January 2nd – 8th, 2012

This week may have us back on the track, resolutions for the new year in hand, and prepared to do whatever we can to improve our financial, physical and spiritual condition. It’s a new year and we could easily assume that we have turned over a new leaf and are less encumbered with much of our old baggage. And that is the beauty of a new year. It offers the promise of a new beginning.

While the concept of beginning, middle and end is an old paradigm mindset, let’s engage the belief that this week allows us to start over.

With a heavy emphasis upon an Earth Element Grand Trine, we can be pragmatic and practical this week. We might consider certain purchases that would alleviate some of our stresses by streamlining our operations. We could be motivated to upgrade our computer software, invest in time-saving equipment and even consider a best practices approach to our daily routine by cutting away some of the needless distractions and diversions that we might have put up with previously.

As the week progresses, our intention to focus solely on the truly meaningful could become a little cloudy and our old tendencies to take on more and involve ourselves with greater participations might surface and have us engaging more, more, more. If we can change the ‘how’ of how we do things and be more effective with less expenditure of energy, then we could in deed juggle a variety of activities without getting ensnared by any one thing or dropping the ball by our sense of overload.

We may feel that variety is the spice of life and seek out during the latter part of the week varied activities and explore new interests we might want to fully engage further down the road.

The weekend can have us wanting to stay by the home fires, enjoying the comforts of home and catching up with those people that we were unable to connect with over the holidays.

This is a week when we may feel the need to line our ducks up in a row, attend to various matters, both personal and professional, and ready ourselves for a successful and self-fulfilling year ahead.

Monday, January 2nd – Fast Out of the Gate – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter. Monday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Aries and in so doing opposes Saturn and sextiles Neptune. We may be champing at the bit, wanting to initiate some of our plans for the new year but feeling a little crimped by someone else’s expectations or demands. We might have the sense that someone is less an advocate of our intentions and more an impediment to our moving ahead. Although there could be delays and frustrations, let’s avoid any blow-ups with other people. The more we recognize that timing is everything and that we might not be able to move forward as fast as we would like, then we can cool our jets and not get overly annoyed by someone’s slower pace or dysfunctionality. In fact, the slower pace could allow us to hone our intentions and focus on our future goals, all the while devising a best practices approach. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Aries and enters Taurus where the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and over the next two days triggers the Earth Grand Trine. This Monday could have us feeling like the story of the tortoise and the hare. We might want to be hare-like but forced to be tortoise-like and the slower pace could actually win the race for us. Yes, timing is everything and sometimes delays and frustrations work to our advantage.

Tuesday, January 3rd – Focused Intent – Pluto, Sun. Tuesday allows us to put spirit into action. The Taurus Moon trines both Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Capricorn. We may feel as though we are plodding along today, but our concentration is highly attuned and we are focusing solely on the most important and the most meaningful. We may be interested in making certain purchases that could help us in achieving some of our goals. We are certainly looking at a best practices approach and building our projects with a solid base and strong foundation. We are not interested in the decorative or the superfluous. We want to be lean and mean in the ways we do things and concentrate on those things that will give greater purpose to our lives. This early part of the week can be highly productive. We may feel as though we have greased wheels as we accomplish one thing after another, all leading to the realization of our greatest hopes and wishes.

Wednesday, January 4th – Bumps Along the Way – Venus, Mars. Wednesday continues with the Taurus Moon which today squares Venus but also trines Mars as part of the Earth Grand Trine. As we may be feeling highly effective and productive and have proven so over the past two days, we might allow ourselves certain indulgences today. We could easily go on something of a bender, looking to buy things that make us feel good about ourselves, no expense spared. If we are not diverted by our focus but engage brief respites of extravagances, we could quickly achieve some of our plans. We all like treats and may remember the proverb: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. We all need a break from our nose to grindstone and today we might take a break from our scheduled activities to enjoy ourselves. Once we have gifted ourselves with a little indulgence, we can get back on track and focus on what needs to be done.

