November 28th – December 4th, 2011

This week is the first full week of the Mercury retrograde. With Mercury retrograde, it is essential that we check and recheck everything we do. Miscommunications, misunderstandings, misinformation are all part of the misses that can go on during this Mercury retrograde. It is important that we not take any thing at face value and that we sober our enthusiasm and our confidence by putting in the effort and persistence to enable brighter days through better ways.

The beginning of the week could have us focused on our responsibilities and the tasks we need to accomplish. For many in the US, this past week had the Thanksgiving Day holiday, which might have stretched from some time on Wednesday through Sunday. We may have missed several days of taking care of our daily business, and so as we start this week we can find our ‘to do’ list lengthy with both our everyday obligations and catch-up tasks of things we let slide during the holiday time.

While the start of the week could have us focused on taking care of business, we might be engaging the holiday spirit as we come further into the week. Plans for the future, whether the upcoming holidays or longer-term intentions, can grab our interest and distract our focus from our daily concerns. We may be more interested in making contact with friends far and near rather than dealing with our limited daily engagements.

We do have to avoid being so distracted from our chores that we gloss over details or get sloppy in addressing our responsibilities. We could be torn between what needs to get done and our desire to be anywhere but where we are.

The latter part of the week and over the weekend we have to be careful not to be hasty in our decisions or our actions. Due diligence could get lost to the mere idea of just getting it done. If we take that attitude, then our work might be sloppy and we may discover later on that we have to rework some of the things we have done in haste over the latter part of this week.

Yes, the holidays are upon us and we would far prefer to engage in the spirits and good cheer of this time of year than be perplexed or anxious about what is going on in the world, the world at large and some of the issues up in our own personal lives.

Monday, November 28th – Other People’s Demands – Saturn. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Capricorn square Saturn, which is transiting Libra but rules Capricorn. Our day may be restricted by someone else’s needs. If there have been matters that we have not resolved which concern someone else, they could easily read us the riot act, expect us to drop everything on our schedule, and nag us to address their needs before dealing with our own. This day could have us feeling behind the eight ball, as though past issues are forcing us to drop everything and resolve them before we can get back to what we need to do. Our schedule could be on overload on this day. Not only can we have catch-up to do from any days we might have taken over the past week or weekend. We could also find that there are delays today, whereby everything is taking longer than normal or than it should. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde and there can be various monkey wrenches thrown in to the spokes of our wheels. This is a day to bite our tongue, accept any delays and other people’s attitudes, and do the best we can.

Tuesday, November 29th – An Alternate Course – Uranus, Jupiter, Sun. Tuesday has the Moon in Aquarius and sextile Uranus, square Jupiter and sextile the Sun. Our desire to break away, do our own thing and not be inhibited by anyone else could be on full display today. We are looking to spread our wings and focus on the possibilities for our future, and we are not too concerned about the costs involved. If we can find a kindred spirit with whom we could spend time, discourse on the larger purpose of our lives and have an advocate for us to consider options to our present day reality, then we might spare no expense in exploring an alternate course or generously bestowing our gratitude on that person. Today is a day for us to recognize that we always have choices in our lives, even if we choose not to engage some of the choices we have. Looking to do things a little differently, no matter how insignificant the action might be, is a good way for us not to feel hemmed in by our routine but rather to always appreciate that even our present realities are based on choices we have made. We may not always like the way things unfold, but the beauty of this time of paradigm shift is somewhat akin to what Mark Twain had to say about New England weather: “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” During this time of paradigm shift, things can change dramatically and quickly, in a matter of nanoseconds and without a moment’s notice. On this Tuesday, we might want to consider our alternatives, the options to our daily life experiences and give thought to the intentions that could create new life patterns for us. Let’s keep in mind that in this paradigm shift we do not have to make things happen but rather we can co-create with the natural unfolding. Our intentions, our hopes and wishes, our dreams are all like snowballs that can gather momentum and become the avalanche. From our seed thought, the universe can step in and assist the realization of our goals.

Wednesday, November 30th – If We Believe – Mercury. Wednesday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. As Frank Sinatra affirmed in the 1953 classic song Young at Heart: “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you If you’re young at heart.” Our thoughts can be expansive today, even if our commitment is tentative. We can consider a wide range of possibilities — activities we might want to explore, projects we might want to engage — and we do not have to fill in all the blanks of how we can achieve our dreams or whether we have the resources to accomplish our desires. What are most important are the thought seed and our belief that from the seed our hopes and wishes can sprout eventually into full bloom. Intention is a powerful generator and during these times of paradigm shift we could find that if our trajectory is on the right track the universe steps in to assist us and help us manifest our plans. We just gotta believe, let go of our expectations and begin our trajectory all with the understanding and mantram that if our plans ‘are for our greater good.’

