October 31st – November 6th, 2011

This week is a combination of sleight-of-hand tricks and some surprising and exciting treats. The week begins with Halloween and we might find the early part of the week to be somewhat confusing with a few tricks, possibly even looking like treats, thrown into the mix. The liability towards buying into the hype and pretense rather than recognizing the facts and the true reality of a situation is extraordinarily strong. We need to be very careful as we start the week, for people could be looking to pull the wool over our eyes. The beginning of the week might seem a strong intimation of the sentiments expressed in Back Stabbers the 1972 hit song by The O’Jays:

‘What they do!
They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The Back stabbers…’

If we don’t fall down the rabbit hole at the beginning of the week, the latter part of the week could open up doors and possibilities that we could hardly imagine for ourselves. Serendipity and synchronicity are afoot, and we might find ourselves in exciting and surprising circumstances. The main thing to remember this week is [a] not to take things at face value and [b] to be open to possibilities even if we assume them to be impossibilities.

There may be signs along the way that give us affirmations of the magic and the miracles of these times. It is essential, however, that we maintain two of our key dispositions for these times: awareness and mindfulness. Things that look good may only be good on surface appearance and not in the substance of things. Let’s bear in mind that part of the paradigm shift is moving away from an assumption that we can totally control situations and have to make things happen, and moving toward a recognition that events can unfold without our direction or instigation and that we are co-creators with the natural unfolding. Asequential reality is taking the place of linear progressions. Exciting times these could be and times that we can fully engage if we take off the blinders of our old mindset and belief systems and be open to the wonder of it all.

The weekend can be a spiritual regeneration with an appreciation that the universe works. As we close out the week and the weekend, we may look to participate in unfamiliar activities, trying something different from our norm.

A wonder-filled week this one is, but a week that asks us to be on our toes, watch for the pitfalls and embrace the magic.

Monday, October 31st – Tricks or Treat – Venus, Neptune, Sun. The week begins with the last day of October, Halloween, a day when children, and ‘children’ of all ages, dress up in costumes and party. And what an appropriate day this is for Halloween with the astrological energies being what they are! This Monday has Venus square Neptune and the Capricorn Moon sextile the Sun. The Neptune influence is strong as we begin this week with the Venus square Neptune today, followed by Mercury square Neptune tomorrow. Although we can be highly productive today and focus on a best practices approach to achieve our goals; where a problem might arise is in association with other people. As I mentioned in my summary for the week, we have to be careful of those ‘back stabbers’, people who seemingly encourage us and support us, only to dismiss us and impede us behind the scenes. If we do not buy into the hype, the presentations or become too dependent on other people, then we can sidestep some of the land mines that other people might try to set off along our pathway.

Tuesday, November 1st – Daze Away – Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Uranus. Tuesday continues with the Neptune influence as Mercury squares Neptune. This day also has the Capricorn Moon square Saturn, sextile both Mercury and Venus, and then the Moon moves into Aquarius where it sextiles Uranus. Today is a day when we can make mountains out of molehills, but we could also embellish things, fall prey to pretty pictures painted for us and get taken for a ride. We may believe that we are thinking clearly, but a tendency to negate certain details could be our undoing today. It is essential that we not take things at face value and that we read between the lines. The appearance might project one thing, but the reality could be quite different. We may want to move on with new projects and new interests, but it would be wise for us to take care of outstanding matters, tie up loose ends and not rush the river to get from our usual responsibilities into our presumed idyllic fields of future possibilities. The grass may seem greener somewhere other than where we are, but the reality of the grass could prove artificial. This Tuesday it would be wise for us not to daze away but to keep our eye on the ball. We may want to assume the best of things, but if we take things for granted, then we could have a heavy price to pay. Even kicking the can down the road demands that we eventually address those situations at some period in time. If we can deal with what is right in front of us, instead of following specious dreams, we can avoid some future difficulties for us to address. Later in the day, let’s do something fun for ourselves, something different, unique to our experience, in order to take the edge off.

Wednesday, November 2nd – Squeeze Plays – Lunar T-Square, Jupiter, Sun, Venus Sagittarius, Mercury Sagittarius. Wednesday could be a day of reckoning if we have followed our desires without considering the costs. Accounts may be due and bills might have to be paid today. Today, the Aquarius Moon creates a Fixed Sign T-Square as the Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus and squares the Sun in Scorpio. If we have put too much faith in our future without considering the investment, we might have to pay up today. This is a day when our finances could be called into question. We might find that we owe more than we had reckoned, and we could discover that our expenses have been greater than we anticipated. The powers-that-be say that inflation is not an issue but how can it not be when two of our very basic necessities, our fuel costs and food prices, have gone up significantly? If we could take hold of our finances today, budget our expenses and see where we can pare down, we might be in a better position further down the road. We may have certain things we want to do in the future, so now is a time for us to put some monies aside in order to later engage those plans. This Wednesday also sees the end to the Stellium of three or more planets in Scorpio as both Mercury and Venus exit Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. Our thoughts and our contacts turn to situations and people further afield. We may be feeling far more expansive, so it would be wise for us to stay grounded and not get carried away with irrational exuberance.

