December 26th, 2011 – January 1st, 2012

After all the hoopla leading up to the holidays, this week can be a less intense and less stressful time of socializing, bringing end of year matters to a close and celebrating the new year of 2012.

As though unable to break the frantic mode, the week begins with us having to deal with obligations we might not have taken care of earlier in the holiday season. There could be yet another wave of holiday shopping and returns to start the week. But we are also looking for variety and seeking ways by which we can do something other than our usual routine.

As the week progresses, we are not looking to push ourselves. We are still in holiday mode, interested in touching base with friends near and far. We may be far more interested in good times and future plans than dealing with our daily responsibilities. Can we consider this week to be a hiatus week? Certainly it is a hiatus from the year we are ending and the year we are just about to start. And we may use this sense of hiatus to enjoy ourselves, take time out from our normal activities and slow things down.

The energy ratchets up as we move towards the weekend and New Year’s Eve on Saturday. We may be making our resolutions, seriously considering those areas we want to be rid of in the new year and even doing a bit of cleaning up and clearing out baggage that we do not want to bring into 2012.

The energy could prove a little frenetic as we approach the new year. Is it that we have all gotten conditioned into the new reality of overload and overwhelm? Are we all so engrossed in more, more, more that we take on so many scheduling events that we are running from one thing to another to yet another without a moment to breathe, much less assess matters and do things in a methodical, focused manner?

The ball drops on New Year’s Eve signaling the new year of 2012, with us all ready to step forward into a new realm, new territories and a new sense of our own being, all with a focus on our own personal interests. Let’s just try and avoid being so self-absorbed that we don’t see that we are stepping on other people’s toes and that we have become so self-centered to be boorish.

We end the week with a New Year just begun, although endings and beginnings are more a mindset of the old paradigm, the new paradigm speaking to continual process.

Monday, December 26th – Another Manic Monday – Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus. As though any relief over the weekend had been a momentary hiccup, we start this week off and running, again. The day begins with the Capricorn Moon square Saturn. We might have a large ‘to do’ list of items and activities that we intended to accomplish earlier but just didn’t get around to. We may feel our obligations weighing heavily on our shoulders. Whether we go out shopping for that gift we didn’t get or we stand in returns lines to bring back items that we would never use, we may be out and about attending to the necessities of this holiday season. As the day progresses, the Moon moves out of Capricorn and enters Aquarius where the Moon today squares Jupiter and sextiles Uranus. A little indulgence could be called for and, called for or not, we might find ourselves spending too much on either items that we wanted but didn’t receive during the holiday gift-giving or taking time to have a relaxed lunch with someone we haven’t gotten together with earlier in the holiday season. While the day begins with our sense of tasks and responsibilities, we move into a more adventuresome time as we seek to do the unusual, the unfamiliar and step off the track of our normalcy.

Tuesday, December 27th – Good Feelings – Venus, Mercury. Tuesday continues with the Aquarius Moon, which today conjuncts Venus and sextiles Mercury. As though the harried nature of the holidays has suddenly dropped away, this Tuesday can be an especially pleasant day. We may feel upbeat, consider getting out of Dodge and just luxuriating with that special person, or people, in our lives. This Tuesday can be a ‘feel good’ day. We are not looking to set the world on fire or to expend too much energy. We might enjoy moments with people discussing future plans and possibilities that are enlivening and engaging. We certainly are interested in getting off the track, whether we do so literally by getting out of town or do so figuratively as we engage thoughts of prospects and good times rather than our usual, daily grind. This day is a primo day without much exertion and few demands. And even if other people have expectations of us, we do not feel the need to measure up to their standards. A highly pleasant day, this Tuesday allows us to catch our breath, recharge our batteries and enjoy ourselves.

Wednesday, December 28th – Reveries and Indulgences – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter. Wednesday continues with the feel good energies of yesterday. These two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, could be close to idyllic, especially if we are able to get off the fast track and just enjoy ourselves. Today the Moon continues through Aquarius and trines Saturn and conjuncts Neptune. Connections with those special people in our lives can be heart-warming and enlivening. We may feel the comfort and nurture of our interactions with that special person in our lives or with those friends that are more like real family than our original family members. There is a soul connection to this day in our interaction with other people. We are especially appreciative of the people that sparkle in our lives. We may be lost in our reveries of those lovely memories of significant times with those special people that have met us along the pathway of our life’s journey. Later in the day, the Moon exits Aquarius and enters Pisces where it sextiles Jupiter. Still feeling good about things, we could become a little indulgent and extravagant, eating or drinking too much and with a tendency to overspend. There is a saying, one often discounted in our material society but true nonetheless, which states: ‘the best things in life are free’.

