November 7th – 13th, 2011

This week may start with missteps based upon our impetuousness, lack of full disclosure and misinterpreted information. Although we might want to get on with things, we could easily rush the river and find ourselves swept up in our grand illusions, or delusions. Let’s keep in mind that certain presentations over the past ten days may have appealed to our senses and tantalized our self-assertive side. But what we have seen may not be what we get. A suggestion to go slow as we start this week is urged but possibly not heeded.

We may feel as though we are off to the races at the start of the week, rushing out of the starting gate and looking to put our imprint, mark our territory and focus on future goals that allow us more control over situations. And that is the keyword: control. It is important for us to recognize that in the paradigm shift one of the areas we need to loosen up on is our sense of control over circumstances and conditions. Things change dramatically and rapidly in very short periods of time. We might not have full information regarding the parameters or even the vagaries of influences impacting the unfolding reality in which we find ourselves. These times speak to synchronicity and serendipity, being co-creators of the natural unfolding and embracing the sentiment ‘let go, let god.’

Although we might seek to push our own agenda, and an agenda based more upon our desires than our needs, and desires that could prove more impulsive than well considered; we could also experience a pushback whereby other people or the shifting conditions create impediments, blocking our path, disrupting our trajectory and forcing us to re-evaluate our intentions. Such obstacles may not be such a bad thing but might actually prevent us from going overboard or taking a walk down the yellow brick road that leads nowhere, except possibly to Kansas. Why go there?

The mid-part of the week provides a more grounded approach. Although we may feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails, in truth we may be far more pragmatic, less likely to chase false hopes and more focused on what we want to do and how we want to do it. We can use the mid-part of this week to nail down our plans in a structured and best practices approach. We may strip away much of the dross, some of the extraneous and superfluous and instead focus on the truly meaningful in an expeditious and determined manner.

The weekend allows for a smorgasbord of events. We may have a great deal that we want to do but we could find that we have projected too great a list for us to successfully accomplish. We can try various things out, experience different events but we might not stay too long at any one event. Get-togethers with friends could be with people that we have been meaning to get together with but just have not had the time. Social occasions can be fun and we might have more than one to go to. The weekend could have us hopping but all with the idea of going from one thing to another, connecting with this person and then that person, in a kaleidoscope of pleasurable situations.

Monday, November 7th – Forging Ahead To Nowhere – Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Mercury, Venus. Monday starts the week with us a little bedeviled thanks to the Neptune influence. Last week we had the Venus square Neptune and Mercury square Neptune. This Monday gives us Mars square Neptune. We also have the Aries Moon square Pluto and trine both Mercury and Venus today. The liability towards impetuousness and foolhardy actions cannot be discounted for this Monday. We may rush off on our race to nowhere, looking to put our mark and imprint on all the wrong places. While we are interested in broadening our realm and expanding our vista, we could do so with little regard to the facts or the circumstances or the conditions of our trajectory. Time to slow down, since we could move too fast, and possibly in all the wrong directions. We are likely to be feeling upbeat and confident, but a little patience and due diligence would be called for. If we can harness our exuberance and optimism, put a rein on actually executing anything, then we might find that some of our more superfluous interests drop away later in the week when we may concentrate on the most meaningful. We could be rebels without a cause today, wanting to do our own thing come hell or high water and thumbing our nose at the powers-that-be and at due diligence. If we engage such an attitude, we might find ourselves only banging our head against the wall. Let’s consider a broad range of possibilities today but avoid trying to implement all of them.

Tuesday, November 8th – Wistful or Wishful Thinking – Saturn, Neptune. Tuesday continues with the Aries Moon, which today opposes Saturn and sextiles Neptune. We may have certain plans in mind but not everyone is likely to support our intentions. A tug of war between our personal interests and those of someone else could create delays or contentious behavior. If our present reality gives us a headache, then we could retreat into our happy place, some idyllic sanctuary in the nether realms of somewhere other than our present day reality. Instead of escaping into neverland, it would be wise for us to draw upon those who may be naysayers to hone our plans and focus our intentions. Just because people may not always agree with us does not mean that they cannot provide us with valuable information and solid sounding boards. We may have our head in the clouds today but let’s keep our feet on the ground or allow someone else to anchor us to true reality.

Wednesday, November 9th – Right Moves, Right Action – Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune direct. With Neptune turning direct today, there may be times when we question what is up or what is down. If we do not make snap decisions, we can be all right, although we might initially wonder which way to turn. A little confusion can begin the day, but Wednesday also gives us a major thrust of energy thanks to the Aries Moon trine Mars. It would be wise for us to take some time in considering what to do, but once decided it could be full steam ahead. With little hesitation, the Moon then moves into Taurus where it conjuncts Jupiter and trines Pluto. We may feel determined and passionate about expanding our interests and taking on more projects. While we have the energy to do so, we also have the willingness to plod along in order to accomplish our goals no matter what it takes. This day can have us making some expenditures and buying things that can help us accomplish our goals. We can be perceptive, find the best bargains and work in a concentrated manner. While we might be a little extravagant today, our perseverance and resourcefulness may show results in a very short time. We do have to be aware that while we might be enamored with certain projects and involvements, some of them may not stand the test of time. Let’s keep our receipts just in case we choose to make returns of some of today’s purchases. If we will concentrate on the most meaningful, then we could discover that we have the energy, perseverance and ability to virtually move mountains. We are moving into a highly productive period when we can be acutely effective in all that we do.

