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  • January 2012

    January begins the New Year of 2012, an auspicious year for some who believe it heralds a collective expansion of consciousness and a foreboding year for others who assume it crescendos at the end of the year the end of the world…

  • November 2011 Greenwich Talk on 2012: The Apocalypse or New Beginnings? Our Choice

    This audio presentation is an evening talk I gave at Greenwich High School in November 2011 on the topic 2012: The Apocalypse or New Beginnings? Our Choice’.

    What is in store for us during this coming year of 2012?

    For years, we have been warned of the Winter Solstice 2012. Some commentators have advised us that the world ends on December 21st, 2012. They point to the Mayan Calendar and claim that throughout history seers have prophesied this date as the time for the end of the world.

    Will the world end? Shall we all be thrown into an abyss of darkness? Is this the time of the apocalypse? Or could this moment in time be a catalytic leap into a new paradigm, a new structure and new format of living and being? And do we have to go through darkness in order to be the light?

    This evening’s program discusses and explains the year 2012 as seen from my astrological and intuitive perspective, and the possible events I foresee during this auspicious year of 2012.