December 5th – 11th, 2011

There seems very little to upset us as we go through the week, although the weekend could be a different matter. Everyone may be more involved with the celebrations of the season and quite possibly taking their eye off the ball. Although we would prefer focusing on having good times and enjoying ourselves, we could also experience a disconnect from what is going on all around us. Keeping our finger on the pulse of what is really going on could prevent us from being totally oblivious and buying into the hype of ‘let the good times roll’.

Now I don’t want to play grinch or be a parade rainer, but an element of conservatism in our holiday shopping and in our financial expenditures on the spirits and good cheer of this time of year would be advised. We may be told that we are on the road to recovery, but I would advise, as I have for sometime now, that we are not out of the woods yet. There are still significant economic and financial problems that have not been addressed but rather window dressed to make things look good and likely better than they truly are. And this week could have the various spinmeisters out in force, doing their very best to put a good face on geopolitical conditions and people’s personal financial situations.

We are feeling good as we start the week. We may have had a strong dose of holiday cheer over the weekend, but we are likely upbeat and looking to connect and reconnect with our circle of friends and acquaintances. The mid-part of the week could have an impulse towards spending-buying frenzy, as we all seem to get enmeshed in the expectations raised for us to be generous, even extravagant, to show our appreciation for one another.

As we come towards the end of the week, we may pick up the pace as we find ourselves juggling any number of things and trying to grab for all the gusto that we can. This season of holidays comes but once a year and this year we may feel that we deserve more than ever good cheer and nice amenities to our daily lives. We just have to be wary that we don’t overspend, exert too much energy and wear ourselves out.

The weekend is punctuated [or is that punctured?] by the Lunar Eclipse. Like little children, we could be so enamored by the spectacles, dreams and fantasies of this time of year that we allow ourselves to forget and negate due diligence.

All in all, this week can be something of a coast. Let’s just keep in mind that we are still in the midst of a Mercury retrograde and there can be delays, misunderstandings and miscommunications. It asks us to check and recheck any significant decisions before taking action.

Monday, December 5th – Social Responsibility – Venus, Mars. Monday begins the week with a continuation of the Moon’s transit through Aries. Venus trines Mars today. We may be doing some form of outreach to those people that we need to connect with, whether that connection is for professional goals or for personal obligations. We are energized, upbeat and presenting a good image in a grounded manner. We can advance our interests both as a result of our enthusiasm and our ability to win people to our side. If we have been having any conflicts with other people, today allows us to provide reasonable explanations and make a side for our case. We might also be interested in how we can be of service, providing solace or support to those less fortunate than ourselves with a firm belief that ‘there but for the grace of god go I.’

Tuesday, December 6th – Necessary Expenditures – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto. This Tuesday begins with the Aries Moon opposed Saturn and sextile Neptune. The Moon then moves into Taurus where it conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto. We start this Tuesday dealing with outstanding matters and other people’s needs. If we can tie up loose ends, we could then focus on our future goals. As the day progresses, we become more concerned about what we need to do in order to create the right structure and right format to realize our dreams. If we feel the need to polish our image, we may make certain purchases that we consider to be extravagant but essential in our personal makeover to better our chances for the success of our personal projects. This Tuesday is a day when fueled by our intentions we can lay down some significant foundation stones, cover the basics and develop the appropriate strategy to realize our goals in the most expeditious means.

Wednesday, December 7th – Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Lunar Grand Trine, Mars, Venus. We began this week with Mars trine Venus and this Wednesday accentuates this energy by the Moon transiting Taurus creating an Earth Grand Trine, as the Taurus Moon trines Mars in Virgo and trines Venus in Capricorn. We can be highly productive today, with part of the reason being the greased wheels of accomplishment and realization. Our potential for manifesting is incredibly strong today. We have it all together — the image, the intention, the specifics and the right approach. This Wednesday is one of those days when it is wise to get as much done as possible, with the understanding that the efforts we expend can be rewarded exponentially. A primo day for us to fit all the pieces neatly into the puzzle, but this is also a day when we can clear the decks and prepare for new adventures and options we might not have been able to consider due to our previous obligations.

