January 23rd – 29th, 2012

Happy New Year! This week begins the Chinese New Year and the year of the black water dragon. In Chinese astrology, this year is an auspicious year for growth, creativity and powerful energy. Let the force be with us!

Under the signature of the Aquarius New Moon, this week and fortnight period allow us to put some of our hopes and wishes into motion. The changes we may have envisioned can take greater hold. It is essential that we keep in mind that every journey begins with a first step. As we take our steps into our future, we must keep in mind that our path is not necessarily a greased wheels straight line from the launch time to completion, but can take on all the aspects of a long and winding road. Our energy may flag at times and our confidence might waver. If we would see delays and frustrations, the twists and turns convoluting a straight-line trajectory as but a tempering and honing process, we could recognize that our projects may need re-evaluating and reworking as we go along.

This week allows us to consider our plans, question our destiny and take initiatory action.

The early part of the week can have us in a celebratory mood. We all need some good news and what better news than the Chinese New Year of the black water dragon? Yippee! I know I’m excited for some good news and what better than the potential of an auspicious year ahead.

We may choose to get together with friends, do something different and step off the proverbial track to explore and investigate possibilities. Although our focus could be more on our future than our present day responsibilities, we could be flagging a little, our energy drained as the anxieties and concerns we’ve been dealing with catch up with us and the reserve of adrenaline that we may have been running on comes up empty.

During the week we can have fits and starts of energy, times when we have a great deal of energy and can be highly active, other times when we can hardly lift a fork to our lips.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend can have us caroming between our responsibilities and our desires for something new. Our commitments to someone can tether us to obligations and tasks we need to perform before we can break away and explore the possibilities of our future. In a desire to put our own imprint upon our life’s conditions, we have to be wary not to be over-expansive or assume that we can have it all. These times ask, even demand, that we be resourceful, put something aside for future contingencies and not fall into the trap of assuming that everything is now coming up roses. Let’s keep our finances in mind, utilize a best practices approach and always be aware and mindful.

Monday, January 23rd – Let the Games Begin – Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Aquarius Lunation, Sun, Mars retrograde. Monday starts the week with us in high gear. And why not? We are moving into the Chinese New Year of the black water dragon with the Aquarius New Moon, late on Sunday, early Monday. This Moon Sun conjunction also has the Moon sextile Uranus and square Jupiter. Even if we discount the idea of the Chinese New Year and the auspicious nature of the dragon, we are still focused on creating good times for ourselves by concentrating on our future prospects and seeking to bring change into our lives. And the change we are looking for are changes that allow us greater freedom of movement, more autonomy and the opportunity to be our individual selves. Where a problem could arise is that we could buy into a concept that whatever we want we can get. There is the liability today of being extravagant and expanding beyond our reach. Fortunately, Mercury trines Mars, and we can develop a best practices approach by which we can create a strategic plan with specific details to accomplish our goals effectively without excess expenditure. Mars also turns retrograde and our physical energy can wane. It would be wise for us to maintain, or engage, a good health regimen, since we may be feeling exhausted and worn down. We have all been through the wars these past few years, and it may have taken a toll on us. We don’t want to spend the winter in sick mode so let’s work with the volatility of these times — go forward with our projects and activities when we have the green light and stop to recharge ourselves when we have the red light.

Tuesday, January 24th – Dreaming of the Good Times. After a sprint out of the starting gate yesterday to start the week, this Tuesday slows to a crawl. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius but makes no connections to the planets today. Added to this lack of energy is the lack of energy we might feel as a result of Mars having turned retrograde yesterday. We might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails. We may be lethargic, unable to proceed quickly with all that we have on our plate. On the contrary, we would prefer to get lost in dreamtime, the reveries of what could be, who we could be and how we could be. Today is a good day for our mind to wander, to get lost in the realm of infinite possibilities. Getting together with friends today can be both a pleasurable time and moments of bouncing off ideas of what we might wish to engage as far as our future plans. Let’s keep in mind that in this paradigm shift from linear, sequential reality into the synchronistic, asequential reality that I often refer to as the magical, mystery tour, there is a collapse of time space co-ordinates when every thing — past, present, future — are all in the NOW. We know that our thoughts can impact our future. If we will focus on the positive and life-affirming thoughts today, we are seeding our consciousness of wondrous possibilities that can conceivably come true, no matter how impossible they might seem.

Wednesday, January 25th – Moving Right Along – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto. Wednesday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Aquarius. As it does so, the Moon trines Saturn and conjuncts Neptune. We may be appreciative of the people in our lives and even feel as though they are providing us clues and insights into where we are going with our lives. Like a scavenger hunt, these times provide clues as to what our next steps might be and what our future trajectory could become. We just have to be aware and mindful of the signals along the way. Other people can provide an objective and detached perspective regarding some of the activities we are involved with. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Aquarius and enters Pisces where the Moon sextiles Jupiter and sextiles Pluto. We can feel imbued with manifest destiny, a sense that we are being guided by an inner knowing towards what is truly meant for us during our life journey. No matter what the apparent obstacles might seem like, we are confident that we can meet any challenge in an expeditious and resourceful manner. This is a day when we can put our spirit into action, optimistic about our path and able to focus on the most important aspects of our lives.

