October 17th – 23rd, 2011

This week starts with us all over the place, engaging in conversations, considering our options and looking to our future more than our present or our past. We may feel enlivened, willing to take the world by the horns and engage in activities and pursuits that allow us to stretch into new realms. We may not want to do it alone, and so we could be looking to those significant people in our lives to come along and join us in our new endeavors.

While we might be more enamored with the possibilities than our realities, before we fully engage our prospects we might have to do a clean-up and clear out of the clutter that stands in the way. A good Autumnal cleaning could be called for, as we do a serious inventory taking and look to see what works for us and that which no longer serves us.

We can be highly critical and selective in keeping only those things that we feel to be important and necessary for our forward movement. A problem might arise if we decide to do our culling in other people’s territories, getting rid of some of their things that we believe only hold them back but that they may be unwilling to let go. It’s always important to know where people are and what they are willing to take on and what they are willing, or unwilling, to let go. Especially during these times when few things are stable much less secure, some people may have a tendency to hold on to the familiar even if the familiar is actually holding them back.

Towards the end of the week, we might like to join in some social occasions, have a good time and share our plans with our compadres. We may choose to step off the track, take quality time for ourselves and just enjoy ourselves, for the weekend could be focused on errands, taking care of details that we have let slide and attending to our lengthy ‘to do’ list.

Monday, October 17th – Not All Talk – Mercury, Jupiter, Lunar Grand Trine, Saturn, Sun, Neptune. Monday can be a highly pleasant day. We are likely to feel upbeat and looking to chat up anyone and everyone we come into contact with today. Mercury opposes Jupiter and the Moon in Gemini creates an Air Grand Trine as the Moon trines both Saturn and the Sun in Libra and the Moon trines Neptune in Aquarius. We have the gift of gab and although we might want to keep some of our ideas to ourselves they are likely to flow fast and furious with no monitor or censor. Not only can there be a great deal of talk but the potential for exaggeration cannot be overstated. If we are looking to make purchases today, we need to be careful not to be sold a bill of goods. Presentations can be impressive but the question as to whether the presentations are backed up by the facts and reality could be highly questionable. This Monday is a day when there can be all talk, little action. Concepts and ideas may seem easily achieved but it is only when we put our backs into the actualization of our projections that we might come to realize that things are harder and take longer than we imagined. This is a feel good day but also one not to take things for granted and not to buy into everything that is said.

Tuesday, October 18th – Nimble and Quick – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus. This Tuesday could start off with us having to dodge curveballs or hit them out of the park. The day begins with the Cancer Moon creating a Lunar T-Square with the Moon square Uranus and opposed Pluto. Unexpected situations might arise that force us to be on our toes, adept at juggling the unanticipated, all the while that our daily routine is beckoning us. If we do not go into overwhelm, we could prove to be quite adept at prioritizing and expeditiously negotiating some of the events and situations that demand our attention. We may prove to ourselves how capable we truly are when under fire. The main thing today is to focus on the key ingredients in each scenario that might pop up. Once we are aware of what is being asked of us, we can plow ahead and deal with anything that comes our way. Our sense of resourcefulness could even startle ourselves. We can cut to the chase, concentrate on the most essential factors and deal with them quickly and effectively. Yes, we truly are learning to be nimble and quick.

Wednesday, October 19th – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? – Saturn, Sun. Wednesday is often considered the hump day of the work week, and we might feel the hump today. But the hump could prove to be other people’s demands or issues. The Cancer Moon squares both Saturn and the Sun in Libra. We may be reticent of reading someone the riot act, even if they deserve a whack on the side of their head for being petulant and arrogant. Before we react or lie low, it would be wise for us to get a real understanding of what is going on. This is a day when it is essential that we take a moment and check the source and then check their agenda. Some people may be grandstanding today, holding other people to high expectations that they wouldn’t even hold themselves to. Let’s not shy away from confronting the bullies today but neither do we have to pick a fight. We can be strong in our own comfort zone, appreciate our own talents and our capabilities and not accept other people’s critiques. Some people may want to complain just to vent, and other people might want to judge and play the blame game without accepting their own accountability or responsibility. This day could prove exhausting, but largely as a result of the games people play.

