January 30th – February 5th, 2012

This week is a momentous week and one when we should try to be as productive as we possibly can. We have the opportunity this week of addressing three primary areas: our daily responsibilities, our interactions with other people and our home environment. This may be a week when we can straighten things out and also prepare for a slowdown that might continue through the Spring.

For this week is the last full week of Saturn direct and before Saturn turns retrograde a week on Tuesday. Saturn retrograde often ties in with the energy of the Winter, a time when nature turns inward and much of our energy is focused internally. Things may take longer, frustrations are likely and delays with brakes sometimes applied being a constant reminder of the need to re-evaluate and re-work.

This week also has the Moon’s movement through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. As the Moon transits Taurus Monday into Wednesday, the Moon creates a Grand Trine in the Earth Element, linking up all three Signs of the Earth Element and allowing us to be practical, productive and focused on mundane affairs. As the Moon transits Gemini on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Moon creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element, linking up all three Signs of the Air Element and providing us with the communication skills and varied interests to address friends, contacts and other relationships in which we can share ideas and offer suggestions.

This week also has Neptune changing Signs, exiting Aquarius and moving into its own Sign of Pisces which Neptune will transit for the next fourteen years. A new day is dawning, a spiritual renaissance being offered us but also with moments of doubt and confusion. We are on the threshold of a paradigm shift, a time when that which was valid and true may no longer be, a time when the ways things worked effectively once might only be handicaps to our forward movement. Although we can have times of confusion, I always say that confusion is the starting point of wisdom. For confusion breaks down the rigidity and fixity of our assumed opinions and forces us to be open to possibilities and understandings that we might have been closed off to previously.

This is a dynamic week and a time when we can accomplish much. The wind is to our backs, but it would be wise to work with the energies and concentrate on the particular influences on these different days.

Monday, January 30th – No Running – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, Sun. Monday begins with the Moon ending its transit of Aries and in so doing the Moon opposes Saturn and sextiles Neptune. We may have great plans for this day, but our schedule could be impacted by other people’s needs. Although we might want to run ahead today and implement some of our plans for the future, this day is better spent focusing on what needs to be done on a pragmatic, mundane level. The Moon moves into Taurus where the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, squares both Mercury and the Sun, and trines Pluto. Although we could get easily distracted by the noise of potentials and possibilities, let’s not get diverted from putting one foot in front of the other and taking care of business and dealing with our daily responsibilities. Today is a day when we can put things in their right place and present the package in the most appealing form. If we would concentrate on our daily tasks, we could be highly effective and expeditious in getting things done. Other people may want our attention and even for us to play ‘hooky’ today, but if we go there we lose a marvelous opportunity to address our basic needs and take care of our usual responsibilities.

Tuesday, January 31st – Picking Up Speed – Venus, Mars. Tuesday continues with the Moon transiting Taurus and today the Moon sextiles Venus and trines Mars. If we were not waylaid by friends and distractions yesterday but actually focused on our tasks at hand, we could continue with our highly effective and productive means to accomplish a great deal. We can prioritize and concentrate on the specifics and the particulars. We are unlikely to drop a stitch today but rather utilize due diligence, all the while that we are making it look easy. Structural changes, format modifications and any retooling can be done quickly and efficiently. Monday and Tuesday this week can have us getting more done in a shorter period of time than usual. We just have to avoid those desires to be elsewhere, doing some thing else, and daydreaming about what could be instead of dealing with what is. We take care of what is and we lay the groundwork to be able to spend time on the whats could be.

Wednesday, February 1st – In a Spin, Loving the Spin I’m In – Venus, Mars, Neptune, Uranus. In 1958, Louis Prima and Keely Smith had a Number 1 charting song that became a classic, ‘That Ol’ Black Magic’, in which the lyrics went: ‘In a spin lovin’ the spin I’m in’. This Wednesday, which is the first day of February, could have us feeling in a spin and possibly loving it. The day begins with the Moon in Taurus and square Neptune. The Moon then moves into Gemini where it sextiles Uranus. This day also has Venus opposed Mars. We might start the day looking to do certain things, but an element of confusion or distraction can get in the way of the implementation of our plans. We could also be enticed to spend frivolously, so it would be wise for us to keep a rein on our wallet or pocketbook. The potential for confusion and lack of clarity could be strong, and we might easily fall into the trap that things will occur whether we are involved directly or serve merely as passive participants. We could easily gloss over details, assuming that everything will just neatly fall into its right place. We are not interested in being harnessed today. On the contrary, we would far prefer to be out and about, being spontaneous with a liability towards being impulsive. Maybe we have had nose to grindstone over the past two days. And if in deed we have accomplished a great deal, then the latter part of this day could see us taking some time off, doing our own thing and exploring areas and interests that are new to us. We like things fast and furious today and are awaiting any new surprises that could come our way. Due diligence might go by the wayside, for we are far more interested in picking up the pace, juggling a number of things and not feeling constricted by what we might assume needs to be done.