Thursday. November 3rd – Open to the Magic – Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Neptune. Some days it is hard for us to believe how things can fall so easily together. Such difficulty in belief is only increased by our remembrance of those times when everything seemed like it was rolling a boulder up a mountain Sisyphus-style. This day is a day of magic and miracles. In order to see the wonder-filled opportunities and situations arising out of the blue, it may be necessary for us to keep our antennae up, take off our blinders and work with peripheral vision. This Thursday has both Venus and Mercury, which have just moved into Sagittarius, trine Uranus. Reinforcing the Uranian energy is the Moon transiting Uranus-ruled Aquarius with the Moon trine Saturn, opposed Mars and conjunct Neptune. This day can be a day of magic and miracles. We do need to avoid getting carried away with euphoria or a sense of invincibility. Let’s keep in mind that astrology is all about timing. This day may seem to have a Midas touch, when everything we encounter is golden. Let’s engage wonderful surprises, enjoy the moment but not overly commit to situations that may be ephemeral, here today gone tomorrow.

Friday, November 4th – Refocusing – Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto. Yesterday may have been one of those magical days when nothing may have seemed to go wrong. Certainly, there might have been some startling surprises, but most of which would seem to have been like marvelous gifts from the universe and coming out of the blue. This Friday may call for some refocusing and honing our interests and tempering our activities. The Moon enters Pisces where it squares both Mercury and Venus and sextiles both Jupiter and Pluto. If we would prioritize, concentrate on the truly attainable, then we could use this day in a very productive manner, accomplish a great deal in an expeditious way and be incredibly resourceful. Whatever unexpected situations presented themselves yesterday, today is a day to put our spirit into action. We can take our enthusiasm and optimism, tone them down a bit and then attend to those projects that are the most meaningful for us. We may not be able to have it all, but we are likely to find an abundance of opportunity that we can develop. The key to this day is not to get greedy or allow our eyes to be bigger than our stomach. As we may have seen yesterday, magic is afoot but now we have to engage the unexpected mini-miracles that could have come forward.

Saturday, November 5th – Time Out – Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday begins with the Pisces Moon trine the Sun. We may feel as though all is right in our world. We might also realize the new paradigm whereby we do not have to do it all but rather can co-create with the universal forces unfolding. We are likely to feel good about our trajectory, pleased with some unanticipated variables that could have arisen, and feel that today we can rest on our laurels. There is a significant drop-off in energy today compared to the last two. The Moon goes Void-of-Course for much of this day and into Sunday with the Moon being Void-of-Course for almost thirty-four hours making no further connections to the planets as it finishes its transit of Pisces and before entering Aries tomorrow. The energy dies down, and we might find ourselves wanting to reflect and contemplate on those glimpses of good fortune that could have come forward in our lives. Let’s bear in mind that the new paradigm in which we are entering asks that we let go of a sense of control over things and situations, and to be far more open to the asequential reality of things occurring unexpectedly and developments arising from out of the blue. What a weight off our shoulders as we cross the threshold of this new paradigm. But it would be wise for us to appreciate the need for awareness and mindfulness in order to take advantage of the opportunities and to recognize that this paradigm shift also demands accountability and responsibility.

Sunday, November 6th – A Slow Start and Then Soaring – Moon Void-of-Course, Uranus. The Moon Void-of-Course in Pisces continues into this Sunday. We might be looking at a weekend for lazing around, taking our time and not feeling harried or pushed to do anything. After the confusion to start the week and then the mini-miracles towards the end of the week, we might choose this weekend to reflect, contemplate and catch up on our sleep. Yes, life may have been quite exhausting for many of us. The whipsaws of emotions, the kaleidoscope of bizarre worldly events, our own psychic twists and turns could have had a toll on us. We all need a ‘time out’ and this weekend could be a time for us to do so. As the day continues, the Moon moves into Aries where it conjuncts Uranus. We may feel that we have had enough of a rest period and want to use the latter part of this day to get out, try out our wings and soar into new realms. Things that grab our attention could speak to us and entice us to engage them. Once we recharge our batteries, we may be on the go again.