Thursday, December 1st – Out of the Starting Gate – Venus, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter. Thursday is the first day of December, and this day can be a powerful and energetic one. Venus conjuncts Pluto, and the day begins with the Moon in Aquarius trine Saturn and conjunct Neptune. We may feel as though there can be no stopping us now, especially with certain people in our corner. This is a day when we might seek the counsel and support of someone who can motivate us and provide us with the resources necessary to accomplish our plans. We may be looking for those people who can give us a leg up, people who are in a far better position than ourselves and can open doors for us in order for us to advance our interests. Finishing its transit of Aquarius, the Moon then moves today in Pisces where the Moon sextiles Jupiter, Pluto and Venus. We could have a sense of having greased wheels whereby everything seems to run smoothly. We may be hitting on all cylinders and might easily accept the belief that our plans are our manifest destiny and that through divine design what we want can be so easily achieved. Things can certainly move ahead today, and we could make quantum leaps. While the energy is high and exciting, let’s be wise in how we use the energy. This Thursday is a day for us to focus on the most meaningful and most important projects we have in mind. Let’s not waste today’s productivity on the superfluous or the redundant. We could virtually move mountains today, so why settle on moving anthills?

Friday, December 2nd – Biting Off More Than – Sun, Mars, Lunar T-Square, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course. If we were not selective yesterday in regard to where we placed our energies, then we might have bitten off more than we can chew, all under the assumption that the energies of yesterday would continue on and on. Nice concept, but such a belief does not play in the real world, and especially during these times when things can change in a nanosecond. Welcome to Friday, welcome to change. This Friday could prove difficult and ever more so if we have not done the due diligence over the past few days and we have gone blithely along, glossing over details and skipping any attention to the specifics. This Friday has the Sun square Mars. The Moon adds to the conundrum by the Pisces Moon creating a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Pisces Moon opposed Mars in Virgo and the Moon square both the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius. We could easily fall into a victim role and blame the vagaries of circumstances beyond our control. Ah, yes, the blame game, one of those favorite pastimes of previous errors when we would not accept accountability or responsibility. The effectiveness of such a game has ended during these times and more likely we are to experience what John Lennon referred to in his 1970 song Instant Karma!: “Instant Karma’s gonna get you Gonna knock you right on the head.” While our focus could be on expanding our projects and broadening our reach, we may have the tendency to do so in a rather sloppy manner, like building a house of cards that could easily eventually all fall down. Let’s not leap ahead without looking at the conditions and the circumstances and let’s be certain not to engage more activities than we can successfully handle. After a flurry of activity to begin the day, the Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost thirty-two hours, much of today and most of tomorrow, making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries late tomorrow. Despite a major thrust of energy to begin the day, we may feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails as the day goes along.

Saturday, December 3rd – Slow Starting – Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. This Saturday does not have a great deal of energy, thanks to the Moon Void-of-Course, which began yesterday and continues on through much of this Saturday. The Moon finishing its transit of Pisces today makes no further connections to the planets. And this Moon Void-of-Course is a long one, almost thirty-two hours in duration. We may feel exhausted today, possibly on overload, and we might just want to put our plans for the day on the backburner and take the time to relax and rest. Any way we slice it, we may not have a great deal of energy to start the day and we could be slow in getting going. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Pisces to enter Aries where it conjuncts Uranus. Suddenly, we seem to come alive. While it might be hard for us to get going at the beginning of the day, we are all verve and excitement later in the day. We want to try something different, something new, anything that appeals to our senses and gets us out and about. We may feel very adventuresome in the evening and this characteristic could impact tomorrow with a tendency towards not only adventure but a little risk-taking as well. Let’s recharge our batteries early on this Saturday, have few expectations and then engage the nightlife with gusto and intensity.

Sunday, December 4th – Slow Down You Move Too Fast – Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Venus. While yesterday morning might have been a real struggle to get up and at it, last evening’s burst of energy could trigger a lot of activity on this Sunday. If we usually think of Sunday as a day of rest, it’s just not likely on this Sunday. The Sun conjuncts Mercury and Mercury squares Mars. The Aries Moon squares both Pluto and Venus in Capricorn and the Moon trines both Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius. This is a day when we could be going for broke, doing whatever we choose to do, but doing so without consciously considering our decisions or taking into account the consequences of our actions. We may be leaping before we look today. Our impetuousness can know no bounds. We are looking to expand our reach, broaden our interests and do whatever appeals to our senses except possibly our commonsense. Although we are likely to have a great deal of energy today, it would be wise for us to consider our direction and our itinerary for this day. Otherwise, we may just have these spurts of energy and do things according to the whim of the moment without taking into account where our involvements might take us. This Sunday is a day for us to slow it down, not take any quixotic journeys where we are tilting at windmills but consider our plans and our strategy before launching forward.