Thursday, January 26th – Moody or Picky – Venus, Mars. Thursday has the Moon in Pisces conjunct Venus and opposed Mars. Our compassion for the plight of other people can get in our way today as we look to do the right thing. We could be highly emotional today and easily played upon. Our desire to be of assistance might have us entangled in someone’s mess, especially if we react hastily without considering the source and their agenda. Some people are attached to their drama and unwilling to let it go no matter how much we try to extricate them from their problems. We may find ourselves flipping between the martyr – savior syndrome today. We are incredibly sensitive today, and our moods can swing from the upbeat to the depressed. While we might choose to be of service to someone today, we do have to avoid self-sacrifice. There is a jaded, but often true saying that states: ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. We could bear the scars of such a statement today. If we do feel that we are being taken advantage of, then our desire to help can shift into a nasty resentment. Let’s find the balance between what we can do for someone else and what we need to leave to their own devices. We all have our own individual challenges and tests, and it is through meeting those challenges and passing those tests that we grow stronger in character, in wisdom and in our understanding.

Friday, January 27th – Getting Unstuck – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury Aquarius. Friday could continue with some of the messes we might have stepped in as a result of maudlin sentimentality or misplaced compassion yesterday. The day begins with Mercury, finishing its transit of Capricorn, square Saturn. We may have made certain commitments yesterday that come back to haunt us today. Although we are looking to help out someone with some of their imposing matters, we may feel the weight of our sincerity and our offer to help like a ten ton wrecking ball. Instead of grousing about our good nature and it having been taken advantage of, let’s do what needs to be done and then divest ourselves of any further obligations. There are times when assistance to other people can be a bottomless pit with their needs always unfulfilled and their attitude being one of ‘what have you done for me lately’. While this day could begin with us feeling under the thumb of someone else, we may not stay in that mindset or sense of responsibility for too long. For this day has energy configurations that are of two totally different dispositions. We begin with the Mercury square Saturn and the Moon finishing its transit of Pisces. Yes, we might have agreed to do certain things out of the goodness of our heart but that now we have come to resent. Let’s avoid beating ourselves up about it and instead just do what needs to be done. The day shifts dramatically, as Mercury exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in Aquarius as Mercury joins the Sun and Neptune in the Fixed Air Sign. The Moon exits Pisces and enters Aries where it sextiles Mercury and conjuncts Uranus. Taking care of our responsibilities and other people’s needs can then change drastically as we shift our focus to what we want to do and the changes we want to make in our lives. We become more attentive to unexpected opportunities that could open the door to inspired and uplifting future projects.

Saturday, January 28th – Going for the Gold but Sparing No Expense – Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter. Having gotten a second wind yesterday, this Saturday could have us in sprint mode pushing our future interests but perhaps more out of impulse than reasoned thought. Today the Aries Moon sextiles the Sun but squares Pluto. Mercury, just having entered Aquarius, sextiles Uranus but squares Jupiter. We may be feeling our oats today, ready to take on the world and put our imprint and mark upon it. While such an attitude is commendable, we may not engage a best practices approach. On the contrary, we might go for the gold, pushing ahead with our personal interests that lay the groundwork for future goals, but without due consideration of the costs involved. We could easily wrack up some significant expenses today as we seek to get the tools necessary for the development of our plans. Although we can be insightful today, we may be running more on adrenaline and on our hopes and wishes rather than reasoned thought and well-considered strategies. Let’s try to slow things down, keep to a budget and give consideration to the most expeditious ways by which we can attain our dreams. We may promise too much today based more upon our confidence and optimism than the true reality of the situation. If we can harness the energy, not be a law unto ourselves, and be open to receive the serendipity of unexpected variables developing to assist in the realization of our hopes and wishes, then things can go fairly smoothly. We need to keep in mind during these times of paradigm shift that the universe works and that our sense, or even need, of control over situations has to give way to us being co-creators with the synchronicity of the universe in working towards the accomplishment of our intentions.

Sunday, January 29th – A Day of Rest in the 21st Century. Sunday has the Moon in Aries but with no connections to the planets. There is not a great deal of energy today to move things forward. This could be a day of rest but perhaps not the most relaxing. We are not interested in lazing around today but instead would like to be on the go. We might choose to get out of Dodge today, take a drive into unfamiliar terrain and just spread our wings and soar on the air currents of exploration and investigation. No demands are likely to be engaged today, no matter what other people might want or what our pressing needs might be. This is a day for us to take off, broaden our interests, recharge our batteries and expand our scope. Rest and relaxation in the 21st century may be more along the lines of searching out good times and enjoying the freedom to just ‘be’. By getting off the track today, we can reinvigorate ourselves and recharge our batteries. En joy!