Thursday, November 10th – Wring Out and Shake Out – Taurus Full Moon, Sun, Mars Virgo. Thursday has the Taurus Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun. Any excesses that have occurred can be wrung out of our lives today. If we have bills coming due, we might be surprised by the amount of our expenditures. Not only could we find that we, both as individuals and as a society, have gone overboard with our expenses and have more accounts payable than income to pay off our debts. We may also experience that some entities’ debts have created a house of cards that could tumble and fall. If we have assumed that the debt crisis on a geopolitical level has been solved, we could be in for a rude awakening over the next few days. Our awareness and mindfuless could be tested but we can also engage our resourcefulness. Whatever financial problems we have created for ourselves by past decisions and past actions, we can start to become focused on a best practices approach to expeditiously and effectively deal with our past indulgences. Mars moves into Virgo, thereby creating a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with Mars now in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. No matter how much damage we have created for ourselves, we can now concentrate on how we can pull ourselves out of the quicksand of our own making. This Grand Trine in the Earth Element is in play into the Summer period of 2012. We may have a great deal of remediation and corrective behavior to do, but we have the time to do so. Remedying our extravagances and indulgences might not be what we would want to do, but at least we know that we can do so and do so in a reasonable time frame.

Friday, November 11th – One Foot Forward, Two Steps Back – Neptune, Mars, Uranus. Friday begins with the Taurus Moon square Neptune. We start the day buying into the hype or accepting illusions that play to our wishes, our hopes and our desires. Although this period calls for us to cut back, strip away non-essentials and focus on the fundamentals, we might still crave some of those wonderful sweets that add a little sugar to our lives. Such an attitude could also open the door to justification and rationalization and skipping over the true details of our present reality. While we might start the day with a tug of war between our sensible side and our fantasy realm, the latter could gain the upper hand as the Moon moves into Gemini where it squares Mars and sextiles Uranus. We might have a tendency to negate details, avoid specifics and make a best case scenario that has no basis in reality. We need to get a grip on our emotions and our desires. We are not where we were five years ago and certainly not where we were economically. A little bit of a haircut to our expenses and to our debt would seem important both for the present but also in preparation of our future. As the wise saying goes: ‘we never get more than we can handle.’ How we handle things is what is significant. Old solutions may no longer work, but we could also gain insights into options and alternatives that address and rectify any problem areas in our lives. We just have to take off our blinders, change our mindset and be open to possibilities, even if they seem impossibilities. We are in magic time, so let’s be receptive to the mini-miracles in our lives.

Saturday, November 12th – Toning it and Turning it Down – Mercury, Venus. Saturday continues with the Gemini Moon, which today opposes both Mercury and Venus. Although our tendency right now is to be upbeat, optimistic and expansive, we may have to make certain choices. The choices may be between quantity and quality. Although several years ago we might have wanted more, more, more without fully considering the quality of what our more was; now we have the opportunity of having less but possibly better. Focusing on the quality of our lives and letting go of our acquisitive bent could also instill a greater appreciation for what we have and engage greater value to our lives. This is a day when we might look at not having it all but rather having the best of our times. While there could be a tendency today to be helter skelter, going from one thing to another, all the while looking for fulfillment, we might experience as The Rolling Stones would indicate in their 1965 classic song Satisfaction:

“I can’t get no satisfaction,
I can’t get no satisfaction.
‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.
I can’t get no, I can’t get no.“

We may not be satiated by focusing on less, but we can be more complete by focusing on quality rather than quantity. We can tone down our obsession with obesity by concentrating on being gourmets of our lives and refraining from being gourmands.

Sunday, November 13th – Good Friends – Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Neptune. Sunday can be an especially pleasant day. The Gemini Moon today creates a Grand Trine in the Air Element, as the Gemini Moon trines Saturn in Libra and the Moon trines Neptune in Aquarius. This is a day made for social gatherings, those get-togethers with kindred spirits. There can be a great deal of communication and all of it upbeat, supportive and encouraging of our plans and our individual character. Discussions can be a catch-up of what has been going on for us and for the other person, reminiscences of good times past, and a contemplation of future plans. It doesn’t get better than this. We have the opportunity of recharging our batteries, feeling good about ourselves and just enjoying the company of others. Even if we just stay at home today, we are likely to reflect on the wonderful people who have crossed our paths during our life journey, adding sparkle to our lives and participating in fun events. A nice recharge this day can be, and it can offset concerns or anxieties about the world at large and its impact on our personal lives.