December 12th – 18th, 2011

This week ends the Mercury retrograde that has gone on since Thanksgiving, the 24th of November. And for many, this Mercury retrograde has been a doozy. For myself, I have experienced mail missing from delivery and as a result the temporary cutoff of phone and Internet service. Travel has not been the easiest either, including my drive that would normally take some twenty minutes taking instead a two hour bumper-to-bumper drive due to a berserk shooting rampage that closed down various city streets and a rollover truck that closed a major highway. So many of the matters often associated with a Mercury retrograde I have experienced. You may have experienced some of these trials and tribulations of a Mercury retrograde, which is often akin to Murphy’s Law: ‘whatever can go wrong, could go wrong.’

Although Mercury turns direct on Tuesday or early Wednesday [according to our time zone], we shall still be in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde into early January. We are not out of the woods yet, and it would be wise for us to engage due diligence in all our decisions and actions, all the while cutting ourselves a little slack as we recognize that we may be facing the headwinds of miscommunications, misunderstandings, computer issues, travel difficulties, et al.

Despite various bumps in the road from the change in direction with Mercury, this week can be a week when we are embracing the holiday spirit [and spirits], preparing for the holidays and trying to avoid nasty pitfalls or emotional upsets.

The early part of the week can have us decorating our homes with festive overtones, touching base with family members and dealing with the social obligations this time of year often demands.

The mid-part of the week could have us out and about, looking at various holiday decorations, taking time out for pleasurable activities and just focusing on having a good time.

The end of the week and part of the weekend might have us tidying up, taking care of outstanding matters before the full force of the holidays is upon us.

There are no major blips on the screen this week, except for the confusion likely to occur with Mercury turning direct from its retrograde motion.

Monday, December 12th – Straightening Things Out – Mars, Venus. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Cancer sextile Mars and opposed Venus. We may want to take some time today to do a major cleaning or straightening up affairs. We could feel pulled between just wanting to stay home for a self-care day and needing to deal with our obligations. Although we can be very effective today, we also have to be wary of taking on too many projects or getting too involved in other people’s messes. Our compassion could be strong and we might feel as though we can be the savior for other people and the ombudsperson to deal with various affairs that are not of our making. Let’s be aware of the fine balance between service and self-sacrifice, between being of assistance and getting entangled, and between our nurturing qualities and our self-aggrandizement. Increasingly, we are being asked to fine tune what we do and how we do things. We are all going through an alchemical process, times when we need to concentrate on that which is truly integral to our process as opposed to those things that we do in order to make ourselves look good in the eyes of the world. At the end of the day [figuratively not literally], there is clear transparency regarding our intentions, our motives and our character.

Tuesday, December 13th – Startling Revelations – Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Uranus, Mercury, Mercury direct. In the wisdom teachings, the number thirteen represents transformation and offers the promise of transcendence from the base mettle of our egocentric personality into a realized, en-lightened be-ing. And this Tuesday could provide us with some insights into the possibilities and the prospects for our future. The day starts off with a bit of a clunker as the Cancer Moon squares Saturn. Similar to yesterday, we may feel other people’s demands or needs impinging upon our good nature and our nurturing tendencies. We might be emotionally withdrawn as though people are just asking too much of us. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over five and a half hours making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo where the Moon squares Jupiter and creates a Fire Sign Grand Trine with the Leo Moon trine Uranus in Aries and trine Mercury in Sagittarius. Although we may go on a spending spree and put a healthy dent into our finances, we are also more interested in good times and uplifting thoughts. This is a day when we could be privy to startling revelations, understandings that come up out of the blue and possibilities that we might never have considered. The one caveat to the feel good nature of this day is the fact that Mercury is turning direct today. While we are appreciative of Mercury ending its retrograde cycle, whenever Mercury is stationary and shifting gears we have to be aware that things are not likely to go smoothly but that various monkey wrenches could be thrown into the spokes of our wheels. Let’s embrace new thoughts, new ideas, but let’s also take them all with a grain of salt, allowing time to test the validity of any new concepts or new prospects.

