October 3rd – 9th, 2011

During the early part of this week, we may tend to skirt issues, put on blinders and focus solely on what we want and how we want it. Even if we have various blockers to our forward movement, we could easily negate the warning signs and find ways around the obstacles. Where a problem might arise is our willingness to negate any warning signals on our journey.

This week could have us starting out confident and upbeat but without checking the conditions or evaluating the circumstances. We might rush headlong into some situations that turn quickly and to our detriment and we might feel as though our confidence is like a slowly deflating balloon with the end result a sense of delay or, to the extreme, defeat and depression.

As long as we have our friends and those special people in our lives, we can slog on through some of the messes of these times.

While the latter part of the week seems far more pleasant and more simpatico to our well-being, we may need to take a breather, jump off the track and put the early part of the week behind us.

This week could seem diametrically opposed with a great deal of energy, impetuous actions and intensity to start the week and a far more relaxed, less self-absorbed and more connected end of the week. Sunday we might just take as a day of rest, and possibly one well needed.

Monday, October 3rd – Whatever I Want, I Get – Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Sun. Monday can be a fireball kind of day. Mars squares Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius sextiles Neptune before the Moon moves into Capricorn where it triggers the Cardinal Climax and creates a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto and the Moon square Uranus in Aries and the Moon square the Sun in Libra. The Moon also trines Jupiter. This day can be one whereby not only what Lola wants, Lola gets. Each of us may be out for what we want come hell or high water. We aren’t particularly interested in being moderate in our actions. On the contrary, this Monday could have us going for the gold, although we have to be wary that the gold we envisage doesn’t turn out to be fool’s gold. We can be highly impetuous today, spare no expense and act hastily and without forethought. Although we might feel blocked by restrictions placed upon us, we are not likely to bow to pressures. Instead, we could build up a head of steam and decide to follow our desires whether going straight through the impediments placed in our way or skirting obstacles even by means of less than savory ways. If we would only rein in our sense of confidence and desire, we might not set ourselves up for a fall. But the tendency veers towards over-confidence, a stubborn inclination to do whatever we want however we want to do it with little consideration of the consequences of our actions, much less the liability towards unintended consequences.

Tuesday, October 4th – The Blockage Continues – Mercury, Saturn. From yesterday’s Cardinal Climax we have today’s variation on the same theme with a slight variation. Today the Capricorn Moon squares both Mercury and Saturn in Libra. We may find our responsibilities to other people’s needs demand our undivided attention. There could be a battle of wills on this Tuesday as everyone seems focused on their own ambitions with little regard, much less consideration, of other people’s interests. Either we capitulate to the requests of someone else, or we may steamroll over other people. This is a day when we may feel that unnecessary monkey wrenches are being placed in the spokes of our wheels. We have to ask ourselves whether we were a bit hasty and inconsiderate yesterday in our actions. If we were, no attempt to clarify or apologize today may make amends. Someone might have to eat crow. Let’s keep in mind that timing is everything, that there are moments when we can move ahead easily, others when we might have to adopt patience and wait to progress. Monday and Tuesday are better served by waiting for more propitious times and not acting like the proverbial bull in a china shop.

Wednesday, October 5th – Slow Starting – Venus, Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. Wednesday begins with the Moon finishing up its transit of Capricorn with the final square to the Libra transiting planets, this square being the Moon square Venus in the Venus-ruled Sign of Libra. With a final crescendo of someone standing in the way of our goals and our ambitions, we start this day with a bit of a headache, feeling as though over the past two days we have been banging our head against the wall or that someone else has been using our head as a battering ram. Our ears may be ringing and our head splitting from the ridiculous obstacles and impediments placed in our path. We may have some loose ends to tie up early this Wednesday, but there is not a great deal of energy to get going. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over nine hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Capricorn and before entering Aquarius, where today the Moon sextiles Uranus. Suddenly, things shift and change dramatically. We are far less interested in what other people think, or whatever other people might put in our way. We are focused on our future and looking to adapt alternatives to our plans if we feel stymied by the ways we were proceeding. Today, we can be nimble and quick, moving out of the way of other people’s needless restrictions. We are skillful at seeing other approaches and able to skirt any problematic areas. We might also find that advocates come to our rescue. Suddenly, the power and importance of anyone who stood in our way seems greatly diminished and more like a powerless phantom than a worthy adversary. What a difference a day makes!