Thursday, October 20th – Up and At ‘Em – Uranus, Jupiter. We might awaken on this Thursday with a burst of energy, a sense of going our own way and focusing on our own personal ambitions. The Moon moves into Leo where it trines Uranus and squares Jupiter. We may feel quite dramatic, willing to push the limits and certainly looking to put our own unique imprint on things. No matter the expense. We are not looking at pinching pennies but could instead be quite generous and even extravagant. We are looking at standing out, not fitting in. We want to bring out aspects of ourselves that rarely see the light of day. We might emphasize our individuality and be willing to go our own way even if that means upsetting the apple cart. Although we might launch forward this day with much gusto and bravado, we may not be attentive to looking where we are going. On the contrary, we could be liable to impetuous actions. Let’s focus on the new and the different today, emphasize our autonomy and our own personal interests but do so in a strategic manner with recognition of our budgetary restraints. We could easily go for broke but in so doing we might also be digging ourselves a huge hole that would be hard to extricate ourselves from. This Thursday is a day to embrace our freedom and individuality but in ways that do not jeopardize our future by excess and indulgence. Braking actions may be needed but they do not necessitate a halt to our enthusiasm.

Friday, October 21st – To Dream the Impossible Dream – Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn. This Friday could be an idyllic day, a day when we become enamored with our prospects and our possibilities. The Sun trines Neptune and the Moon in Leo squares both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, conjuncts Mars in Leo and sextiles Saturn in Libra. With the thrust from yesterday, we could continue today to follow our dreams and engage our hopes and wishes. We might feel as though our intentions are divinely guided and while there could be some truth to that we also have to maintain a focus on our resources in order to avoid going overboard in pursuit of our goals. This is a day when we might have our head in the clouds. But it would be wise to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. Taking into account specifics and particulars would assist us in making the right moves and not overloading ourselves with commitments, expenses or problems. Other people may prove significant sounding boards today, for if left to our own devices, we could have the tendency to move ahead without evaluating and re-evaluating along the way. We could become so impassioned that we lose sight of the details and the expenditures. Someone could encourage our ambitions but also hone the manner in which we seek to achieve our goals. No dreams are impossible if we take the right approach. Let’s dream our dreams and look to achieve them in a pragmatic and expeditious manner.

Saturday, October 22nd – Spirit in Action – Neptune, Sun, Lunar Grand Trine, Pluto, Jupiter. Saturday is a day when we can take our plans, our enthusiasm and our confidence and put them into pragmatic execution. The day starts with the Leo Moon opposed Neptune and sextile the Sun. It would be wise for us to be clear about our direction and focused about our intent. Although the liability could be towards heading off in the wrong direction with great enthusiasm, we can draw upon other people to be certain that our plans and intentions are sound. Once we are convinced that we have our direction and our itinerary, we can prove to be highly effective and productive on this Saturday. For the Moon moves into Virgo where it creates an Earth Grand Trine with the Virgo Moon trine Jupiter in Taurus and trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is a day when we could virtually move mountains. We can have our eyes on the goal, all the while that we are highly resourceful and able to utilize a best practices approach. If we have gone a little overboard earlier in the week, this weekend allows us to rework and refine our efforts. This weekend could prove more effective as far as errands and projects rather than just having a good old time. The beauty of astrology lies in timing, to utilize the energies in accord with their tenor. Thursday and Friday could have been more fun, but today and tomorrow allow us to accomplish a lot.

Sunday, October 23rd – Blood out of a Stone – Mercury, Venus, Sun Scorpio, Scorpio Stellium. This Sunday continues with the focus on projects, errands and that ‘to do’ list that we might have neglected. The Moon in Virgo sextiles both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. The Sun exits Libra to enter Scorpio, thereby creating a Stellium of three or more planets in the Fixed Water Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. Similar to yesterday, this Sunday is a day when we can deal with our responsibilities, tie up loose ends and continue with an autumnal clean-up and clear out. We may be looking to cut away much of the extraneous and superficial in our lives. We can see what works for us and what doesn’t. Even with those things that work for us, we might find ourselves honing and tempering in order to engage the most effective and expeditious means to accomplish our plans. We may be focused today but with a reservoir of energy and incredible resilience. We might bop ‘til we drop and then bop some more. This weekend should not be wasted but can be an excellent time to clean out our closets and cut to the core. We might even be able to squeeze blood out of a stone. We could be intense and the one caveat for today and yesterday is to avoid being hypercritical. We may be running on all eight cylinders but that doesn’t mean that everyone can keep up our pace. Let’s concentrate on our own personal agenda and not be overly concerned about how and what other people are doing, for it could serve only as a needless distraction.