Thursday, January 5th – Exploring All Options – Neptune, Uranus. Late Wednesday, early Thursday finishes the Moon’s transit of Taurus and as it does so, the Moon squares Neptune. We might question whether we have gotten off track. We may have been so micro-focused that we lost sight of the big picture. We could even wonder whether our plans and intentions are leading us in the right direction. The beauty of these times is the fact that we no longer have to do it all. The universe often steps in and provides alternatives that we might never have considered. And so it is on this Thursday, for as the Moon exits Taurus to enter Gemini, the Moon sextiles Uranus. Suddenly, we may have a broad palette of options from which to draw upon. We might not be interested in committing to any one thing but rather in sampling the myriad of possibilities. Things can come out of the blue and we might feel as though we have wandered into a smorgasbord of tantalizing delights. This is a day for having patience with the realization that sometimes good things happen to those who wait. Even if we have scheduled commitments, the latter part of the day may have us acting impulsively, negating our plans and doing things spontaneously and being very much in the moment.

Friday, January 6th –Hitching a Ride – Venus, Mars. Friday continues with the Moon in Gemini, which today has the Moon trine Venus and the Moon square Mars. We might be far more interested in social get-togethers rather than dealing with our responsibilities. We could easily embrace the T.G.I.F. [thank goodness it’s Friday] mentality and start our weekend early. We are likely to gloss over our tasks, postpone some of our ‘to do’ list and instead engage with friends and companions in discussions about the ‘what could bes’. Our concern lies less with our daily mundane routine and far more with our possibilities and our prospects. We may be looking to the distant horizon rather than the steps right in front of us. If we are trying to accomplish our normal tasks, it would be wise for us to pay attention and not let our minds drift into future worlds.

Saturday, January 7th – Reaching Out Far and Wide – Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus. Saturday is an action-packed day. Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Libra and sextiles Neptune in Aquarius. The day begins with the Moon still in Gemini and today the Moon trines Saturn, trines Neptune and opposes Mercury. This day has the gift of gab — a lot of discussions, conversations, or people just running off at the mouth. On a positive level, this day allows us to discuss lofty thoughts in an upbeat manner and may open the door for contacts with people far and wide. We may be in hyperdrive today, trying to accomplish as much as possible, all the while juggling a number of activities and involvements. If we could start the day planning our course of action and all the various things we wish to accomplish, we could speed through various errands, all the while having time to chat up friends and loved ones. The latter part of the day has the Moon moving into Cancer where it sextiles Jupiter and squares Uranus. Perhaps one of our New Year’s resolutions is to add a little flair and make some changes to our home décor. We could certainly be spending time fixing things up around our home base or making purchases that spice up our lives. This could be a fun-filled day when we have nary a care in the world. We are feeling too exuberant to let any little thing get us down, but it would be wise to keep a rein on our financial expenditures.

Sunday, January 8th – Practical Implementations – Pluto, Mercury Capricorn, Jupiter, Uranus. Late Saturday, early Sunday has Mercury exiting Sagittarius and entering Capricorn. Not only is the Earth Element Grand Trine reinforced, but Mercury coming into Capricorn creates a Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. We also have the Cancer Moon opposed Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter and square Uranus. At the end of the day, early Monday there is the Cancer Full Moon. The balance between our personal lives and our daily involvements needs to find a proper medium. We may be so focused on our goals and our ambitions that we are not giving enough time to taking care of our personal selves. Yes, the economy is rough and the job market tough and more is expected of each of us to increase our productivity. But we have to ask ourselves: ‘at what cost?’ Are we spending so much time on our responsibilities and what we need to do that we are sacrificing our personal well-being? Is society presently in gerbil on the wheel mode whereby we are afraid to step off the fast track in case we can never get back on? While this Sunday allows us to strategize and consider a best practices approach, part of our thought processes needs to encompass how we can be more productive and more effective in a streamlined manner. There are only 24 hours in a day and working 24/7 is a prescription for burnout. Let’s be pragamatic and practical in our approach and realize that the paradigm shift talks about us being co-creators and being open to the gifts presented to us by the universe — qualitative time more than quantitative time, technological tools that increase productivity, working smarter rather than harder.