December 19th – 25th, 2011

We could feel pulled in various directions during this Christmas week and the beginning of Hanukkah, and there is the ratcheted-up energy to match. The sales marketing jingles and the cash register jangles may ring up a tendency for us to overspend. We might feel obliged to get something for everyone, and we can easily get swept up in a holiday buying frenzy.

This Christmas week will also be replete with Dickens’ concept of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol as we visit incidents, connections and circumstances of our past, our present and our future — all in the NOW. We may feel in a whipsaw of emotions as we reconnect with our past, yet look enticingly towards our future. While we may feel obligated, even restricted, by elements of our past, we could also use such feelings as an indication of some of the changes we have gone through on an internal level.

Let’s keep in mind that everything begins in the abstract with the concept, the intention, the impulse. Eventually, force takes form, the internal manifests on the external. And so it is for us leading up to Christmas. We may revisit the ghosts of our past, yet long for the externalized change of our future. Duties and responsibilities could be foremost in our mind as we pay deference to our past and to connections that are more social obligations than desired interactions. But any reconnections may provide us a mirror to see where we are now versus where we have been.

Christmas week with the beginning of Hanukkah is a busy week with two Sign changes as Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday, also the beginning of Hanukkah, and the Winter Solstice on the 21st-22nd as the Sun enters Capricorn. We also have Jupiter turning direct on Sunday, Christmas Day.

No matter what our religious or philosophical beliefs may be, this week can be a deep, internalized soul-searching week during which we may choose to brighten our own light and pursue our greater en-lightenment. We can dedicate ourselves to grow and develop our spiritual side, all the while balancing the spiritual with the material. Or to put it more glibly, we can have our feet firmly planted on the ground taking care of our material needs while we have our head in the clouds with our intent on our spiritual evolvement.

The Winter Solstice is indicative in the Northern Latitudes of the birth of the Sun, for this day is the day of greatest darkness before the Sun moves north increasing daylight, day by day increasing in light until we get to the Summer Solstice towards the end of June. This birth of the Sun is also symbolized in Christian theology with the birth of Jesus, the birth of the Son of God.

For each of us, the Winter Solstice speaks to a birthing period, although we tend to see the celebration of the New Year as being the time of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. A ritual, gesture or acknowledgment at the time of the Winter Solstice is also a way for us to spiritually engage our own rebirthing, our birthing anew, which is especially punctuated during this time of paradigm shift.

While change is definitely in play, it would also be wise for us to realize that things can change in a nanosecond. Even our plans can go awry, due to unexpected variables. This is a time for us to be nimble and quick and to always check and recheck the parameters, the conditions and the circumstances in which we find ourselves moving. And, of course, it is essential for us to embrace a new way of being — accepting ourselves as co-creators with the universe unfolding and letting go of our sense of control over all situations, our belief that we alone can make things happen. Liberating in deed but also possibly scary as we let go the reins of our assumed control and acknowledge the magic of being open and receptive to the natural unfolding with its moments of serendipity and its incidents of synchronicity.

It’s an energetic week, and one when we may question whether we are coming or going but obviously knowing that we are in swift movement.

Monday, December 19th – Old Friends – Sun, Saturn. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Libra and the Sagittarius Sun sextile Saturn. Our focus today may be associated with the significant people who are, and have been, in our lives. We might find ourselves calling people up, dropping emails to friends with whom we have not been in contact for a while, or writing holiday notes to reconnect with friends and loved ones. Lunch or dinner with important companions can add some sparkle to our day and to our season. All of us have been through the mill figuratively, dealing with the harsh realities of transformation with its releases, eliminations, losses and letting go. We may not be fully aware of what our next steps might be or where they may lead us, but today we can take time to reach out and show our appreciation to those special people who have joined us along our journey through this life experience. This holiday season allows a deepening of our thoughts and our sensibilities. We can step away from the harness of our daily obligations and engage instead the wonder of life experience with its sparkling incidents and its enlivening interpersonal connections. Every now and then, it is important that we take a ‘time out’, reflect on where we have been and consider the possibilities for our future. Today is one of those days to take time and take into account all that has gone on in our lives and how the events have shaped us in preparation for our future.

