November 14th – 20th, 2011

This week may have us giving thought and making preparations for the upcoming holidays. Already, we can be hearing holiday songs and seeing Christmas sales items getting us in the mood of bright spirits and good cheer. Even the news headlines could be sprinkled with upbeat indications implying that the worst is behind us. We do have to be especially aware and mindful of what is really going on. The hype might be one thing, the true reality something far more complicated and convoluted.

While this week can be a time of optimism, we also have to be wary that we do not get overconfident and assume the best without taking into account liabilities to the worst. Attitude is certainly a strong determinant regarding how things can move along in a positive manner. But let’s not gloss over specifics, negate details and forego due diligence.

The early part of the week could have us tidying our homes, doing an Autumnal cleanup and Fall clear out. We may feel that by ridding ourselves of old, outworn objects and involvements we can open the door to a far brighter future. In deed, the universe does not like a vacuum, and the more we clear away, the more we create space for the new and the different.

The mid-part of the week could have our exuberance brimming over. We might seek to expand our realm, broaden our interests and take on projects that seem winners and easily achieved. In astrology, as in life, timing is everything. If we assume that all the old issues and unresolved problems are behind us and that now we have the go ahead for clear sailing, we could be setting ourselves up for stormy seas. Let’s rein in our enthusiasm, blend it with strict pragmatism and devise a best practices approach so that we engage our activities in a measured and focused manner.

The weekend may be a time of errands, spiced with an element of confusion. We might have a broad palette from which to draw upon, but some of our intentions could prove far better in concept than in execution.

All in all, this week can be a productive and enjoyable week. We just have to be wary of going overboard and allowing our desires rule our decisions and actions. Let’s also keep in mind that next week begins the last of this year’s Mercury retrogrades, often a time when Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could’ is enforced. With determination, persistence and optimism, we can accomplish a great deal this week. We just have to avoid taking on too much and making assumptions from a feel good stance.

Monday, November 14th – Preparing the Way – Mars, Jupiter, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto. The week begins with the Moon in Cancer sextiling both Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. The Moon also creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Cancer Moon square Uranus in Aries and opposed Pluto in Capricorn. We may be itching to make changes today and we can do so in a focused and effective manner. We may be in the process of both getting rid of things and also adding other things to the mix. No matter what our plans for this day could be, we also have to recognize the possibility of unexpected variables upsetting our schedule and demanding our immediate attention. Today is not a day to push forward with our plans without being flexible and adaptable. If we force issues today, we could experience episodes of banging our head against the walls. Before we move forward, it would be wise for us to clear the way. Outstanding issues and unresolved problems may have to be addressed before we can engage new projects unhindered. Not everyone might support our plans, and someone might even try to impede our progress. This is a day for us to practice our tai chi moves, be nimble and quick, avoid obstacles and take advantage of a best practices approach.

Tuesday, November 15th – All Together Now – Sun. Tuesday continues with the Cancer Moon, which today trines the Sun. We may feel far more together today, as if we are more comfortable in our own skin. Perhaps we have let go of various expectations and are not quite the taskmaster of ourselves that we often can be. We may be looking at feathering our nest and enjoying the comforts of home. If we can take the time to step off the track and recharge our batteries, then we could gain greater energy for the thrust of tomorrow’s engagements. This Tuesday is a day to gather things together, develop our plans, and consider other peoples’ intentions and their agenda. We can devise a strategy, a direction and an itinerary by which to achieve our goals. Today is a far better day for us to conceptualize and plan, with the recognition that tomorrow the starting gates may open and we can be off on a sprint.

Wednesday, November 16th – Up and Out With Little Forethought – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. Wednesday has a tiny bit of the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer and squaring Saturn before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for almost eleven hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Cancer and before entering Leo where it trines Uranus and squares Jupiter. Mars trines Jupiter. This is a break-free kind of day, a day when there can be no stopping us and we move quickly in whatever direction we choose. We could be impetuous, seeking to strut our stuff and dancing in new arenas. We are not interested in ‘same old, same old’ today. We want excitement, to grab the gusto, and enjoy ourselves, no expense spared. And that’s where the problem may lie. We might be so intent on what we want and how we want it, that we could become indulgent and extravagant, skim over the details, gloss over the specifics and just go in the direction of our desires. If we would only take our time, engage a slight bit of humility, then we can forestall some difficulties brought on by our impetuousness and our arrogance. Reining in our impatience, we could actually move mountains in a systematic and well-considered course of action. But the liability is to leap before we look. And excess today might eventually catch up with us and create a pushback further down the road.