Thursday, December 29th – Self-Examinations – Sun, Pluto. Thursday is a day when we may feel as though we need to take a very close look at who we are, what we are doing and where we are going. The Sun conjuncts Pluto and the Pisces Moon adds to this energy configuration with the Moon sextile Pluto and sextile the Sun. This is a day of intense self-examination, a day when we want to pierce the veil of maya, dispel the illusions about our lives and get back to the bedrock of our being. Who are we? What are we doing with our lives? And why are we doing what we are doing? Are we fulfilling the true purpose of our lives? Do our involvements have true meaning? Or have we merely bought into the whos, whats and whys of societal conditioning? This day can bring up a lot of questions, all focused on greater self-discovery. We may consider what we need to be rid of in the year[s] ahead, and we might give thought to resolutions regarding disengaging from the old and the outmoded in order to make room for the new and the more appropriate. Let’s keep in mind that the universe does not like a vacuum, and that there are times when the cup must be emptied in order to be filled. This period also could see some celebrated people leaving the world stage. Certainly with the Plutonian energy engaged, this time of year of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ is highly accentuated.

Friday, December 30th – Back on the Fast Track – Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Mars. Friday could have us back on the fast track, possibly preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebrations or just getting ramped up again as the social media turns up the volume and the rhythm. This Friday has the Pisces Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Mercury and opposes Mars. We might be in something of a dither today, feeling like we need to get a lot done, going hither and yon, but possibly not accomplishing much. And whatever we do accomplish, we could easily skirt over particular issues and important details. We may have too much on our plate, committed to doing too many things, all with the idea that the fast and furious is the modus operandi for the New Year’s celebrations. Aaargh! Although earlier this week we might have been truly enjoying a sense of downtime and being in the moment, we now seem to realign ourselves with the intensity and excitement [?] of these times. It may seem as though everyone is once again racing around, and possibly with nowhere really to go, but just caught up in the pace like lemmings on parade heading for the cliffs in a race.

Saturday, December 31st – Can’t Get There From Here – Uranus, Pluto. This Saturday has the Moon moving into Aries where it conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto. Although it’s New Year’s Eve and we may have made our plans weeks, even months, ago for this New Year’s Eve celebrations, now that we have come to the event we might question whether we really want to engage what we have committed ourselves to. We may be feeling a little feisty today, on the one hand wanting to do our own thing, but on the other hand feeling tied down by our previous commitments. The sense of being in the moment could aggravate us when we realize that we are programmed to make plans far ahead of the actual event in order to assure ourselves a place at the table. And when the event actually arrives, we might decide we don’t even want to sit at that table. We could be in a bit of a pickle today, but if we do have this conundrum of what we want to do now versus what we committed to back when, let’s use it as a recognition that these times speak more to spur-of-the-moment decisions whereby we can embrace the synchronicity and serendipity of the paradigm shift, also known as ‘being in the moment’.

Sunday, January 1st – A New Day Dawning – Mercury, Mars, Sun, Venus. This Sunday begins the New Year of 2012, an auspicious year which some claim will herald a transformation in consciousness but a foreboding year that others claim to be the apocalyptic end of the world. Anyway you slice it, today is the first day of 2012. This day begins the new year with Mercury square Mars and the Aries Moon square the Sun, sextile Venus and trine Mercury. Our focus may be more on the new and not necessarily on outstanding matters or old baggage that we might have brought into this new year. No, although it would have been wise for us to clean up issues more associated with our past, we might have brought them with us in crossing into 2012. No worries though, we are not considering them today. On the contrary, we are far more engaged in what we want to do and we are giving little thought to the mechanics or the means by which to accomplish our plans. This is a day when we feel as though we are starting new, kind of like a total do over of our lives, creating a blank slate on which to draw, although there could be heavy markings from our past that we are neglecting and avoiding to see. It would be wise for us to start the new year in a go slow manner, but that too is rather unlikely. We may feel that we want to be fast out of the gate, that our impulse and projection can take us where we need to go without us having to engage due diligence, strategize, plan or consider our itinerary and our direction. No, on this first day of the year we might be leaping and not looking. Oh, well, it is a so-called new beginning, even if the paradigm shift has moved away from beginnings, middles and ends and transformed into continual unfolding process and processes. Happy New Year! [he writes with a twinkle].