Tuesday, December 20th – Demands and Obligations – Sun, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. Like a roller coaster, yesterday may have been more of a coast and today more of an uphill climb. This Tuesday is a high energy day. The Sun sextiles Neptune, and Venus entering Aquarius squares Jupiter. The day begins with the Libra Moon conjunct Saturn, sextile the Sun, trine Neptune and square Venus, while Venus is still in Capricorn. As if the clock is ticking down, we may feel that we have a great deal to do in order to complete our preparations for the holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, the celebrations may seem daunting as far as the tasks, obligations and expectations that we are placing upon ourselves, or other people are placing on us. Like a Hallmark holiday, sometimes holidays come with a long list of ‘to do’ and the spirit of the holiday becomes consumed in the rigid format of how the holiday is to be expressed. This Tuesday could have us running around, possibly overspending, even trying to do too much. The potential for excess today cannot be discounted. We might be so involved in overdrive that we forget to budget or keep tabs on what we are doing. Venus enters Aquarius today and suddenly we might assume that we have to be the Sandy Claus to all and sundry. As the Moon moves into Scorpio, the Moon opposes Jupiter and sextiles Pluto. If we will take the time to check our list of ‘to do’, be selective in prioritizing the most important tasks at hand and maintain a tight rein on our expenditures of time, effort and monies; then we can be highly resourceful and fully effective. We just need to slow down, not buy into the holiday frenzy and recognize that whatever we give to other people is not based on their expectations but rather comes from our heart. Today at sunset also begins the eight days of Hanukkah, ‘the festival of lights’ in Judaism that celebrates dedication through both faith and action to the pursuit of high religious and human ideals. Happy Hanukkah!

Wednesday, December 21st – New Doors Opening – Venus, Uranus, Mars. Wednesday has the Scorpio Moon sextile Mars and Venus, just having entered Aquarius, sextile Uranus. We can be highly effective today. We are not interested in the superfluous or the extraneous but want to concentrate our resources on the most essential tasks at hand. This is also a day when serendipity and synchronicity are at play. Like a scavenger hunt, we may get various clues along the way during this Wednesday. We could bump into some interesting contacts and connections. We might realize options and alternatives for ourselves that truly speak to us. This is a day for us to marshal our resources but to also work with peripheral vision. The more we can have free time to take advantage of options that we might not be aware of, the more we can engage some wonderful surprises. This Wednesday is a day to keep one foot on our present trajectory but to have another foot alert to stepping off into new terrain and possibilities. Let’s keep in mind that this season is a very spiritual season and the gifting during this time may be one of new insights, new connections and new prospects for our future. We are also at the last day of Autumn, just before the Winter Solstice and the Sun’s entry into Capricorn, the shortest day of daylight in the northern latitudes and the birthing of the light, as the daylight increases daily to the Summer Solstice. This Winter Solstice begins tomorrow for many of us, but begins tonight for those in the western US. A new day is dawning. New doors are opening.

Thursday, December 22nd – Birthing into the Light – Winter Solstice, Sun Capricorn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Mercury. Last evening or early this morning, depending upon where we are on the planet, begins the Winter season as the Sun exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. As it moves into Capricorn, the Sun trines Jupiter and squares Uranus today. The day also begins with the Moon in Scorpio square Neptune. The Moon then moves into Sagittarius where it trines Uranus, sextiles Venus and conjuncts Mercury. This day is the 22nd, a master number in numerology indicative of the Master Builder. This Thursday can be an incredibly auspicious day, for we in the northern latitudes are coming out of the dark now and birthing into the light. We have the opportunity to consider where to place our energies in the year ahead and how best to expand our interests. We do have to be wary that we do not take the attitude of ‘being legends in our own mind’. We may want what we want, but it would be wise for us to consider the parameters of conditions and circumstances and then apply a best practices approach by which to get from where we are to where we want to go. Within the coordinates of the paradigm shift, it is essential that whatever plans we make we do so with humility and a recognition that unexpected variables can crop up without a moment’s notice to force us to rework and reconsider where we are going and how we are going there. This Thursday can continue with a certain sense of the magical, mystery tour, whereby surprises can come forward and new possibilities, connections and options open up to us. This Thursday is a day for us to take a moment, go internally on a soul level and consider what we truly want to have in our lives. We can continue the excavation of releasing the past just as long as we are considering the essential fundamentals and basic building blocks upon which we wish to grow our future.