Thursday, February 2nd – Limitless Possibilities – Mercury, Sun. Thursday continues with the Gemini Moon, which today trines both Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius. With the Moon in Gemini, we have the Grand Trine in Air with the Moon triggering today two of the three planets in Aquarius, tomorrow the third planet in Aquarius and late on Friday, early Saturday the planet in Libra. We can deal with a vast amount of information today. We can juggle any number of things, just as long as we keep up the pace and not try to be too attentive to the specifics of any one thing. We are far more interested in what the future holds than our present day reality. We may spend time on this Thursday discussing with friends and anyone open to hearing what we have to say. The gift of gab is strong today and people can use it to the extreme. Conversations may be longer and jump with non-sequiturs from one thing to another to another. With some people, we might need a roadmap of their thoughts and ideas as each of us may shift quickly from one topic to another. Many of our conversations today can revolve around possibilities, prospects, potentials, our desires and what we wish for our future. This can be an uplifting day when we draw from a very broad palette. We do have to take things with a grain of salt, for the power of persuasion could be far stronger than the reality behind the presentation. Let’s enjoy our mental meanderings through the realm of limitless possibilities but not assume that there is much substance behind what is being told us or even what we might be considering.

Friday, February 3rd – High Anxiety – Lunar T-Square, Mars, Venus, Neptune Pisces. Friday could have us running around but possibly more like a chicken with its head cut off rather than in a rhythmic and focused manner. We could be all over the place today and not merely physically but emotionally as well. The Gemini Moon today creates a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Mars in Virgo and squares Venus in Pisces. Adding to the confusion, Neptune exits Aquarius to enter its own Sign of Pisces until 2026. Welcome to high anxiety, whereby we could be cast in the role of savior, and also martyr, and possibly with the shift between the two in a nanosecond. This is a day when the spinmeisters may be out in full force, tugging at people’s heart strings, making all sorts of baseless promises and enlisting pretty pictures that only play to fantasy and illusion. We need to take everything with a boulder of salt, not accept anything at face value and not be seduced by images or promises or appearances. What we see is probably not what we get today. This day could be crazy-making, if we get caught up in the whirlwind of nervous energy. Let’s try to maintain our balance, stay grounded and not jump to conclusions. By the end of the day we could be quite exhausted with all the running around and the whipsaws of emotions we might have been subjected to.

Saturday, February 4th – Resolutions and Limitations – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. While Friday could have been crazy-making with all sorts of misunderstandings, screw-ups and even panic attacks, late Friday, early Saturday allows us to smooth things over, get back into our body and be a little clearer about what is really going on. Finishing its transit of Gemini, the Moon creates an Air Grand Trine with the Moon trine Saturn and trine Neptune. The fog may lift and we can be more attuned to what is really going on. If we stepped on toes on Friday, we can make amends today. The air can be cleared and we can resolve differences. While resolutions can be happy-making, the energy shifts dramatically as the Moon enters Cancer, sextiles Jupiter and the Moon creates a T-Square in the Cardinal Signs with the Moon square Uranus and the Moon opposed Pluto. We may have a great deal placed on our plate today. Some of the stuff we have to deal with may not be of our making, but our compassion and consideration can get us entangled in caretaking, co-dependency and being the cosmic mother [no matter our gender]. Some of our own interests might have to be put on the back burner as unexpected situations arise demanding our attention, and old issues, that we might have thought resolved, call for a look see and further work to bring them to conclusion. By the end of the day we could be worn out and fortunately tomorrow might prove to be less energetic and consequently a day for rest.

Sunday, February 5th – Slow going – Mars. After a fairly hectic week and especially a fairly frenetic Friday and Saturday, Sunday seems a day to take it easy and go slow. The Moon continues its transit of Cancer and sextiles Mars today. We may want to stay around home base, possibly take care of some of our household projects and not feel like we have to make an impression on the world, much less enter the fray of the hurly-burly world beyond our four walls. After a week when we could have been fairly productive, entertained a variety of ideas and possibilities and engaged in some wild swings of emotion and frantic activity, this Sunday may be a good day to take as a day of rest with brief spurts of energy now and them to deal with home projects, household chores and family matters.