time or another have our own cross to bear. Compassion, caring and wanting to help other people are great qualities but carried to an extreme they could also wind up messing with someone else’s karma, their challenges and the need for them to be accountable and responsible for their actions and their circumstances. I know it may sound harsh but there are times when trying to help someone we actually impede their progress and their evolution. This Saturday could prove an excellent heads-up, or whack on the side of the head, in regard to our interactions with someone. We might be generous to a fault, which could raise the specter of resentment in the other person. We may be overly accommodating, fixing something for someone else and in the process taking away their opportunity to develop another tool to their skill set. This Saturday it would be wise for us to rein in our emotions, to be of service without falling into self-sacrifice and to seek the balance between our personal desires and the wishes of someone else.

Sunday, January 15th – Rest Time – Mercury. Sunday doesn’t have a great deal of energy. The Libra Moon squares Mercury and that’s about it. We might want to take some ‘time out’ today, relax, recharge and ready ourselves for the week ahead. Discussions with other people might prove a little prickly, especially if we or someone else are pushing opinions, judgments and personal perspectives. We might have various things that need to be done, but we are more likely to put them to one side today and not engage them. We may be feeling a little wiped out and it wouldn’t be surprising considering the whipsaws of energies, with intense energies followed by little energy and then back again, that much of this week was like. We all need some down time and this Sunday would be a good day for us to laze around, not feel obligated to do anything specific, even plans already committed to, and just enjoy ourselves. Every now and then, each of us does need a day of rest. Here’s one!