Friday, December 23rd – Skipping Ahead – Mars. Friday has the Sagittarius Moon square Mars. We may be rushing forward with so much to attend to that we could either be on overwhelm or we could skip over important details. We might be a little too glib today, making assumptions without checking the facts or doing our due diligence. Things may not be as they seem but our positive attitude might allow us to put on rose-colored glasses and concentrate only on the good, even the fantastic and illusory, and neglect the true reality of what is really going on. This is a day to curb our enthusiasm and slow down. We may be so caught up in the frenzy of the holidays that we negate important details or not take notice of signs and signals. We are coming to Christmas weekend and everyone may be rushing around, trying to cover all the bases without fully connecting with any of the bases. If we have plans for this day, it would be wise to confirm and check to be sure that our plans are still a go. It would be important for us not to take on too much today but to take things step by step in order to be certain that we are taking care of the necessary specifics.

Saturday, December 24th – Render Unto – Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Capricorn Lunation, Sun, Pluto. This Saturday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Sagittarius and as it does so, the Moon sextiles Saturn and sextiles Neptune. The Moon then moves into Capricorn where it squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto and conjuncts the Sun at the time of the Capricorn New Moon. This day starts with an emphasis upon good feelings and pleasurable interactions with friends and family. The mood shifts abruptly, as unexpected situations develop that impinge upon our personal decisions and our desires to be in total control of our plans and our actions. The sense of control over situations being more associated with the paradigm from which we are moving, while serendipity and synchronicity and things coming out of the blue are more akin to the paradigm we are crossing into. As the New Moon imprints the fortnight, we are entering a two-week period when we might be more engaged in throwing things out, doing a severe inventory-taking and being rather harsh with anything that does not meet our personal standards and that we have found to be limiting to our future trajectory. We are all going through a major transformation and this two-week period shows us the areas in our lives that no longer work for us. Even if we try and conceal aspects of our lives now, things are likely to be revealed. This period and this day ask that we be honest with ourselves and with other people, that we take into account the truly meaningful for our lives in comparison to the dross, and that we re-evaluate who we are, what our best intentions might be and where we are choosing to go and the ways by which we determine how we are getting there. As the saying goes: ‘Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things which are God’s.’

Sunday, December 25th – Brightening – Mars, Jupiter direct. Sunday is Christmas Day, celebrated in Christian theology as the day of the birth of Jesus who would become the Christed. This Sunday has the Capricorn Moon trine Mars and Jupiter turning direct. There may be gifts and presents and social gatherings galore. But this day also speaks to stepping forward and putting our best foot forward. With the expansive planet Jupiter turning direct, we may also better focus on how we can best increase our revenue stream and protect our asset base. This day is very earthbound and this period of time, over the next two weeks at least, can concentrate on what we need to do to both protect and supplant our finances. Today has a Grand Trine type of energy in the Earth Signs with the Capricorn Moon trine Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus turning direct. While we may concentrate on the details of our material world, it would be wise for us not to lose sight of our integrity and honesty. Balancing our spiritual aspect with our material aspect may, at times, be a fine line, but we could take advice from Christian theology’s Bible and the admonition in Luke 9:25: ‘What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?’ While we may all have been concerned, or even suffered losses, over the past few years during the geopolitical financial debacles, it is essential that we realize the material realm is only one side of our being, another side being our spiritual aspect, our integrity, our character, our spirit and our soul. I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas with the emphasis upon the celebration of our potential to realize the christed consciousness within ourselves, to achieve true en-lightenment.