Wednesday, December 14th – Pleasuring Ourselves. Tuesday may have been a high energy day and so too with tomorrow. This Wednesday has the Moon in Leo but no connections to the planets to generate much activity. This Wednesday could be a day when we seek to luxuriate in our own safe place, a happy place with us doing whatever we want. We may feel greater levity in regard to the world condition or our own personal circumstances. We might choose to take in the various spectacles of holiday trappings and just enjoy the season and the celebrations. This Wednesday we can be highly creative, have us putting our best foot forward and allow us to explore areas that we normally just don’t take time for. Even if we have a great deal on our plate to contend with, we are far more interested in taking the time for ourselves rather than trying to realize other people’s expectations. En joy!

Thursday, December 15th – Making Dreams Come True – Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter. Thursday continues with the Leo Moon, which today trines the Sun, sextiles Saturn and opposes Neptune. We are likely to be feeling upbeat, expansive and inspired. Someone might prove a meaningful advocate of our plans and our abilities. This Thursday can be a feel good day. Perhaps we recharged our batteries yesterday and today we are ready to go and broaden our reach and move forward with some of our new goals. The caveat to the day is for us not to bite off more than we can chew and to be certain that we have engaged due diligence regarding our plans and our intentions. We do not want to move forward in the wrong direction or engage activities that have little hope of realization on the long term. While we are exuberant and enthusiastic about our possibilities, other people might prove important sounding boards to determine whether we are developing our dreams or merely following illusions. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Leo and moves into Virgo where it trines Jupiter. If we have focused our interests and strategized a best practices approach to achieve our goals, then we could find ourselves putting spirit into action, taking our dreams and creating the steps necessary to make our dreams come true.

Friday, December 16th – Cutting to the Core – Mercury, Pluto. The Virgo Moon on this Friday squares Mercury and trines Pluto. If we are not consumed by the glitz, the glamour and the appearance of things but rather focus on the fundamentals, the substance and the significant, this day could prove a highly productive one when we can get a great deal done. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we might use this Friday to attend to various matters that we wish to resolve and deal with situations that we just don’t want hanging over us during this holiday period or bringing them into the new year. If we are not distracted by the irrelevant and the future prospects today, we could be focused, virtually with tunnel vision, to deal with the details of our lives and tie up various loose ends and eliminate some of the issues needing to be resolved. A highly productive day this Friday can be if we cut to the core and not waste our time on possibilities. There will be time to consider future prospects, but this Friday is best served by having our nose to the grindstone.

Saturday, December 17th – Putting on the Ritz – Mars, Sun, Venus. Saturday continues with the Virgo Moon, which today conjuncts Mars, squares the Sun and trines Venus. We could be in hyperdrive today trying to accomplish as much as possible regarding the holiday details, decorating our homes or our personal image and putting our best foot forward. In regard to an overdrive tendency today, we could also try to do more than humanly possible and in the process negate certain details and disregard important specifics. We might have a great deal to achieve on our ‘to do’ list today, but it would be wise for us to write things down, check them off as we accomplish them and take things step by step. Otherwise, we could be racing around, like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to accomplish much but not getting a great deal done. This could be a day when we might easily overspend, justifying our expenditures as necessary for a personal makeover and putting on the ritz. Late in the day, social occasions can be obligatory but also a venue by which we show ourselves off to the best of our ability.

Sunday, December 18th – Great Expectations – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. Sunday could be trying. Venus squares Saturn and the Moon moves into Libra where it sextiles Mercury but also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Libra Moon opposed Uranus and the Moon square Pluto. Interactions with other people could be dicey today. We might feel restricted by other people’s needs or expectations. We may want greater independence, the freedom to be without being hampered by people’s definitions of us based upon past experience. If there are any irritations with other people, it is essential that we open the door to communications and discuss our feelings and what is going on for us. This is also a day when we might choose to explore new areas of interest, getting off the familiar track and trying something new and something different to ‘same old, same old’. Let’s try and take things down a notch or two, since this day could be explosive if we do not have the necessary vents to release some of our energy. Certainly, we do not want to be fenced in or hampered by other people’s needs or wants. Getting out of Dodge or just engaging activities that we want to explore for ourselves would be ways to temper the potential intensity of this Sunday. Explorations don’t necessitate discovery as much as broadening the perspective and seeing what alternatives might be out there for us to engage.