Thursday, October 6th – Old Friends, Old Memories – Mercury, Saturn, Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Mars, Sun. Thursday may have us feeling somewhat akin to the lyrics in the 1972 hit song Garden Party by Rick Nelson, better known as Ricky Nelson during the height of his popularity in the late 1950’s: ‘I went to a garden party, reminisced with my old friends; a chance to share old memories… but no one recognized me I didn’t look the same.’ Mercury conjuncts Saturn and the Aquarius Moon creates a Lunar T-Square in the Fixed Signs with the Moon square Jupiter and the Moon opposed Mars. If we bounce off some of our new ideas on old friends, we may find ourselves confronted by naysayers. Let’s bear in mind that their negative input could be based more on our breaking out of our old identity and their definition of who we are based upon past experience instead of the validity of our plans or the shapeshifting of our self-identity. It would be important for us not to cave into other people’s admonitions but rather to check the source and check their agenda. People just don’t like other people to make significant changes, for it forces them to look in the mirror and question whether they need to make changes too. Although we might feel a little despondent over the lack of approval and encouragement, perhaps we are expecting too much from these same people. Once we get through a certain level of deflation, we may find an advocate of our new interests, for the Aquarius Moon trines the Sun in Libra. As though the clouds have parted, the Sun can come out and shine upon us, our new interests, our new sense of self and our new identity. And this shift in the energy is like the tides turning. Some of the frustrations, some of the starts and stops of earlier in the week suddenly shift and we find that our forward movement becomes more like greased wheels with various advocates and support systems for our new ways and our new sense of being. Can I get a ‘hallelujah’?

Friday, October 7th – Up on Olympus – Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury. Whether we have won people over to our side or have changed our audience, this Friday reinforces our new directions and our new sense of self. Friday can be close to idyllic and may be the primo day of this week. Not that we are engaging the ‘T.G.I.F.’ [thank goodness it’s Friday] sentiment, although many of us may. No, this Friday can be close to idyllic. Venus trines Neptune and the Aquarius Moon trines the other Libra-transiting planets of Saturn, Mercury and Venus. The Moon also conjuncts Neptune. We may feel as though we have stepped into a totally different dimension, a place where we are appreciated, honored, found worthy and loved to pieces. Talk about diametrically-opposed to the early part of the week. We may have been slogging through the quagmire in the early part of the week, but today feels like greased wheels with our plans moving along smoothly and with adherents encouraging us all along the way. We might feel as though nothing can go wrong and it might not, so long as we don’t overdo or assume that this day and energy will last forever. This Friday is a good day to bask in the affection of other people, to engage others in our plans and to develop our support system regarding where we, either as an individual or as a team, may want to go in the future. Let’s drink in the kudos and support but let’s keep some for future use.

Saturday, October 8th – Putting Plans into Action – Pluto, Jupiter. This Saturday has the Moon in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This Saturday is a good day to use the inspiring energy of yesterday and start to put forth a best practices approach to realize our goals. We can strategize and focus on the most expeditious means to accomplish our plans. We might need to invest some time and money into our goals, but we can be prudent and resourceful in doing so. We may have learned our lesson from earlier in the week when we might have had more of a tendency to rush towards our goals without due diligence or full consideration of the parameters in which we were operating. Perhaps, to draw again upon the Rick Nelson song Garden Party I referred to for Thursday: ‘But it’s all right now. I learned my lesson well. You see you can’t please ev’ryone so you got to please yourself.’ We may be far more connected with our new plans and our future intentions. We might be far less impressionable to the parade rainers who would nix our intentions. On the contrary, we know what we want to do, where we want to go, and this Saturday helps us blueprint and plan how to get there. Isn’t life wonderful?! It’s all a question of being nimble and quick, adapting to changing circumstances and not relying upon the support of those people who cannot come along on our journey but instead engaging those people who get us and advocate our plans.

Sunday, October 9th – Take Five – Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Scorpio. Paul Desmond penned the classic song ‘Take Five’ for The Dave Brubeck Quartet of which he was an integral part. The song appeared first on the group’s Time Out album back in 1959. This Sunday is a day for us to take a time out and we might feel sorely in need of it. This week may have reinforced the sense of volatility of these times. After a frenetic start to the week, when we might have felt we were in bumper cars at an amusement park with various people intending to crash into us; the end of the week seemed to make things right, with our goals and ambitions more clearly defined and more fully appreciated. It could have proved an exhausting week, with its significant downs and then ups. No matter, it is only a sign of these times — dynamic, volatile, but always with a way out, even new directions opening up. The Moon is Void-of-Course today, turned Void-of-Course yesterday and continues on into early Monday. The Moon is making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries tomorrow. There is not a great deal of energy today, and we might use this day to reflect on the week, where we have been and the shifting tides that may have been evident. This Sunday can be a very spiritual day, a day when we start to see the unfolding of the universe in our lives. Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift, we do not have to do it all. The universe works and the sense of synchronicity and serendipity are key players in this new paradigm. We may have to let go of our sense of control over conditions and circumstances, but in truth we were never fully in control anyways. We do have an energy shift today as Venus leaves its own Sign of Libra and enters Scorpio where it is not comfortable. This shift in Sign begins the movement of the Libra-transiting planets leaving Libra and moving into Scorpio, first Venus today, followed by Mercury next week, and then the Sun on the 23rd. Venus in Scorpio can be intense. We may not be as diplomatic as we have been, but rather looking to cut to the core in our relationships, possibly going for the jugular or just, at times, to borrow street lingo: “I’ll cut you.”