November 21st – 27th, 2011

This week has us going through various shifts and changes with the highlight, or lowlight, of the week being Mercury turning retrograde. The week starts off pleasantly enough with our consideration of other people’s needs, even when such needs impinge upon our own personal space and time.

We may be in the mood of preparing our holiday plans, reaching out to those people far and near that we wish to remember and reconnect with before the year is out. In our planning stages, we may also find ourselves considering changes we wish to make in our future. However we can free ourselves up, feel more independent in what we do and in how we do things, we may feel a little more liberated than usual. Many of our anxieties and concerns can slip away as we get a greater thrust of optimism and confidence in our future and our ability to do whatever needs to be done in order for us to create brighter days through better ways.

We could be looking at streamlining our activities, ridding ourselves of the outworn and the non-productive. We might want to strip down to the bare essentials and then rebuild from that point on. We are not looking to get entangled or enmeshed in dysfunctional situations, which is a worthy goal but may be hard to come by when considered in the backdrop of the world-at-large, which seems highly dysfunctional, corrupt and in the chaotic mix of paying to the piper for the dances to the music already done.

Things beyond our control can seem to daunt us. [And remember in this paradigm shift control is the primary assumption we need to let go in order to engage being co-creators]. But if we will seriously consider how things at a foreign distance can negatively impact us, take preventative measures to insulate ourselves from the liable damage, then we could realize that everything is fine in our own personal world, with strong shifts and changes going on.

Thanksgiving in the US is on Thursday, the same day that Mercury is turning retrograde. Traffic difficulties and travel problems could be part of the US holiday scenario around this time of one of the greatest travel days of the year. Let’s add on extra time, anticipate delays and not get overly frustrated by any hiccups to our plans.

The weekend can continue with our interest in people and places far from our ordinary daily experience. We may be out shopping, adding to our wardrobe, purchasing holiday gifts, all under the guise of ‘sales’ items. We could find some good bargains at the expense of putting a dent into our credit card accounts.

This week can be enjoyable and is a time when we might tune out the realities of daily existence and seek to enter into the fantasylands of the forthcoming holidays.

Monday, November 21st – In the Way – Pluto. Monday begins the week with the Moon in Libra square Pluto. Our sense of responsibilities to other people’s needs could be an issue for us today. Someone could prove a bottomless pit, where no matter how much we do for them, there is more that can be done. Dysfunctionality could run rampant, and we might find that we are having to bail other people or fix problems that were not of our making or even in our normal realm of operations. This is a day when we may run into some obstacles and no matter how diplomatic we might be we could just find ourselves being tripped up. Let’s avoid losing our temper but rather engage bemusement at the foibles of humanity and the zaniness of living life on the earth plane during these times. If we get heated about some consternation, we could find the energy being ratcheted up into a heated exchange with no winners, only losers. Tai chi moves are called for whereby we step out of the way of any oncoming runaway train.

Tuesday, November 22nd – Trusted Sources – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Sun Sagittarius. Tuesday has a major energy shift as the Sun exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. In so doing, the Sun creates a Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius. We may feel far more upbeat, optimistic and willing to expand beyond our usual confines. Venus sextiles Saturn and for much of the day the Moon continues its transit of Libra and sextiles Mercury, conjuncts Saturn, sextiles Venus and trines Neptune. This is a day when we can call upon the wise counsel of someone we trust for sound advice. We may have some projects in mind, a desire to move beyond our designated involvements and expand our horizons. In order to avoid getting carried away by our confidence and enthusiasm, it would be wise for us to bounce our ideas off someone who has a detached viewpoint, can provide an objective evaluation and who has our best interests at heart. We do not want to go blindly into the night, and we might be feeling with all the craziness in the world and over the past few years a little skittish as in the concept ‘once burnt, twice shy’. Once we feel confident that we are not going blindly into the night but have considered all the apparent variables and the evident parameters, we can then move forward in the direction of our dreams. We may have our head in the clouds, but someone can help keep us focused so that we keep our feet on the ground.

Wednesday, November 23rd – Going for the Gold – Sun, Uranus, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter. Wednesday could prove to be one of the primo days of this week. The Sun trines Uranus and Mars trines Pluto. The Moon in Scorpio opposes Jupiter and the Moon sextiles both Mars and Pluto. Change is not only in the air, but likely to be launched today. As motivational speaker Napoleon Hill is known to have said: ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.’ This Wednesday could prove the maxim, for if we embrace our desire for change and for something new in our lives, then with persistence and resourcefulness we might find that we can virtually move mountains and accomplish giant steps towards our goals. We do have to be resourceful, avoid extravagance but also not skimp on necessary expenditures. We have the ability to focus on the most expeditious means by which to move things forward with a little additional help from serendipity, those unexpected circumstances that come up and present us with some wonder-filled opportunities. Magic is in the air and things can occur swiftly if we just don’t limit the possibilities. We do have to be mindful and fully aware of the signals since Mercury is stationary and about to turn retrograde for confusion, miscommunications and misunderstandings can be all around.