Thursday, November 17th – Far Beyond – Mercury, Venus. The Leo Moon today trines both Mercury and Venus, which are both transiting Sagittarius. Our interests may lie far beyond our normal, daily experience. We might give thought to travel, taking off for places far from our routine existence. We could also paint lovely pictures of our abilities, giving the impression that we are far more worldly and experienced than people might assume. And we might also be recipients of buoyant, uplifting sentiments. This can be an especially pleasant day, a day when we are feeling upbeat, at the top of our game, and believing that all is right in our world. And why shouldn’t we engage such an attitude? The only caveat to this day is not to accept everything at face value. We may enjoy the repartee with friends and contacts, but we also have to be aware that our feel good attitude might forego due diligence. Let’s enjoy the day, take part in various pleasant engagements but avoid buying into everything presented to us. Our perspective is far ranging, and we are more likely to be looking at the big picture than the specifics, thereby neglecting the details. Let’s take into account all possibilities but leave for another day the critical thinking of dissecting the situations and devising a best practices approach in our strategy, if we choose to further engage certain projects.

Friday, November 18th – Stuck in the Muddle – Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Neptune, Jupiter. Friday begins with the Moon still transiting Leo. Today, the Moon sextiles Saturn and creates a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Leo Moon square the Sun and the Moon opposed Neptune. It might be wise for us to draw upon sensible advice from someone who can provide a detached and objective viewpoint to our schemes. And schemes we may have hatched from our enthusiasm, our desire to expand our interests, and our confidence that nothing can go wrong in our process from concept through execution to realization. Yes, life is so much easier in the abstract than in the daily reality! Even if we do not heed the advice of someone who is watching our back, the universe may provide a good stopgap measure. The Moon creates a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Leo Moon squares the Sun and opposes Neptune. We may discover that we just do not have the resources to pull off some of our plans. Although we might have great belief in some of our intentions, the universe could give us a heads-up that we have been mindlessly prancing around in fantasy land, that some of our goals have been flakey at best and totally ill-conceived with a bottomless pit of expense at worst. Let’s consider ourselves fortunate if we are able to step back from the precipice of bad decisions and incorrect actions. As the day progresses, the Moon exits Leo and enters Virgo where it trines Jupiter. We may seem far more diligent in our approach, less self-assertive in our belief and more willing to take into account details and specifics and particulars necessary to create the total picture.

Saturday, November 19th – Taking Care of Business – Mars, Pluto. This Saturday is one of those days when we can take care of some of the nagging projects on our ‘to do’ list. The Virgo Moon conjuncts Mars and trines Pluto. From late on Friday through this Saturday, we can accomplish a great deal, clear up outstanding matters and just rid ourselves of issues that have been hanging over our head. We could call this a major clean up and clear out day, and we would be wise to do inventory taking today and then eliminate some of the dross in our lives. All of us tend to store things away, let things pile up. It is like damming up the surging waters, blocking the flow and creating a stagnant pool. So it is for ourselves. We often have stuff hanging around and matters unresolved that keep us from progressing effectively forward. This Saturday is a good day to go through things, sort, file and get rid of the extraneous. We can take care of business and clear the way for us to be more productive and less hampered by irrelevant matters getting in our way. Let’s keep in mind that Mercury turns retrograde next week, so the more that we can accomplish now, the better it would be when we enter the minefield of Mercury retrograde, which like Murphy’s Law could indicate that ‘whatever can go wrong could’. We are looking to focus on the basics today, to cut away the superfluous and concentrate on the truly meaningful and purposeful. Dumpster?, anyone.

Sunday, November 20th – Betwixt and Between – Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Uranus. Earlier in the month and at the end of October we were dogged with squares to Neptune causing confusion, lack of clarity and a general questioning as to where we really stood. This Sunday has another one of those squares as the Sun in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius. We may be a little less sure-footed than we were during the mid-part of this passing week. We might be somewhat confused about where we are going and how we go about getting there. We could question our resources, our capabilities and even assume that we have to put blinders on and focus more on our daily responsibilities than our goals for the future. The Virgo Moon abets this tendency towards seeing the half glass of water as half empty today rather than half full. For the Virgo Moon squares both Mercury and Venus. Some of our optimism may be dashed as we take a more critical eye to our plans and to our capabilities. We may be more judgmental than enthusiastic, with a liability to seeing things in a more negative light than a positive perception. If we avoid going from the extreme of overconfidence that we might have exhibited during the week to the extreme of feeling victim to the vagaries of life today, then we could use this day to sharpen our focus and concentrate on the specifics to our plans. The Moon sextiles the Sun and by taking into account the particulars we can be extremely resourceful, using a best practices approach, to take things step by step and move things along. As the day progresses, the Moon moves into Libra where it opposes Uranus. Our personal interests may conflict with someone else’s desires. If we have allowed ourselves to dig a hole and wrap ourselves in self-doubt and total confusion, then we could find ourselves no longer on a level playing field with other people but rather overly accommodating, even capitulating to other people’s interests to our own personal detriment. Why go there? Instead, we might feel some air has been let out of our tires, but we need not feel deflated and may realize that we had been operating with just too much air in our tires and even going along inspired by hot air of possibilities without considering the basics necessary to turn possibilities into realities.