Thursday, December 8th – Hitting a Snag Before a New Trajectory – Neptune, Uranus. Thursday begins with the Moon in Taurus square Neptune. To paraphrase the well-known quote of poet Robert Burns: ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often come to naught’. And this Thursday could provide us evidence of this sentiment. We may find, as we start this day, that some of our plans are hitting the wall. Perhaps we have reconsidered our goals, or maybe we realize that the expense of our intentions is too great for us to commit to. Any way we slice it, we may find this day begins with us a little confused, situations somewhat convoluted, and a sense that we are at a crossroads. Do we persist and move forward with plans that now seem less appealing? Or do we accept the parameters of these times whereby we recognize that our perspective at one point in time has shifted and we now see things in a different light? It is essential that we recognize that these times are times of dramatic shifts and changes, times whereby our greatest goals may now seem mere distractions as we see other options and other alternatives for ourselves. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Gemini where it sextiles Uranus. Early in the day, we might have felt as though we had stubbed our toe and been forced to evaluate what we are doing and where we are going. If we are not impetuous in our actions, then later in the day we could realize that perhaps our blinders, our tunnel vision and our singular focus on what we wanted and how we wanted it have also prevented us from seeing options and alternatives that might be even more appropriate for us. It is important for us to keep in mind that during these times of paradigm shift things can change instantaneously and that some opportunities arise not from us making them happen as much as being in the right place at the right time. We might discover later in the day that the world is our oyster and that we have more opportunities than we had ever imagined.

Friday, December 9th – High Tension Wire – Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Mars. While Wednesday may have had us feeling as though our lives and our projects were like greased wheels with everything going our way; this Friday could be one of those days when we could realize that we have so much going on, that we are juggling so many activities that we can hardly keep all the balls in the air, much less take care of what needs to be done effectively and with due diligence. On the contrary, this Friday has the Moon transiting Gemini and today creating a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon opposes Mercury and the Moon squares Mars. We are also approaching tomorrow’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We may be feeling somewhat stressed out [somewhat?] today. While we might have a great deal on our plate, it would be wise for us to take things step by step, sometimes baby steps, other times giant steps, but still step by step. Otherwise, we could have a tendency to rush things, negate certain details and gloss over the specifics. This day could prove to be something of a minefield. We certainly are dealing with a high level of nervous energy, possibly stressed out, and trying to do too much without being effective in our doing so. It would be wise for us to try and slow things down, although we might feel that we are on a runaway train with no brakes to stop us or even slow us down. Taking breaks at times today to catch our breath and reconsider what we are doing and how we are doing it is essential to avoid getting caught up in our own tangled web.

Saturday, December 10th – Me, Mine and Yours – Gemini Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Sun. People sometimes say that every day seems like a Full Moon. Well, this Saturday provides one, a Gemini Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. This Saturday ratchets up the energy severalfold. People may be on edge and engaging the concept that ‘a strong offense is a good defense’. Not that everyone is likely to be offensive today. But the energy today can create conflicts between personal needs and the collective needs. The liability to playing the blame game can be strong, especially if we assume that other people are blocking us from doing what we want in the ways that we want to do it. We could be all over the place today, reaching out to this person and that person but feeling as though no particular person can satisfy our discomfort or our needs. We may want to expand our horizons, but the ways we are choosing to do so could be reckless and more from the impulse of making some change to reduce our anxiety level, but change without considering the consequences or the law of unintended consequences. Similar to yesterday, today is a good day for us to slow things down, not jump to conclusions and not to do anything in haste. However we can chill out, it would be wise to do so today, for otherwise the energy could be so ratcheted up that we just don’t know what to do except play the White Rabbit in Alice’s Wonderland, emphasizing that ‘I’m late. I’m late for a very important date.’ Let’s keep in mind, that these times speak to us working with the energies and not trying to control the energies. Today is a day for us to work with the energies or find us banging our head against the wall repeatedly.

Sunday, December 11th – Taking on More Than We Can Chew – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. Sunday is a day of two totally different energies and can replicate the Dickensian sense of these times ‘being the best of times, being the worst of times’. Saturday night, early Sunday continues with the Gemini Moon which now creates an Air Grand Trine with the Moon trine Saturn in Libra and trine Neptune in Aquarius. Social gatherings, discussions with good friends and a sense of conviviality can delight us on Saturday evening, early on Sunday morning. Everything may seem so delicious, but similar to the Genesis story of Adam and Eve, are we too eating the forbidden fruit? Certain thoughts and ideas could enter our head, and we could easily believe that what we conceive, we can readily achieve. As the day progresses, the Moon enters Cancer, sextiles Jupiter and also creates a Cardinal T-Square with the Cancer Moon opposed Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries. From some of the insights and discussions, we could launch forward in making significant changes but changes that are triggered more by the need for change rather than well-considered actions. While earlier we might have felt on glide, we could now feel as though we have hit a bumpy road. The wind could be knocked out of our sails and we might instigate certain actions that have little hope of being successfully realized. We could even feel a law unto ourselves. Today would be far better served by doing an inventory taking, seeing what really works in our lives and considering those areas of our lives that no longer work. Then we could start to clear things out, get rid of those areas that no longer work for us and cull those areas standing in the way of new directions, new goals.