Thursday, November 24th – All Undone – Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury retrograde. This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the US and with Venus sextile Neptune there can be fun gatherings with family and friends. The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio and squares Neptune. Later in the day, the Moon enters Sagittarius where it trines Uranus. And Mercury turns retrograde on this Thursday. Getting from here to there on one of the most traveled days of the year in the US could be painstaking at best with traffic delays, travel problems and the liability of a nightmare in getting from here to there much less anywhere. While things can be a little difficult, we may be far more concerned with our own personal world and the events happening in our own lives to have too much concern regarding what is going on in the world-at-large. And that might prove a good thing. With Mercury retrograding through Sagittarius, we may wake up one day in the next three weeks to realize that the solutions offered up for the European Debt Crisis start to unravel when concepts are put into effect. Since the 23rd was also the self-imposed deadline for the US Super Committee to come up with a solution for the US deficit reduction, can I say ‘aargh’ with the acknowledgement that Mercury retrograde is akin to Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. The timing doesn’t give solace to a wonderful, comprehensive solution to the US country’s financial ills or the economic ills of the Eurozone. Should I remind anyone that the 2000 US Election Day had Mercury turning from retrograde to direct? And we all know how bollixed up that election was with the US Presidential Election eventually decided by one vote, that of US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy as the election finally wound up in the US Supreme Court for the outcome to be decided. As an aside, I might mention that US Election Day in 2012, on Tuesday November 6th, has Mercury turning from direct to retrograde motion on that day. Aaargh, again. But back to Thanksgiving Day in the US. We have much to be thankful for, and the attitude of gratitude not only shows our appreciation for what we have but also opens the door to even more marvelous serendipitous incidents to come forth in our lives during these times of dramatic paradigm shift. Oh, happy day! Oh, happy days!

Friday, November 25th – All Fall Down – Sagittarius Lunation, Solar Eclipse, Sun, Mars. In the US, this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is called Black Friday for the retail stores proclaiming great holiday sales open, and this year some stores are opening at the stroke of midnight, in order for retailers to make hay while the sun shines, although this year retailers are opening to make hay even before dawn, at the stroke of midnight or a little thereafter. This Friday has the Sagittarius Lunation and a Solar Eclipse as the Moon conjuncts the Sun and then the Moon squares Mars. Anxieties can be high, and we can see increasing polarities between the powers-that-be and elements of the populace. The liability towards acting out cannot be discounted. People may be asserting themselves, affirming their individuality, calling for changes to the structures and formats as they have been. With the Grand Trine in the Earth Element — Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn — we have to be wary of pronouncements from authority figures, some edicts suggesting that we are on the road to recovery, other actions indicating the lack of tolerance for contrary opinions. Now is a time for us to truly read between the lines. As I have advised countless times before, the two essential characteristics for us to engage during these times are awareness and mindfulness. It is important that we not accept anything at face value but rather that we suspend judgment, note what is going on and then feel whether what is presented to us is right or not. We are all walking a labyrinth, although many will sense it to be a crazy-making maze, and this labyrinth eventually leads us to our center, the place within ourselves where we know our truth. The journey is a path of growth, self-development and en-lightenment. The old structures, the old formats and the old ways may be falling down around us but like the mythological bird the phoenix, we too can rise from the ashes of the old paradigm to soar ever higher into the new paradigm.

Saturday, November 26th – No Stepping on Toes, Change of Plans – Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Venus Capricorn. Venus exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn today, ending the brief Stellium of three or more planets in the Mutable Fire Sign, and in so doing Venus squares Uranus. The Sagittarius Moon conjuncts retrograde Mercury, and the Moon sextiles Saturn and Neptune. The Moon late in the day exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn where it squares Uranus, then conjuncts Venus. There is a saying that ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans.’ Neither god nor us may be laughing today. We might be slightly irritated by someone’s actions or non-actions. Our plans can be upset and we might not be especially happy about it. Although we could be infatuated with someone we meet or some new interest that grabs our attention, our reaction may be more a result of seeking something different, a significant change, to our usual routine lives. We may also feel under the yoke of social obligations. We might have to comply with social correctness. While we might go kicking and screaming to get-togethers we have committed to, we could actually have a good time. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde and that what we see may not be what we get. On the positive side, certain demands placed on us could have unexpected benefits.

Sunday, November 27th – Out of Our Own Way – Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Lunar Grand Trine, Mars. Sunday is a day when we might be operating on all eight cylinders, although we do have to be wary not to go into overdrive. This day can be highly productive and we might feel at the top of our game. We just have to avoid being overly indulgent, overly generous and extravagant to a fault. The two ‘good’ guys of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are trine. And the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto and creates an Earth Grand Trine as the Moon trines Jupiter in Taurus and trines Mars in Virgo. During this day, we might be pinching ourselves and saying under our breath: “It doesn’t get better than this”. This Sunday we have it going on and on many varied fronts. Our interchanges with other people can be enjoyable but could also prove beneficial in the days ahead. If we are going shopping, we could find some interesting bargains and make some profound deals. This is a day to revel in the opportunities and good cheer. We just need to keep a rein on our finances, since we could easily bet the house and spend more than would be appropriate in less heady days. If we maintain due diligence, then we could experience today’s energies as greasing the wheels and allowing for an easy slide in taking care of necessities, all the while that we are laying down solid foundation stones for our future. This is a ‘can do’ day, a day when the pieces fit neatly into the puzzle and we advance our greatest dreams. We just have to be sure not to get in our own way.